Some iPhone 4 have swapped volume buttons?


Latest iPhone 4 assembly line craziness sees a few units coming out with their volume buttons reversed -- up is down and down is up.

It's no yellow splotches or antenna band issues -- the volume buttons function normally, so unless your obsessed with only doing what the label tells you, you won't have a problem.

Still, take a look at your iPhone 4 and let us know -- are your volume keys inverted?


Rene Ritchie

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iPhone 4 - From the Forums

There are 44 comments. Add yours.

Misiu Kolorowy says:

Everything was done too fast that's why there are mistakes. Now apple will complain to the company in China and workers there will have harder work and life. It will all be taken out on people who work there.

d.allen says:

With everything thats went wrong with this release, no white, yellow blotches, hold it differently and now this.. I'd say, this is by far the worst iphone release.. thankfully.. my phone has none of these problems.. and I'm very happy with it. :)

Bstaff says:

In the words of Han Solo:
"this one goes here, that one goes there!"

fanboythetroll says:

could this be the end of apple's good quality reputation.. I returned mine this morning. I will not settle for an inferior product

andy says:

Mine were swapped and I'm having the reception issues. I am currently en route to return it. Back to blackberry for me.

Sean says:

Apple seems to have really blown it big time with this release, but I get the feeling they don't even care.

Wes McNabb says:

I must have one of the perfect Iphone 4's, I have none of the issues. Fingers Crossed!

Sam says:

With all the howling tech nerds out there, you would think this product was as defective as an abused Italian supercar. Mine has no problems and is a great upgrade from my 3G. I wonder if the guy who returned his phone this morning had any actual problems?

Joe McG says:

Mine works great so I don't care about blotches, volume keys, and reception issues (get a friggin bumper!)

Jeff says:

No issues here, some people like to complain about everything

Rickg13 says:

Guess I'm one of the lucky ones (read: probably the vast majority). Everything where it should be, no splotches, and good reception.
Only issue I have is I have my phone in hand but according to tracking, bumper is still in Hong Kong. Keeping mine stuffed in an old pixel skin case until then.

isaac65 says:

No screen or button issues, but mine is having the antenna band issue. I hope there is a fix for this soon.

TumnusMr says:

No issues here.
Apple has sold over a million iPhone 4s. There's going to be a few issues here and there and percentage wise it seems like a tiny number.
So far the button and yellow blotch issue seems to be very limited. It's only the antenna issue that might be more widespread but as has been shown in several videos, cupping any phone with your hand will reduce the signal. It is just compounded by a further slight degradation in signal by touching the i4 antenna in a particular spot too. Apple probably should have put a non-conductive coating over the steel, but in any case it hasn't caused me any issues so far.

UntidyGuy says:

Must be the Australian version. Seriously, the only reason why this is a problem is that they labeled the buttons. Apple never labels buttons. What smartphone users doesn't know up from down? I'll bet they will be blank from now on.

oscar says:

am laughing at the fanboys who love apple no matter what

Rob says:

My wife's had a faint buzz in the earpiece. We took it in last night and they couldn't hear it (it was faint) but they replaced it anyway. I was suprised that they had any. She is now a very satisfied customer!

Jim says:

I guess when you sell 1,000,000 phones (just an estimate) in one day, a couple of them may have a mistake or two

Jason says:

If you hate Apple so much what are you doing trolling on the iphone blog?

Ytown says:

Very happy, my iPhone is great and I'm not going to look for problems.

excaliburca says:

Don't think I've seen so many issues for an iPhone release.

Ed Mann says:

Maybe a new cover will fix that too.

MeInEurope says:

Mine are both labeled "minus" . They also swapped the front with the back panel. To make phone calls I have to hold it with both hands and nose. Did I mention the dock connector is a male, so it sticks out a little?

Mr.L in 305, MIA. says:

All is well with mine, so far!!!!!
Coming from a 3G...."WOW!!!!" 

E$F says:

Mines fine no problems except for I have noone that has the 4 because everywhere is sold out so all the homies and homegirls still waiting for one. Guess no FaceTime for now

Orion says:

Also coming from a 3G. This new phone works great for me no yellow and my volume buttons are fine. I

Redshirt says:

My volume buttons are correct on both the iPhone and bumper (it's got its own buttons too).

jfelipe83 says:

well the only issue that i have is the antenna issue but its ok im just going to get a bumper and thats it. went to the apple store yesterday at 4:00pm and they still had a line of l40 people outside and i was wondering if they still had iphones at that time.i asked an apple associate if they had any bumpers left but he said now. now i have to order it online

UntidyGuy says:

"Down is the new up" What a coincidence. I recently talked to your girlfriend/wife about going up with me sometime.

Shaun (Thinkin' Different Blog) says:

I have the yellow blotches and the antenna issues, but I'm not going to lose sleep over it. The yellow blotches have almost vanished as we were told they would, and the antenna issue has yet to even become and issue for me, after all, if a problem arises I won't piss n cry, that's why we have warranties. If anything becomes an issue I'll deal with it via warranty. Why would I sell myself short by "going back to blackberry"?! That would mean I lose. Anyone who gives up that easily needs to get themselves a shake ;)

andy says:

@Shaun You're going to be getting you're moneys worth out of your warranty. Keep sucking Steves dick.

andy says:

also before I get called out for it, the second 'you're' is supposed to be 'your'

Steve jobs says:

@Andy. Hey thatvmakes him gay not me.. Written on my iPh... Sorry touched the antenna. iPhone 4

Steve jobs says:

I meant that makes him g-a-y damn auto correct bullcrap

Eric Schmidt says:

No Steve, that still makes you G.A.Y

Steve jobs says:

@Eric Schmidt. Hey holmes ....sorry about the iads things .. Hey anyone remember that song "pull up to my bumper baby " I think I am gonna use that in the new iPhone 4 commercial

anto says:

stop producing in China please.... i dont mind paying 100$ more if quality is ensured.

bob says:

Im getting one in july... stupid late reservation... anyway I'm probably the only one who want backwars volume buttons because im just weird like that. But apple will probably have this stop and I'll probably get a regulars phone... pshhh. Haha an iPhones an iPhone iGuess.

socalguy97 says:

August 2011. Just bought my iPhone 4 the other night. It's the white one. Buttons are inverted. Drives me nuts. Verizon doesn't wanna deal with it and neither does Apple. Ughhh.