Another iPhone 4 discovered in the wild

Another iPhone 4 has been found roaming around; this time in the Czech Republic. We are already familiar with the external design of the iPhone 4, but this source provides us with photos taken with the rear camera and a video recorded in HD. The person using this iPhone also reports that after playing games, surfing the web, watching YouTube, and using Google maps for an hour, there was only a 10% hit to the battery.

Check out the photo links and sample video after the break and let us know what you think!

Photo 5

[MacRumors via Jablíčkář.cz]

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Reader comments

Another iPhone 4 discovered in the wild


Blah. Battery life will continue to stink. There's no technology humanly possible that can achieve what a heavy smartphone user needs in the appropriate form factor. Give me 12 hours of heavy use on one charge and then I'll be impressed.

photo properties are correct (save and view). says photo taken on 06/14. why does each speaker look white?
date above phone on paper says Sunday, the 13th 6. 6th 2010 2010 which would make sense for photo on 14th.

If you follow the links to the photos and select the hirez version and save to disk (drop the last extension so it becomes a normal jpg) you can see the Exif info in the photos.
They were shot on the 14th and do appear to be from an iPhone 4.
Oddly no location tagging was included in the images.
They could have been shot anywhere.

@ghostface - you use phone for heavy usage 12 hours day? you have strong thumb, yes? you should be professional thumb wressler. we at tipb support you and buy tickets. we sit around and watch you snap other thumbs. i record it on iphone and show buddies. do you get in trouble for such strong thumb? your mom no this? what she say? how come you here and not in match making many USD?

@ghostface...the article is saying that after performing all those tasks, only 10% came off the battery. Meaning thats a good thing.

For what is a presumably a re-compressed Youtube video, that 720p quality looks very good (as least as far as you can tell from 10 secs worth of footage).

I can't get these pictures to work via iPhone. Can anyone link directly to the right sites?

@ Chris J. Not ripping on you cuz I think your real cool and all. But whenever you say "make many USD" it just cracks me up :) haha. If I were you I would say "make a lot of money" when talking to Americans.

Oh @Ghostface, I agree with Chris. You should be a pro thumb wrestler. I think a 10% drop after an hour of heavy use is pretty darn good. That's crazy better than the 3G and also better than the 3GS