iPhone 4 vs everything - mega gallery

iPhone 4 vs iPad vs iPhone 3GS vs iPhone 2G vs Palm Pre Plus vs Nexus One vs Droid X vs Android Captivate vs BlackBerry Torch 9800 gallery

You want iPhone 4 pictures? You can't handle iPhone 4 pictures! Okay, over-dramatic much. How about iPhone 4 vs. every other gadget we can find?

We're starting with Dieter's iPhone vs iPad, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 2G, Palm Pre Plus, Nexus One, and Droid X and we'll be adding more Android, some BlackBerry and everything else we can get our geeky little hands on.

If there's any device you want in particular, let us know in comments and we'll add it to the list.

Full mega gallery, after the break!

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Reader comments

iPhone 4 vs everything - mega gallery


Glad to see the Apple Fan boys are comparing the iP4 to an inferior product to get their confidence back up! The Palm Pre? Really? This is what they call a "slump buster"! What's next Rene? A comparison to the Razr? HA!
Happy Birthday to you Rene and your country! Oh Canada baby! Have a great day my friend. Drink a Guiness and slap a hockey puck for me!

Exactly. Why?
Its like Rene has going nuts on his iPhone4 camera and wanted to share all the shots, but had nothing in particular to say.

@Irish - You make me laugh. It also makes me laugh people like you have to toll around this site. I love my iPhone4. I just can't make any phone calls with it. I really hope Steve will fix my phone soon. I need to call my mother it has been a week.
@Leanna Lofte: you are beautiful.

So Many haters, I love it! This is what happens when you're #1.
I mean let's be honest, no one who is not a fan of Android is going to ACTUALLY waste their time hating on a android site. That would be just silly. Silly.
Love the high res pics, Rene,

@all the haters, if all you want to do is hate, maybe you should navigate to another website. You all need to get out of your parents basements and get a life. If you don't like an article, don't read it. Im sure Rene, and all the writers here don't want to hear about what you have to say, if they did, they'd hire you. So i guess what im saying is, live low, like your IQ, and go back to your cheap, cheezy phones, and don't hate on us iPhone owners. Better yet, i think ill make an app for that. kthankzbai.

Well as much as I try, just can't beat the old hand cranked ice cream maker. I did find the recipe off the phone. Guess it was a part of it.

haha, I was thinking the same thing, it looks so cheep. We need new hardware for webOS.
(also sent from my pre+)

iPhone 4 = sex with a hot chic
everything else = sex with a fat ugly chic with zits
keep losing, haters

Nice toys, dude. How 'bout iphone 4 vs PSP (both in black)?
Maybe you all will found something interesting about both model.

For a smartphone experts websites, I was expecting many more phones! ;)
Yeah, the Pre design is getting old. Very Fisher-Price looking. The Droid X is more like a slate phone than a smartphone. That's a rather large looking phone.
For the people with visual design OCD, Apple is one of the few, if only company, that serves your obsession with design quality. You can definitely tell in these pictures. A lot of us have a very instinctual liking to symmetric and correctly proportioned things. Apple serves us well.
Man that Droid X lump would drive me insane. The Incredible's weird back too. The Evo is decent on the back, wish it was symmetric in the front.

@Dan but you have to laugh right! I mean...I laugh.
@Shrike have you ever had the Incredible in your hand or pocket? If you look at a pic it appears to be a big bump on the back. However the Incredible is the thinest phone I have ever owned. That bump really isn't that big...I measured it and it is 1/32 of an inch. Just an FYI.
Leanna what up! How are you doing today?

wow look at the droid x! makes the iphone look like a little b****.
sorry if it offends ppl but damn!

Deisgn-wise, the iPhone 4 is the best. Come on, look at it- it's a true work of art. And this is coming from a Pre Plus user, by the way- I may like webOS better than iOS, but the iPhone 4's hardware design absolutely crushes the Pre. The glass back looks amazing. The camera is in the perfect place- if you look at some other smartphones (I'm looking at you, EVO) the camera sticks out from the body of the phone- this not only looks ugly, but can get lots of crap on to the lens very quickly. The only things about the iPhone 4's design I would change are:
1: Replace that stupid proprietary 32-pin iPod-dock port with a standard microUSB port or even miniUSB port, for the love of god! I cannot stand that stupid port. The cables are way too expensive, and they only work with iPhones and iPod's- nothing else. It's one of my pet peeves...
2: Shrink the top area a bit- the portion above the screen with the microphone(s?) and front facing camera. It seems kinda like wasted space when I compare it my Pre Plus, which shrinks that area into the perfect size. This is pretty minor though, and it's something that wouldn't effect a buying decision if i were to get an iPhone (which I wouldn't do until they end exclusivity in the U.S.- I'd rather have a root canal with no anesthetic than sign 2 years of my life and god-only-knows-how-much money away to AT&T ;D)
3: The death grip issue... honestly, I think it's a smaller part of a larger problem. Cellphone companies have spent the last 3 or 4 years pushing the antenna deeper into the internals of the phone. At first they decided no more little pull out antenna. Then it became fully internal, and easily blockable. So Apple has put it on the side... disaster. First of all, they're on AT&T- you're starting with a foundation of crap to begin with. And then... well. you know what happened. I think what Apple should've done is make the top-most part the primary antenna, kind of like how the iPad 3G keeps the 3G radio on top. It works for the iPad 3G and every iPod touch. Then, for when (not if- when) the antenna is blocked, have a fallback antenna, like what Motorola used to do with the last gen of pullup antenna phones. If you block the top area for whatever reason, it should switch to a fallback radio on the bottom area. The bluetooth and wifi radios could be adjoined to that to save space. I know there's evidence to show that the iPhone isn't the only phone to show this problem- I'm not denying that. I'm just suggesting a few ways the antenna system should've been laid out.
4: Oh, and have a model with a physical keyboard ;) (Sorry, I'm still intent on staying with physical keyboards for as long as I can)
After the iPhone, I'd say the Nexus One is the second best looking. It's the prettiest Android phone ever, and one of the best looking (aesthetically, once again) phones on the market. There is one big, ugly, glaring flaw: the trackball. Google, stop it with these. They're not necessary, and they are ugly beyond belief. It looks like... well, you can fill in the blanks, but the point is... that's one ugly trackball it's got. Other than that, it's a stellar design on the Nexus One, and a great screen size.
The third best looking... the iPhone 2G aka 1st gen iphone. The not-too-curved aluminum backing is awesome looking and feels great in the hand. Much better than the plastic crap on the 3G & 3GS...
4th best looking... the Pre Plus. Hey, I own one, I'm biased :P But seriously, look at it. It's plasticy, yeah, but it does look kind of... approachable. The screen is too small for me (big annoyance) and the curved slider is very prone to defects (but not as much with the VZW & AT&T Pre's) which makes me nervous. But the keyboard... I like it. It's a bit small, but you know what- it's good enough for me. And it's way better than a virtual keyboard. The touchstone back (now comes with the phone) feels good and smooth and, obviously, works with a touchstone- you'll never go back once you own one, trust me. And It feels good in the hand. Also, the gesture area is a killer feature. The microUSB port has a door though- I'd prefer a Nexus One style port on the bottom, as the door on the Pre is terrible and breakable as hell.
5th & 6th best looking... iPhone 3GS & 3G
That plastic back just felt and looked... wrong. I really didn't like it. And the super-curved shape of it just... fat.
7th best looking: Droid X
Look at the back of it! It's like a razr for god's sake. Blegh. And the screen... too big. Just comically big. I don't want to feel like I'm holding a shoebox to my head to make a call, ok? It just annoys me there. They did a nice job making MotoBlur into something useful, but that's software, and neither here nor there.
That's my list. Sorry I went on for a while- I'm a geek, ok? ;)