iPhone 4 No. 1, iPad No. 3 on Top 10 Obsessions of 2010

Yahoo! ha iPhone 4 has been crowned the king of obsessions for the year 2010 and its big brother the iPad has come in in the number 3 spot for obsessions. Some noteable obsessions behind the iPhone and iPad are Facebook who came in at number 6 and everyones favorite TV show...Jersey Shore which came in at number 5.

We can't say that either of these rankings are a huge surprise and we have seen and heard the sales numbers of both devices from Steve Jobs himself. What is interesting is that analysts were doubting the iPads success prior to its launch saying Apple would be lucky to sell a million units by the end of 2010. Obviously Apple's sales figures and public demand has shattered those statements.

What is to be looked at as a sort of shock is the iPhone 4 hitting the top of the list. It has been surrounded in controversy with "Antennagate" from the get go and recently with "Glassgate". Despite all the bumps in the road for Apple and their iPhone 4 launch it has still been the most popular smartphone of the year in terms of sales and reviews and now apparently obsessions.

[ Yahoo! News ]


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mervb says:

Just waiting for my contract to run out on my 3GS next year. But I'll probably wait for iPhone 4.5... No doubt it will win the obsession award again next year too!

MrAnthonyRaul says:

I'm selling my iphone 4! anyone interested? lol

Ludwig Boltzman says:

Behold, the power of marketing.

fastlane says:

If Yahoo! crowned TiPb's number one obsession, it'd be those damn furious birds (or whatever they are) they keep mentioning in every single article. :roll:

DLprac says:

Well since the ranking was based at least partly on web searches, I'd say that Antennagate and Glassgate were part of the reason it is number 1.

SockRolid says:

Surprised to see L.Lo at #2 and Glee at #4. What is that, a show about cheerleading?

Tony_iPhone says:

NICK, i am going to guess that you have in your hand a blackberry device, and that's why you are talking like that.. get off from the dark side and join us right here the winners. GET rid of that dinosaur call it blackberry smartphone. (wanna be)

OrionAntares#CB says:

I assume that those aren't just based on "positive" obsessions but also would include the "negative" obsessions.

W00t says:

Anthony- were you expecting anyone to say yes?

tom says:

i'm surprised people care.
it's known than fanboy saddos live out their sad lives online and use yahoo

Kishan kumar says:

iPhone rocks. My first smartphone is iPhone4. Beat that! I've been hooked to it for the last 3w like it is a part of by body :D
Marketing...may be but engineering...hail yeah!

DRHughes says:

Nope. It was only a matter of time...

DLprac says:

@iphonefan: Actually I've never had either BB or Android. I'm using original iPhone on TMo. But I'm going to guess, no state, that you're stupid.

FLskydiver says:

It's certainly been my number one new obsession of the latter half of 2010. It's not exactly perfect in every way, but this phone is nonetheless totally friggin' awesome.