iPhone 4 Jailbreak and Unlock becomes real just as Geohot leaves the Jailbreak scene

Twitter lit up this morning with signs that an iPhone 4 jailbreak and unlock is definitely on it's way.  On the other side of things, original iPhone Jailbreaker, GeoHot (George Hotz) has apparently deleted his Twitter account and made his blog private. What's going on? Keep reading.

I noticed this morning @planetbeing had posted a tweet saying a soft unlock had been achieved.  He's followed up by posting pics of an iPhone 4 running Cydia and a pic showing the phone running on Canadian carrier, Bell.  This is definitely good news for all you iPhone 4 owners itching for your jailbreak and/or unlock.  For end users, a jailbreak may still be a month or two off, but for developers and hackers, this is great news and major progress. @Comex had reported a userland jailbreak not that long ago. Using that, himself and @planetbeing are making great progress.

Now on to GeoHot. He posted up an article talking about his jailbreak for iPhone 4 and what he had posted over the weekend.  I showed a little skepticism about whether or not it was real.  In the past, geohot had always given us a little bit more "actual" proof than what he gave this time.  Apparently in his last blog, he commented that the screen shot actually wasn't real.

"Sorry, this post was probably a bad idea. Next time I won’t say anything. I miss when this blog was actually about technical things(I’ve been reacting too much to the feedback, which led it to the place it’s in now). I didn’t fully realize most of the current scene don’t care unless they are getting something. Now I do. It’s late tonight, I’ll think about what to do about this in the morning. The real reason behind no release isn’t technical. It’s just that it will never stop, after blackra1n, people demand unlock, after blacksn0w, people demand untethered. I miss the days when jailbreaking and unlocking were difficult, it attracted a much higher caliber crowd. Also, to the haters, the picture is quite obviously fake :D"

Geohot got a lot of heat on his own blog and all over the Twitter-verse for his post over the weekend. Many people calling foul and saying his ego had gotten way too large for his own good. I somewhat see his point about it never ending. He's never charged for his work so people waiting with their hand out can probably get a little irritating at times. Maybe he didn't handle it in the best manner, but he's made up his mind (for now anyways).

So to @planetbeing and @comex, congrats and thanks for all your hard work, we're all just as excited as you are! And to geohot, maybe we'll see you around again soon?


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Reader comments

iPhone 4 Jailbreak and Unlock becomes real just as Geohot leaves the Jailbreak scene


i agree with him. you throw dogs the crumbs and they bite your hand for steak. i was just appreciative of what he was able to do for us at no charge. Hes made it so easy morons like myself can jailbbreak. But, He has also created his own enemy.

@dustinae i agree with you. But at the same time i dont. GeoHot is a good hacker with the iphone. He has probably made more in donations with black rain then you and i made working last year. Why would he want to give up something so lucrative? Maybe his ego has changed, and got too big, idk. But if you're good at something and you enjoy it, why would you want to just throw it all away?

Great news, cant wait for the jb. Geo hot has done great things for all of us Iphone users, wish him the best of luck in whatever he does.

Rene : any way to replace the tipb home screen logo to take advantage of the retina display?? It's pixelated as hell .!!

He said on his twitter before it was deleted that this was all just fun hacking on the side, and people have made it way to serious and not fun for him anymore

I really appreciate the work GeoHot did for Iphone, I believe he can really create jailbreak for iphone4 and 3gs and that too unthethered one for unactivated phone also. alas we may never see it or see it soon.

I don't know why people feel that they're entitled to something when a person willingly provides a free service to them. Everyone that is bashing him needs to chill out. Till this day, I'm still amazed that all the hackers that contribute to jailbreaking the iPhone don't charge you for it. (the jailbreak that is, not the apps) People should be a bit more respectful and lighten up. There will be a commercial release of the jailbreak for the iPhone 4, just takes some time. Relax. Plus, how are you going to get mad at GeoHot or any of the other devs for not having the jailbreak ready when you bought, and activated the phone, knowing that they're wasn't a commercial jailbreak for it?
Even if I did have an iPhone 4, waiting on the white one, I wouldn't activate it unless I knew I could tolerate not having a jailbreak.

I personally never asked for anything for free and would have been willing to pay up front for a jailbreak. That said, I have donated on multiple occasions for jailbreaks to it's creator(s).
While I appreciate his work and making it free for all I agree with the above speculation and think his ego has gotten way too big. In addition, posting pictures of a jailbreak is asking for trouble. You can't post pictures and then wonder why people are hounding you.
Honestly, I believe we are just witnessing a child throwing a temper tantrum. Whether he continues to jailbreak or release his work is irrelevant, others will continue his work and receive contributions that would have otherwise been his to claim. The kid needs to work a blue collar job for a day and he would probably not be bothered by a few impatient users.
Btw, I can understand not wanting to do something. We are all allowed to quit our jobs, not that this was his job. The way he is handling the situation is poor. Personally, I would have continued jailbreaking seeing how "easy" and profitable it is.

It's too bad that he is leaving the scene. What keeps Apple from buying these guys off and how do we know this does not happen? Sure, I bet he made a lot from donations but how much is it worth to Apple to take a big player out of the game?
How many people out there can jailbreak and unlock an iPhone. They need to sell the program.

Let him grow up. You have no right chain him to a chair, finding ways to unlock and jailbreak iPhones. Who knows, maybe he has a girlfriend. Whatever he wants to do, wish him the best of luck, of fun.

Geohot is being a little bitch. Period.
If he didn't want to be bothered, try not running a public blog, twitter, website, etc. He wants the attention, he wants people to beg him to come back, it's a power trip.
He is clearly a smart individual, there's no denying that, but this is what you get when your resident genius is some 19 year old kid.
While he says he left, I bet he's working on a JB/Unlock and he'll suddenly swoop in with it so everyone can kiss his ass again and put $5 into his account.

What you have to keep in mind here is that Hotz is 20 years old. He's a kid. I remember deleting my myspace when I was his age because I got mad at my girlfriend for posting an emabarrassing coment about me. He's a little kid playing in a big adult world. This happens often to prodigies. He's already made history--for him to pack up now and quit is just a childish reaction. Read his statement. It sounds exactly like something a teenager would write.
The true test here is whether or not he comes back. If he makes this big stink and never returns to jailbreaking in a public way, then he will maintain some respect. But if he's back in a few weeks, then we know he was just throwing a temper tantrum.
Get with it Hotz! You are extremely talented! Grow up and realize the potential. Don't let your high school emotions get in the way of history.

Whatever. The Dev Team is still around, and I've never had a problem with a single product they have released. Yes, it is nice to have multiple groups working on various aspects of problems such as this, but even as talented as Geohot is, it doesn't matter. There will always be a jailbreak, you just have to be patient.

my first reaction to geohot's remark about the deteriorating caliber amongst the jailbreaking community was in poor taste/character, but can totally sympathize w his outburst/frustration. as a developer myself, interacting w non-tech people is a fact of life. i don't even know how many times i just wanted to quit and walk right out the door.

It's really sad if GeoHotz really did leave. He has done some great work and I always patiently waited for him to release. Unfortunaltely there are always people where no matter what you give or how much you give they always want more. Sometimes you just need to ignore them.
But in every aspect of life there will always be a leech that wants the last drop.
I wish GeoHotz the best in all he does and hope to see him back in the future.

He received all the hate because he posted a picture of a successful jailbreak on the iPhone 4 and then announced that he wouldn't be releasing it. What the hell did he expect after that? And this is not the first time; he posts pics of his jailbreaks on new Apple devices like the iPad and immediately after he says that he has no plans of releasing it. Why even bother posting crap then? Whatever criticism he received, he brought it upon himself. I guarantee you that if he only made 'technical' blog posts about 'technical' stuff instead of baiting people hunting for jailbreaks and then crushing their hopes thirty seconds later, he wouldn't have lost so much respect among the jailbreaking community.

GeoHot needs to let his ego chill out for awhile. He's a great talent, but he reminds me of Lebron James. Have you all forgotten the creepy picture of himself he had displayed on your iPhone when blackra1n jailbroke your phone?

Everyone is entitled to their own views but it's those of you that choose to demand a jailbreak and slag him off when he stalls or throws a tantrum are the reason he's thrown the tantrum. If I get the hump with people I'm big enough to tell them exactly how I feel and if I happen to be the one who's holding all the cards then sure I'm gonna make them realise who's got the upperhand and make the kiss my arse till I'm ready. What are they doing for me??? If geohot was charging then fair enough but how many people actually donate? If he was earning as much as some of you think I would have thought he'd have rushed to get a release out to continue the flow but it seems the donations are so small it doesn't weigh up for the aggro he's receiving. I'd like to say thanks to geohot for all his past releases and look forward to any future release if he decides to do get reinvolved in jailbreaking and to those who have bullied 1 of the best jailbreakers out if the scene well done. As much as I'm eagerly awaiting a jailbreak for my iPhone 4 I am glad to wait longer for a jailbreak if it means the selfish those of you have to wait too.

Well said. He isn't even old enough to buy his on beer. Whenever enough people kiss his ass he will be back. It's just like a young child that doesn't get his way and after half an hour of whining his parents give in. Too bad all that talent had to be given to a punk like that. No wonder why the dev team never brought him onboard!!!!! Go get your @$$ bet George and suck your thumb. B!tch

You guys that are mad:
Him posting a picture of a jailbreak and not releasing it is the same as your neighbor showcasing his hot wife and not letting you sleep with her.
Grow up. He's been doing you a favor.

Geohot jailbreak picture was fake! He said it on his blog, not me. Posting a fake pic and telling people we are a lower caliber community. No, not in my book. He is just a whinney lil punk b!tch with talent he doesn't deserve yet.

It's not the fact that he posted pictures and wasn't going to release. The problem goes back to ios 3.1.3. He claimed to have working jailbreak that he never released. Claimed to be able to hack the ps3, what happened to that? That's right Sony took away other os. Finally let's not forget about the iPad jailbreak that never saw the light of day. All of these things make one wonder were all of these as fake as the screenshot of his "jailbroken" iPhone 4.
George was the man when he broke the 3.1.2 software. Unfortunatly after he has lied to everyone after black weather.
Mabye apple has paid him off. Mabye he got lucky with his previous exploit and doesn't have the talent needed to accomplish another. Who knows or cares.
There will always be another hacker to come along and steal the spotlight.
Right now we should all look to comex, musclenerd, and planetbeing, because geofag has had a tantrum.

Ummmm doesn't anyone catch the tounge-in-cheek when says to the haters that the pic is a fake? Come on kids....
I agree with geohot. I'd love to see him release as much as anyone but the comments on his blog were exhausting to read and I'd only spent a few minutes reading through them. I can't imagine that coming in all the time from every idiot-know-it-all. I respect what he did hoping that the bs will cool off enough for him come in the future.

@tweger01. that's the most asinine analogy I've seen. Maybe you'll understand this.
Nobody's had any "special" brownies for a long time. In the past, little geo has participated in the brownie fests, often using others connections and insight for his recipe.
Granted, his recipe usually sucked, but he was often the first one at the party with his brownies, and as a result he did collect his share of party contributions for his weak-ass efforts.
Now, nobody's had these brownies for a long time and is jonesing big-time, and little geo says, "hey, look at this, I have some of the special brownies." And then posts at a later time, "screw you, they're all mine."
OK geo, no problem. You and your little-man ego won't be missed.

I see his point,but don't this kid get a he'll of a lot of donation,I donated 10 buck myself for the black rain,and was glad to do it.but if you think people want sum thing for nuthin, charge for it!!!

geohot is a douche who's ego got ahead of him. maybe if he wasnt so facetious all the time people wouldn't harass him for releases. if he didn't plan on releasing anything why bother showing the JB at all? he knew this would happen!
i really appreciate the hacker's hard work but some of them really take themselves too seriously.

This is my first iPhone, and I'm ready to jail break. Anyone know the best people to follow on twitter to get the latest information. Obviously this blog. Anyone else?

I think your analogy would be closer (about the wife) if you were single, and your neighbor had a hot roommate. Then he teases you by saying "she has a porn site, but I am not going to tell you what the site is"
He has created jailbreak in the past, he claims he has done it again. It is a tease, like a child would do with his ball, then pick it up and take it home.
Yes, he can do anything he wants. Personally, I see why some people get upset, (even thought I dont agree with thier anger) but geohot can do anything he wants. He is not employed by anyone, so he is his own boss and can work or not work if he decides.
If those that are waiting for the jailbreak had already paid him, then they would have a reason to be upset.

Wow... what a bunch of duche posters here...
I don't even have an iPhone (I have a real phone, that doesn't require you to jailbreak it to get root, the N900). But I can tell you what happening here happens in the opensource community all the time. Someone does something cool, get kudos and maybe some slim amounts of donation for a short time, and then gets pounded with requests and support questions.
Add to that the billions of retards hating on him for not releasing right away (did it occur to you that there may be a reason he wasn't releasing instantly?), and it's no surprise he's walked away. As for him returning, I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Usually when someone (even in their 20s) gets this burnt out over something it leaves a foul taste for quite a while. If you're lucky he won't turn to the dark side and start working for Apple's hack-prevention team.
Have fun with your locked down iGadgets... I'll be over here logged in as root, doing whatever I please. :)

what he did is not wrong. but now people who all having iphone with the baseband 12.05.01, firmware 3.1.3 are lacking for the to unlock the iphone... now what people ll do.. please geo hot sorry for every thing. give us a program for that.

Everybody just take a deep breath, grow sum folds, and chill out like big man buddah. Would any of you be so pissed if you werent waiting for HIS help and HIS product which in the past he has been giving you for free? True hacking does give an ego boost, and that is part of why it is free but.... why care? he helped start the whole movement. We're all waiting for the jailbreak, but i can wait with my jailbroken 3G. Its not him but Apple and their quickly outdated sh!t that we're sitting here stewin about. Give him a break, he might actually be getting himself laid and no longer needing the ego boost.. possibility? patience is key guys, and now that it is legal there will be many to take his place. Now lets hope and pray he isnt sitting in Apples comfy armchairs while all the co-chairs blow him one by one to f*ck us over

Without a doubt he has been payed of by apple!! Just waiting to fcuk us all over (fact). But still much thanks for all you hard work geohot.. You never know he might fcuk apple over one day and come back with some x-rated exploit's and some inside info from apple ;-)..

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