iPhone 4: $199/16GB, $299/32GB, available June 24 in US, France, Germany, UK, Japan

iPhone 4 available for pre-order June 15, ships June 24

Apple's just-announced iPhone 4 will be available in black and white, in $199 for 16GB, $299/32GB, and will hit the US, France, Germany, UK, and Japan on June 24. Pre-orders start June 15.

Other countries, including Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada (!), Denmark, Finland, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, and Switzerland will get it in July, and 88 countries total will be online by September.

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Reader comments

iPhone 4: $199/16GB, $299/32GB, available June 24 in US, France, Germany, UK, Japan


I am very disapointed with the fact of Canada not being part of the initial Launch. To be honest, I'm still sort of on the fence about the new version. I like the design, I like what's coming. But overall I'm still in a, could be better, kind of mood.

Oh Joy...I'm overjoyed. I was taken for my iPhone this weekend and now I see why. God new something bigger and better was coming. Let the thieves have their fun with my 3G...I'm movin on up.

Really disappointed in the delay for Canada. Seems VERY strange that Japan would get it before us? Still, I choose to be optimistic - maybe they're delaying it because they intend to make it available through the Apple store in Canada and online, instead of having to go to your carrier! That'd be nice.

when can we order? same process as last year? any idea? i'm loving it. i start camping now. who want to join me? i have many snacks and we can talk about phone. tehehe

Too bad they didn't upgrade the size limit... I've used nearly all my 32gb on my 3GS, was looking forward to hopefully getting a 64gb version... oh well.

i dont know what color, but i wish you could choose the front and back differently.
also, I was really hoping for a version with more gb, and the 8gb being canceled. even if they only made it 20gb and 40gb(instead of 32 & 64), it still would of made a little bit of a difference

Interesting no mention of carriers? So I guess it's AT&T only for now, unless they decide to announce something else soon.

So, AT&T introduces data caps on the same week that Jobs introduces streaming movies on Netflix? I love the idea of Netflix on the iPhone, but this just put the nail in the coffin for not losing my unlimited data.

I'm so pissed its not 64 gig. They bumped the memory every year but this one. I really wanted more space! Hard to get excited about all the other stuff about the new phone after I heard that.

I just realized he said nothing about tethering. maybe he didn't really need to, or maybe he did and i didn't see it. but if not he should have at least mentioned it.

In Canada, mega pissed and was totally ready to run out and buy it but by the time it becomes available like the iPad, I simply won't care about it anymore. Currently using a Nexus One and was looking to return to iPhone but wow we already waited this long this is just stupid.

I'll be adding it to my cart on June 15th, and having it delivered. Can't wait :)
Now just to figure out a way to transfer my girlfriends line to my account and everything will be ready.

I am set to preorder, I can't wait...and thanks tipb.com for the life blog post....I sat and read everything!

So, did I hear that Telus and Bell won't be getting this?? I've been waiting patiently (due for my maximum upgrade deal right now) to go to this device... but I saw something in the live text that Bell and Telus won't be getting this because of their network? Can anyone confirm... or have any idea...

Poland is not on the list either :( Too bad. I want it now and I'll have to wait until August or even September. Not fair.

I am definitely pre-ordering on the 15th!!! There is no doubt about it, the iPhone is and continues to be the smartphone king!!!

Why stream Netflix? Can't they just make it so you can sync Netflix movies via iTunes from your Netflix account? What a waste of bandwidth!
Any mention of AVRCP? Still can't believe an iPhone doesn't support full Bluetooth profile.

If I pre-order then wait outside the AT&T store on June 24 and get one, how will that work?
If I pre-order will I be able to get it on June 24?
What is a reason not to pre-order?

Love my 3GS, don't see much advantage in paying a premium to upgrade. Anyone know the price of 32 gigs if they've already got me locked down in contract?
Anyway, the upside for 4 is speed, front camera, tethering. What else? My 3GS is plenty fast, I don't care about conferencing, and I can already tether - to my iPad - with MyWi.

@Coach Brown
That is exactly why AT&T is doing this now, because the majority of fanboys (and regular customers) defend the move by saying 2GB is generous, and nobody will hit it.
With Netflix. With Facetime. Even with Pandora multitaskable, people will.
Any claim to the contrary based on current usage patterns is no more believable than the quote often misattributed to Bill Gates that 640KB out to be enough memory for anybody.

I slashed my throat during the Farmville nonsense and had to be rushed to the hospital. What did I miss?

May sound like a minor annoyance to most people but it really pissses me off- If I cannot change the SMS and Email alert tones to a much louder custom tone on this new phone, I will be looking to buy an Andriod or Windows phone. The existing tones are so quite they are totally useless.
How can Apple make such clever phones and miss something as basic as tone customisations!!!!

The way every new Apple device comes to Russia is a funny one. First they never mention us on the "first and foremost" list which is fine - we're not a first rate market after all. But then a swarm of profit-seekers with American visas heads towards the US shores to shop the guts out of high-street Apple Stores, all just to sell the gear back in Moscow at triple price :-) The first passenger plane that landed in Moscow after the April 3rd launch had 1200 iPads on board. Later those babies were sold at $1500-2000 apiece, at the speed of lightning!
By the time Steve recalls there's a huge country up there, and someone has to go trade iStuff to the bears it's usually too late - the demand's firmly satisfied. Then they launch the new iThing officially and at ridiculous prices (like $1200 for 32Gb 3Gs) - only for the aforementioned iThing to pathetically [officially] iFail :-) This has happened to the iPhone 3G, then 3Gs, it's gonna happen to the iPad (not officially here yet) soon...
So maybe we're not even among those 44 countries that get the iPhone 4 in September. Let the Great Swarm do the job.

Canada never seems to get things in the first wave. its really disappointing actually. on the lus side i did read that bell, telus and rogers will get it. and my upgrade is the 17th of july!!!
its time to ditch the bb and make my house all apple

Honestly, I don't mind it not coming to Canada right away. Let the US bleeding edge techies figure out all the bugs first along with the Dev team time to JB it, then we can be more prepared when it does make it north.
It's coming in July, that's a month, month and a half at most... we can be patient enough to wait till then.

Please send us your best price iphone apple 3gs 32gb origin USA
Waiting for your best reply as soon as possible.
We are intrested to buy from austarlia
Thanks& Best Regards,
Muhammad Waseem

I'd like to buy an Iphone 4 32gb too, for international use:)So it should be unlocked I guess?
Sorry for this question, since it seems clear to everyone else here: I didn't get who's the seller? Apple store? Tipb?
I'd be happy if you'd contact me for further information and for me to get on the waiting list.
Thank you!

my relative has gone to usa some days ago and i have asked him to buy an iphone 4 16 gb, can u tell me the actual price of the iphone in the usa , can i operate it without unlocking in india , if he has not unlocked from usa and what will be the overall price of iphone ,tell me soon

Dear sir/madame,
i am iteresting to buy 1 apple mobile phone and more spesific the iphone 4g, 32Gb.
Would you please inform me about:
1)The price/ cost of the iphone 4g, 32 Gb (without contract, only to buy as a phone)
2)Delevery time and payment method
3)Postage cost and which courrier you are using for Greece.
4)Is it possimble to pay cash on delivery? Which other payment way can you propose me?
5)Please send me the technical characteristics and photos of the iphone 4.
6)Please send me any other useful information which will help me to make an order from you.
7)How are you going to quarranty to me about a safe and secure delivery to Greece so that I will make that payment to you.
I am asking how do I know that as soon as I pay you, how do I know and feel secure that I will get the iphone.
8)The iphone which you will send me, can it have the Greek language and works in Greek language?
Looking forward for your answer,
Kind regards,
Ioannis Katsidoniotakis

I too want to buy an iphone 4 and use in india.my relative has gone to u.s.a. can i buy it with contract and use in india? could the service stop after contract or not? WANT your prompt reply

I ocoten buy 1 apple mobile phone and other spesific iPhone 4G 32GB. would you please tell me about 1) price / cost of the iPhone 4G, 32 GB (without a contract, just buy a phone) 2) Delevery time and method of payment 3) Postal and courier costs for using Czech Republic 4) is valid possimble COD? What other payment method, how do you propose to me? 5) Please send me the specifications and photos iphone 4th 6) Please send me any other useful information that will help me do that from you. 7) How are you going to quarranty me a safe and reliable supply to the Czech Republic, so I'll make that payment to you. I wonder how I know that once I pay, how do I know and feel safe that I have the iPhone. 8) iPhone that you send me this may be the Czech language and working in the Czech language? We look forward to your reply,

I want to buy an iphone 4 and use in UK. can you please let me the price for iphone 4 16GB and send me all the details as soon as possible
here is my email address brumana74@yahoo.com
thank you

Hellocan I buy Iphone 4 16gb I want to use it in Russia? how much does it cost with shipping? how can i pay?

i would like to purchase this iphone 4 for 199 can it be shiped to australia for the same price or what is the shipment price.

Hi, i would like to buy iphones 4 and 3.. please send me email with prices. Iam from Australia

my relative has gone to usa some days ago and i have asked him to buy an iphone 4 16 gb, can u tell me the actual price of the iphone in the usa , can i operate it without unlocking in india , if he has not unlocked from usa and what will be the overall price of iphone ,tell me soon and if i cannot use it unlocked plz do tell me can usa brought phone at $199 with AT&T contract be unlocked in india

hi I want to buy an iphone 4 16G, 200$ ..to use in france.can you contact me plz.thank you.

I really want to buy Iphone 4 16GB but what would be the price if i buy it for international use whitout any plan .. wpuld it be $199 or more expensive?

i want to order 2 iphone4 32G but i live in Cambodia. may u ship to me?? and if that the price in the US dollar.

Please reply with your best price iPhone 4 32gb from USA (Australia if possible)
Please reply soon!!
I live In Australia
Thank you!!

Hi my name Is jacinta! I live in Australia and I would like to buy a iPhone 4 32gb black from the U.S. Will it be unlocked and work in Australia? Please contact me soon about how it will be able to get to me and the price + shipping and any other further details I need to no
Contact me on my email - jacintacotton@optusnet.com.au

can u please tell me from where i can get iphone 4 16gb 199euro ? im in germany duren please tell me asap .