Hands-on: White iPhone 4 conversion from iFixDirect

iFixDirect is an iPhone repair company based out of New York and one of their services is an aftermarket white iPhone 4 conversion. Included in the swap is replacement of the front glass, back cover, home button, LCD screen, and flash diffuser. Additionally, they boast of being the only company that replaces the speaker mesh to ensure nothing can get trapped inside and damage your phone. The conversion takes less than 24 hours and it is shipped back overnight.

When Steve Jobs first announced the white iPhone 4, I was in love and couldn't wait for one to be in my iPhone-loving hands. But my heart was soon crushed when it was delayed at launch. This wound got increasingly worse as the white iPhone 4 was delayed further and further. It wasn't long before the white iPhone 4 became nothing but a mystical device to me - until now. My black iPhone 4 has been converted to white with iFixDirect.

How is it? Photos and hands-on impressions after the break!

iFixDirect did an excellent job converting my phone. All the parts look amazing and there is no evidence that the phone was taken apart. It looks particularly beautiful with Apple's blue bumper case. One thing that should be noted is that with a white front, you can see how light is passed through the glass at the speaker and home button. It doesn't bother me in the slightest, but it's there and you should be aware of it.

Remember the rumor that the reason for the white iPhone 4 delay was because of light leakage? I believe this may be true. With the conversion of my iPhone to white, a little bit of light does leak from the edges of the back. It's not noticeable in a brightly lit environment, but if it's dark enough, it's obvious. I do not consider this a flaw of the the service, but a consequence of the see-through nature of the material. With that said, I use a bumper so the light leaks do not bother me one bit.

Another rumor for the delay was that the camera's flash did not behave well with the white back. I've tested many photos and have not run into a single issue. All my pictures look great.

If you've been dying to have a white iPhone 4 and plan to use a case, I recommend the iPhone 4 white color swap with iFixDirect. They do great work and offer excellent customer service. The basic conversion runs at $249 and for an additional $50, you can have the dock connector and headphone jack also switched to white. However, the good folks at iFixDirect are offering TiPb readers a 10% discount on the iPhone 4 white color swap. Just use the discount code whiteTiPb at checkout.

If you decide to get the iPhone 4 white color swap, please let us know what you think!

The iPhone 4 color swap voids your warranty with Apple. iFixDirect offers a warranty for $4.99/mo.

*iFixDirect provided converted my iPhone at no cost. However, this did


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Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at iosapps@imore.com

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There are 84 comments. Add yours.

Dan says:

299 to turn my phone white :/
its nice and all but seems like a waste to me

ohferfuxsakes says:

Black looks better IMO.
And at $299 you have got to be effin' kidding me.

Trini38 says:

WOW. 299? I didn't think it would cost THAT much. I'll save my money and get the white iphone 5!

HungWell says:

I'll do it for you for a $2.99 can of spray paint.

fastlane says:

Did her furnace break down?

Allyson Kazmucha says:

Not gonna lie, that light leak would bother me.
To the people saying that's expensive, we also offer white swaps and we also charge close to $250, the reason being white iPhone 4 parts are not cheap. And whenever you swap out the front, you not only swap out the front plating, you have to swap out the LCD and glass as well due to the fact that the front panel is attached to the glass, which is then attached to an adhesive to the LCD. Parts are still expensive. JUST ordering the parts cost between $130-150 USD and that's not counting labor, so honestly - $250 is actually extremely fair considering the amount of effort you have to put in to the swap. Could you separate the LCD from the glass? Yes, but you'd end up breaking more glass or LCDs than it's worth, the adhesive is STRONG.
If you're not down with spending that much, the back of the iPhone 4 is dead easy to swap out, it's just 2 screws, places like cnn.cn carry white OEM backs (glass even) for less than 20$, you can always go that route and swap that out yourself for 1/10 of the cost of a full swap. It really is the front components that are so expensive.
Leanna, I'm happy to see you're sticking with your beanie strike! haha

Allyson Kazmucha says:

As a side comment, iFixDirect also gives you the option with your old parts to "sell them" to them at a trade-in price, so that'll knock a bit off the price, not sure how much. You can, of course, keep your old black parts if you'd like, but they do offer a trade-in price that they'll knock off the total of the swap price.

Mike S. says:

cant wait to see a converted white iPhone in real life to laugh at the idiot who wasted his money in such a bad way.

sin says:

earpiece grill is missing

Allyson Kazmucha says:

@Mike S
how is it a waste of money? anyone who bought a black phone would have to pay $399-499 to upgrade early. It's cheaper to do it that way, and then have your upgrade in tact for iPhone 5.

ohferfuxsakes says:

$299 is over halfway to an iPad.
I agree with Mike S. that this is an absolutely moronic way to spend your money in my opinion.
But, who are we to tell anyone how to spend their money.

Slyfi says:

Was excited to see what the white would look like but honestly i think the black still looks the best.

webvex says:

I don't like the white front. It doesnt look as clean since the camera, speaker, etc. stand out and there's that black border around the screen. The whites in the display don't match the white of the case, and it must be very distracting in bright light (sunlight). A white case would be a lot cheaper and still leave the front black. But then, I obviously don't get the whole white obsession, where outward style is more important than usability.

mrtomd says:

White iPad conversion?
$300 waaaaaay too much.

Limegrntaln says:

Leanna, you went through all that trouble to make the video and this "phantom" light bleed has never been seen by anyone that doesn't own the phone swap. Pics are nice but a 360 degree in the dark with the screen on and bumper and light off would be good. But then again it might deter customers from purchasing if they thought there was anything wrong with the phone. Light bleed though. I think I could live with that.

shanks says:

Are these the real white parts? like that teenager is selling. Or are these custom made?

SpinnerCy says:

Leana.. You say umm way too much in the video as you do every other video. Surprised TiPb allows that. White looks very nice but light leaks are unacceptable.

I'll keep my cash says:

Only a Canadian would fall for that $299 scam.

HungWell says:

@Allyson- "how is it a waste of money"? That's almost redundant. It's a damn phone not a piece of art. It will be obsolete in less than two years. $300 to change it from black to white is beyond a waste of money. I love my gadgets and I like when they look cool but..... gimme a break.

Alli says:

The cost of the phone to start with, when by waiting only another 6 months you can use that money (put it in a savings account now!)to buy a brand new white iPhone that won't cause you grief if something happens to it.
If your iPhone needs repair after a $300 conversion, you're up the proverbial creek.

scott says:

So after all this, you have a $600.00 iPhone. WOW. And, it looks like the $20 parts. I agree: STOOPID!!!

Björn says:

Your point about white parts being much more expensive could very well be the REAL reason as to why the white iPhone 4 was not released. We've heard rumors about paint, glass...etc, but none of that makes any sense. I think you hit the nail right on the head, even though you were speaking of an aftermarket IP4. Maybe Apple realized that the cost of producing them would be exponentially higher than producing black-only phones. That would certainly eat into Apple's bottom line. Hence, they decided to not hold off on actual production - IMHO.

Leanna Lofte says:

People spend loads of money on things they don't need all the time. Often times on things that make them look or feel better. Like a new paint job on a car. Or a $500 purse. Or $150 on a pair of jeans. Or thousands of dollars on plastic surgery. Or $75 on changing the color of their hair. Or $80 on a bottle of vodka.
@spinnercy I know. It's something I'm trying to work on :-/

Ken says:

The 3GS white phone is black on the front don't see why a white glass on the back only would look that bad on the 4?? Anybody got a pic? I guess for $20 worth a shot.

JacobShmaycob says:

Uhhh isn't Leanna american?

Dan says:

$80 of vodka is a much better use of money !

Chris says:

That's not likely at all. It's not the white that's making it more expensive, it's just components in general. White components cost the same as black components.
If you were to destroy the screen on your black iPhone 4 and get it repaired it would cost the same price as the screen/digitizer and LCD for this.

Ferrigno says:

300 ??? Thanks but no thanks...

Cody Allison says:

@all the haters
Be honest, if apple had released a white iPhone 4, you probably would have bought it. But they didn't, you got stuck with a black one, and now you're angry because you cant afford 300$ for the swap. I understand, but don't act like it's the end of the world. If all you're going to do is complain then why even post? I could understand constructive criticism but this site is to help people, not to flame people. Also, if you think the price is so
Unfair, and you want it done to your phone, why don't you do some research, have some confidence, and do it yourself. I do these swaps for people and it's time consuming and meticulous but it can be done. So go! Do research and swap it yourself if you think the price is so ungodly hi.

HaPi76 says:

Why so much hate? We obviously all love our iPhones but how and on what one chooses to spend their money shouldn't be a reason for name calling.
Some like fancy restaurants, others not. Same goes for gadget, arts, music, travel, you name it. Leanna wanted a white iPhone : she's got it, she's happy, good for her.
Different strokes for different folks; and THAT's also a good thing.

Dan says:

no one said it was unfair.
its still retarded any way you look at it elfminion.

gbernier says:

People need to realize that Leanna has been craving (obsessing? Lol) over a white iPhone 4 ever since it was announced. I for one am happy she got it, even though it costed her a few buck. If someone wants something really bad, one wouldnt care to spend more. Kudos to you, and stop hating on her just cause you can't afford to convert ;)

Meg says:

I like it. It is something I'd ask my dad to do for me for x-mas, just so I can be cool! Can't say I'd part with my $ for the color swap, but I do think it's neat looking. :D

Garz says:

It looks sharp but I agree with Ally about the white front. I would just like a white back. And the light leaks would drive me nuts. As long as Leanna is happy thats all that matters

Cav3O says:

my white carbon fiber stickers look just as nice...i went for the 2 tone look and put the black carbon on the antenna...

Frank says:

Seems a bit too costly to me.

John says:

It does look awesome,but if it's coming in spring, I'll thing I'll hold off.you can buy a new 32g white in the spring and sell you blk one to get sum money back. but if you compare it to the price at colorware. I think this way look more authentic .i would pay probably 129.00 with free shipping for it though.

Björn says:

Who knows - maybe you're right? Maybe not? But it sure is fun to speculate.

Limegrntaln says:

I'm gonna do the $169 do it yourself kit.

Allyson Kazmucha says:

People spend their money on stupid things everyday. That's not really an argument. If you don't want it, dont get it. When Apple decided not to release it, 3rd party companies stepped in to fill the gap. Some people really want it. As Leanna said people pay stupid money for stupid stuff everyday. I'd rather spend my money on this than a ridiculously priced purse. Thats my perogative. Not yours.
I was simply making the point that parts are still expensive. No more expensive than the black, but to swap them out, it doesn't change how much the company pays for those parts after market.

Stephan Korarad says:

Its too expensive, i rather pay 150-170, they are overcharging for parts that are not original parts and are high copy parts from china, i wouldnt deal with this company, there a new company and they over charge. waste of money

SockRolid says:

Great video Leanna! (If you were still living in Monterey you wouldn't need that cute little snow bunny cap.)
These guys are going to make more than $130k on the service. There will be more than 433 people (130k / 300) who upgrade to white. Me? No. I like basic black.

davjaxn says:

Looks very nice. I too am a lover of the white version of the iPhone and waiting a few months before getting my black one. There are, however, some issues with the "iPhone" logo and the Apple logo on the back. It is a dead giveaway that it is not authentic. The "iPhone" letters are too thin and the letters are too far apart. The leaf on the apple is too far away from the apple itself. If they can fix those things, it may be worth the $300.

RagedUSMC says:

Why bother? You wait till next year for the white iPhone 4 and the iPhone 5!

Allyson Kazmucha says:

The spacing and esthetic stuff is the same. No different than default. Same molds.

Allyson Kazmucha says:

The parts ALONE cost around 150. So you're saying you want them to do it and make no profit? That's pretty irrational dont you think?

Stephan Korarad says:

its cost them around 80 bucks all together, and its all parts from china, high copy. theres other website that is cheaper

EagleyeSmith says:

Man, I really wanted the White iPhone 4. I really did. But $300.00 for a color change. I can't do it. Sorry. It's way to expensive. I could take that money, sell my iPhone 4 and get a better, faster, more up-to-date white iPhone 5. (Less then that. AT&T keeps moving my early upgrade date to a yearly timetable.) Yea, if you have that kind of money to spend and it's not going to make you scratch your head financially. Do it. But for me. No. $300.00 is way to much. :-(

EagleyeSmith says:

No one is hating, at least I'm not. You have to think about the "real" total cost that you as the consumer pay. You've already payed $200.00 - $300.00 for the phone. (If you got it at the upgrade price. Not including tax.) Not to mention the monthly voice and data fees. So on top of all that. You pay $300.00 to convert your phone to white when in about 6 months time Apple will release a better, faster, more up-to-date version of the iPhone. Yea I would've payed $300.00 for the White iPhone if Apple released it on time. But I'm not going to pay $300.00 for the phone then $300.00 to get it changed to white. Then play voice and data fees as well. No. That's just dumb.

scaramonga says:

Utter waste of money! lol

Monkeyshines says:

With a glass front and back, you can bet your bottom line that my iPhone 4 is in a case. All of my iPhones have enjoyed the protection of cases. My phone could be pink or lime green and it wouldn't matter because the CASE defines my iPhone. Paying big bucks to have a white iPhone is completely lost on me, but to each his/her own. Must be a slow news day.

Allyson Kazmucha says:

please provide a link. the parts are between 130-150, i ASSURE you. we do these swaps. you link me parts for 80$ that aren't complete and utter garbage and I'll believe you, but I know that's bull.

slalomskie says:

Way to go LLofte, congrats on your White iPhone.

Kevin Tully says:

Awwwww Leanna I love your "ummms". Makes it sound like you're having a conversation and not just a typical review video. I say keep the "ummmms"!! It's cute and endearing.

Limegrntaln says:

Considering there are 2 32GB white iPhone 4s for sale on eBay right now. One has 19 bidders and it's at $610 plus $20 shipping and the other is at $1125 with 15 bidders. And free shipping. Looks to me like it's worth it. I'm all about resale for the next gen. $372 for my white 32GB 3G[S].

Freiteez says:

Wow it's like buying a whole other iPhone. Joke!

Carl says:

Um, if you want this you better buy fast ... they're sure to be sued by Apple for patent infringement and/or illegal duplication of logo (copyright issue) without a license. What has our world come to when thievery is accepted? And sadly, when Apple proceeds to defend their product--be assured they will--they'll be criticized for "picking on the little guy".

davjaxn says:

@Allyson Kazmucha
I don't think the artowrk on the back of the white iPhone looks authentic. Check out this comparison I made. The white phone logos inset are from the photos taken for this review. The black photo is from a TiPb review of the iPhone 4.
On the white iPhone, font is thinner and spaced further apart. The Apple logo "leaf" is too far from the actual apple. Like I said, it looks good but is just a bit off.


Thats actually because that photo comparison is at completely two different angles. Side by side, its identical. We analyzed these parts pretty well :)

G says:

I can't judge anyone who spends the dough on the conversion. A limited edition red Xbox 360 was released around my birthday last year and I bought it when I had a perfectly fine and functioning white Xbox 360 (that I subsequently gave to my sister). Ha ha.
What material is the casing made of? It just makes me wonder if this can be done, what exactly was keeping Apple from going through with the white phone at all.

Lisa Martinez says:

I got my kit to change my iphone to white at www.whiteiphone4us.com
Its the website from that kit that was in the news a couple of days ago. Apple made him close his old website down, but he opened this one and sells them. My iphone looks hella sick, people have offered me madd money for it,lol.

demon224 says:

what i don't understand is, how you people can judge how someone spends their money..what about a person who smokes two packs of cigarettes a day? do the math on that one..Drink Starbucks much? do the math on that..what about someone who buys a brand new car, then turns around and spends a couple thousand on rims and tires..if the individual has the money, what gives you the right to criticize them..it may be out of your budget, but to others its jus a couple packs o' cigs and a venti latte..jealousy is a sickness, get well soon b!tch$

Leanna Lofte says:

If I wasn't using a bumper, the light leaks would drive me insane. But I don't like the glass to touch hard surfaces, so I wanted to use a bumper anyway.

Smileyboy says:

Does your proximity sensor work ok?

USAFRetired says:

Overall, very good review of ifixdirect's product. Just a little too steep for me even if you get overnight shipping, parts & labor. At least it's an option for those who what to spend the extra $$ to get white. I'd rather set the money aside to do an early upgrade to the iphone 5 if/when it comes out next year.

Massie says:

Do you get to keep the original parts after the swap? If so, reselling could bring the cost down--though I'm guessing iFixDirect had the same idea?

ggong5150 says:

I ordered the service beginning of last week and have not recieved the prepaid label yet or instructions to ship. I have called several times with no reply as well as several e-mail with the same outcome.

ggong5150 says:

@Massie, When I spoke to them last week when they said they were gonna send me the prepaid label that evening I asked how much they buy back your parts and I was told they are not offering it right now as they have a surplus of them so dunno how much they buy parts back for. Anyone here know or have sold their parts back when they did the swap?

Matt says:

I got my phone converted, well my fiances phone. It looks great but doesn't work great. After a giant hassle to get the color changed and have it sent back I finally got it via hand delivery from an employee of theirs. This was on Friday. Saturday morning things started going wrong. The volume switch isn't working anymore, the wifi will not work anymore, the gps is also broke, and I noticed a very small mark on the edge of it.
I was told by a supervisor last week that I would also be receiving a shipping refund since it took forever, and also $30 for my parts because if I got them back it would do me no good.
I have sent countless emails and left plenty of voicemails and no response at all. Next step is my lawyer getting involved.

ggong5150 says:

@Matt, what hassles did u come across. I ordered the service a week ago and still have not even received the prepaid label! I should've had my phone back already if they would get their business in order. Contacted Leanna and she e-mailed a contact and was told they are going under a new owner. So I am still waiting to send mine in and like you I've sent numerous emails as well as left voicemails with no replies.

ggong5150 says:

Update: I had filed a claim with Paypal today which is how I sent payment, and was finally contacted by someone by e-mail after over a week of no replies and told me that the company was currently under going new ownership and offered me a refund. So I requested my refund and checked their site and the service is now "temporarily unavailable". Let's hope it doesn't take another week for me to receive my refund. Until I receive the refund the claim will stay open with Paypal and I'm having the color swap done by another company!

Mel says:

I sent them my iPhone 3G to do the color swap back on December 14. After not receiving the shipping label the next day I decided to overnight it to them on my cost. I never received a confirmation email like their website stated. As a matter of fact it was the complete opposite. I was left in the dark and had no idea what was going on. After a few emails without a response I put in a claim to paypal. I got my money back but I havent received my phone yet. Yesterday I got an email from a Richard Lander saying they had no record of my phone being there. I provided the FedEx signature confirmation and I am still waiting for a response.

Ian says:

I got mine done and only have two issues. One being that there is a MAJOR MAJOR loss in wifi signal (almost nonexistent) and the home button isn't put in correctly and is slightly turned. Other that that it's great.


Ian, please contact us for a follow-up on the diagnostic. We want to resolve the issues you're having with the wi-fi and any other problems you may be having. As we last spoke, you would get back to us when you're not busy. Thank you!

BANGER says:

I have the same wifi issue since a white conversion?? can you tell me the remedy?? I've tried a new wifi flex??

Mikel says:

I just had my iphone 4 32 GB converted to white. The two major problems i found was the front facing camera was no longer available to use, and the back camera when taking a photo looks as if the picture is being taken from behind a glass. Regret converting to white.


Did you have the conversation done with us? If so, please contact one of our repair technician so we can resolve any issues you may be having. Even if you did not have it converted by us, feel free to contact us for any technical support.

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tibbi64 says:

I'm not really girly, but I want a hot pink Iphone just the front (since case will be on the phone).

Katia Esper says:

I bought them almost 2 months ago a red iPhone 4 conversion kit I paid 75 dollars to get it in 1 to 5 business days plus 225 dollars and they send it as a gift and with a 45 dollar worth and I did not ask them to do that now the police in Mexico has the kit because they think it is piracy ifix ( agent David ) has promised me to get my money back a hundred times and they have not, now they do not even answer my email's. Do not buy from them they rob your money. They do not take responsibility from their mistakes. And now I have lost almost 300 dollars.

Mariel Hennessy says:

I just watched your Lynda.com video exciting.