What will we get in iPhone 4.0?

iPhone 4.0 Event

Tomorrow at 10pm PT, 1pm ET, Steve Jobs puts sneaker to stage and, along with SVP of iPhone software, Scott Forstall, gives us a sneak preview of the highly anticipated iPhone 4.0. No one outside Apple knows exactly what new features and paradigms iPhone 4.0 will offer. However, tradition demands we make our best guesses and ask you to do the same.

This isn't what we want, mind you. We told Apple what we want back on December 25, 2009: multitasking, better notifications, widgets for the home screen, instant access to important settings, themes, gestures like pervasive pull-down-to-refresh, system-wide "back" implementation, orientation lock, and resolution independence, along with a ton of great reader suggestions in the comments. We've also asked for a Finder app, like the Photo but to store document files.

This is what we think we'll actually get, given the rumors and the direction Apple looks to be going. This is us, TiPb staff and TiPb readers reading the tea leaves...

iPhone 3.2 (aka iPad) features

This is the most obvious, really (and we've written about it before). All the little tweaks and enhancements Apple has made to the underlying OS, like adding "replace" to cut, copy, and paste, adding spell check to auto-correct, adding dictionary lookup to text select, etc. Wallpaper for the Home Screen, week view in Calendar and the other, sometimes small but still important, chance to the built-in apps, should be there as well. So should Bluetooth keyboard support. Oh, and iBooks.

Better Mail handling

Steve Jobs himself reportedly responded to an email saying a "universal inbox" was coming. That means, like Mac Mail but unlike current iPhone Mail, users with multiple accounts would have the option of seeing all their new messages in one place and not have to tap into and out of multiple folders every time they wanted to check every new message in every account. (Yes that sentence was crafted to feel as laborious as the current process!). Whether we'll see more than that -- IMAP IDLE, multiple exchange accounts, "synergy"-like messaging integration, etc. is unknown.

Multitasking (of a sort)

We've been hearing this for a while now -- that Apple will offer some level of multitasking in iPhone 4.0. We've even seen it in the shadows. The three use-cases that it could cover are background tasks (listening to streaming internet radio while you browse Safari, keeping navigation running while you check Mail), fast task switching (going from Notes to Contacts and back), and multi-window workflow (dragging data from one application space into another).

While the "Pandora" model could easily be handled by allowing streaming accounts to be entered inside iPod (which already has background access going back to iPhone 1.0), the navigation model won't be solved unless there's a more universal background implementation. However, Apple has always put stability and mainstream user friendliness ahead of power-user functionality. A compromise seems most like -- full background access for a highly limited number of applications.

Fast task switching was accomplished in large part by the speed of iPhone 3GS. What remains missing is the consistent saving of state by apps on exit (if you leave a twitter client or a race game and then go back it should be at exactly the place you left it), and a more elegant way to quickly move between apps -- swiping between two apps 11 screens apart isn't very Apple. The rumor here is for a Mac OS X-style Exposé implementation where a double-click of the Home Button would cause the current screen to fly out and a grid of active (background) apps to fly in. That sounds much more Apple.

Multi-window drag-and-drop may not be obvious given the small size of the iPhone, but given how Palm's webOS Cards view presents apps -- and how the iPhone Safari Pages view does likewise -- is remains a tease. Still, we don't expect it. Not yet.

New home screen (SpringBoard)

SpringBoard is the internal name of Apple's Home Screen UI, which right now consists of an 11 page-wide application launcher grid with SpotLight search bolted on to the right. Rumors have persisted since before iPhone 3.0 that Apple has a new SpringBoard experience waiting in the wings. Again, there are several elements that could be at play: better organization, glance-able information, themes.

We're not wishing here, so no grandiose "Apple will re-invent the metaphor for home screens with some ingenious new approach". We're looking at what Apple has already done for clues as to where they're going. Stacks, then, where groups of similar apps are combined together until a tap expands them into a grid-launcher would be reasonable. Likewise, Dashboard where useful, glance-able information is always just a tap (or swipe) away. Dashboard could even integrate SpotLight, allowing it to replace a singletasker with a multitasker (how fitting). It could function similarly on the Lock Screen, for ultimate glance-ability.

We don't see themes, however. Though they'd be a boon to users and designers/developers alike, they don't seem very Apple (beyond the home screen wallpaper already mentioned).

Improved notification handling

We've beaten this one to death -- if you get a constant stream of SMS, IM, game challenges, or any heavy amount of notifications each new one obliterates the one before meaning all but the most recent functionally never existed and hence never notified you of anything. Both Android and Palm webOS do this more functionally, though developers have complained to us that it may be too complex for the mainstream market Apple is targeting (too much management for mom). Could Apple create a more robust yet still drop-dead-simple notification system for the iPhone? Sure, and given how fast and far push notification has been adopted, we think it's likely they will.

The simplest solution would be a Notification app (please, no smiley face logo) that listed all new notifications. When you've received multiple notifications, the dialog would show the most recent but also inform you of how many others you've missed, and an option to "see all" would be presented.

But that would likely make no one happy. This more than multitasking might be the most difficult nut to crack, and may end up being part of that new Home Screen mentioned above. That's closer to guess work than we're comfortable with for this post, however, so we'll just leave it there for now.

iAd platform

"iAd" was rumored to be shown off on April 7, and April 8 is just a day later. Apple's mobile advertising platform could certainly be part of the iPhone 4.0 SDK feature set unveiled for developers. Gossip says Steve Jobs wants to do for mobile advertising what iTunes did for digital music -- make it not suck. We certainly hope so. Punch-the-monkey with push notifications is certainly not the new Home Screen experience we want.


It's fairly certain iTunes is moving to the cloud and becoming something akin to iTunes.com. We'd love to see streaming video from Apple, MobileMe "whispersync" to keep our place between iPhone and iPad, and other great, media-centric features. But Apple typically saves those for September to coincide with the new iPod touch and lately, new iTunes releases.

###Mobile iChat

We put this here just for Chad. We still think Mobile iChat (text and audio/video) is coming but not until the 4th generation iPhone is revealed at WWDC 2010. Apple usually holds a few new OS features back to show off the new hardware (like Compass, VoiceControl, etc. last year). Patience, Chad!

MobileMe 2.0

Beyond "whispersync" MobileMe has fallen so far behind Google services, DropBox and others that Apple really has to up its game here. Photo sync, cloud backup, and other features have gone from nice-to-have to must-have. Again, however, that feels more like a WWDC 2010 Phil Schiller announcement to us.

One more thing...?

That's what we think is most likely to come with iPhone 4.0 tomorrow, but Apple has shown they can always surprise us (who expected the long, long list of previously missing features rattled off at the iPhone 3.0 event?). What are you expecting to see?

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

What will we get in iPhone 4.0?


I think a better calender would be very nice. Being able to snooze calender events, accept/decline calander appointments. Just have more features like blackberries have. And you guys mentioned better notification handling and also the mail. Those would be huge!!!

While I understand why Apple wouldn't do themes with a new Springboard... I also question why they wouldn't. The option of themes would open up a HUGE new group of revenue potential for them. The possibilities are practically endless.

Maybe this is a small thing, but I would like to be able to subscribe/auto-update podcasts via iTunes on iPhone. Even if it's wifi only it's better than having to sync them from my MacBook.

Timed profiles for sure.
Location profiles might be nice, but would have to be based on a tower location rather than a GPS signal. This might be to inaccurate most of the time to actually work.

The idea that I do NOT have to have a "wiFI" connection to download certain apps , something similar to the sbsettings and a simple louder speaker would do just fine... ;-)

I have hope that APPLE will come with the goods 2morrow...but if they do NOT we will NOT hear the last of it...

Features from OS 3.2 like Bluetooth keyboard support should all be present.
Multitasking for limited classes of apps (audio, VOIP, and GPS) that auto-background in the same way as Apple's iPod and Phone apps so the user doesn't have to think about multitasking and it is obvious they have left something running. And incoming calls should not automatically quit the running app.
Fast app switching acheived by some system wide gesture. Everything else is left up to the apps to retain state and relaunch quickly.
Got to have a better way of handling notifications even if it's something like a stack in a panel that can be brought up like the iPod controls.
I highly doubt they will change Springboard much, but they need to make better use of the lock screen. Even just copying the icons of apps with new notifications to the lock screen would be better than nothing so you can see at a glance without unlocking how many texts, emails, IMs, etc you have missed withouth giving any private details on the lock screen.
Since they only seem to be announcing the software as usual I also doubt we will see anything that would give new hardware features away. So even if the new iPhone has a front facing camera (a big IF) that won't be given away tomorrow.
I can't see much time being given to iAd tomorrow if they announce it at all. It's hardly a big thing for users or developers who seem to have integrated ads in apps without any issue thusfar.

A led.
just a little red led.
showing me i have missed call.
or sms, preferably customisable.
would stop me from having to power up the whole screen every time to check if I missed something. Will probably consume less power and give me at a glance info.
A led.

And how about custom notification tones?? I am sooooo tired of grabing my phone when someone else gets a text / email. The choices are limited, and half of the ones we do have SUCK. Thus, most people end up using the same ones. Profiles would be nice too. Go into a meeting, have the phone go silent, emails vibrate, texts chime. REALLY miss this from my Bold. Not being able to speed dial on this thing sucks too. A contact screen would help with that greatly. Folders (of some type) are becoming an absolute must. Adding more screens is just adding to the problem. I have more game apps than will fit on one screen, having ONE folder to put them in would be sweet. Being able to get rid of the apps you don't use(stocks, voice memo, itunes store - these for me never get used) would also be nice. Blackberry lets you "hide" them without deleting, so if you want them, they are still there. Wallpaper is sort of useless since the screens are filled up with apps anyway, and it only flashes for a moment. Also, if you are using the phone, and set it down, and it goes into sleep mode, why can't you just press the home button to go back to where you were?? All this swiping really gets old. And smudges the screen. Press the home button, and presto!! Back to where you left off. And speaking of the home button, allow it to control more things. I would like to have it open a message screen. Double click it and see your txts and emails and whatever else you want. The choices to "customize" it, like most things on this phone, are very limited. But, Apple being Apple, they will give us what THEY want us to have. And it usually has NOTHING to do with what the people want.

A notifiation LED is new hardware so I doubt that would be shown tomorrow. Would be nice though.
The printing rumor is pure speculation based on a throw away comment in support docs. When you think about how it could be implemeted, it isn't very realistic. Unless your printer supports Postscript (most consumer printers don't) you would need a separate driver for each printer. That would require many MBs of driver files and configuration so I just don't see that happening.

FM radio??? uhhh, that's a very 2003 request. Lots and lots and lots of radio options available in apps.
Aside from this list (Springboard-remodel is critical imho), printing from iPhone would be a nice surprise. It's so silly not to have this feature, and since it's quickly becoming must-have for iPad, I hope they give it to iPhone as well.
If they limit the apps that can run in the background/multi-task, I'll be pissed. Big Brother Apple is already annoying, and that will just take it to another level. What about TextExpander, for example? I'd like to be able to use it in a real way in email, notes, etc. I assume this type of function is even more important in iPad. The point being, Apple shouldn't be able to tell users which apps they can run in the background and which ones they can't. (I listen to two different NPR streaming apps, for example. Will Apple let me listen to both??)
I also really hope they allow phone calls to come in while using navigation apps, without losing the nav.

More custimatisation, such as changing the colours of the sms bubbles or choosing own photos as icons for apps

Once 4.0 comes out to the developers tomorrow I would love for them to find indications of a flash and front facing camera. Also if they found some signs of multiple sensors (side sensors) that would be great.

In terms of printer drivers, how hard would it be for the iPhone/iPad to check your printer over wifi or bluetooth and then just download the one driver needed for that printer? The iPhone can download any of 150K apps (or whatever the number is). A little driver file is too much for it to handle? Not convinced.

Three things I would like to see
1. Multitasking even if it is a limited amount.
2. Printing especially for the iPad.
3 Tabs in Safari for browsing. Safari for iPad already has a bookmark bar now let us have tab browsing so we won't have to switch the screen so much when viewing two different websites.

Wi-Fi sync, please! Even if it requires the unit to be plugged in so it can't lose power. I rarely dock the iPhone, so it does not get synced as often as it should. It should sync over Wi-Fi when I plug it in to recharge.

Agreed on the led notification! Also, theme enablement (is this a word?) would be very nice.

An easier way to turn off Bluetooth, switch between 3g and edge to save battery, and turn tethering on or off!!!
It's getting really anoying to go into settings, network, tethering, on ... Etc!
Pls apple make these changes available through the status bar! Beside that all I want is multi tasking and information on lock

In addition to the "major" items, how about a simple one that was missed entirely in 3.0 - AVCRP for BT headphones/headsets? It's no doubt the iPhone is capable of providing it so why on earth can't we prev/next and even volume levels via headset controls?

Changable appointment alarms, registeted applications for email attachments, and lack of a filesystem are the biggest issues restricting iPhone and iPad's usefulness as a business tool.
I would argue that being able to hand off objects between applications is more critical to doing real work than even multitasking.

I agree with all the above request but they also really need to improve the camera. better zoom and led flash would be nice. I would also like a webcam but it's not a dealbreaker.

Yes to these lesser publicized requests...
FM radio (for those saying that's so old, I challenge you to find a radio app that plays open frequencies for audio feed at the gym or sports broadcasts)

Multitasking is the most important. That's the only reason I jailbreak. Sbsettings would be great too. Finally, a louder speakerphone on the 4g hardware.

In regards to MobileMe...only way I could see that gaining traction is by implementing a free version, may be limited, but free nonetheless. Google, especially, and Dropbox give you free to start, then let you add more by paying. Apple could learn and follow suit. I mean...it's not like anyone is going to say Apple copied anyone. They'll just agree that Apple has invented something. Probably hand them a patent for it, lol. But seriously...free version of MobileMe with the paying part for people who need more.
Multi-tasking...don't know what else to say besides just bring it. It's doable, it's hot. It's not just for power users anymore. I have a few folks (not in anyway telling of the iPhone market of course) that have switched from iPhone's to Droid Eris (Why Eris, I have no idea. Blah) because of certain incidents (theft, damage, etc). The main thing they praise is little things such as being able to listen to Pandora while going in and out of text and emails (they're managers and supervisors at my job so that is very important to them). Others have just praised the simple customization...ability to differentiate their phones beyond lock screens, but that's the next section...
So...customization. As an earlier poster said, this would be a no brainer for more money. If people will pay for apps that are free on other platforms simply for the quality or even name. It should be no guess as to if they'll pay for snazzing up their screen a bit. A lot of iPhone users are fashion conscience people. So they will buy the themes up at every turn I bet.
Notifications...nothing even needs to be said. Android does it nicely. WebOS does it beautifully. Even WP7 will be doing it great. So I need this to be the first thing they introduce when they step on stage.
As a consumer and phone lover first, Android owner second. I'm constantly looking for a reason for me to try out a new phone. If they do come through with that...I would be tempted to try it out.

Can Apple provide us with iPhone users who know/understand the difference between an os update and hardware? Really.

I want OS 4 to blow Android out of the water. And I want OS 4 to be available by tomorrow or the end of the week.
Asking for too much?
No, not asking for enough.

On the hardware side I'd like to see 512 megs or ram, a faster processor, 5 meg camera and front facing camera for iChat. I think I might be close to securing funds to upgrade this summer. I might have to start giving massages part time, apple is my pimp.

I want to view any type of videos / media file on my Iphone weather somebody Emails it to me or I get it from Internet.
There's no flash player on Iphone.
When I take video on phone I want place to keep and lock seperately from photos.

Need light to turn on for taking photos and video during low light or night time operations.

Count me in the minority that says "mulitasking" is over rated. I honestly believe people want this because they think they should want it.
I'll take a better notification system, the ability to access useful user-set information on the lock screen, customizable alert tones for SMS and Email and a universal email inbox before multitasking.

Text auto-reply...let's say that you are busy; at the gym, in the movie theater, in a meeting, etc. (or driving) you can set-up your text auto-reply so when someone sends you a text, they will receive text auto-reply stating your business.

I really don't think we're going to hear word 1 of any hardware changes like front facing camera, flash, OLED screen, led notification, etc.
I'm wondering if we'll be seeing some of the iPad features in the next iPhone OS ( bluetooth keyboard support ) or they will keep that unique to the iPad. I have a gut feeling Apple is going to keep that unique to the iPad and leave it out of iPhone & iPod support, but we'll see.
Multitasking would be great, even if on a limited scale. What I really want is revamped notifications. That's my hope for 4.0

Ugh, totally forgot to add lockscreen info. I want to see upcoming calendar events, perhaps email snippets. Missed call list would be nice but not necessary, so long as calendar events are shown. That would be great

I predict very little. A few things here a few things there. Jobs is happy with the iphone, doubt he'll change it much.

@Alli - So true! LOL.
@Joe Dorado - I'm pretty sure there's an app for that based on locale or something.
@gquaglia - Personally, I feel as if Jobs will be putting all his attention into the iPad. That seems to be what the iPhone was meant to be in the first place. The iPhone/iPod Touch was just testing grounds. iPad is his baby. That will probably get everything before iPhone will. But then again...I could be absolutely wrong, lmao.

Decent camera and flash is a must, why have a big screen like that if you cant make the most of it with a crappy 2-3.2 mp cam plz

no one more thing. last year, the event to introduce os 3, there wasn't a "one-more-thing". But i think apple will publish the international prices of the ipad and the ability to pre-order.

And here’s my wishlist ^^
-native to do app that syncs over mobile me with mail (or even with outlook for the business customers)
-wireless sync for notes in mobile me
-APIs for the calendar so that we finaly can accept events and invite people to events (without exchange)
-landscape week view for calendar
-gestures for shortcuts eg to the wireless settings (turn on WLAN, Bluetooth,gps)..
-photo app with native support for mobile me gallery
-more voice commands "what time is it" "search for xxx" "read that email to me"

"application launcher grid with SpotLight search bolted on to the right."
Spotlight search is bolted on to the left, not the right. :-)

Wow! That's totally awesome! What you're saying is that maybe the iPhone will finally be as functional as the other smartphones! and Maybe we'll even get to personalize them like the other smartphones! ... so much for being ahead of the curve! I love my iPhone, but let's be honest: Palm had a few hundred apps almost ten years ago. Symbian has always been strong. Windows Mobile has almost as many apps as the iPhone (as long as you don't include apps that fart or simply regurgitate webpages). The handfull of "Best" iPhone apps were available on Blackberry or Windows Mobile first. Gotta hand it to Jobs, though - Apple has style and marketing - two things the others will never get right!

i agree with the LED!
And I also want the FM radio.
It's practical when you're on the road and when you want to get local news/music/flavour. and you don't need data roaming and save on battery life.

When I had a windows mobile phone. It sucked! I had the newest OS, and nothing would port over, bunch of errors, pain in the butt. I don't know about now, but back a few years ago. Anything worth installing cost an arm, and a leg. Apple has it right. They are also smart. If they gave you everything at once. You would never have buy the next best. They give you just enough to get you to open your wallet, and plunk down some cash

In-app texting...without it, i'll always be a jailbreaker plain and simple. Basically, Apple needs to give me simplicity. much like SBSettings and Kirikae has done.

When/If they impliment background apps, I want to be able to decide which apps to background AND when to allow them to do so. I don't need my battery dying because every halfwitted developer thinks I NEED his/her app running all the time.

oh, and @Scott, all of your requests are already in the jailbreak scene ^_^, activator, tap to unlock (NO MORE SLIDING!), LockInfo, quick dial from cydgets, custom message tones, the list goes on.

I don't know why everyone wants multitasking other than the "everyone else has it" reason. Apple can make a internet radio API into the iPod app and have save-states for third party apps. Maybe run IM clients in with the Messages app. Thats my rant...
More customization I would like with the new OS like themes and profiles
Homepage organization like swiping sideways will switch pages for Games, Media, Utilities, etc while swiping down scrolls through the apps in that category.
Contacts/speed dial on the home screen
Better Calendar app that can at least be compared to iCal for Mac. I think I'd be asking for too much if it resembled MS Outlook.
IMO, Apple needs to do something drastic with the cosmetics of the OS (since they really haven't yet) or they will start being compared to BlackBerry and their horribly obsolete OS.

Timed profiles +1
after 2300:offline
weekdays at 7: online
work cell tower:mute
stevie boy, bring it on !

Can Apple provide us with iPhone users who know/understand the difference between a serious comment and one which is not. Really.

Two things to remember...
1) Droid and other phones have made up significant ground in past 12 months
2) Jobs described this update as an A . If Apple doesn't deliver, they will lose a lot of people on future updates that won't be described as A .

The state saving Rene describes (and I agree, in terms of its likelihood) is pretty much a straight copy of Android's Bundles architecture.
And I do not mean copy as a bad thing -- it is a good idea, just one that should not be patentable except for a specific implementation strategy. Apple should implement their own version of it in SDK4; I am glad Google did not file a vague patent on "saving the currently running state of a mobile application" a la Apple's "swipe to unlock" patent, or we would not see this on iPhone 4, 5, or 12.

@scott: I use my "favorites" as my quick dial. Have you tried it? Maybe, you're looking for something different?
@don: multitasking is a must! I'm tired of reading the news, playing Angry Birds, or watching a video, and having to exit out completely just to answer a text message, then having to startup the app all over again. At least let me pick up where I left off...

For people asking for LED (yes I understand this is not software), I think a great integration would be to have the square of the home button act as a notification light, illuminating when necessary. Simple, elegant, and not visible when unlit.
Now for software, I would like to see the standard (bluetooth profiles, multitasking, etc.) but I would also like to see a full universal spotlight search that accesses Safari bookmarks and history, text within emails/SMS, as well as the current music and apps search.

I dont see how the Android notifications are to "complex" for the mainstream, a bar across the top with the tyoe of notification (call, text, email) you pull down the top bar and it displays the first few lines of the message.
I love the Android notification system with one exception, when I get a text via Google Voice it just says new text, it would be Awesome if it said who it was from.

Here's my Top Ten:
(1) Ability to customize my phone the way I want (themes, notifications, etc)
(2) Multitasking
(3) Better camera software w/ zoom
(4) Add attachments to mail from within Mail program
(5) Universal inbox
(6) Universal calendar
(7) Bluetooth keyboard
(8) Customizable homescreen
(9) SBS Settings type program (easy access to frequently used functions/settings)
(10) Ability to see what is in the "Other" folder that can be seen in the iPhone sync/summary screen... (Right now I've got 2GB worth of stuff in there and I have NO IDEA what it is.)

WiFi sync would be AWESOME!! it was ridiculous that I had to plug my iPad into my PC before I could use it.
and It had better be really really good because Android 2.1 has definitely caught up to the iPhone, I was so surprised at how I did not miss the iPhone one bit when my company switched to Verizon and I was forced to get the Droid.
it has even surpassed it in some respects, Google Voice is amazing!! backgrounding and notifications are way better as well. and I love the widgets, really nice to see my calendar appts right on the home screen without having to launch an app.

The only thing I want is for Apple to give up already and allow flash. If it lags the phone then have it disabled by default with a toggle. It is thst simple.

@qwerty: actually they could put the LED under the black part of the face and you wouldn't see it easily until it lights up, like how the light and proximity sensors are hidden. Having said that, when lit the home button location would give it a nice symmetry.
Reading this thread on my iPhone also reminds me that Safari really needs to let you drag the scrollbar down the right side to quickly scroll down long pages!
While we're at this game, the wifi/Bluetooth syncing would be great especially when coupled with full Bluetooth audio profile support and builtin induction charging (using that standard that I can't remember). That way you don't really need the docking port and cars, sound systems, etc could implement these standards as well so you don't have to worry about specific iPhone support or whether a case will obstruct the dock port.

I'd like to see support for multiple user accounts. While this wasn't really an issue on the iPhone or iPod touch, which tend to be used by a single person, the iPad would benefit from allowing multiple user accounts.
We picked up an iPad over the weekend and plan to use it as our house "couch computer," shared by multiple members of our family. While it's fine to share a piece of hardware (similar to how we share our family desktop computer), no one wants to share e-mail accounts. Having a simple way to switch between different users like we do with Mac OS X would be great.

@jtPDX.....I do that now. It requires you to open the phone app to get to it. Having a screen, like your home screen if you chose, to have contacts on would be faster. On my bold, due to its physical keyboard, you can have a speed dial set for all 26 letters. If you make a lot of calls ( I do ) this is a big time saver. No swipping up and down to find the name. It just takes too many "presses / swipes" to get where you want to go.

I dont understand people. The iPhone, IMO, is by far the best phone out there today. If you dont like it because of a few less software features then get rid of it. Saying that if OS 4.0 isn't HUGE, people will leave the iPhone is crazy again IMO. People have been dazzled with it since it first arrived even though it didnt do everything other smartphones did. Without even having MMS for over 2 years the iPhone still sold millions upon millions of units. I think no matter what people will stick with the iPhone except for a handful of people who are just sick of AT&T and will blame the lack of update as a reason to bail. This is all just my opinion.
On a more important note...give us a feature like Quick Reply SMS and SBSettings and I'll be very happy. Maybe even something like ProSwitcher!

This seems like a stretch, but it would also be cool if Apple/AT&T 1. Finally turned on tethering for the iPhone users in the U.S. and 2. Allowed non-3G iPads to tether to a iPhone via Bluetooth and use the iPhone's 3G Internet connection.

@Scott: In the homescreen settings you can set the Favourites tab of the Phone app to be brought up if you double tap the Home Button

Temporal antenna. Tunable to within 5 minutes. Scalability to millenia with password-protected backstops. Home button returns to preset time and place.

Seriously, people stop asking for an FM radio, its 2010, not 1999. FM radio is DEAD! Stop asking for it, the 4 of you who want it are slow adults

Also, those who want a better camera, here's a thought. Maybe gets a CAMERA, instead of hoping every phone int he world comes w/ a Zeiss and 12megapixels. Seriously, its a phone people. I've had phones w/ 5 megpixel and they have all sucked....its a phone, thats why. That and the FM radio, retarded wants IMO

IMO Multitasking wouldn't be as great as Proswitcher, New Notifications would be great but Profiles would be a bigger bonus.
Just Hope this gives apple the edge over androids!

I was pretty surprised at how far they went in 3.0 to allay peoples concerns. They implemented pretty much everything, and then some.
I suspect tomorrow were in for something pretty special!

I think they are going to introduce multitasking with possibility to close running applications when you hold hardware button.

There are lots of little things that I want, most of which have been mentioned here, but only two things would really disappoint me if they are missing from 4.0:
1) An overhauled notification system. It does not have to ape Android or WebOS, but just something better than the single-modal-notification-blowing-away-earlier-ones mess we have now.
2) Some form of multitasking. Android's bundles/services approach seems a good model, but Apple may have something else up their sleeves. Regardless of how, if I can listen to Pandora/ESPNRadio while using GroceryIQ, and answer texts without leaving my app (or at least, without losing any state upon return), I will be a much happier camper.

My opinions only :
The easy ones (90%)

  1. better notification system (including sleep) - they have to.
  2. Enhanced mail options (unified and exchange features such as flag for follow up)
  3. Data on homescreen lock
  4. Personalisation (themes)

possibles though I don't think so - 50/50
1. Multi-tasking. Possibly just allow radio streaming with autotime out of app so not to kill battery for users that forget to leave on
2. Updated springboard - no. If
this had been the case I think we would have seen it in the ipad. It makes no sense to release that then 3 days later announce significant change to ui. Though could this be achieved by an "advanced option" in the settings ?
3. Rotation lock - I feel this will be a new button on the new iPhone body so won't be announced here.
Just my thoughts anyway.

@MrC......yep. but, I use that for my iPod function. Having some other method would be nice. Single click, double, maybe even a triple click to open different functions. Just dreaming.......

Wait for Windows Mobile 7 phones!!! I'll wait for it, will try it b4 I buy and if I like it better I will make the switch. Think of it this way, phones are turning into computers. There are two major companies that I have some trust, Microsoft and Apple. Actually I don't trust Apple anymore. Droid might be smth to look at closely but i think Microsoft and Apple have a lot more experience in the software. Apple, as of now, is failing to win me over my next purchase. Windows Mobile 7 is comming and it does looks promissing. It does have tons of features and it's something that will make me wait. I think none of us should rush the next purchase. iPhone is lagging on many things now and should make a big step this summer

Multitasking is a must. Hell I have a 3GS jailbroken running backgrounder and about $70 in other jailbreak software. Wouldn't want to I've that software up unless apple offers something substantial in the 4.0 update.

how about the option to lock certain apps like Email and MMS? that would be great and beneficial. i.e. lockdown

I have a better idea! I will just wait until tomorrow and see what they bring us because guessing and speculating drives me crazy. Must of us haven't been right in over a year. I do think that they know it's shortcomings, I do think they have heard all the complaints of what it's missing and what it needs to make it more efficient a better smartphone. I have come to realize that they do it in their own time and what is best for the whole ecosystem of products. So we will see.

AT&T tethering would be nice.. For free would be better. Verizon, sprint, and t-mobile are doing it for free. Why can't AT&T?

And WinMo, and BB also Jason. But BB, WinMo, and most of all Android ; have a poor user experience overall, compared to the iPhone (even with it's shortcomings)

Apple doesn't use drivers like windows dick weed!!!! So that's not the problem like it is with windows computer.

No verizon and t-mo and all of them charge u extra for teathering there devices it's not free unless u get a third party app on the computer to do it for ya. That's the only time it's free