iMovie now universal app for iPhone 4, iPad 2, and 4th generation iPod touch

Apple has updated iMovie for iPhone to a universal app to support the iPad 2 and also brings new themes and HD sharing directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CCN iReport.

  • Universal app designed for iPad 2, iPhone 4, and iPod touch (4th generation).
  • Multi-Touch Precision Editor (iPad only).
  • Multitrack audio editing with 8 themed soundtracks and over 50 bundled sound effects.
  • Audio recording directly into the timeline.
  • Audio waveforms (iPad only).
  • Three new themes — Neon, Simple, and CNN iReport.
  • HD sharing directly to YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, and CNN iReport.
  • AirPlay support for sharing to Apple TV (compatible only with second-generation Apple TV; requires iOS 4.3 or later).
  • Project transfer to your computer and compatible iOS devices through iTunes.
  • Ability to add titles on photos.
  • Option to add fade-in from black and fade-out to black.
  • Numerous enhancements, including trimming in Video Browser, in-use markers, video rotation, and more.

If you have an iPhone 4 and pick this one up, let us know what you think! And if you pick up an iPad 2 tomorrow, come back and let us know what you think of iMovie on the iPad 2!

[$4.99 - iTunes link]

Leanna Lofte

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There are 42 comments. Add yours.

chavista says:

I was waiting on this, downloading it now.

colton says:

I can't find the update in the app store! :/

chavista says:

Much improved, I love it, Best features for me are multiple audio tracks and the audio record to timeline.
The new home screen is also a nice touch

slalomskie says:

WIll it get better reviews then the original iMovie.

Ian Austen says:

bummer it seems it is not for iPad 1 , i was hoping to be able to sync movies from iPone 4 and edit on my iPad 1 (classic)

cosby says:

Is this a free update for those who already have the original on iPhone4?

chavista says:

yes its a free update, still haven't played aith all the new features but its a welcomed update.

Maniacfive says:

I couldn't find the update either (wouldn't appear in my list.) but going by iTunes on the web and following the link brought it up okay. the usual 'you have already downloaded this' yadda yadda and now I have the new one. Woo hoo
Still next to useless for me though. I import a lot of photos and videos to my iPad 1st gen via the Camera Connection Kit. Was really looking forward to using iMovie on the iPad but it requires a device with a camera to run. Bah.
I know they want me to go out and buy a new iPad 2 (waiting for 3 or maybe 4 though.) but come on, whose actually going to be shooting video on an iPad?!

Maniacfive says:

Ah, some clever germans have already got it to work on original iPad without a Jailbreak. Nice. (via 9to5mac)

Jejoro says:

Seems like I wont have to pay for this again when I get my iPad 2...
Hope Apple Apps & others Apps will become universal between all my devices! Like how cool would it be to buy lets say Angry Birds & it works on my iPhone 4, iPad 2, Apple TV & Mac.

Matt Hall says:

the app will not update on my phone says it requires iOS 4.2.6 or higher... since I am currently on #teamjailbreak my iphone 4 will have to wait. Unless downloading it through iTunes will help... try it when I get home.

Scatabrain says:

I'm on 4.2.1 jb as well and was able to get the update. I hope it shows up for you.

Scatabrain says:

response got clipped. Doesn't work on ipad. does work on vzw jb iphone

Matt Hall says:

So I found another way to get it on my phone but... It really doesn't seem to be too different from the original. I don't see any multi-track audio editing for example. Wondering what was actually included in the iPhone version and/or if it installed properly.

(Copy of) Dev says:

I bought iMovie last summer, but it will not let me re-download it, and it has disappeared from my purchased list. Emailed Apple with my old order # and receipt.... /sigh

fastlane says:

I bought it a few months ago. I just updated it on iTunes, but a popup said it cannot be installed on th iPhone because a newer version is required. :shock:

Ed Penano says:

I would like to know if you were able to upgdrade, because I too purchased this. Let me know how it goes~!

fastlane says:

I was able to update it on iTunes. But when I synced my phone, everything copied over except iMovie. It said it couldn't install because it required a newer version. Whatever that means. So, I still have the previous version on my phone.
I haven't pursued it further. I may try to download from the iPhone App Store later and see if it charges me again. It shows as a new app, and not as an update in the iOS App Store.

Avenged110 says:

I like it. It's got a cool intro/project screen now too. It's good update that adds much needed features - totally worth it. My only complaint is it's a little more laggy now but nothing major. Thumbs up to apple

Malachie says:

You need to upgrade your iPhone software to iOS 4.3

dloveprod says:

Nice update, I just wish I could trim audio tracks to only work over certain clips.

dloveprod says:

Music tracks? I tried, they didn't have placeholders it just took up the span of the entire video clip

DoctorK says:

There are a couple of ways around this...
You can trim the beginning or end of an audio clip, but you cannot split it, and the music must start at the very beginning and go throughout the video. You can have many different audio clips, though, so to remove the music from some of your clips, you can either make a 60 second song of just silence, add it to your iTunes library and drop it in wherever needed (trimming to fit your needs). You could also drop any song in there and turn the audio off for that clip.
I wish there was a way to fade out the music. It's jarring at the end of the video.

DoctorK says:

Also, you have to turn off the Loop feature to allow multiple audio tracks.

dloveprod says:

Ok, thanks, I'll give that a try.

Joel ramirez says:

Does it works on an iPod touch 4g with iOS 4.2.1 and it's jailbreaked

JPSAL says:

I'll just wait for the jailbreak hack which will allow us to install it on the iPad 1 just like it allowed us to install iMovie on the 3GS way back in June.

lame says:

Pretty disappointed this isnt for the ipad1.. wtf
hopefully theres a jailbreak hack for it soon!

Espo says:

Am I the only one who cannot get the app to function properly? First it will NOT find any of the clips I just recorded, and everytime I try to edit the clip's length the app freezes. Its been like this since day 1 with the iPhone 4. I've been able to make a few videos, but overall its horrible to get a nice workflow going.

Ed Penano says:

If I purchased the original version of the iMovie App for iPhone, will I be able to upgrade to this latest version? Would be awesome if I could!

fastlane says:

MacWorld says it's a free update for iPhone 4. But, no luck for me yet.

ichorus says:

Yo can it's a Universal app now. :) so free on iPad if you already own it.
See my post below on how to get it on iPad 1 :D

Lars says:

My favorite new feature (using the iPhone 4) is the ability to import just a small piece of a video right at the import screen. (Before you had to get add the whole clip to the timeline, then trim)
Direct upload to Youtube is nice as well.

ichorus says:

Hi, I have it on my iPad 1,
just download it in itunes so its the latest version (universal app) then download this.
and download the iphone configuration tool. Install it then open it, then plug in your iPad, go to applications and then import/add, then click install in the ipad app list.
TA DA!!!!
It works well, but just obviously you won't be shooting video with the ipad. :)

ichorus says:

after import/add search for iMovie, it will be "iMovie.ipa"

SeraphimHD says:

I just posted a video for how to transfer iMovie project files between your iOS compatible devices.
Hope this helps someone!

jules says:

on iphone 4 imovie, any way to do short fade ins on the audio, its useful when you want to add soundbites without clicks and jarring when you cut between shots?

Stephen Mora says:

What can I say, I like it. as a matter of fact as I was editing my movie, I received an important email from work for a task completion.. I completed that task in minutes and then back to my editing without a hitch, completed my movie.. all from my iPhone.. amazing..

Crizzele says:

ohh this looks cool...sure Ill have it on my iPod 4th generation. Another app to adorn my beautiful iPod, I just love how it makes me happy.