iPhone 5c pre-orders now live! Here's how to make sure you get one!

iPhone 5c pre-orders now live! Here's how to make sure you get one!

iPhone 5c pre-orders are now open and you can head on over to your regional Apple Online Store, as well as many carrier and other retail stores, to get a pre-order in for an iPhone 5c of your very own. Want to make sure you get one? Based on previous year's ordeals, if Apple.com crashes under the pre-order load, try the Apple Store app, and if neither work, start trying preferred carrier website.

Now the iPhone 5c pre-orders might not prove as popular as previous year's pre-orders because some folks might be waiting for the iPhone 5s. However, the iPhone 5s won't be available for pre-order, so who knows? Twice as many new iPhones to choose from means twice as hard to predict as previous years. Just make sure you keep trying!

If you're still having trouble deciding which color, capacity, and carrier to go with, check out our awesome iPhone 5c buyers guide. Then tell us what you got, and when it's shipping your way!

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iPhone 5c pre-orders now live! Here's how to make sure you get one!


Having trouble with att. Keep timing out. Got to "review order" and it froze but billed my cc $1

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If you call their 800 number you can just go that route. But don't tell too many otherwise they'll turn off that option!!!!!!!

7:40am in NY and all colors of the 5c are still available to ship on launch day. If only it were this easy for the 5s! Steve Jobs would have never disallowed preorders for the flagship. (joke...mostly.)

I don't get it. Why have a pre order for the 5c? It is aimed at people who don't care about having the best phone, which are those who also don't stay up late to preorder. If trying to create buzz, pre order the 5s because that would have sold out in minutes. Now it just looks bad compared to other years.

It's marketing. A preorder gives a sense that it's a new phone. Despite the fact it's just a year old iphone 5 with a colorful plastic shell. Apple wants to sell these by the boatload.

So much for staying up last night. It looks like you can safely order any of the models this morning (8:00am Pacific). So there either is less demand for the new colorful phones or Apple has seriously ramped up supply. I'm guessing the latter... Apple is going to sell a gajillion of these.

I wonder if they're doing preorders for the colored phones as a way to gauge what colors & memory configurations they need to manufacture. Remember this is a LOT of SKUs vs. the typical white & black phone releases.

I've still been unsuccessful at pre-ordering. Tried att website for about 13hrs now, online chatted with att rep, phone call to att rep and nothing. Tried apple but they don't show my corp. discount, so I'm hesitant to finish on their site. Att shows still available to ship, I just can't get my order to go through even though there is a hold on my acct and a history of 2 canceled lines of service now. Screw them, may just have to switch to the pink tel-co

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Wouldn't buy a 5c even if it was the only new iPhone available. If I wanted plastic, I'd buy a droid.