Hardware Encryption and MobileMe Give iPhone Consumers Enterprise-level Security


TidBITS has an interesting write-up on the various security features of iPhone 3.0 in general, and the 256-bit AES hardware encryption of iPhone 3GS in particular, and how combined together:

consumers can now experience enterprise-class security.

They cover passcode lock, data erase, remote wipe, lack of insecure external data cards, frequent and easy to install software updates/security patches, and (encrypted) backups that can restore your data if your device is accidentally wiped. Definitely worth a read if you tend towards the security conscious.

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Hardware Encryption and MobileMe Give iPhone Consumers Enterprise-level Security


If the security is taken care of, then many small businesses can feel safe about using iPhones as their front end offices for field work. Of course, some people can just keep playing games and read news, but the rest of the world can definitely evolve further.

I doubt a majority of businesses will ever adopt the iPhone because the BlackBerry is a superior messaging device.
In saying all that, everybody at my office has BBs but opted for the iPhone instead. I'm perfectly happy with my choice. Unlike the BB users, I don't need a new phone every 6 months because my keyboard stopped working. :-)