iPhone 2.2 + Security Patch to Hit Tomorrow?!

Macrumors is quoting Spiegel.dewww. as saying that both a new security flaw has been found in iPhone OS 2.1, and that a patch will be included in iPhone OS 2.2 due to drop... tomorrow?!

[A] newly announced iPhone vulnerability that can force a (potentially expensive) phone call to be made simply by visiting a webpage in Safari... SIT reports that they notified Apple of the issue a month ago and that a fix will become available on November 21st through a firmware upgrade.

We've already run down the other new features rumored to be included in 2.2, so now we just sit by iTunes, hit the Update button, and wait (unless you've jailbroken, then remember to steer clear!)

Rene Ritchie

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There are 14 comments. Add yours.

StarSoft says:

Wow, if that is only the problem i'll stick to my jailbroken 2.1.
Normally if you see your phone calling a number sudently and you didn't tell it to do so you cancel it, dont you?

Jeremy says:

@Endrit, that is not something you should do. I never tell people to do it that way. Best to start on a clean slate. Smart thing to do.

Emeus says:

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ....wait what was that? Apple is releasing a firmware upgrade and adding everything but what end users are wanting?ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Glenn says:

I am excited fir this 2.2 firmware update. I hope apple has some surprised but if not what is expected still is cool and I am looking forward to it=)

ted says:

Yay Apple still doesn't care about consumer concerns or desires!

Tunnelrunner says:

After having just crashed on Facebook 10 times in the past half hour, improved browser stability for Safari would be incredibly welcomed...

Nill says:

That'd be about as likely as Copy-Paste or 3rd-party Push at this point.

CHiRS says:

I think it's funny that people are still complaining about the features that aren't there. You bought the phone, didn't you? Be patient...I'm sure all the features that you could possibly want will eventually show face. Till then....shhhhhhhhh.......

Nill says:

I guess in your bizarro world people complain about working features?
I'll stick to being PO'ed at broken mail fetching and the much-hyped "September" Push update that was abandoned with hardly a word.

JEF says:

Downloading version 2.2 at 12:46 AM.

Utah Guy says:

downloaded 2.2 at 10:50 on Thrusday night.

ethan says:

2.2 downloading now. All I freaking want is cut and paste, and MMS. Dangit. Sheesh.
At least the fix will address Safari crashing. Yes!

ethan says:

I also like how you push the home button while on a home screen and it'll take you back to the first home screen. Nice touch.

macaronicaesar says:

I accidentally upgraded to 2.2 somehow, is there any way to downgrade back to 2.1? Thanks