International iPhone 4 carrier plans and rates

What you'll pay for an iPhone 4 on Rogers/Fido, more to come!

International carriers are finally starting to release their iPhone 4 plans and rates, and as more countries now have multiple providers and unlocked iPhones, does that mean things will be more competitive than ever?

Nope. You say monopoly, I say oligopoly, they'll still take every penny they can.

We'll post them as we find them, and if you've come across the plans and rates in your area, drop them in the comments and we'll add them here.

Canada, Rogers/Fido

Rogers/Fido has just put up a post detailing upgrade costs, along with a tool to find out what you're eligible for. In addition, they're once again offering a special $30/6GB data plan for a limited time, and are also adding a $20 option to share your iPhone 4 data with your iPad.

Now I'm no math wiz but I do know $20 for sharing data compared to $30 for doubling it doesn't sound like a great deal... yet. Let's hope Rogers improves on that asap.


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International iPhone 4 carrier plans and rates


I am in Hong Kong and there are three Apple authorized dealers selling iPhone 4 starting at midnight on 29 July. The carriers' plans are roughly similar with price subsidy of iPhone 4 and you may refer to their official webpage for details:
3 HK:
HK CSL - This carrier provides services under two bandnames:
In addition, Apple (HK) has announced they will sell iPhone 4 at the on-line store starting from today but the website has yet announced further details.
All iPhone 4 sold in HK, either through carriers or Apple on-line store, are unlocked.

$20 for sharing vs $30 for doubling might not seem like a great deal, but if you're only using a relatively small percentage of the data available to either device across both then it's a nice plan.

New Zealand is a disaster. Last second the release hasn't happened. Apple won't comment and the carrier has pulled all reference to iPhone 4 off it's page. Maybe a blow up between vodafone and apple ? No ones talking.

Does anyone know if the 6b plan with bell is only available with a contract? I was planning on buying unlocked and not signing any contracts.

@Anthony Yuen
Thanks for the info. I did research where to get an iPhone 4 in HKG. Which would you recommend over the others? Next I'll need to find hotel near that shop. Any suggestions?
Thanks again,

I'm in South Africa. No iPhone 4 scheduled for release anytime soon. Even when it does, it'll be priced higher than just about anywhere else in the world. We'll likely still pay more for the 3GS than you do for iPhone 4. Whoever you are, just be glad you have it better than we do. No hint of iPad either. sniff. sniff. sob...

Telus isn't offering anything. I called in and you have to be 24-months into your contract to get any sort of upgrade. What a ripoff. Even Rogers is giving early upgrades. Not impressed whatsoever. Telus has dropped the ball on their first true iPhone launch.