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iPhone 4 Review

Just over one year ago, Apple launched iPhone 4. Typically that would mean a newer, shinier iPhone would have taken its place by now, and it'd be that iPhone we'd be talking about. But not this year. This year there won't be a new iPhone -- an iPhone 5 -- until fall, and that means iPhone 4 is still, one year later, the flagship iPhone on the market.

We've reviewed the original AT&T/GSM iPhone 4, we've reviewed the Verizon/CDMA iPhone 4. We've even reviewed the flipping white iPhone 4. We looked at iPhone 4 after 3 months on the market and we've written post after post about it, day after day, over the course of the last year.

So how does it stack up? Is the A4 still a good chipset? Is the Retina Display still the best screen in the business? Is the industrial design and fit and finish still above and beyond all other contenders? Is it still on of the best phones on the market?

We put the question to the staff here at TiPb and the greater Smartphone Experts Network, and here's what they had to say.


How do I feel about iPhone 4 one year later? I have to say that the iPhone4 is still one of the most esthetically pleasing, most beautiful phones on the market. Yes, there are phones which are faster and have larger screens but the iPhone 4 is still competitive, the retina display is still industry leading, and the battery life is just amazing. Add to that its ease of use and the massive App Store, and the iPhone 4 is still ahead of the game. That it's still, one year later, and one of the best selling phones on the market proves that.

Does Apple have to release the iPhone 5 soon? Probably not. But they will, because if you are not the ones pushing the envelope you will end up being the one licking it.

Cody Allison

One year later and iPhone 4 is still an amazing device. I have friends with other phones and none of their devices are in nearly as good a shape as mine. The iPhone 4's design and quality is top notch and stands next to no other device. The picture quality is still far better than other phones. Even the front facing camera captures amazing photos, and with FaceTime and the Retina Display, it is still the best mobile device on the market. As for software, Apple is always good about releasing updates and bug fixes. Having a company that stands behind their product is definitely something to consider when purchasing a new phone. With the incorporation of Apple TV's AirPlay, and soon to be released iOS 5, I believe iPhone 4 is still the best phone on the market.

With iPhone 5 just around the corner, I am very interested to see what direction Apple will take with it.

George Lim

George LimWhen the iPhone 4 was first announced, I was blown away. The revolutionary retina display and 5MP/720p camera was enough to wow me. I upgraded from my iPhone 2G to the iPhone 4 on day one and to this day, there are still parts of the phone that surprise me and make me think, “Am I in the future?” I still use the HD camera as my primary video camera, saving money on a new dedicated video camera, yet still being able to produce HD quality videos for YouTube. The incremental software additions, like tethering and Game Center, makes the phone even better than when it was initially released.

I’m extremely happy with the iPhone 4, and with iOS 5 just around the corner, its going to get even better. Unless the iPhone 5, completely blows me away (which it will), I’ll happily stick with my iPhone 4.

Matt Miller, Nokia Experts

It's now been a year since the iPhone 4 was released and during that year I have had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with Symbian, Android, Windows Phone 7 and BlackBerry and I have to say if there was an iPhone 4 on T-Mobile USA I would have one in my hands right now. I tire of Symbian's lack of great apps and old UI, Android devices always stalling or freezing after the 4-week honeymoon period, rather lame hardware of the current Windows Phone 7 devices, and old OS and lack of apps on BlackBerry. The iPhone 4 is a fantastic smartphone and the only thing holding me back is the carrier availability.

Most of why I used other devices (notifications, OTA updates, etc.) are nearly all addressed in iOS 5 and Apple may be able to satisfy people with just an update. Then again, we now expect a new iPhone every year so let's see what Apple has in the iPhone 5.

Ally Kazmucha

I typically have extremely bad phone ADD. I've somewhat grown out of that over the past few years. I'm quite surprised that over a year later, I'm not dying for a new phone (yet anyways). As excited as I am for the iPhone 5, I think the iPhone 4 has kept me pretty content. I've found the camera to be more than sufficient for a camera phone and the speed to be more than what I need at most times. Even jailbroken, I've had no lag issues with my iPhone 4.

I also think my iPhone 4 has held up better than any of my other iPhones, with or without a case. At first I was nervous about the front and back being glass but I haven't had any issues. I did, however, have to have my iPhone 4 swapped twice for a faulty sleep/wake button. Not sure if this says anything about build quality or I just had bad luck twice. Either way - I think the iPhone 4 is still topping the smartphone market for a reason. Most smartphones being released now are still contenders to the iPhone 4. RIM still hasn't caught up and Android is still an extremely fragmented platform. While I'm excited to see what the 5th hardware iteration will bring with it, I'm perfectly content with my iPhone 4 until then.

Leanna Lofte

It's been a year since the iPhone 4 was released and it's still the best phone on the market -- but it's a year old. In a world where consumers like to have the "newest and greatest", Apple needs to take the role of "newest" and launch the iPhone 5. I absolutely still love my iPhone 4, but the novelty has worn off and I'm ready for something new.

Kevin Michaluk, Fearless Leader of Smartphone Experts (and CrackBerry.com)

Has it been a year already?! For the mainstream consumer, the iPhone 4 still hits on all fronts: easy to use software, beautiful, well-built hardware and a supporting ecosystem that helps you get the most of the device (iTunes, App Store, etc.). For the average person, the iPhone 4 really is still "good enough" and for the near future I think it's a device people will keep buying as long as Apple keeps selling it. They shouldn't rush on the iPhone 5 - they should release it when they feel it's truly a better device. Others may be catching up on specs, but Apple is still leading the experience pack and is still in fashion and will be for the foreseeable future.

For the tech savvy, the operating system is getting a little boring so I am looking forward to the changes in iOS 5 (though I'm pushing for a homescreen experience that does more than just launch apps - maybe we need some widgets?) and I can't help but think it's time the iPhone come in some additional sizes. Though the resolution is amazing, I can't help but wish the iPhone had a bigger screen. After using Android devices with 4.3" display, it seems small.

Keith Newman, PreCentral.net

Keith NewmanThis is the first time I can recall that the iPhone 4 has become technologically irrelevant to me. The current innards of the device are at a point where using it feels clunkier than ever. Sometimes it just can't get out of it's own way when trying to app switch or refresh. Than again, it's a year old device with an anemic 512 megs of RAM.

Why so negative? Actually I'm not... those are just facts.

The other facts are it is still one of the sexiest devices I have ever held and used. In the land of black slabs (and technically, this device is one), it's the metallic curve of the iPhone 4 that sticks out the most. The machine cut buttons... the double sided glass panels... hell, even the bottom speaker grill and screw assembly looks slick. Which is why I am worried the next iteration of the iPhone will have a hard time topping the 4 series. The technology will be there... the A5 (or maybe even the rumored A6) chip, more RAM, a better GPU perhaps and thus the burden of a one year old device trying to be cutting edge will be relieved. (It's a shame since the iPhone 4 got hurt with product cycles this time around, it's now the kid on the block that's got to keep it all together for an extended period.)

But I don't think from anything rumored to this point will be able to beat out the pure svelte that is the iPhone 4 design.

Phil Nickinson, Android Central

If there's ever phone that could weather a launch as tumultuous and under as much scrutiny as the iPhone, it's the iPhone 4. The radical design (glass and metal? Who knew!) might have brought some technical challenges, but that hardly slowed sales, did it? No, the iPhone 4 refined and extended the platform, doing so in a way that kept it fresh and exciting.

Consider this: No one can deny that the Motorola Droid was a wildly popular phone when it launched in late 2009. The Droid 2 launched in fall 2010 with little fanfare, and only a minor spec bump. The Droid 3 is on its way, but will it suffer the same fate?

That's the difference between Apple and, well, just about everybody else. Controlling the hardware, software and, maybe more important, the message -- Apple's able to release devices on its terms, just like it always has. Whether apple releases the iPhone 5 this summer or fall is moot. It will be met with the same fervor whether it's released in two weeks, two months, or sometime next year. And the longer it takes, the more the excitement grows.

Chris Oldoryd

Chris OldroydWhen I first realized that there would be no iPhone 5 announced at WWDC I was utterly horrified. Having always updated my iPhone every year this just seemed so wrong. After the furore had died down inside me, it actually dawned on me that this iPhone 4 is still a top draw phone. What do I really need from an iPhone 5 that this one can’t already do? The screen is still stunning; the device is still very fast. It does everything I need it to do and it does it well.

When I get asked by friends if they should wait for the next iPhone before buying, it is no longer an easy question to answer. Before the iPhone 4 was released the 3GS was ready to be upgraded. The iPhone 4 however is still a current top of the range phone. I would still recommend it above any other handset available right now. Apple will have to give us something very special with iPhone 5 to outshine this beautiful iPhone 4! Will I upgrade? Of course. Do I have to upgrade? No.

Chris Parsons, CrackBerry.com

Here we are, one year after the launch of the iPhone 4, and it still reigns as one of the top devices on the market. Although Apple could likely ride out the success of the iPhone 4 a bit longer, iPhone users are looking forward to the next big launch from Apple and rightfully so. With Android moving fast, around Apple must keep momentum going and introduce something more than incremental changes this time around.

Rene Ritchie

I've used iPhone day in, day out over the course of that year, from iOS 4 at launch to iOS 5 beta now. And thanks to that last part, when the screen lights up, I still light up with it.

Don't underestimate the power of regular major software updates rolled out -- on the same day -- to all on-market devices. iOS 4 made a lot of iPhone 3GS users happy last year and iOS 5 on an iPhone 4 will once again make users locked into a contract or looking for a cheaper option feel like they have a brand new phone anyway.

Okay. A software update can't give iPhone 4 an LTE radio or 3D display or dual core processors or a kickstand. But it doesn't need to. Perceptively, iPhone 4, one year later, is absolutely still competitive with the latest and greatest competitive devices on the market, and while it's missing some specific features, it's still best in class at others. If you want a phone works for you rather than you having to work for it, iPhone is still your go-to device.

But here's the thing -- nothing lasts forever and mobile has never been more competitive. iPhone 5 needs to come, and it needs to come soon enough and be impact-ful enough to keep up Apple's hardware momentum.


Your turn! What do you think about iPhone 4 one year later? And how much pressure do you think Apple should be feeling to release iPhone 5?

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iPhone 4: One year later


I switched on July 2, 2010 after years of using Blackberry. Skeptical at first, but this device worked for me then and it still works for me one year later. Amazing device and really looking forward to seeing this product improve even more in the coming years.

I currently have the OG Moto Droid and I am waiting for the iphone 5. Android just cant match the power of Apple and their amazing software and great phone design. Unless you have a dual core android phone, odds are it will be slow as all get out. I liked the HTC Sensation but people are saying it is slow and I'm not sure if I will like the build quality of the Galaxy S II. Android is still fragmented and has many other issues.... With an iPhone, you are pretty much guaranteed a full year with and amazing top with device that is still the best. Then on top of that, ou gt an extra ear of the next iOS update.

yeah gotta agree with the fragmentation issue but if you have the top end phones you dont need really worry as they are compatible with all apps but google say they gonna fix that with ice cream sandwich and hopefully thats true..would also like to see more games but they devs are now porting games over...i got the galaxy s2 and was worried but the plastic build because i still have my ip4 which is great build but the s2 has no creaks and is not bendable even though its really slim...the only issue i have is the really slim back cover but when its on there is no problems at all...best thing to do is to go to local store and have a feel of the galaxy s2 if you like the build, then dont be hesitant to buy it as it is one of the best if not the best phone to buy...the speed of the whole phone in doing everything is super fast and smooth...if you gonna get android thats the one cause i dont think any other android is still as smooth as the iphone otherwise wait for the ip5

Is Apple victim of its own success? They raked in the biggest part of the profits in the smartphone industry, yet couldn't release a new phone after 12months.

Apple don't need to update it yet. The iPhone 4 is hard to beat. Give me iOS 5 and I'm happy

Apple generally does not release something until it's good and ready. Other manufactures like to release products half baked. There is something huge coming soon from apple, I think they held off the white iPhone intentionally, to use it to bump sales later in the year, knowing full well way back then that more time was going to be needed for the next products development

normally i would agree that apple release a product with no problems but the antenna flaw cannot be forgotten... i know some people will deny it but out of all the people i knew that had the ip4 which is about 6, they all had an issue..obvious case solved the problem but none the less i think apple have learnt that regardless of what they put out people will still buy...hope the ip5 is similar design with a 3.9 inch screen but with a different antenna design because the ip4 is the best looking phone and dont know how a phone can look any better to be honest and also know glass back, to slippery lol...maybe something that feels good in the hand

"Sometimes it just can’t get out of it’s own way when trying to app switch or refresh. Than again, it’s a year old device with an anemic 256 megs of RAM.
Why so negative? Actually I’m not… those are just facts."
Actually, those aren't just facts. The iPhone 4 has 512megs of RAM.

I was just about to say the same. As far as slowing down during app switching, yeah, I can agree. I wish multitasking would just kill off apps at some cap instead of killing them off when more RAM is needed (thereby slowing the phone down for a few seconds). I would hardly say it gets in its own way.

The desktop interface hasn't really change for 20 years! What is it about mobile, that people need OMGnew every other year or so,?
Apple is the only player in the game, who can launch whenever they wish, and get away with it.

He does have a point though. At least let us plce the icons anywhere we want and an option for widgets. If you dont want widgets don't need to use them. Those who do can use them,

a year later and my iPhone 4 is just as smooth and fast as it was when I first got it, unlike my old iPhone 3G, although the 3G minus the SIM is a great training device for my girlfriend to get into the whole idea of the iOS.
Once her contract with Verizon is up and I am able to upgrade to the next iPhone, she will simply LOVE my iPhone 4.

I think the iPhone 4 is still at the top of the pack (of course I would, I have one. haha) But no, seriously, a year later and I don't think Apple should be pressured into releasing a new iPhone. Honestly, I'm glad that they haven't released one, yet. Why? The speed and performance of the last two versions of the iPhone should be more then enough to keep folks happy. Only power-users/jailbreakers would want more, in terms of specs. I woud agree if we were talking about an iPhone 3G but we're not. I kept my 3G for the full 2 years. Yes, it was dying and needed to be upgraded. Though, a year from now, I honestly don't think that I'll be saying the same about my iPhone 4. A year in and my phone looks, and performs just like it did from day one. That's what I'm blown away by, how well this iPhone has kept up w/out a case. My 3G took a beating! This iPhone, I can't find a scratch on it, and I'm happy about that. We ain't about that case life over here. That's another thing, I hate the fact that you get a phone and you have to put a case on it. NO! I have this beautiful phone, looks great, performs great, only to get and have to put a case on it. NO, one of the main reasons I love the iPhone 4 is because it's size. Like I said, We ain't about that case life over here, buddy. YaDig.

i was in a quandry, elegible for an update, wait for the iphone 5, wwdc had no hardware news, went ahead an uograded to the iphone 4, then a week later the iphone 5 hardware rumors start, i sold my iphone 3gs for more than i paid for it, will sell the iphone 4 for enough to pay for penalties and the iphone 5, value is king.

Okay, after one year, the things that I've loved have been the screen resolution, the camera (since I take tons of photos and videos) and all the apps I use. I've generally been happy with the screen size for daily use, but I do find at times that I wish it was a bit larger, especially when browsing the web.
Several things I've HATED over the year. DROPPED CALLS!! I've had antenna problems since day-1 and Apple has refused to replace my phone. Now it's out of warranty so I'm screwed and just have to deal with it.
The next thing is the Home button that only works about 30% of the time. There are times when I have to push it 10-20 times before the phone reacts. I've tried reboots, updates, cleaning it. Still nothing has solved the problem.
The last thing that has been an incredible annoyance is that has also plagued me since day-1. I say this in the sense that I do love, and WANT to love my iPhone 4, but they might as well have covered it in KY Jelly. It's so slippery, and I say with great confidence that I've dropped my iPhone 4 at least 10 times more than all the other iPhones I've owned combined, and I've owned every version thus far! I have tried several different cases, and never found one that I really liked. I still occasionally use my Apple bumper case, but it's falling apart. I miss my DLO Jam Jacket that I used on my 3G and 3GS...
The iPhone 4 has some great features that I love, and I don't see myself changing to another phone any time soon, but it is also flawed. I'm hoping that the iPhone 5 steps things up and is a dramatic improvement.

I can't believe you guys don't realize the reason Apple isn't releasing an iPhone now is because of Verizon. If they released one now, it would be AT&T exclusive and technically the Verizon iPhone would be released 6 months later, keeping in tune with their 1 year release timing but I'm sure Verizon fought that plan when they signed the contract with Apple. You all really don't see this!?!

If they release a new iPhone in September/October it still won't be a year and won't be near enough time for those that purchased an iPhone 4 on Verizon to purchase a iPhone 5, so this argument is isn't well thought out.
Does that mean they won't be releasing a white iPhone 5 until 8 or 12 months after they released the white iPhone 4?

Well no because Apple has yet to announce the iPhone 5 let alone if it would even come in white

nope. because thats not how things work. 3gs was released here in s.korea in nov, and the following sept was the iphone 4.

Thats South Korea. Hes talking about the USA, where the iPhone first comes out before other countires

I am currently an android user. I have the Nexus One, which is honestly still an amazing phone, but android still doesn't do it for me like iOS. The iPhone 4 is a beautiful device and, personally, I prefer Apple's "closed" method. I'm stoked to see what they do with iPhone 5 as I'm pretty sure I'll be getting one!

Meh. Great phone so-so hardware. I made the jump from AT&T to Verizon, and from iPhone 4 to Android (ThunderBolt running CM7), and I missed the polish of iOS badly.

read all the tech blog reviews of the galaxy s2, they cant all be wrong...it really is super smooth in every task..even the web browser is faster and smoother than iphone and thats with flash on..i think if any ios users are going to consider android then they should really only consider the s2..of course thats only my opinion.

Apple is always at the top of there game. I actually had android before a iPhone 4 and when I made the switch it was very satisfying. The I phone 4 is a sexy phone. I don't know of another phone that's gets the attention mine does when I pull it out of my pocket. Who cares about dual core? Whats the use when you still can't do anything really with it. Some games that came out 2 years ago on iOS are only available on androids dual core phones. I had a motorola atrix and Evo 3d and my iPhone still runs faster in everything even games. It's just funny how people day there dual core phones are so much better but they can't do 25% of what my iPhone 4 can do.

Ive had a number of phones my last being an HTC Imagio running win 6.5 I changed to iphone 4 in january and never looked back.Faster ,better easier.It just works.The big advantage is the app store.

I've update my iPhone three times. Each time was a disaster, and after the first, horrible mechanical errors of me not controlling my fingers. Apple hardware is fine but their software - at least on pc - sucks. I have never successfully backed up my iPhone using iTunes.

I still don't see what people see in the competition. In my opinion there is stll none. I would even rather have a 3G instead of an Android, Blackberry ir whatever other trash is out there. Apple is the rolls royce and the 4 is still the Phantom.....

One year later i eagerly await (as with many others) the annual release of a new iPhone we have grown accustomed to. Alas it will not be this summer . Having said that though, the iPhone 4 is still the hands down king of all smartphones.
the craftsmanship into the design is superb along with it's unbelievable durability.
it's speed and power is far better than anyone really needs, and the camera....well...let's just say people are saving money not having to buy a separate camera just to take HIGH quality pics and video.
is it a desktop device replacement, no. is it a professional grade camera or video camera replacement, no. But hey it's only a smartphone, one that allows users to be away or without those previously mentioned devices for longer periods of time without losing functionality.
do i love my iPhone? you bet your sweet "A" i do. do i need to upgrade, no (but i'll go nuts if i don't), will i? well, you can lay down that bet again.

I am still crazy about my iPhone 4. Now, I've only had it for 6 months and not a full year, but I have to say that it's still running just as well as the day I bought it - and still looks brand new. Case in point: I got my husband the iPhone 4 for Father's Day (two weeks ago), and sitting side by side, you couldn't tell which one was the brand new one. And mine was no slower opening up apps, pictures, or anything - even with mine completely full of apps, pictures, and music, and his just having a handful of apps.
Needless to say, I am still VERY impressed with my iPhone 4. I have no plans to upgrade to the 5 - I am perfectly content to wait for the 6. At that time, I promise that I WILL get a white one!! :)

Wow PreCentral guy shouldn't be able to post...Keith Newman it has 512 Megs of RAM, not 256. THOSE ARE THE FACTS. Even if it did have 256 (3GS) it performs better than any webOS device with even 1gig (pre 3 n touchpad/lag machine). I've been off the webOS bandwagon. Visiting the site every day to check on tiny updates that do nothing...im done with my Pre. This is the second time I'm typin this comment bcuz I closed my phone screen only to be greeted with a blank screen and load bar upon reopening. As always page wouldn't load and phone started to overheat while I had the pleasure of watching by battery drain a solid 5%. Had to retype this on my comp back at home (so much for post-pc). Gimme iphone 5.

At some point a technology becomes good enough for all but a few novelty addicts. My Mercedes sl500 is 20 years old and still more fun than anything that came after. My older MacBook is good enough for the presentations and simulations I write. My iPhone4 is food enough for me. Other aspects of our life are much less perfect: education, health care, basic infrastructure, polity SC, and so on. I wish that more of the smart young brains would turn their focus on those issues instead of remaining obsessed by little toys.

I just wanted to point out that the iPhone retina display was build by LG and the A4 processor was build Samsung.... it is a good phone, very reliable in terms of battery life and build quality,however iOS is as reliable as Blackberry OS 5 or 6 and as android 2.3.3 or 2.3.4. I don't think it is as competitive as it was a year ago and definitely not the best

Lovin' my iPhone 4 but I'm looking forward to iOS 5 before the iPhone 5. Except for upgraded internals, I can't imagine anything groundbreaking on the iPhone 5. Groundbreaking meaning have nothing else the competition doesn't have. I seriously hope they don't go 3D. It's so gimmicky on mobile devices but I do believe if Apple did it, they'd do it right and hopefully be more careful about it than the GSM antenna... I really don't wanna hear bloggers and media sites "antenna-gate." Again......

most android phones are not smooth as the ip4 but the exception is the samsung galaxy s2, it is the smoothest phone even with widgets and has the smoothest browser EVER even with flash on...screen is still debatable whether you like true blacks or higher dpi...i have both and cant tell a difference in pixel unless i go really close up..ip4 was my 1st iphone and is still the best looking phone ever but i really do believe the galaxy s2 is the best phone at the moment and many tech blogs agree..for me to get an iphone 5 they really have to blow me away

iPhone 4 wins my heart lol. Considering renewing to a new one, (but with Verizon this time) but i cant decide to wait for the 5... lol

I totally agree about the Android marketplace. I'm an iPhone 4 owner but decided to give an Android tab a try (Acer's). It worked great, but I returned it within 3 days - because an app I bought caused a fraud alert and my bank to freeze my credit card and account. Apparently it tried to 'purchase' about 6 other apps using my bank info and this behavior was flagged. I then started reading about Android malware, etc., and decided no thanks, I'll stick to Apple. Over 4 years with them and never had an issue with security or whether something was going to drain my bank account!

With all due respect you can't judge android by a bad App you got. You should have checked the reviews of the application before you downloaded it. Also did you look at the permissions you gave to the app. You knew when you purchased the device that the android market was open, (much like a market.) Google believes people should be smart enough not to trust anyone app. Is this approach great, no, but it works for those who know how to use it. Bottom line its called the market for a reason its not an online store.


I hate to be the spoiler of the group, but let's be honest here -- having lost faith in Apple's ability to keep up with their own precedent, there is NO ANNOUNCEMENT AND NO GUARANTEE there will be ANYTHING but iOS5 in fall. So stop getting your hopes up. Apple has made no promises, and that means they could say "White iPhone 4 was our 2011 release" and have us wait until 2012. People waiting TILL fall will just say "oh screw it" and buy an iPhone 4 or abandon the platform. It's really in Apple's court now - and again -- they have promised zero.
I am one of the many millions with a 3GS that all these "insider sites" ignore exist because apparently only the 4 exists now, and the near half of Apple consumers with previous generations can suck cold apples.

And frankly, other than twitter, which many people despise - and a few cloud offerings with a massive limit of 5GB (trust me, it'll rack up FAST)... just see how fast you approach and blast through the caps on your data unknowingly and are hit with HUGE data bills the next month. Without data monitoring, you'll have people furious with Apple in the matter of a few months.
What Americans seem to forget is outside the US and Canada where people think they are entitled to free Wifi, most of the real world doesn't have it -- and the wifi that is there requires subscriptions, stupid hoops and no security.

OK guys, I'm speaking as an Android fanboy here, but I come in peace. iOS isn't for me, and I don't think it ever will be, but the iPhone 4 is a top notch device, the screen isn't the biggest but the resolution is top notch, and it isn't very customizable but Apples control of the platform and the device mean you get quick upgrades and great customer service. I think both Android and Apple can thrive in the marketplace and the presence of both platforms will continue to drive innovation. I hope both Apple and Android fanboy alike can recognize the strengths of both platforms and wish for the others growth and success. It doesn't have to be one or the other because like most things in life, Os choice isn't a one size fits all situation. If iOS thrives, Android innovates and vice versa. As much as our communities fight and bicker, we all love these gadgets and want them to do more and we both gain by the presence of healthy competition. :)

Very well put, Andrew.
On a different topic, everyone should stop hating on Keith for his critical comments. My iPhone 4 has been laggy ever since iOS 4.3 came out. I even got a replacement but it's still really annoying.

It's laggy? Then you really must have some bad luck. No one else that I know of's phones are laggy.

You can compare specifications on different devices all you like, but at the end of the day if the software on your device/computer doesn't work for you then what's the point, you can have all the widgets in the world, be able to to move them about change backdrops and sounds, but once you have played about with all this you need to load up some software to actually use your device, the thing that makes iphone great above all others is basically its quite brilliant applications and ability to find and buy/try them, you could have a quad core device but if the software you use on it is no good, its a waste, until more developers of games/software jump on-board with the other devices the Iphone will always be the long term best choice, I have moved away from Iphone a few times now, and yes initially devices like Android and WP7 are quite desirable at first, but you soon tire of the lack of choice in there marketplaces and once you return to Iphone the ease and pure quality of apps is outstanding, but above all the Iphone is a phone you can just USE.

The iPhone 4 is slippery and prone to slide out of your pocket whenever you bend down. Until I got me an Otter box for protection indoor as well as outdoor. Haven't experienced a slip since then but certainly lost the show off effect of the iPhone 4. Now only I know the beauty inside that Leopard tank casing...

i expect iPhone 5 to be an "optimized" version of iPhone 4. just like iOS 5 fills in the missing pieces of iOS 4. so a bit larger screen. a faster processor. more RAM. more megapixels, better flash. and so on. those are all spec bumps. some new hardware feature, like RFID? i doubt it. there aren't enough RFID retailers yet. 4G? that would be a surprise, its US rollout is slow and fragmented badly by the several telcos. so the many new conveniences of iOS 5 running on iPhone 5 will probably get the most attention.
that stuff alone would make it an amazing new product package. but, for Mac users especially, it will be the simultaneous launch of iCloud that really adds new capabilities to iPhone 5. all that seamless integration with other Mac products/software (including new OS X Lion features). - a major expansion of the Apple "ecosystem."
so if you like iPhone 4 - as do most of the staff commenting in the article - you'll love iPhone 5.

quad core do really need that on mobile phone but lol i probably still get one...hopefully that google sort out oem updates asap it really is stupid how late some phones get the updates...they need to do what nokia do with the ovi store, which is to show apps in the store that your phone can handle then they wont be so many comments on apps saying it force closes etc etc when its not compatible with the device.....i think honeycomb has gpu acceleration could be wrong so it should be in the ICS update... i think thats why ios is smooth unlike most androids.

hopefully you get the ''real'' galaxy s2 because thats the only way this phone should be released...i think you will as this phone is super popular where it has been released so samsung might have more leverage this time round with the carriers...

I suspect they mean anywhere on the screen, not in any order.
For example, two rows of icons at the bottom, one at the top, and wide open space in the middle.

Still think the iPhone4 has got "it". OS5 is essential now to keep us happy until the fall release of iPhone5. I love my 4. It is as good as the day I bought it.

Android is in trouble. Why? Now AT&T and Verizon have Apple products. And soon Tmobile and eventually Sprint.
iPhone is NOW more accessible, whereas before, AT&T only.
Android has had plent of time to mature. To be honest, it's still a mess of fragmented devices, all running on different versions. My experience? I grew very tired of apps interfering with the device. Some apps would actually mess with my camera. Locking up, etc. 1 out of 10 apps were, ok, at best. And it still has not improved. Like I stated, once Apple has infected ALL carriers, users will have grown overly tired of Android and ditch it. I'm afraid it's too late for android.

Also.... I do not trust Android...LET ME repeat.. I do NOT trust Android. Most of the apps want access to info and things on your device that they DON'T need to access..and yes it makes me paranoid. What scary ?? Is the American public buys into and OS that is ran by Google. Google is loving it! Android is a Trojan Horse of sort. look at the apps. As you install and app look at ALL the things the app WANTS access to! Your contact list??? Why? I can understand a cam app needs access to the hardware, but my CONTACT list??