iPhone 4 Jailbreak - In theory?

Geohot has updated his blog to let us know that he's apparently jailbroken his iPhone 4 in less than one day.  There's a little caveat though -- he's said he probably won't release it.  Well I guess my question is, what's the point in posting it up then?  Most people are familiar with Geohot's blackra1n and purplera1n jailbreak tools.  They were simple and downright easy.

He also took the time to mention the rumors of limera1n.com -- basically stating that it's no more than a waterdrop on the web and he's never mentioned it before, so don't read too much into it.  My opinion? A picture of Cydia on an iPhone 4 is pretty unconvincing.  He certainly has the skills and the record to find an exploit and jailbreak iPhone 4, but why no video, and why no seeming interest in releasing it?

To say the least, the reason for the post is confusing.

As for now, we've got PwnageTool 4.0.1 for iOS4, but iPhone 4 users are going to have to wait a while longer.  I guess we'll see what the Dev Team and Spirit developers come up with.

[ Geohot]

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iPhone 4 Jailbreak - In theory?

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I can understand how he feels... some people feel like they are owed something. But if truly jailbroken, I think his post of this was more aimed at the Dev-Team than anyone else.

Err, has geohot ever given us any reason to doubt his ability to jb/unlock the iphone? He was the first to do a HARDWARE unlock of the 2G, and has released numerous 3G/3GS hacks. None were hoaxes.
I just think he has no interest to release his exploit while comex has a userland i4 exploit ready to be released.

Don't forget he had an untethered jailbreak for iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch 3G he has never released. I wouldn't be surprised if he never releases this one

Sorry this little punk has gotten his rocks off saying look at me and what I can do, looks to me like he just wants more begging and praise. Oh well thanks for what you have done in the past. As Janet Jackson says What have you done for me lately? I sound like a ingrate but oh well I just get tired of these guys who you put up on a pedestal and it still isnt good enough. Thanks to teh rest who do this for the good not the notoriety.

Cool. Let's see it happen. Tired of him bragging about his skills and what he can do. Release it or shut the F up. I want comex to get the credit anyway. He seems like a good guy.

Sell it, make some money off it. I would pay for it, I paid $29 for a case, $20 for screen protector. Don't have a prob paying for a jailbreak to make my phone the way it should be.

Probably waiting for Apple's 4.0.1 or whatever. It was said before that Apple was waiting for the next jailbreak to patch it up.

Love TiPb! But i have to say this is a lie! i found out that he just put a photoshop image of a jailbroken iphone 3g on his iphone 4. he thinks he is so cool. He wont release it because there is no jailbreak!!! Do not listen to him!!! If you believe me email me about your thoughts at rahatmaini@ymail.com! I can prove him wrong. just email me and ask me

I think it is legit. Why release both hacks before 401? It is good to have one in the hopper. Don't bite the hand that feeds you. Cry babies. My i4 is boring but I will wait.

Only thing that extremely bothers me is that i don't have uafaker I hardly use my laptop and some of the websites I go to doesn't have an option to go to full site..

Sad to agree as he has given us Blackra1n but let's be fair, the little Frodo looking dude has turned into an A number one jerk. If he can jailbreak it, release it or just shut his pinched mouth. He serves no purpose by posting anything but a jailbreak. You want money, demand it and people will pirate it. But you will still make some money. Otherwise why even

Sadly I agree with a lot of the negative comments. The guy is amazing, but like a great many of these people in the JB community he is showing signs of believing his own press!! I followed him on twitter for a while and got fed up with hearing him rant and rave and tell us his trips across europe. Oh and the usual 'dont pester me, dont contact me....No problem geo, you have been unfollowed and you no longer matter. But well done for your JB's, shame your genius does not stretch to being a nice guy :P

The reason for the post isn't confusing at all. Geohot's ego has always been in play. He's an attention whore. He can comment all he wants that people shouldn't contact him, but it's clearly obvious he can't get enough attention. As others have said, ya he's a smart kid, but there's absolutely no reason for the things he does other than begging for attention and/or trying to show off. I also hope comex gets the credit this time. He deserves it.

Any post with geo isnt even worth it if his friends were smart they would slap his big jew nose and remind him people could care less if he jailbroke it this isnt even news worthy at all anybody could photoshop a pic and say that but i guess tipb just reports anything about the
Phone these days as real or fake as they may be

Also Apple has said that iOS 4.1 is coming out soon. You dont want to release a jailbreak before 4.1 comes out because Apple will patch the exploit.

I hate jailbreaking. It is amoral and sinful and THE LORD will smite all those who engage in this amoral activity