iPhone 4.0 Spotted Online Again!


Last time iPhone 4.0 was spotted in a server log, now it's been seen again in a developer's Pinch Media analytics. Sure, this stuff can and will be faked, but given that Apple typically introduces new OS versions in March, and that iPhone 3.2 is still nowhere to be seen, maybe they are concentrating on 4.0 and early tests are already underway?

'Tis the season to see rumors, if nothing else!

[via MacRumors]

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Reader comments

iPhone 4.0 Spotted Online Again!


I can't wait for apples preview event. What I'm waiting for is the discovery of some kind of resolution independance requirement for 4.0 to jumpstart iPhone IV rumors.

I'd say slim. Higher than last year tho because of how much android is bringing the competition, among oter phones. But I'd still say late June is a 98% sure bet.

@macman i believe if true the possibility of a 3gs 64gb could be brought out but nothing new

Apple better not skip 3.2. There are a lot of software updates that can be implemented before launching a new iPhone (AVRCP, multitasking, FM radio, etc).

Exactly. Software upgrades soon. The 3GS is well equipped to do more things. Even if it's to fix minor glitches it should come soon.

The radio feature is something I look forward to. When will ever end? Not saying I want it to but I just wonder on how much can be packed into a phone/computer.

I'd like to see a few more customizable features and a weather app that displays the current temp. Although with new hardware, we could get a better camera, better battery, better screen, and maybe make it a little thinner. Oh, and add a tazer feature for security.

There's annoying bugs in 3.1.2, such as smartlist sync problems. I'd be peeved if Apple waited 6 more months to fix that!

Agreed about AVRCP. There is soo much I could do with that. And the scrolling through your list of podcasts is just aweful. Inertia scrolling is one of those things apple had down solid out if the box with the first iPhone os. Why on earth is it choppy on a 3.0 3gs?

I never thought I'd say this but I'm a little bored with the physical appearance of the iPhone. I saw some really cool fan ideas of what 4.0 should look like and some are very bad ass!
As far as software goes, there are some definite things to be looked at but I would be EXTREMELY disappointed if the design itself was not updated.

I'd love to see OS 4.0. I really don't like OS 3.0 because of it's unreliability. I think that OS 2.0 felt much more solid.

I doubt they change physical appearance much. The current state of the iPhone is simplicity at it's finest (less is more). IF they change anything, I hope it includes a front facing camera and detachable battery. My fear is that a detachable battery would mean a thicker body. I'd like the phone to be as slim as the iPoT. Alex makes a great point about maybe rolling the new phone out sooner to answer competitors, and he's right that it probably won't happen anyways. I'm eligible for upgrade in July, so it doesn't matter much to me :)

The iPhone NEEDS a MAJOR update. It's getting boring. I'm jumping the boat to Android if I don't see significant change and improvement come along after iPhone 4.0

I belevie they should leave shape alone just overhaul os. Good point about a removable battery making it thicker. I would hate that.

I've said this countless times. As far as aesthetics go, Apple understands simplicity, (less is more), minimalism, class, and style. They're not going to go the tasteless and gaudy route like Android and others are. OS X has remained basically similar throughout the years, and so too, will iPhone OS. Those who don't like it had better just plan on moving on now because it's not gonna become trashy and convoluted while Jobs is running things.
As far as the hardware, outer casing, and features... sure, I'm all for major improvements and design changes.

I hate to burst bubbles, but it's soooo easy to fake your machine's OS and identity. My friends at Sony used to mark their machines at PS4-Webkit to drive the rumor sites nuts.

Told ya last week they were putting all their resouces into 4.0. Front facing camera is a given, in addition to the usual one. Also, a gyroscope will enable truly precise augmented reality as well as quasi head tracking that will allow the OS to render 3D depth perception on the 2D screen without the need for special glasses, if the user chooses to enable it. Not to mention far superior orientation than the imprecise compass. All this of course will require a hefty CPU and GPU boost. Admittedly, the pico projector is a stretch, but a guy can dream, can't he?

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the proximity sensors that will allow for much more complex manipulation of this 3D space.

And oh yeah, forgot to reiterate the 4X increase in screen resolution. And probably a 5MP camera that will be easily accomodated by the 64GB or more of memory.

Lol! Apples not gonna do any of that since it wold slow down the phone and AT&T can't handle the data for video cals. They are already straining the network as it is.

Apple should look no further than what the jailbreak community has done to this wonderful device. A lot of great jailbreak tweaks should be considered for 4.0- at this point the iPhone springboard def needs to be fully customizeable the way I have my beautiful Xmas theme on now on My JB phone. Also texting anywhere wthout having to open up SMS messaging should be implemented. Being able to control your music apps through external docks or headphone clicker like you're able to with the iPod should also be tweaked. The way music controls works in the cydia store.
I think with all the competition now, backrounding on 4.0 is a given.

I hope they don't just make the 3GS in a 64g and call it 4.0. I want multitasking and widgets in iPhone 4.0. Hell I wouldn't mind a little customization or a better battery life or better camera, but I'll be happy with the multitasking and widgets.

Everything needEd for 4.0 is already in jailbreak. Apple should just hire the guys behind backgrounder, proSwitcher, and myweatherapp and call it a day.

The iPhone misses some pretty basic functions, themeing, custom homescreen wallpapers, multitasking, the list goes on, although iPhone needs a hugE beef up, the also need haptic onteir keyboard, the keyboard on the iPhone is really nice but it needs some type of feedback, but whatever you want in iPhone 4.0 apple probably won't give so go ahead and jailbreak

Just jailbreak ur iPhone. U will b less dissapointed that way withwhat apple will release. So sad for their devices to have so much potential but yet be hel back by so many restrictions and, well jus all the cool tweaks an utilities they could implament. Something so simple as adding a wallpaper on ur background too much for the almighty apple dev team?