iPhone 4.0 feature page, Keynote video now online

iPhone 4.0 features on Apple.com

Apple.com has posted not only a page touting over 100 (!) new user features for iPhone 4.0, but streaming video of today's iPhone 4 Sneak Preview event is also now available, as is the higher quality download in Apple's Keynote podcast feed [iTunes link]

[Rah-roh! Looks like the iTunes download freezes about 20 min. in, right when the Pandora demo is starting. Avoid until Apple fixes. We'll update when they do!]

Check 'em out and tell us what you think!

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Reader comments

iPhone 4.0 feature page, Keynote video now online


Link has an error and the iTunes download stops updating video a few minutes into it. Files are corrupt.

trying to watch the keynote video with a windows pc seems to be a joke, downloaded latest version of quick time and it doesn't work.

Works for me!! Finally got my folders, yay! Plus true 3rd party multitasking is pretty sweet. Unified inbox, too. Man, Apple has definitely been listening! If only there was a way to make the lock screen more useful without jailbreaking. Ah, well--we've gotta have something to wish for, for the next version!!

iPod Touch 2gen no multi task, hardware will not run it. Same with the iPhone 3g, Got the impression you need at least 32 or 64mb device to run it. He did say some of the 4.0 will work. Be nice to get folders to better organize apps. Not going to buy a new phone, or touch just to get multi task.

So it looks like google has the computer locked down for advertising and apple will have the mobile lock down for advertising. All companies do yourself a favor and get on apples band wagon. Have you seen these ads? Probably best ads I have seen on th mobile device. Ever. That is all.

I doubt 'Folders' will accept web clip icons. That's the main reason I really need folders. "Categories" in Cydia doesn't accept them, and Jobs didn't mention it, so I'm assuming it's a no-go.

@Glenn - it has nothing to do with 32Gb or 64Gb (that's Gb, not Mb). It's about processor speed. The 3Gs has a faster processor than the 3G.

Finally, the day has come when Apple Inc. has posted both the streamed AND downloadable version on the same day! (Been waiting on that for a long time) And i would actually prefer apple to have a way lower quality or at least compressed version for the iphone, since i usually just transfer that baby over and watch it on the go, and because it takes forever to download besides the fact. Not complaining, just dreaming..