iPhone 4 folder magic: hide built-in apps you don't use


While iPhone 4 still won't let you delete built-in Apple apps you don't use (looking at you Weather, Stocks, Compass, etc.!), with the new Folders functionality you can group them together hide them away, effectively wasting only one icon space instead of many.

Just hold your finder down on an offending app until it begins to jiggle then drag it on top of a second offender and voila!, a Folder is born. Name it something cathartic, then start dropping the rest of the worst in until they're all safely hidden away. Set the Folder icon in the middle of screen somewhere down the line and forget it.

And there you go, an almost annoyance free home screen!

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Reader comments

iPhone 4 folder magic: hide built-in apps you don't use


That's all well and good, but how about being able to scroll through apps vertically on a single page? Hello, it this thing on? That would solve all app space problems. You could put 50 on a page. If you want to hide them, fine, but how about those that want to group all similar apps and there are more than will fit on one page? Options, people.

Where have I seen this feature before, where where where I might ask. Oh wait, now I remember, The blackberry OS have this feature for years. Better late then never I guess Apple.

I like using stocks and weather. infact i use is all the time for a quick check and was mad when those apps did not come on my ipad. they will stay right on my home screen.

yup I had a storm and a curve that could hide apps and even delete stock apps. Trouble is it was way to easy to delete important stuff or hide it, like, if I sat on the keyboard or rolled over on it in my sleep, I would delete messages or.....the phone. In order to get them back I would have to reload the entire os which was a nightmare.

This will be nice, because I do feel that the stocks and weather apps are useless. You can find way better apps on the app store for weather and stocks that are much better. I think Apple should seriously update those apps for the GM of 4.0.

Can someone please check if web clip icons can be put in folders with apps (for example: putting TiPb.com, Ustream Viewer, and Macworld.com together in a folder)?
Otherwise, this feature is disappointing.

I kinda hope they allow more than 12 in a folder in a later beta. I was kinda hoping to just group all my Games in one folder but I have almost two pages so I'd need three folders for them all. Then I'd love to group all my "utilities" in one folder and I have only slightly over 12 in that category.

Doe anyone know if you will be able to organize photos into folders.
When you have 200 photos it wouldn't nice to organize them into folders such as bithday, vacation, and so on.
Will that be possible?

@ukhn99 Why do morons like your self come in here and say stupid s**t. We all know this stuff is on other phones. But all this stuff on the iphone is so much sweetier. People come in here everytime the iphone gets something new and they say the ? has been doing this for years. So why are you here? If that phone is so much better go get it. Grow up

@Macboy15 Because I know this kind of stuff annoy the heck out of fan boy like you. And for your info I do have an iPhone, so you can can't tell me that I'm a blackberry fanboy.

Just another feature I can't wait to have. It's taking every ounce of self discipline I have to not go download one of those leaked copies. Since I'm rocking a 3G though, I'll probably just wait until the new model comes out so I can get the full experience.

@Macboy15 @ukhn99 I am looking for the unique differences between apples' folder function and others. This stuff looks like windows' folder. However, i expect apple has own specility in this. If someone find out a special thing, please share us. (i am not availabe to test it by myself with iPhone OS 4)

I like Categories better with CategoriesSB. Now if only the developers of those apps can make it so there is no need for a respring after each change to a Categories folder and voilà we'd have Apples Folders feature only BETTER as a jailbreak Categories feature. :D

But for some reason wheni add more apps to my iphone 3gs it takes the apps out the folder and i have to remake the folder all over.. Do anyone else have this problem?

@youngpro I've never had that many apps, so I'm not using my folders at all, but my wife does use them and she is not having that problem, however, she is having her folders disappear when she syncs. I guess 9.1 doesn't support folders.

what happen with the folders when we sync with the itunes? will they stay?? or we have to make the folders over and over again??

Excellent. Thank you very much for that. Downloaded the new OS last night and didn't know how to create folders.

Folders are pointless. Spotlight is faster then scrolling for nearly anything past your first or second page.

just jailbreak the iphone/ipod, download poof, or sbssettings, and within either of these you can toggle the icons you want to hide