iPhone 4: Six month later

iPhone 4 Review

It's been six months since Apple launched iPhone 4. Retina Display. FaceTime. Antennagate. White iPhone 4 delays. 14 million sold. All the facts and figures, hype and hate -- none of it matters as much as half a year of daily use and the experience and insight that comes from it.

If you've had your iPhone 4 for a while now let us know how it's been working for you. Any pros it took you a while to discover? Any cons that crept out at you? Any surprises -- good or bad -- you didn't expect?

If you haven't yet decided to take the plunge on iPhone 4, what questions do you still have? What would help you decide?

We've got our thoughts after the break, but we'd really like to hear yours. What do you think of iPhone 4 six months later?


Six months in with iPhone 4 and I still just love it. It's beautifully made, beautiful to look at, and extremely easy to use. The build quality is amazing. It doesn't feel cheap at all and is still the most stylish phone on the market. I did prefer the rounded curves of my iPhone 3G as the edges of iPhone 4 can be a little harsh, and I was a lot less worried about scratching or cracking the plastic back than I am now with glass on both sides. I was concerned about that design decision when Apple announced it and I'm still concerned.

The speed of iPhone 4 is amazing. It makes the apps really fast. Except for the camera app which is way... too. slow... to... open... I think the quality of pictures and video is great but the flash is too harsh and where's digital zoom for video?

I do wish iOS was more customizable, which is why I've Jailbroken (quick, cover Chad's ears!). If Apple allowed themes, custom SMS tones, and had the functionality of Gridlock and BiteSMS built in I'd be much happier.

Still, after 6 months iPhone 4 remains extremely reliable. It looks and acts as if it's brand new and I'm very happy with it.

George Lim

George Lim As a teenage video-blogger, I wanted 3 things, a games console, a video camera and a new phone. I got all 3 and more.

Before the iPhone 4, I owned an iPhone 2G and a PSP. With the number of retina display enabled games, from simple casual titles like ‘Cut the Rope’ and ‘Angry Birds’ to big name-titles like ‘Infinity Blade’ and ‘Dungeon Hunter 2’, the iPhone 4 has permanently replaced my ‘personal’ need to buy any games console. I’m not a huge gamer, I don’t own a Xbox or a Playstation, but since the iPhone 4, I game alot more than I used to, pretty much everywhere.

I used to do video blogs using my iSight camera, however I was looking to upgrade to a higher quality HD camera. When I bought the iPhone 4, I wasn’t sure if it was going to meet my needs, as it was awkward to position at the right angles due to the lack of tripod mount. So I started looking at point and shoots like the Flip Mino HD or the Kodak Zi8. After just a few days of using my iPhone 4’s HD camera, I realised that I didn’t need to buy a new camera, I just needed a tripod mount for my iPhone, and I haven’t looked back since, and now with iMovie for iPhone, I don’t even have to export the video to my Mac anymore.

The iPhone 4. To me, its not a phone. Its a computer, a games console and a video camera, in 1 device.

Chad Garrett

The iPhone 4 really has changed the game for smartphones. Beyond the aesthetic, I feel the device remains unrivaled from a hardware perspective due to the retina display. A high resolution screen on a device this small makes all the difference in the world.

Admittedly, everyone knows I am a huge iPad supporter. Since iPad launched in April, the iPhone- including iPhone 4 has taken a back seat. However, recently I have renewed interest in the iPhone. There are a few games out there that are only available on iPhone. So, I have been giving it more and more screen time. Because I already have the device in hand, I am using it more for email, light document editing, pictures and more.

So with the recent rejuvenation of iPhone 4 use, I can solidly say that I still love the iPhone 4 after 6 months of use as I did when I got it. Face Time has been convenient, I use it just like on the commercials. If I am out of town, I use it to call my family. The retina display makes reading anything on the iPhone 4 awesome. The battery life is still better then ever. The additional RAM and speed are much appreciated.

At this point, I think it's easy to argue that the iPhone 4 is still better than any other smartphone at this stage in their life-cycle.

Ally Kazmucha

After 6 months with my iPhone 4, I think I can safely say it's my favorite iPhone yet. I was one of the unfortunate users who had the proximity sensor issue right out of the gate. It drove me insane. At one point I actually considered using my 3GS until Apple fixed it via software update. I even lost my jailbreak on my iPhone 4 to upgrade to 4.1. When that didn't solve it, a swap did.

With my prox issue gone and my jailbreak madness in full swing, I'm now in love with the iPhone 4. The speed and responsiveness are amazing. Most jailbreakers will sacrifice a bit of speed for more functionality. To me, it doesn't seem like I have on the iPhone 4. To me, that's incredibly important. I don't feel like I'm sacrificing anything anymore. I have the best of both worlds and hardware specifications to support it. Not to mention the display, but we already know it's amazing. I'm more than eager to see what Apple will do next hardware wise but until then, my iPhone 4 serves me extremely well.

Chris Oldoryd

Chris OldroydI picked up my iPhone 4 on launch day and it has not disappointed. I have had to swap it out twice due to issues with the proximity sensor, but that is the peace of mind you get buying an Apple product; no problem getting things replaced. The screen still wows me every time I look at it, the build quality is second to none, the device is exceptionally fast and fluid and iOS just keeps getting better and better. Never had a case on mine, it is still in perfect condition, however I do look after it well; something this beautiful should not be covered up.

To sum up, the iPhone 4 has delivered everything that was promised and more in my opinion, the so called Antennaegate never affects my usage of the phone at all, I am still very happy and have no desire to look elsewhere for my mobile fix.

The Keith Newman, PreCentral.net

Keith NewmanIt isn't like I am ignorant to iOS, I understand it quite well having owned the iPad for a few months. It was that reason I decided to give the iPhone 4 a shot (not to mention AT&T, I won't get into 2GB of data coming from Sprint Everything Plans).

So why is the iPhone 4 such a big deal to this guy? Well, it's because I actually agree with ole Mark Zuckerberg (yano the evil Facebook man) and don't think the iPad is a mobile device. Yes, you can take it around and be MO-BILE, but it isn't pocketable for me and I can live without it and leave it at home. I can actually do that with my cell phone too, but let's face it... I'm not doing that. So while I know iOS (I used the original 2G iPhone as well), I don't know svelt iOS 4.X nor the power of the current hardware. For those that have been keeping track, I've been all over the map these past few years including Windows Mobile 6 and 6.5 (Treo 800w / Treo Pro / Touch Pro 2), webOS (Pre and a Pixi), BB OS (Tour, Bold and Curve), Android (Hero, Moment, Epic 4G, Evo 4G) and now the iPhone 4.

First impressions are WOW. Yup... the hardware itself is just gorgeous. Solid construction and the elegance in design is the first thing you pick up on. It waifs of sophistication and for a moment I think I am classy for owning one (I kind of understand the whole Apple smug thing now). That isn't to say my latest device, HTC's EVO 4G, isn't solid construction. Actually, I love HTC's stuff (including their latest G2 aluminum construction slider) and I don't want to act like Evo feel's like a child's toy, but it pales in comparison next to the iPhone 4. If it went up against the 3GS, the Evo wins easily in those same categories it loses to against the iPhone 4. I haven't had any issues with the signal dropping but I haven't gone looking for it either. I think if I did, I'd find it was there like almost any other phone you death grip. Retina is nice, but I don't think it kills the Evo's screen or even makes a difference in day to day use. There are times where I'd prefer using the Evo's larger screen and text flow on the browser.

It isn't all unicorns and rainbows here folks:

  • Notifications (push where available) are cumbersome and ugly.
  • Themeing the OS isn't possible without some BAD BAD BAD hackery (of course I am jailbroken)
  • A solid Gmail / Push / Label system (I've worked out a decent solution that I could explain further)
  • Multitasking is just a travesty. I know it isn't Apple's style, but they could have tried to take a page from webOS or even... Android here. That bottom bar irks my soul.

I will say the learning curve for iOS 4.x is almost non-existent for high-tech level users, but I can also see those same Android / webOS users grumble over how it's too simple and too boring. There is one thing I will say about iOS... there is most certainly an app for that. Even the crappy iOS games beat out some of the major games that are around for Android (I expect that to change as gameloft and others have entered the development for Android foray).

Brian Tufo

Brian TufoThe iPhone 4 is serving as my second iPhone after owning several Blackberries. The iPhone 3G was my first iPhone and I could not find a single thing to complain about while I used it daily. When the iPhone 4 was announced I knew I had to have it on launch day. I was one of the people who spent hours in the middle of the night waiting for Apple's servers to cooperate. After it finally arrived I was ecstatic!

The retina display is truly a thing of beauty. No other smartphone I have ever seen has matched the quality and crispness of the iPhone 4's retina display. The speed of the phone is also something I have been very impressed with. I never realized how "slow" the iPhone 3G was until I started using the iPhone 4. The 512MB of RAM makes it fly compared to the 3G and after 6 months with it I have yet to see it slow down yet. The battery life is probably my favorite part of the iPhone 4. I use my phone primarily for internet, email and applications...with the occasional phone call and text message, and my battery lasts me all day and easily. I haven't yet been able to kill my battery while on the go and I use it A LOT especially while shopping or sitting in waiting rooms.

The antenna issue never bothered me and I always uses a case anyways so that was never an issue for me personally. What the one fault I could find with the iPhone 4 is with the proximity sensor. After updating to every firmware released to date I still have a terrible proximity sensor. Thankfully there is a jailbreak tweak for that and I no longer suffer from that issue. Overall I love my iPhone 4 and couldn't imagine not having it to use on a daily basis.

Andrew Wray

Now six months in, the iPhone 4 has proven itself to be far better than the 3GS in so many ways for me. I'll start with the build quality, where if you pit and iPhone 4 up against last year's 3GS model you can really feel the difference Apple intended its users to see through their design decisions. The 3GS feels more like a toy than a flagship smartphone after carrying around my iPhone 4 for the last few months. And in terms of raw power and available resources, the iPhone 4 beats out even the iPad with its 512MB of system memory, taking things like multitasking to a much more comfortable level.

Another standout upgrade of the iPhone 4 from its predecessors would be the Retina Display -- I've still yet to find a better looking screen on any device I've compared it to. With so many new features, Apple has sent a clear message to the competition and I believe the iPhone 4 won't have any trouble holding its place in the market until the iPhone 5 is released next year.

Rene Ritchie

I think it's safe to say I've written a lot about iPhone 4. From our original iPhone 4 review and iOS 4 walkthrough, to all the rumors preceding it and news that's come after it, it feels like I've lived and breathed iPhone 4 for an eternity.

Yet picking it up, holding the glass and stainless steel, watching the screen light up, feeling the instant, intimate response of iOS -- it still seems fresh and new each and every time.

The problems are real; the glass can scratch and shatter, the antenna can detune in low signal areas without a case. There's no excusing that. But there's no ignoring the audacity and achievements of the design either. No one else has made a phone this well built and frankly this beautiful. Arguably there's more powerful software on the market -- or at least more fully featured -- but no one has made a smartphone that's easier to use.

Six months and iOS 4.1 and iOS 4.2 later and iPhone 4 is not only still relevant but recommended, not only competitive but in many ways still the phone to beat.

From the moment I wake to an iPhone alarm to the moment I fall asleep streaming a podcast, six months later and I use my iPhone 4 more than I've used any previous generation iPhone. And I used those previous generation iPhones a lot.


Your turn! What do you think about iPhone 4 six months later?

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iPhone 4: Six month later


6 months later?? i just bought mine 2 weeks ago (coming from the 3G) haha and Whoa! the next version will have to be at EPIC proportions for me to even worry about upgrading..
Rene - "holding the glass and stainless steel, watching the screen light up, feeling the instant, intimate response of iOS"
very well said, sir!

What I've learned:
iPhone has an amazing feature set and I love the feel of the UI. The iPod and iTunes is amazing.
The cases look terrible, but are extremely durable
The notifications system is a disaster. I'd do anything for Android's pull-down bar in iOS.
Multitasking isn't great.

Gonna keep it short. Purchased when the servers were goin down but ended up with it at my door a day before launch day. Started with a 3g, 3gs and now the 4. The phone is awesome and since i always use a case, never had call problems. To tell u the truth, i use about 20'mins a month and about 3-4k txts and 6-7 gb of data. Its more of an internet gateway and messaging device for me. Im a PC user and ironicly jb my iPhone w a PC. Im not an apple fan boy by any means. I hate mac os x. I simply cant use it. Ive tried. I guess im that retarded but win 7 is awesome. That aside, the phone is the best ive ever had. Sadly we have to jb to unlock the full potentiAl, but id rather have a safe and relitivly safe app store. The os works beautifuly and with jb tweaks can do Almost anything. If some how jailbreaking is broken forever by apple one day, no doubt ill go android, but until that day iPhone it is. (ill b pre ordering the 5 the second the presale servers go online)

I got my ip4 in October after buying am iPad, and I have to say it is the highest quality device I have ever owned. I LOVE the retina display. Especially since I read on it a lot. I have never had any of the antennae issues or any of the more common problems associated with the ip4. I have excellent AT&T coverage in my area so that helps. I have been so pleased with my experiences with the ip4 I am even considering buying a Mac for the home as well!

I have had Iphone since it first came out in 07,it was truly an amazing experience to have a touch phone that actually works. I had it jailbroken the second they came out with it publicly and had my first app downloaded from the jailbreak community. Since then i had bought every iphone that was sold, got every update the second it came out, every damn case and accessory that was rated #1 for it. I have downloaded every top game and app for the iphone after the release of the App store by Apple. Its a great phone and i love the fluidity of it and speeds. But since i got the iphone 4, i have realised that im buying into the hype, It's still an iOS device, no flash, no live back grounds, and no widgets(which Apple did invent i believe). I have played around with a jailbroken iphone 4 to the point where people thought i had a droid incredible with all the cool things i have added to it which apple wont add. But in the end i switched ship to the Nexus S, i had tested the Nexus one way back when it came out and wrote a great review about it, and once this one came out i knew i had to get my hands on it. Don't get me wrong the iphone 4 is packing amazing qualities that everyone is talking about in this 6 months later write up, my wife has one as well. But in my personal opinion, i need to go with an OS that isnt holding me back, thats letting me take control of what i bought. Who knows, maybe i'll switch back to the iphone 5 once that comes out this summer, but i really have to wonder, how much better can this phone get?

In terms of aesthetics, ip4 wins hands down. But the front glass does worry me about cracking. It also scratches easily, something that the 3GS never encountered. In terms of sw, ios4 messed it up, that stupid multi-tasking just slows my phone down to a halt and requires a reboot. I would be glad to stay on 3.x with my ip4. The 3GS was a masterpiece!

6 months later I'm trying to leave u iPhone 3G and get and iPhone 4 but I'm still in need of a job and to break up with my Blackberry :( I will most likely get it in a month or so but should I wait for this mystical Unicorn iPhone 4 in spring?

Had Iphone 4 for 3 months now. Maximum usage is in Midtown Manhattan in New York. Everything is working so beautifully except call dropping. I drop calls left right and center in this particular area. Had to shift to Blackberry. But have not sold Iphone. its a beautiful piece of work but not good in New York it seems.

I've had the iPhone since launch day in Canada and it is a pretty damn cool piece of tech goodness. Like one of you said above it is so much more than just a phone. As an avid gamer I have sold off my DS and PSP now I just have a really great Game Center score :). I never used cameras with older cell phones and generally disliked having a whole host of grainy pictures but now with my iPhone 4 and all the great photo apps its made me into the guy that's taking pictures of every little thing. So yeah. I love my iPhone 4.

As someone mentioned before me, its the highest quality mobile device i have ever owned. Im coming from a 3g and its a totally different story.

The bar is so high with iPhone 4 that iPhone 5 is going to have to be AMAZING for people to bother upgrading. It is pretty much faultless out of the box from Apple and even better with some brilliant jailbreak tweaks. I love the fact that the world's best gadget is also affordable for many rather than an exclusive item only for the super rich (take supercars as an example).

i started out with the iphone 3g and i never looked back, being a tech reviewer i get my hands on different products of mobile devices, and honestly to say i love the iPhone the most, now i am NOT a apple fanboy but i do respect apple products, i own both apple and pc products, but for my line of work besides tech review i prefer apple product because the college i attended only taught programs mostly made for apple products for film production, but anyways, enough of that, since i am on AT&T i still choose to jailbreak my device for the purpose of opening new doors for more modifications. simply apple needs to upgrade their device to modern time as everyone else so we dont have to jailbreak, honestly if apple gave us at least HALF the stuff jailbreaking has then i would honestly wouldnt jailbreak, but to be honest i would still use and buy the iphone even if the jailbreak wasnt available at all. the camera on the iphone was beautiful since the 3g model and now its even better, sometimes i dont have my camera with me to record things for my tech review and the iphone 4 HD camera is such a good replacement for the time being, especially when you can have a editing software app like iMovie. overall i love the iphone 4 and if apple never made a phone as such, i think i would of stuck with my blackberry curve 8520

Got the iPhone4 to replace a dieing Palm Pre.
Glad I did, its an amazing device.
HOWEVER, it definitely has reception issues that no other phone I have had, has.
I live in a rural area. My other phones never gave me trouble in areas where the recpetion is 1 to 2 bars in strength (like my office). This iphone4 definitely cuts out and had more dropped calls then I have ever experienced in the past. that's not really acceptable. Its quite irritating.
Also, the Palm Pre calendar was head and shoulders above the calendar app on the iphone.
Other than that, its a great phone.

I have major typing problems with the on screen keyboard. I don't know what to do to improve all the mistakes. I like the spell check, but it can only be turned on along with auto-correct. Is there a jailbreak hack for that?
excellent quality, beautiful screen, O.K. hardware design, pretty OS, bad carrier(imo)

Love my iPhone 4. It's amazing, I really am glad that i have a phone of this caliber. If I could change anything about my phone I would just do the basic, Faster, Thinner, Better Cameras deal. That's pretty much it. I upgraded from a 3G to a 4 so it was like night and day for me in terms of performance. The Retina Display is sooo amazing, it's crazy that a screen could really add so much to the phone. Just the screen alone. Love this phone, only one that I'll ever own. That's how much I love my iPhone.

I am not an apple fanboy by any means, the only apple products I own are my iPad and iPhone (granted, ive owned 3G, 3GS, and 4).
I will live and die by these phones. Before owning one, I would buy a new phone every six months out of boredom, lack of features, phone get too slow, etc. Since owning my first 3G, I've never looked back.
Talking about slowness of phones, I switched from a blackberry curve to a 3G a few years back and thought the 3G was lightning fast! Now, I can barely use a 3G it's so slow; makes you wonder just how slow the blackberry was...

I had to wait a month or so for Three to offer the iPhone 4 on contract in the UK but it was worth the wait. Forgetting the contract monthly cost, I bought it at no cost as I sold my two year old 8GB 3G on eBay for the same price I paid for a 32GB iPhone 4. The big deal over the iPhone 3G is the battery life, or is it the retina display, or the speed, or ...
The quality is superb and I don't have a problem with the glass front and back. I used to keep the 3G in an ugly but thin gel skin with a screen protector but when I got the iPhone 4 I dug out a slip case I'd bought for the 3G and have kept it in that ever since. It's still as good as new five months later. When the free bumper arrived from Apple, I fitted it, took it off again and put it away in a drawer.
Yes, it is easy to lose the signal in low strength areas but I have never dropped a call because of that - just sometimes been unable to dial until I adjust my grip.
Multitasking could be better but I'm not complaining because it is a lot better than not having it. Apple is very good at adding things to it without the need to update the hardware, but no doubt the next iPhone will be better - hard to figure out how it can be improved but trust Apple to do it. I'm not worried about not being able to upgrade until my two year contract is up in 2013.

I've owned all of the previous iPhones, the iPhone 4, by far, is the best one yet. I'm still marveled by it's speed compared to past iPhones. Looking at the fabulous retina display daily made me forget how "last year" the 3G[S] screen was. I looked at a 3G[S] screen the other day, sat is next to my 4 when my boss asked what the big deal was, him having last years model. I said "look at the screen difference" I never noticed in the old phone that you could actually see the pixels on the screen. The iPhone 4 isn't like that at all. His reaction, one word, "incredible" he hadn't seen one up close and had no idea. Wasn't going to "waste his money"
The iPhone 4 is amazing to me. I use it mainly for multimedia purposes. I talk on it some. I have 450 minutes and 1700 rollover. So I don't talk on it anywhere near as much as I Facebook and surf the Internet with it. That being said, it's an outstanding phone. And I can't wait until this summer for the next installment. This phone is now halfway through it's life cycle and currently if you are waiting for an upgrade and don't want to pay full price, I can't recommend getting one with the new one coming out in the summer. I mean if you get it now, something new will be out in 6 months. I'd wait. A year for me is fine. Which is why I buy a new one every July. Nothing out right now tops this current iPhone. And I never get tired of using it.

I've had my iPhone 4 since day 1. It replaced my 3GS. There is NOTHING out there that can come close.

For a jailbreaker its all about the RAM. I install almost every tweak and pay app and see no decline in performance. Georgia, Snappy is the answer to your camera woes! Cant wait for the 4.2 untethered!

Ok going to keep it simple. Love pretty much everything apart from.

  1. Notifications - absoloutly useless, irritating, annoying and incredibly in apple like. I put up with it from the launch of the iPhone 3G, can't believe they didn't sort it for the iPhone 4.
  2. Multitasking - no I am not complaining bout the whole 'lite' version of multitasking apple have adopted. I actually agree this is probably a good compromise to take. But I can't stand the UI they chose I.e. The bar at the bottom.

In my very opinion apple need to be humble enough to draw inspiration (copy in whole or part) from the 'deck of cards' multitasking UI in webOS and the pull down notification bar on android

@kay That's pretty much iOS 4 stuff that a jb can help. The multitasking bar i don't have a problem with. But double clicking that home button gets old.

im on my third iphone 4. on my first one, the top speaker was nothing but static. my second one, after a few months would drop calls religously. im talking 136 in one month. no my third is working great so far. and to their credit, apple replaced them with no problems at all. over all, i love the phone. sure there are some small things, integrated facebook would be great, that i would change. but hey, its not a blackberry. had one, couldnt stand it.

Double clicking the home button to multitask has been a jailbreak mainstay for a couple of years now, so when it became an official part of the OS, the transition was pretty seamless for me.
What would you suggest?

I'll keep it short and sweet.....Love the phone/device, but wish it wasn't so fragile. I would love to leave it naked, but its not worth having to spend $200 to replace it. Anyways, it's awesome none the less.

I want to hear about how my iPhone 4 is related the the Foxconn controversy.... the suicides, violence/intimidation and labor camp working conditions.
Beside that what a great phone! But north american production lines would be a big plus

@Kay I agree those two areas could for sure use a makeover. Especially the notifications which better get better with iOS 5!!!

Deck of cards metaphor wouldn't work for iOS. When apps go into background, UIKit gets killed for each app (to save memory). This means that there would be nothing for the OS to display for those cards.

I love my iPhone 4. I also have an iPad but if I had to choose one it would definitely be my iPhone 4. I'll even choose this phone over my computer. I got mine Canadian launch day, and I carry it names and I've never had a single scratch whatsoever (knocks on wood). This phone is simply amazing. I hope for the next iPhone they keep this form factor. I love how it's narrower then the 3G/3GS. That makes the world of difference to me.

@Benjamin Mayo
The deck of cards can still work using the app screenshots saved when an app is backgrounded.
You're right that UIKit gets killed for the app in question, but that only means that you can't have live app previews, you can still use the static screenshots for the various apps.

I absolutely love my iphone 4. My only gripe is lack of instant notifications. Agree that pull-down notification system (as on Android) would be super. Also, love live wallpapers on Android. I have a Nexus One also. I just don't want to go the jailbreak route. Did that once and thought the phone lost some of its polish.

I was stuck with Alltel. Just signed a two year contract. I did not like the palm smartphones. iPod touch fit my needs better. I usually will not buy a first generation product. I waited for the second generation, and bought a 16G. I was very impressed. I could pretty much do what I needed. In the business side, I could access my work exchang, and keep tract of memos, PDF's, and ms word files. I could load it up with music, and play the few games I enjoyed. I hardly use the pc anymore,because the iPod touch takes care of everything. When, and if verizon gets an iPhone, I will also get one. They bought out Alltel, and I am stuck with them. The timing will be right, because about the time they get the iPhone, my contract will ready for new phones. Close en b

I bought the 3gs last year in November and fell in love with it. I thought no other phone could compare or surpass. I had no thought of upgrading when the 4 came out. But when I saw Steve Jobs keynote speech about the 4 I knew I had to get one. On launch day I got the only one at my local Walmart. I have barely put it down since then six months later. I can do so many things with it. Slingbox, music, games, podcast, pictures, video to name a few. And yesterday I needed to scan something and find the scanner pro app and now I feel like I have the ultimate phone. Other phones can do things as well or maybe better but not as smooth as the iphone. I love my phone.

I have been very pleased with my iPhone 4, though in the past couple of weeks my home button had become less responsive, perhaps wearing out due to my frequent task switching. Has anybody else encountered similar problems?

6 months in, I still love it. Biggest pet peeves, however, like many folks, include the following:
1) No Spellcheck without Autocorrect. I want the former, not the latter. Hate that the damn phone won't let me spell "hell" without inserting an apostrophe, or somehow thinks I always mean "ANC" and not "and". I mean, WTF??
2) Temperamental Home Button. Switching between apps, or activating the "black-on-white" mode for night reading; my button gets to much action and seems to be suffering. I have NEVER, NOT EVEN ONCE, used spotlight search on my iPhone 4 in 6 months of insane use. Yet I get bounced to that damn leftmost tab daily due to misunderstood button clicks and it is a pain in the ass.
3) Screen Auto-bright that doesn't work. I can use the phone at home on basically zero bright. When I step outside, of course, I can't see a damn thing. I don't like that I can't dim it enough for indoor use and still have it bright enough for outdoor use when I need too. Hoping for quicker one swype access to brightness (and of course blue-tooth, wifi, and cell-data options eventually make it to unjailbroken iPhone 4)
4) Safari tabs. PLEASE Let me just swipe sideways to switch between them. Pretty Please!!

Best and worst phone ever. I purchased the 4 on release day with my friend. Her's works fine to this day. Mine was terrible. Worse reception than my 3Gs, crashing apps, and prox sensor was really bad. 2 weeks later I get an exchange. Same issues! I return it. Back to the 3Gs which always worked great. Almost 1/2 a year later I get the 4 again. Later model, later iOS. .....same problems!!! And yes Apple and I tried everything. They wanted to replace it again. Over it. Just returned it. I'll wait for the 5. Besides UT JB 3Gs on 4.2.1 ain't too bad. ;-)

I love my iPhone 4, I held out for a long as I could before giving in and switching from Verizon to AT&T. This has been the device I've been waiting for: simple and serves all my needs. Just getting me to put it down is hard enough. However, I'll admit that some of the iPhone performance issues left me disappointed. Wi-Fi isn't as great as I think it could be, I don't know if it's partially to blame because of my provider (Comcast) or my AirPort Express Wireless Router. 3G is faster than the Wi-Fi in my house even when I'm standing next to the unit! And of course the obvious dropped and fail calls I get almost every other time I try to use my phone. Places where I was able to get service for with Verizon Wireless doesn't even exist with AT&T. I can't even go into a building without the bars dropping to 1 and my phone becomes a brick. Delayed messages, texts and e-mails are driving me insane! Sometimes I'm waiting for an important call or e-mail and when I get it late it does affect my workflow.
Overall, 6 months of iPhone 4: I love the phone, hate the carrier, want to bring it over to Verizon if/when I can.

Half-baked multitasking
Lack of customization (not interested in jailbreaking)
Vibrate strength
Front facing camera resolution
White balancing
Not garbage:
Call reliability (in Houston)
Build quality
Video recording quality

I have owned every iPhone so far and i believe this is the best design yet but my least favorite phone. I am disabled and only have the use of one hand which means I must use a bluetooth headset at all times. I bought a Jawbone icon which is considered the best. The bluetooth is absolutely horrible. I can turn my head and drop the signal.

I don't get the "half baked" multitasking comment. I have used full multitasking mobile devices like Windows Mobile and I have to say it is really overrated. I think Apple has struck a wonderful balance between allowing applications to run in the background, save state, and preserving precious battery life (which is currently the bane of mobile devices).
That being said, the iPhone 4 has been a star player in the evolution of the iPhone line. I can't wait to see where Apple takes the awesome integration of the iOs platform with the fine hardware it puts out.

I have always been a fan of the iPhone since the first day in 07 when the 2G was released. I have always been enthrawled by the user interface Apple created with this device. I grew up on PC products my whole life and the iPod Classic with video actually opened my eyes to Apple products back in 05 ish when that came out. I would agree that iPhone 4 is the best built phone on the market hands down. I went and turned my iPhone 4 into the musical white unicorn phone and now can't stop looking at it half the time. But I must say that I would be very disappointed if jailbreak ever became unavailable. I enjoy all the tweaks and the programs that Apple would never allow to grace the doorsteps of the App Store. I appreciate all the work that goes into jailbreaking these devices and I don't mind patiently waiting for the Dev team to come out with unteathered jailbreaks. I also agree that Apple should not just release an open system like Android due to the fact that Andoid is not as polished or offer the same stable environment like an iPhone has to offer. I believe that of a person chooses to jailbreak they need Tp be competent enough to know what they are doing. On an Android, your thrown into the mix whether u like it or not. I test out many different phones just to keep up on the ever changing technology, but still prefer my white iPhone 4 any day! It will be interesting to see what iPhone 5 will bring us this summer.

I will echo above. I use it for everything. I rarely touch my MacBook anymore. I bought the Mophie Juice Pack Air because I was not getting a full day, but I jam on the radio all day long with Twitter, Texts, RSS, push email, web browsing, and YouTube. I also listen to iPod throughout most of my work day over bluetooth, read iBooks, and play games.
There are things I'd rather do on the phone than the computer because it's a better experience: Twitter, Facebook, reading, listening to music, and believe it or not play games. I have more iPhone games than I have ever had for any single device, and I play games more often. I will play games on the phone when I'm sitting in the same room as my Xbox 360.
I still dislike the iPhone's keyboard and autocorrect. The two bad tastes that taste worse together.

I got my iPhone 4 near the end of Summer.
What can I say, amazing, the display, the speed, the apps, the design its just the perfect package in my book. In that time friends have gotten Galaxy S's, HD2's, Desire's & I have never had a reason to be jealous of them, although I think they have had to be of me lol. Can't wait to see what the next 1/2 of this iPhone's life has to offer & what its future holds.

Coming from a razor to a palm treo to iphone 3g to iphone 4. I would have to say this is the best item i have ever had. It does everything for me. Camera, psp, a crazy amount of apps, phone, everything i could ever want. The iphone 4 is one of my bestfriends.
OS: is smooth all the main features i use are fast and responsive and i love the layout.
notifications: i actually like push notifications. I just didn't like them in games before multitasking.
Multitasking: is amazing. It does everything behind the signs and does everything you need it to do or saves it's state. That is a dream because it saves battery.
Battery life: is amazing only goes down when i play big games like infinity blade
Gaming: I dont play my psp or ps3 as much anymore. Well my psp at all really. I love playing games on my iphone 4.
IN all i love this device.

iPhone 4 is defintly the best so far. Glad to finally have enough RAM to support the software, now if they'll give the iPad a decent amount of ram too it'll be perfect.

Digg my iPhone 4 but out of the box wish we could at least customize it more. I've said it before, if Apple would offer and sell themes in app store I would buy some themes to make my iPhone look like an "my" iPhone. U know, kinda like your choice in choosing cases for you beautiful phone, I know it would be cool to theme your phone to your liking. Wouldn't mind some live wallpapers as well but I can understand the whole battery drain issue but at least it should be a choice we have to purchase and enable these themes and features within 5 minutes of turning on our new phone. Everything else I could live with. On a stank tethered jailbreak til then making my phone look good til Apple gives us some options regarding themes (it will never happen)

Love it, love it, love it. I've NEVER had one problem with either the antenna (I don't use a case), the proximity sensor, or anything else for that matter. And it's very nice not having to jailbreak anymore (not for anything I need, anyway ;) )
Looking forward to iPhone 5 an iPad 2!

Got mine day one, It has been better than I expected. Games are the thing I am surprised how much I enjoy. The integration, usability supersedes the other smartphones and PDAs I have had. Makes me want an iPad.

I'm on my fourth iPhone 4 due to 3 prior faulty ones - despite those faults, and now that I have a faultless unit, I can truly say this is the best phone in the world.

Swiched form 2g to 4g...(retina,Speed,Facetime!)Iphone i so easy, everything works just like you would want it to! I think i wont be able to touch a NOKIA phone for the rest of my life...

iPhone 4 was my life for about 4 months then I decided to get a MBP. OSX is like iOS without any of the limitations.Therefore my iPhone is basically a router so I can get my computer on the internet. But I still occassionally use it as my camera and video game machine. Somehow I get the funny feeling with the Mac App Store it really is about to bring things full circle.

I just LOVE it!
i lined up the day it came to Canada, and i've been madly in love with it ever since.
i seriously couldn't imagine how unorganized and chaotic my life would be without it, also i'd be so bored with out the hundreds of games i've got! the retina display is BEAUTIFUL, and the cameras work amazingly for me (even being a photographer, they're better than i could've expected coming from a phone)
overall, i just love it !

Call me a fanboy if you must, but it just makes me happy to own the iPhone 4. I LIKE the glass.. I like the build, I don't have any antenna issues, AT&T is even fairly good to me where I live.
The attention to design details Apple puts into its products puts them well above anything else out there. Those thinking I'm a fanboy right now just don't understand.. and thats ok, good quality beautiful product isn't for everyone - some probably like their oversized plastic Droid and thats cool... if everyone loved Apple it would probably be less fun. I'm even happy it doesn't sell the most as long as it always retains its style.
I look at another iPhone owner and know they probably get it too.

P.S. Celebrating Apple in 2010, here is our list...
Bought and sold a 17" Macbook Pro (when heard iPad was coming out)
27" 2010 iMac for work
27" 2010 iMac for home
27" LCD for home
13" Macbook Air to share with my wife
2 x 3G 64gb iPads
2 x iPhone 4s
1 Apple TV
A ton of accessories etc.
Its been a good year, and in 2011 I hope to replace my wife's PC so we can be completely rid of Windows/Microsoft (except for my servers, we'll work on that eventually...)

This is the first iPhone I have owned and I'm loving it. I still have proximity sensor issues every now and then, but hopefully iPhone 5 won't have those issues. ;0)
I can say that I'm a fanboy now and won't ever switch back to BlackBerry.