iPad mini vs iPad 4, iPad 3, iPad 2, iPad 1, iPhone 5 and iPod touch 5 photo gallery

In addition to giving the iPad mini a photo gallery all of its own, we are also excited to present to you a photo gallery that compares the iPad mini to all the other three iPad form factors, the iPhone 5, and iPod touch 5.


iPad mini vs iPad 3/4

iPad mini vs iPhone 5

iPad mini vs iPad 3/4 vs iPhone 5

iPad mini vs iPad 3/4, iPad 2, and iPad 1

iPad mini vs iPad 3/4, iPad 2, iPad 1, iPhone 5, and iPod touch 5

iPad mini vs. iPad 3/4, iPad 2, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5

Equipment used: Nikon D800 with Sigma 50mm f/1.4 lens

Leanna Lofte

App and Photography Editor at iMore. Mother, wife, and math instructor. Follow her on Twitter @llofte and send her apps to consider for review at iosapps@imore.com

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PilotPhil81 says:

Geek porn. I love it, keep it coming.

cesarmuak says:

yeah, coming… if you know what I mean.

OlivierDud says:

Yea we all saw that one cumming too. Be more original.

applealgeria says:

Hey iPad 4! where are you?!!!

Leanna Lofte says:

I don't have an iPad 4 :( Sorry. But since the form factor is exactly the same except for lightning connector, the comparison is pretty much the same.

OlivierDud says:

Sure but an actual family portrait with iPad 4, iPad Mini, iPhone 5, and iPod touch would had been nice :)

Leanna Lofte says:

I agree, but I can't afford one :(

Josh Banks says:

Don't Mobile Nations got plenty of extra or tablets laying around.

applealgeria says:

it's amazing! nice to see most of Apple Touch family together :) Thank you Leanna

davidstromberg says:

that is geek status Leanna :)

jakeless.123 says:

Wow! All I can say is wow!! Absolutely amazing photography! Very well done Leanna!

EPJS says:

None of the photos are of the iPad 4, you should remove it from the title. As it stands, the title is a lie.

Pictures are:
iPad 1, iPad 2, iPad 3, iPad mini, iPhone 5, iPod touch 5.

Leanna Lofte says:

As indicated in the 1st and only paragraph, the photographs are to compare the different form factors. The iPad 3 and iPad 4 have the exact same casing except for the lightning connector. The form factors are the same.

EPJS says:

That doesn't change the fact that the title is a lie designed to get traffic to your post. But I guess it's not the first time you stretched the truth in one of your posts.

iYasin says:

Im having a nerdy bonerrr…!!

iDonev says:

I cried a little when I saw the 403 unread emails...

Numbuh101 says:

I fucking love my iPad 1

Xdm says:

I saw scratches on the black iphone 5. Just about to get one :(