iPad Air photo gallery: Silver and Space Gray!

iPad Air photo gallery: Silver and Space Gray!

The iPad Air is Apple's latest and greatest full sized tablet offering. It comes equipped with an Apple A7 processor and weighs in at only a pound, making it ultra light and responsive. We'll have more on performance in our full review but for now, if you're undecided on what color iPad Air you'd like and want to see both models side by side as well as how it stacks up to other iPad models, follow along and check out our image gallery!

The iPad Air comes in two colors, Silver or Space Gray. The Space Gray model is much subtler than the slate model the original iPad mini was debuted in.

If you already picked up your iPad Air, let us know which color you went with and how you're liking it!

iPad Air

iPad Air
Apple's full-sized iPad gets slimmed down. Features include:

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November, 2013

Retina iPad mini, iPad 2, iPad mini (original)

iPad Air 2 (iPad 6)
Fall, 2014

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WhyAreYouHere says:

Got one of each!!!

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mjcostajr says:

Space grey for myself, Silver for my wife!

WhyAreYouHere says:

Same here.

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zteve87 says:

Space Grey for me - best iPad yet

WhyAreYouHere says:


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Asi Ganon says:

Space grey, looks really good!

CalleaTr says:

I want a Space Gray Macbook!!

Becjr says:

The picture showing the 4 iPads stacked on top of each other with the bottom side visible is one of my favorites.

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Jimmy Steen says:

White/silver. LOVING IT! It's an awesome piece of technology!

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DRAppleGuy1593 says:

I don't know if I'll be able to decide! I'm either going iPad Mini with Retina display 32GB space gray or iPad Air 16GB space gray....I keep thinking I use iCloud storage, don't have tons of apps or music. Then I mostly use a device for surfing the web and videos and school. My biggest thing is I can see myself using an Apple wireless keyboard along with an iPad to use iWork and iLife for typing papers and doing projects for school and with an iPad Air that'd be better to have a bigger screen for typing and projects.