iPhone 4.0: Spotlight searches Google and Wikipedia


Spotlight in iPhone 4.0 takes a %&@ good on-device search that could find your apps, contacts, and other personal data, and makes it a ^%^(&$ fantastic on-device and web-resource search that can also send text strings out to the internet -- spelled Google and Wikipedia and bring you back the results.

First, yes, Google is still the default search engine, so that coffee break obviously worked. Second, yes, those Wikipedia strings that were discovered in previous iPhone OS betas looks like they've finally surfaced.

Now if we could just search Twitter for real-time results... (Yeah, give us two services, we want twenty!)

[via Engadget]

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iPhone 4.0: Spotlight searches Google and Wikipedia


Yeah Palm Pre can search the web from their search thingy, but it can't search the device (at launch anyway, maybe they've updated that in their OS since then).

TiPb Says: "Now if we could just search Twitter for real-time results…"
we already can....
in mobile safari, after a google search, simply tap "options" and select "updates." voila -- twitter. (automatically updated every few seconds.)
in standard browsers, with google options set to "latest," twitter results will appear at the top of the list, inline with other search results. or under "options" select "updates" for all twitter, all the time. (automatically updated every few seconds.)

i already have the iphone 3Gs, will i need to by a new phone called iphone 4G or is just an update that i can do with my current iphone?

With people doing so much whining about what we didn't get in 4.0, it's nice to see some positive comments about this feature.