iPhone 3.1.3 and iPhone 4.0 Discovered in Server Logs


Boy Genius took a look at his server logs and found somethings (plural!) very interesting -- entries for both iPhone 3.1.3 and... iPhone 4.0!

iPhone 3.1.3 would denote a minor fix to iPhone 3.1 (currently at iPhone 3.1.2), and could drop any time. iPhone 4.0, if Apple keeps to their previous schedule, would get a Sneak Peak event in March, followed by a beta period for developers, and a public release in June or July to coincide with 4th generation iPhone hardware (also already caught in server logs).

No signs, of course, of the still missing-in-action iPhone 3.2. (Where are you?)

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iPhone 3.1.3 and iPhone 4.0 Discovered in Server Logs


Awesome. I am ready for the iPhone to knock out the droid with it's 4th generation. I still love my iPhone put it could defintley use a OS upgrade.

Please please fix A2DP Bluetooth. There is not a pair of BT headsets that work with iPhone 100%...pathetic for a $500 device!

4.0 = background apps? Android-esque drop menu to reply to e-mails/texts? Not sure what else they could add.

I cannot wait until the new iPhone itself. My 3G is getting really clunky lately. The camera is getting worse (to my eyes), it's getting slower and slower, and my battery life is almost nonexistent. Plus, AT&T still has it's name in the top left and Verizon just looks so much prettier. :)

Apple could make these changes

  • easier way to delete contacts
  • one push to clear out ALL SMS messages
  • hopefully a way to insert .m4r as SMS tones

I really, really don't see 3rd party background apps being allowed by Apple yet, there's just too much that can go wrong for Apple to allow it.
Think about it for a second, an Average Symbian (Nokia) user can multitaske till their hearts content as very little users actually install third party apps to their phones in the first place, so they will never hit a barrier.
iPhone users however have on average 25 apps on their respective devices, now imagine a user, opening a weather app to check out the upcoming weather, closing into the background to the SMS app to let his friends know when to wrap up warm, close to background open a heavy 3D game up to kill the time till the replies, reply cones through, close to background...can you see where I'm going with this?
IMO unless Apple creates an intuitive task manager for the average Joe there will be many, MANY people wondering why their iPhones are crashing after opening there 25th free trial game

I would love to see some personalization options added to the iphone. I was looking at my phone today and realized I'm so bored with the black background screens! My 3G contract is up in a few months so I will be following news of the new iPhone closely. I want a better camera, more personalization, and a new unibody or matte metal backing. I could care less about all this talk about being able to use the phone as a payment device and whatnot. Just give me a slick design and everything else above.

Don't forget these can be faked. Using User Agent Seitcher I can tell websites that firefox is actually iPhone is 6.0. Beware of sites like boygenius who need a publicity stunt.

@Iian 117
Backgrounder (for jailbroken devices) has a simple, intuitive method to run apps in the background. Apple would do well to learn from them.

I want a full hardware redesign (no knock on the old one just that it's getting old), UI redesign (less icons and lists, new use paradigm), Aluminum hardware again (yes, I realize there are signal issues just let me dream), elegant multitasking, built-in FM transmitter for the car, bigger screen with higher resolution (they will eventually have to make some platform breaks, they can't have that same screen forever), OLED, longer battery life, camera that can actually replace the need to have a point-and-shoot digital camera with you (8MP, nice lens, 2 or 3x optical zoom), home screen widgets (why should I have to touch on an icon to find out the temperature??), and total rewrite of notification system (think Palm Pre here, calls, texts and push notifications should not interrupt what you are doing, it should be up to the user to act on the notification or not). This is my wish list, I know I won't get it all with 4.0 but I am stoked to find out what we will get!!

@Lain - Apple is consumer (read:smartphone dummy) centered. They will find a way for it to be like the tabs in safari so that people know what is open, etc. I also think they will limit it to one or two background apps. Even my iPhone 3G can run 4 or 5 apps in the background and it only has 128 MB of RAM if I am not mistaken. The 3GS is more than capable of running even more background apps.

iPhone 4 needs to have wireless syncing, also they need to release an inductive charge station. Other than that they need to improve the battery so that they can offer multitasking. The UI is getting left in the dust with page after page of icons. They truely need something other than such as a desktop with widgets for weather etc that update automatically and then a dock on the side so you can get to your apps from a dock type interface with stacks etc. Other than that I would REALLY love an easier way to scroll through long documents rather than swiping my finger 100 times till I am at the end

I'd like a way to delete individual phone calls instead of the current sole "Clear all" option. Even the super cheap Go-Phone I temporarily had before getting my iPhone 3G had that option. I don't even make many calls, how do really busy people get around such a clunky set-up?

I think we will see 4.0 more towards March to compete with the current onslaught of phones hitting the market, then an added upgrade of new features for the new iPhone when that hits the market in June or July.. Apple knows competition is getting tougher and I think they will step it up earlier...

PS the YouTube search function on iPhone native YT app has never worked well, rarely updates & only searches about 10% of what you can search via YouTube/mobile or full website. Try & explain that to clients: "You can't find my vids on the regular iPhone YouTube app, you have to go thru YouTube mobile ..."

Your kidding 25 apps on iPhone average? Uhh
I have 350 on my 3gs
and my 73 year old gdad has 40 on his 3g
he's the bottom most people are in the hundred

How about lock screen info and letting 3rd parties tap into it just like they do for push notifications?

How many more hardware features do you guys think they can fit in this case? From what I can see almost nothing more could be crammed inside! Would be nice if it had an OTA Digital tuner, watching live HDTV would be great but I think its not going to be possible unless the form factor get bigger and I would not want to see that.

PhoneView can individually clear phone history on a non-Jailbroken iPhone. Sure, you have do to it on the iMac or MacBook, but the option is still available without having to compromise your iPhone to do it.

I agree with dreadnutz
plus I don't problems coverage or phone issues.
I'm not in newyork I'm in Florida

Pocket Weather uses push notifications to update the icon badge with the current temperature. Handy, and less of a burden on system resources than a widget.
IMO, the whole widget thing is vastly overrated.

I suspect 4.0 will drop earlier than march this year. Apple has always said that new hardware will come out once a year but no one ever said that new software had to be on the same schedule. Yes it was nice to get the hype machine turning before march to carry the apple momentum, and heck what if we have the 4.1 update come with the new hardware?

I predicted the actual release of 4.0 in march over a month ago. Finally people are starting to agree with me.

You guys are dreaming. iPhone 4 wll be more of the same with a couple new features and a handful of enhancements. It's highly unlikely that we will ever get true muliitasking. It would slow the phone down too much or at least that's Apples view.

Exhibit A, evidence of the jailbreak community and the backgrounder app. So we don't have multitasking on the stock devise because the battery not because of the hardware, the hardware could handle it. From the tare-downs that people have been doing of the phone the specs are near that of an Apple G3; and Anyone could multi-task about 20 apps on an old G3. (Yes I did just compare the computing power of an iPhone to that of the old apple G3)

"iPhone users however have on average 25 apps on their respective devices, now imagine a user, opening a weather app to check out the upcoming weather, closing into the background to the SMS app to let his friends know when to wrap up warm, close to background open a heavy 3D game up to kill the time till the replies, reply cones through, close to background…can you see where I’m going with this?"
Yes. You are saying that the average iPhone user is too stupid to be trusted with that technology.
I disagree.

How about just letting us create play-lists right in the ipod potion. On the go and Genius are not permanent.

"No signs, of course, of the still missing-in-action iPhone 3.2. (Where are you?)"
Where is the 3.2 coming from? Was there a post I missed regarding this?
Someone was complaining about deleting individual calls. Why? My iPhone is my personal device. I, personally, don't see the need to delete individual calls. Please shed some light on this.
I think iPhone OS 4 will start showing itself around March. I'm hoping for a better notification system. That's all.

Maybe you don't want that drunk call to your ex girlfriend to be displayed on your call log, but don't want your current girlfriend to get even more suspicious when she sees you have no calls at all in your log, implying you are infact hiding something.

Would be nice if they allowed us to hide/delete native apps that some of us don't use or have already replaced with another app from the app store.

It would be nice if we didn't have to wait till damn near the summer for 4.0. Also please fix the Bluetooth so that we can use full capabilities on Bluetooth headsets. That's ridiculous to not have that. Better mail app. Better notifications. Use the lock screen for more than just a lock screen. But what would really irk me is that when the next iPhone does come the only feature that will be completely acceptable to not have available on the 3GS would be one that uses a front facing camera. Period.

@Alex - It will probably be like last year where we saw 3.0 in March but didn't get it until June. I think it will be similar this year. They will want to demo the new software with the new hardware and it just makes more sense to stick with summer because of the people who will be coming off of their contracts. My 3G contract will be up then and presumably I will pick up the next iPhone unless some other platform comes up with a show stopper between now and then.

Also, why are people so up in arms about "missing" 3.2?? Just because we saw two point releases last year (2.1 and 2.2) before 3.0 came doesn't mean they are locked into doing that! Not only that, but we were on 2.2.x for ages until 3.0 came if you are adamant about these patterns shouldn't we see 3.2 any time between now and next summer?

Never going to beat Android OS, but very good OS though. I have an iPhone 3G 8GB btw. I don't see Apple being the KICK ASS OS of the future, no chance against the OHA with Android (and no I am not talking about Droid, I am talking software only, i.e., Android).

Someone with a jailbroken phone is having a good laugh right about now. ;P (Seriously: it is very easy to spoof those version numbers, and many people do. I have people claiming to be running iPhone OS 6.1.2 hitting my server.)

Saurik is the man. I love my jailbroken iPhone. Finally I can unlock it's full potential an be free of the virtual shackles that had been holding it back. If only apple would implement all the tricks an themes and awesome utilities that are available to the jailbroken community on a stock iPhone then finally we would begin to see true progress

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Ok, this has some quirks like the 9V battery, perhaps the amplifier, the lack of protection for the speakers, the use of Eagle (Eagle is evil, don't use it!). Still it's so beautiful and well crafted. Bravo!This could become a new way to build wooden stuff, just add some glue here and there if they're intended to last in one piece.