Some iPhone 4 orders prepared to ship, others getting cancelled?

iPhone 4 orders prepared to ship

Good news and bad news time -- readers are letting us know they're starting to get their "prepared for shipment" notifications from Apple, but others are getting order cancelations.

You can see the prepared for shipment notice up top. The cancelation is after the break and appears linked to a failure to authorize. There's a theory going around that this has to do with people who, during the great order frak-up of 2010, ended up hitting the "submit" button multiple times, and these are just the extra phones being cancelled, but who knows at this point?

If you've gotten an notification from Apple or AT&T, let us know in the comments.

[Thanks to everyone who sent these in, including Darren and David. Additional info via Gizmodo]

"Dear Customer,

We were unable to complete the authorization process for your iPhone order. As a result, we had to cancel your iPhone order. To complete the purchase of your iPhone, please visit an Apple Retail Store or an AT&T company-owned retail store.

To locate an Apple Retail Store near you, please visit

We apologize for this inconvenience.


Apple Online Store Team

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Some iPhone 4 orders prepared to ship, others getting cancelled?


Ordered mine first day pre-orders went live from, mine is still "not yet shipped" or "prepared to shipment"

Can't wait to see how badly AT&T screws up the activations. I am so glad I'm on the east coast and will probably sleep in my car until I see a line start at the local Apple store. Got my reservation confirmed. No cancellation yet.

Ordered 1 16Gb on first day from Apple. Got order confirmation the next day and AT&T a bit later. Now today, just checked Apple order status and it states Order Canceled! AT&T site still says order processing. Btw, Credit Card hold was released back into my acct too! :(
I am very confused to what is going on and will be disappointed and upset if my phone does not arrive on Thursday!!

I ordered mine with a debit card and they are saying those are the ones that are getting canceled due to the inability to have the monetary hold on it!

Radio shack email claimed "June 24th get your iPhone 4 at the shack." I would assume that would be at selected radio shacks. Wonder how many stores will have them on the 24th? Have not checked best buy or wal mart.

@Glenn I believe many of the extra phones will go to the people who's names they wrote down after the pre orders ran out. That is how they explained it to me after I got there too late. I just decided to order it on Apple and that ended up being the better option.

@lazerbyte - I ordered with a debit card and it was charged within 5min. The hold is there. I put in the order at 7am that morning in one seamless shot.

I ordered both mine day of preorder one at 9am one at 8pm the one at 8pm just got an email that it was shipped to be delivered on June 23rd the one I ordered at 9am says prepared for shipment!!woohoo

Does "In progress" on the AT&T site mean the same as "Prepared for shipment" on the Apple site? Im getting really nervous

Ordered mine thru AT&T store. Checked order status and still says, "in progress.". However, two new columns appear-"Carrier" and "Ship Date".
Keeping fingers crossed.

Mine is "Prepared for Shipment." :D I'm guessing they will start shipping Monday. For me, at least, since I'm on the east coast.

Two phones on order with AT&T. Both still processing. I expect Monday for that to change. Hopefully to shipped!

I ordered mine on the 15th at 6:00am PST and it went thru fine. I got the confirmation from Apple later that day and the hold was on my debit card. Friday the hold was released back to my account and today I got an email from Apple saying my order was cancelled due to not being able to complete the authorization process. Bummer. I went to my local Radio Shack and put my name on the list and I am 6th on the list for a 32gb black. Radio Shack is also offering a $200.00 trade in for your 3GS so it came out cheaper anyway.

I just got an email from Apple saying my iPhone has been shipped! YES! Actually says delivered by June 23, but the tracking info says by June 24.

Mine says "available for pickup now at your local bar"
(OK, seriously - ordered through AT&T - still says processing)

I ordered on the apple web site on the 15th and used a debit card... 3 hours later I got a confrimation email and 1 dollar was charged for pre authorization and then on Friday my card was charged the 257 and is listed as prepared to ship.

I've got a "July 2nd" phone from and it is in the "prepared for shipment" status. Not sure what to make of that??
I guess they've got the paperwork and box ready, but no phone to put in it!! :)

Ordered mine in the early morning hours of the 14 for Apple in-store pick up on 7AM June 24. No deposit, no credit/debit card bs. Got the email confirmation right after ordering. I'll just have to endure 1-2 hour wait in the pre-order line at my local Apple Store.

Ordered mine 32GB from the Apple Store app. Got a confirm email but no #, name or anything on it. Apple store said just show email & I'll b put in a separate line (reserve line). Thinkin about getting to the store @ 7am. I want to know where the people live (state) that shud get theirs on the 23rd. I'm in N TX.

I ordered mines and consequently got two order confirmations. Today I received two notices, one which supposively was canceled while another who said it had been shipped, even got a tracking number.

OK I'm starting to get pretty nervous after reading this. I ordered my phone 6/15 @ about 7am EST from the Business Premier site. All seemed good; I got a confirmation email and there was a draft on my bank account for the phone (funds held). Now I look and the hold has been removed. I have not received a cancelation email but I also cannot log into the ATT website to check my status (go figure). Anyone else have similar issues?

I ordered mine preorder day. I haven't received an email about it being shipped but when I check my order status it says it's prepared for shipment

Though it might say the 23rd, FedEx is told to hold them until the morning of the 24th and then they are delivered through out the day. So don't expect it on the 23rd.

Mine has shipped (aka, put in the container in the holding area at the warehouse [in china, i presume] waiting for FedEx to pick it up).
Just got the email 15 minutes ago, 1:28 EDT.

I did some looking around and see that ONLY apple is shipping out right now, that kinda sucks because I ordered 2 from ATT o.0 owell I will see on Monday, maybe ATT took the weekend off.........Has anyone got a shipping notice FROM ATT?

By the way, just a note. I noticed a few people have seen "to be delivered June 23rd". That happens every year. It might even say that up until the 23rd. By the time it gets to your local FedEx (or UPS) place for delivery, they're told to hold it until the 24th.
Every year the debate starts as to whether or not people will get early deliveries. As far as I know it hasn't happened.
Personally, I don't care if if gets to my local FedEx place on Monday and they have to hold it three days, at least I know I'm guaranteed the day they promised.

Ordered through AT&T's site @ 8AM on the 15th. The status at AT&T's site has read processing since. Here's the rub. It has also read backordered as well. All that an AT&T rep. Could advise a couple of days ago was that any number of orders she looked at made on the 15Th read the same way and that I could expect delivery on the 24th. I guess I could "expect" a million dollars on the 24th as well it doesn't mean I'm gonna get it! Lol! Gotta love it. I just went to check AT&T's site and can't get on. Also sold my 3GS to some guy in Cali. A couple of days ago and he's giving me a hard time bout paying me. Claims he didn't see "will ship on the 25th" until after the auction ended. Gotta love it!

I got notification from Apple that mine has shipped!! Arrives June 24th!
I really feel bad for people that ordered from places other than Apple... It seems like Apple is the only place that has provided some modicum of confidence that people who ordered a phone...will actually get one!
To people who pre-ordered from Best Buy... And especially to those who pre-ordered a white iPhone.... GOOD LUCK!

Ordered through Apple and my order says 'Prepared for Shipment'. Guess it takes a lot of organizing to ship out 600,000 phones at the same time!
I feel sorry for those getting cancelled orders or who missed out on the Pre-order :(

I ordered mine at 1:18AM PST on the 15th via the Apple Store (yes, 18 minutes after the Apple Store went up :D). I used my debit card, the funds are still being held and my order status has said 'Prepared For Shipping' for a few days now. Hopefully I'll get confirmation that my iPhone is being shipped soon.

At least you can pre order with your carrier in the US. In the UK there is no pre-order unless you want iPhone off contract (16gb £499 - 32gb £599). The only choice for O2 customers who want upgrade is to go to an O2 store on the day. Good Luck with that!

I didn't pre-order cause I'm pretty sure I want a white one. I have to see it first, see if the white on front causes glare. I just hope the white ones don't take like an extra month to come out. Anyone remember if apple pulled the same bull last year with the white models?

just had a minor palpation.... i got mine pre-ordered at 6:38 PDT and pray to god it doesnt get cancelled

It seems that it's just American orders that are getting shipped. I can't find any UK orders with a status any other than "not yet shipped". Mine was ordered 08.20 GMT or 1.20 PDT. I'm hoping they don't cancel them all.

I received my email with a delivery date of June 4 before 4:30 pm. Guess who won't be going to work that day? Folks we are about to be blessed with the best mobile phone/device on the planet. Remember, there are no upgrades from the iPhone, just downgrades baby.

I pre-ordered with AT&T and my order says shipped. estimated delivery June 23! Maybe i will get lucky!

I went into an at&t store and pre-ordered it on 6-15 @ 11:30am. The guy who helped me said he had no idea if I will get it on June 24th. My credit card has not been charged yet and I have not recived a email conformation yet. When I go to att web-site to check status of my order it says in progress
QTY 1. It looks like it could jump to caterory back-ordered. Nothing on shipped date and no tracking number and no shipped date. Att sucks. I could have just went to the apple store.

When I check the orders for my son and myself today I got the following: "Apple's Online and phone Order Status services are temporarily unavailable due to a scheduled upgrade to our systems." Yet, the main iTunes Store is up and running. What the heck is going on? I've ordered five phone and three iPads in the past and never seen this message or not been able to check on my order status.

I'm getting the same message in the UK, my order went through at 08:57 GMT. let's hope it's only AT&T customers who are

Same, i'm hoping it's the AT&T thing as well.. reading all these orders being cancelled and then seeing my parcel tracking saying 'not found' gave me a heart murmur this morning ..

My order is "Prepared for Shipment" but I won't feel completely confident until I see the tracking number. Even Apple Experts assured me this week I was getting one but I like to see that tracking number before I can relax.

mine was shipped as well, it left LANTAU ISLAND HK yesterday lol.
hong kong? Right from the assembly line?

I ordered two on the same phone call. They cancelled one and the other one is still scheduled
To arrive on the 24th. Customer service has been trying to correct the randomly cancelled order but no luck so far. To at&t's defense on this one they have contacted me to keep me up to date on the escalation process. I hope they can figure this out. It will be hard to hand the phone to my coworker on Thursday and go home empty handed.

I pre-ordered mine through Best buy, so I have no idea if I'll really get one on the 24th or not. I called Best Buy a few days ago and the woman I talked to said my name was in the "first wave" so I'd be getting it launch day, but I have my doubts. Maybe I'll be surprised and it will happen.

since the orders are getting shipped from Hong Kong , being at east coast has no affect on when it will be shipped. Yours might get shipped Monday. But it could very well be shipped Sunday or Tuesday. ;)

I Ordered mine on the 15th from AT&T and it still shows processing. I ordered at 6:30 pm and my debit card had a hold then was relesed two days later and now today was debited again. Hopfully a good sign.

So here's my cancellation saga:
Me and my wife pre-ordered through Apple on the 15th. Both snagged 32GB and received confirmation emails. No attempts to order through AT&T, or to place multiple orders on Apple. Yesterday evening, we each received 2 of the dreaded cancellation emails. Checked order status online with Apple, confirmed cancellation. By that point, Apple was closed.
Called, talked to AT&T, they said everything was in the clear, there was no reason that the order shouldn't have gone through. Just to make sure, though, I hopped on down to my local retail outlet and the Asst. Manager there told me that, as the CSR that I talked to stated, everything was in the clear. No reason, whatsoever, that the order should've been cancelled.
Called Apple at 7:00AM PST this morning and after waiting about 15 mins, got through to a CSR. She informed me it was because I never accepted the T&C email within 30 hours (which neither me nor my wife received) and that she'd try to remedy the situation. She came back stating that, in fact, it wasn't the T&C email, but that they were not able to authorize our phones through AT&T and our recourse was to go through an Apple or AT&T retail store.
Escalated to her supervisor, Miguel, who informed me that there was nothing they could do because AT&T wouldn't authorize our order, that we had to go into an AT&T store and make sure that the account was clear before placing another order. Told him I had done just that, with both retail and a CSR on the phone, and that the account was, and has been, clear. Miguel simply continued to restate the text of the cancellation email. Asked to speak to his supervisor/manager, and he took my phone number and said they'd call me back within an hour. I made sure to get Miguel's direct line before hanging up, as I don't quite trust Apple to follow through on this. They're about 25 mins into that hour...we'll see if they follow up or not...

After trying for hours to order the iPhone 4, I was finally successful...only to receive an
Email that Apple had cancelled my order. Aarrgghh!!!!! I have been on hold for over an hour with Apple...still haven't spoken to a human being...way to treat your customers Apple! You arrogant SOBS,,,,

you're better of camping outside your AT&T / apple store Thursday morning.
They're gonna play the blame game and point fingers at one another.
Good luck. Keep us posted.
Cheers :)

@Art Yeah, I was hoping that wasn't going to be the case. They still have 15 minutes to call me before I call them. I'm not letting them weasel their way out of this one - either they admit they made a mistake and simply tell me "tough luck" or they fix it. I don't play the blame game...

This is hilarious. Mass paranoia. I guess since mine shipped this whole thing is funny. I can't wait for launch day so I can read the thread on all the ppl who didn't get one on my new iPhone.

I hope as your sitting there reading all the bad post you are laughing so hard you drop and shatter your fancy new iPhone

Got a call back from Miguel who said his management team informed him that because I spoke with someone in a retail store that said that everything should be OK, he's escalating it to review the situation and that I should receive a call tomorrow (Monday) to discuss potential remedies for the situation. Who knows what those will be - I'm sure they probably won't be satisfactory. I'm just beyond pissed about their shocking lack of customer service. I knew AT&T wasn't great from the get-go, but I figured Apple, with their uppity, rarified attitude would at least hold themselves to a higher standard.

Ordered from Apple site at 4:30 PM on the 15th, shipped this morning ... 16 GB Black ... some people say theirs is canceled because they used a debit card ... I used a debit card, payment came out immediately so I wonder why debit card works for some and not others? I live in California (closer to HK than the East Coast obviously) so also curious why people on the East Coast didn't get shipping notices earlier? There seems to be no rhyme or reason on the order for shipment, at least as far as I can tell.

Mine has been shipped and I already printed out the pre sign form. So excited! I also used a debit card and the payment came out right away.

I ordered my iphone through AT&T. My funds were on hold for a coouple days and are now released. Should I be worried?

@ Nick P
Hey man, I understand your frustration. All I can say about the situation is I used to be a RadioShack employee, and then an apple employee for some time. At both retailers, no matter how high up in the ladder you are, from sales person, to "supervisor" at a call center, you are just a number. No matter who you talk to, nobody has a damn clue what is going on, and they are just doing their best with the information they have. Don't get pissed off at some person on the phone just because they can't tell you what you want to hear. They can't do anything, you are just making their day more stressful. I preordered my iPhone from Best Buy, I don't even have a confirmation email or a way to check. I haven't gotten a call to set up an appointment to come in...and I am not going to call either. If I get one on the 24th I get one, if I get one a week after, so be it. The thing to remember is it is a phone. I hope not getting it on the 24th is the worst thing that ever happens to you, we should all be that lucky. We are all getting an iphone 4. We just have to be patient, and let them roll it out at the speed they roll it out, cause we aren't in control either way. Sorry for preaching, but everyone on this page worrying is a little absurd.

@msilv I get where you're coming from. I've worked for retail establishments as well. I definitely am not rude, and don't hold any of the people I talk to responsible. In fact, I make the extra effort to let them know when we're done talking that it's not anything personal against them, but rather an issue with the company they work for.
Anyhow, the reason I'm pissed isn't because of the fact that they canceled my order for a phone - rather, that I feel like I wasted 13 hours of my time and effort that day, along with my wife. Furthermore, I feel like the manner in which they are "canceling" orders is rather unfair and really doesn't speak well to either company's reputation. I'm particularly concerned because I'm at the point where the phone I have is marginally functional at best; my wife's is in great condition, but the longer we have to wait to get a new one, the more flooded the market becomes with 3G models, and thereby less valuable. It's simply inconsiderate of Apple to do this. It wastes people's time, and costs them money, neither of which is good PR for a company.

I ordered mine at the at&t store and they had to take the order manual and put in later. Got a confirmation call from at&t saying it had gone thru...but never got any emails.
All was fine and my at&t account showed in progress until this weekend and now it shows CANCELED!!! ARRGGG...guess I'll be going to see them tomorrow!!!

Ordered at 9:41 AM EST on preorder day. Got confirmation email almost 9 hours later. Got shipping confirmation and tracking number last night! From Hong Kong to my front door in Philly on Thursday before 4:30. Yes!

I called FedEx...they are saying the orders are set to move tomorrow (6/23), i am not sure if that means everyone who pre ordered thru a AT&T store like i did.

Mine was canceled too. I placed an order on the 15th and received a confirmation email. On the 19th of June, I received an email from Apple stating my pre-order was canceled. And with apparently no reason stated. So I called Apple and they said At&t is at fault. I hung up and called At&t and they said Apple is at fault. So, after getting the run around, I called At&t again and asked them to three-way Apple to see whats going on.
Conclusion: Apple proved that they were not at fault. The At&t customer service agent admitted that they "might" of had a computer glitch which caused a lot of cancellation notices to fly out to Apple. So, finally Apple took my order again and asked me to email the new order number and also the old one to "" and they would expedite the shipping on the new one so I can probably expect to see it around late this month. Anyway, that was my experience. Try doing what I did and I am sure you will see some results too.

I just called my local Att store as I tracked mine on ups and it arrived 1030a central time and was advised I couldn't pick it up til tomorrow morning at 8am! They said they got 50 preorders via ups and fedex showing up this afternoon. I'm happy

i ordered miny from att store. they said 7 to 14 days. the att site kept saying backordered then it finaly said shiping date 7-8-2010 carier ups.the next day i recieve a e-mail from att saying my order was canceled, the reason they provided is bad shiping address, bad creditcard info, no longer available or duplicate order recieved. what the heck kind of explanation is that, the girl on the phone from att said she couldn't tell me what it was because she didn't have the information. i am going to the store this morning and i will get to the bottom of this. you would think that after spending over 600.00 dollars on a phone they would be a little more helpfull.

Safe & Sound should DEFINATELY be on a platinum edition of Speak Now... I'm suprised it wasn't on the original album! It's incredible :)