No iPhone at Apple iPad Event. Start Rumors for iPhone 4.0, Verizon in March?


Though we heard persistent rumors that the iPhone would tag along for the iPad ride, neither iPhone 3.2, iPhone 4.0, or anything concerning an iPhone on Verizon were mention during the "Come see our latest creation" event.

Which, we guess, stands to reason if Apple wanted to shine the HUGE spotlight on what they hope will be their 4th business -- the tablet.

It does make us wonder, however, if we'll be seeing Apple's traditional (for the last two years at least) iPhone 4.0 Sneak Peak event in March?

Is that why we didn't see any multitasking or notifications during the iPad demo? No word on... Verizon? Let the rumors commence!

(What, you thought you'd get a break?)

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No iPhone at Apple iPad Event. Start Rumors for iPhone 4.0, Verizon in March?


sooooo disappointed that it was just the iPad. It wasn't like watching anything new because it's so very iPhone like. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad it's here I was just hoping something more would follow.

I really would have loved to see something on the iphone.. I need something new and fresh on it.. I've been looking at the same phone, for years now.. and I just can't take it much longer.. I think the ipad is a bust, and won't sell as they are expecting.. I just hope that this new product doesn't hold back the product that I've grown to love so much(my iphone).

i also really wanted to see something regarding the new iphone. My contract with tmobile will be up this march and i want to switch over to att and get an iphone. Im getting fed up with rim/blackberry.

Ugh, I'm getting quite tired of having Verizon brought into every iPhone article. Just because iPhone wasn't a main topic at this event, why does that lead to a Verizon iPhone! claim? Why oh why can't we stop talking about Verizon speculations and focus on other topics? Listen, when a Verizon version of the iPhone is announced THEN talk about it. Its been nearly 4 years of "I heard from a guy who knows a guy that they coming out with an Verizon capable iPhone".

@Rick: Trust me you don't want to go to AT&T. Pray for carrier free or at least Verizon. I did the switch from tmo and it's like the same coverage but you always have signal.

So disappointed they didn't mention anything new about the iPhone. I was really hoping it would go to other carriers.

@ BlackBlood
I know a guy, who works for a guy, that knows there is a Verizon iPhone.
lmao no seriously i feel you, this is ridiculous, i was so let down. the ipad is retarded

Rick... i really hope your experience is first hand and not what everyone is saying. I have the iPhone on AT&T and in the NYC market and have no AT&T issues. I have a 9700 on there and it never goes out of service.
I lose a signal due to the "blackra1n" jailbreak that I used from time to time, not enough to bother me.
So what the heck was Verizon's event about?

I think it's lame that so many people are saying they'd jump ship to... Verizon. cringes Why? WHY?!

One question. How are going to transfer all of your music, pics and videos with NO USB port or CD/DVD drive? iPad= NOT FOR ME

@duvi, I, too, have both an iphone 3G and Bold 9700 and have absolutely zero problems with AT&T. But it's also true that I don't use them in NYC or San Fran!

I seem to recall that Apple and ATT's exclusivity agreement was for 5 years, which means that we won't see a non-ATT iPhone until 2012 at the earliest. Of course, just because I read it on the internet doesn't mean its true, but since the iPhone still hasn't gone to another carrier here, I'm starting to think that maybe it's more true than not.
I'm disappointed that there was no iPhone news today. The iPad is an oversized iPod touch. It will go the way of the Apple TV.

I was sad to see the lame iPad today, but I was even more disappointed to not see any iPhone news announced. However I am glad that this iPad (despite the lameness of it) has finally seen the light of day so we can be done with it and move on to the next release... bring on the hardware/firmware rumors!

Wow im really pissed. Youd think after everything else ie the Nexus one that apple would step up ther game alil bit. iphone was a great thing a year ago and its now time to put features on the iphone that need to be put on it. Im really thinkin bout gettin an android phone now. Thanks apple but i dont need a bigger iphone. Wow im mad

sooo disappointed theres no new iphone:( my contracts up in march and i wnted to get a new version of my iphone. ipad looks retarded, its just a big iphone.

Guess I will get the Nexus One on Verizon when it comes. I wouldn't be surprised if Apple renew their contract with AT&T.

I was a little disappointed as well. Guess we'll have to wait another couple of months to see if there will be a new OS for the Iphone :(

Im bummed nothing Iphone was discussed in the event. But bottom line, I still love my 3gs. Im glad we can finally put all of these ipad rumors behind us. I agree, I am sick of Verizon getting brought into everything nowadays.

I think because people looked at the device like a giant iPhone and didnt look at him like he just implemented fire to cave people. He said Im angry Im not giving you guys nothing else today. I know one thing as much as I do like my iPhone it has needed very much needed improvements. There really isnt anything out to sway me with a purchase of another phone. Steve Jobs knows this. Its a little agitating. He is just like some very smart people that constantly just keep moving to new projects because he wants the applause. This is not going to change the world. The print businesses that are virtually going out of business are the ones that got an extra life in the game today. Thats it.

That announcement was pathetic. When will Jobs get a clue and give the people what they want which is an Iphone on any other network besides ATT. As a share holder I am pissed! The iPad is notihing more than a glorified itouch with 3g capability (on ATT once again). Actually, i dont think the lower end models have 3g capability.
Seriously, what kind of kickbacks is ATT giving Jobs?

Was hoping for a new tweak to the OS. Seriously considering jailbreaking now.
If Apple keeps limiting the phone like this, I will soon be seriously consider Android.

@duvi and @combycraigs...i am just sick of blackberry in general. I have had a bb for the past 5 years now and the improvements they have made to the os are very minimal. I can't stand the fact that my 9700 still has a horrible browser. Its 2010 rim...get it together. So i wasnt bashing att at all. I WANT to switch to att so i can experience the iphone, but i want to wait until they release 4.0 or a newer version.

I am very disappointed with this announcement. The iPad (Tampon) is nothing that we haven't already seen. It simply fills the gap between the iPod Touch and iPhone. It is a huge iPod touch with 3G capabilities. I have an iPhone 3G. I can get both WiFi and 3G whenever I want. I can download a book app from the App Store and do the same thing on my iPhone that I could do on an iPad. My iPhone has a camera, SMS, and hundreds of Apps that fit beautifully on my screen. Sure the iPad is nice, and will probably be a hit for a Apple, but something totally new would have been nice. A new OS built specifically for iPad would have been nice. It would have been cool to see truly revolutionary ways to interact with the device, but it lacked in that area too. I am waiting for iPhone 4.0 so I can put a nice picture of a mountain on my iPhone home screen. Some kind of 4.0 mention would have been great. Looks like it will just be another waiting game.

What a disappointment.... NO flash, No camera, NO multitasking, NO HDMI, NO wide-screen, NO mac OS, NO GPS, NO removable battery.....
Why waste the money on an outdated device???

TBH, i was more looking forward to iPhone OS news than this oversized/over-glorified iphone.
what a depressing day.

RaShad, you won't be able to get the Nexus One on Verizon...the Nexus is a GSM phone only. IOW, you'll only be able to use it on ATT or t-mobile.

I am so sick of the AT&T crying. Look, two cities have bad service, sorry but that will happen with ANY CARRIER INCLUDING VERIZON. CDMA is a dying technology, why design an iPhone for it? If you hate AT&T so much, pay the ETF and go to T-Mobile, no 3G but according to the whining you can not use the iPhone on AT&T so logically T-Mobile with Edge would be a great improvement. Verizon blew it when THEY first rejected the iPhone because they wanted all of the profits and control. No Apple Ap Store just Verizon's lame store. if Verizon had gotten the iPhone, we would not be having this debate, Verizon would have strangled the iPhone with restrictions and it would never have gained the popularity it has because it is on AT&T without all the garbage and with the Ap Store, iTunes and the like. No, I am not an AT&T employee or even a stock holder.
Next, is the iPad everything I hoped for, yes ad no. But it is not the sad device many here are making it out to be. Remember, the original iPhone was not perfect and compared to the 3Gs, it is lame. So look at this version of the iPad as the first, it will get better in time. It has basic productivity, media, games, and books/news. Sure no TV YET, but who knows? TV networks were slow coming to iTunes also. As to the AT&T only models and no Verizon (UGH!!!) if you must have the mythical "the Network", buy a wifi only addition and a Verizon MiFi now you have your precious Verizon (a double the cost, but who care "It's the Network" so it's worth it, gees).

Well as far as how this can impact the iPhone? How about seeing the Apple A4 1Ghz chip in the next model? It would be amazing. I was hoping for a MacBook Pro refresh... Guess not and I want to buy one so bad but it feels like a hardware refresh is due... I still don't like how the 13" MB has more HDD space than the 13" MBP.

I switched to AT&T just for the iphone and while I really like the phone itself I can't stand their network. I've had Sprint and Verizon as well and never had any issues with them so I was really hoping we would hear something about the iphone switching carriers. I've been waiting for the past year and a half as I listened to rumors that they would be and I've finally given up hope. I'm stopping at Verizon on the way home tonight and picking up a Droid. It's not as a good of a phone but at least I know I'll get my calls then.

The iPad looks cool....
But i am kinda surprised. Well, not im surprised that im not surprised. I was expecting something totally new that would make all those rumours look silly... and the iPad looks nice... but just seems like an enlarged iPod/iPhone (minus the phone part).
The OS is pretty much identical, it runs iPhone apps. I really can't see the point of it (help me here im trying too!) and where does it fit? If you have an iPhone and a Laptop, where does this come in?? It's not as powerful as a laptop.. and its not as portable (or as useful!) as a phone...

I have over 15 cell phones with Verizon. I have enjoyed Verizon tremendously over the years. Nine months ago, I decided to make the change and move over 4 phones from Verizon to AT&T. It was well worth the few hours and well worth the cost of breaking the contracts. If you want an iPhone, just do the right thing and go to AT&T and get it over with. It only hurts for about 10 minutes and then your whole world will change as you have your iPhone. You will never again spend time googling the internet on iPhone rumors over Verizon. Believe it or not, I have actually spent hardly any time with AT&T customer service since the iPhone works perfectly. Absolutely my cell coverage has been limited, but in other areas that I couldn't get Verizon, it has improved. Bottom line is I have an iPhone. I got tired of waiting for Verizon to have access and I took it upon myself to make the change to AT&T. I made the difference rather than waiting for someone to make it for me. As for the iPad, give it time to develop.

well im really dissapointed. i after the nexus one i was hoping on a new iphone. But remember people the iphone 3gs has only been out now for 7 months. apple like any other company wants to make more meoney on their phone.. additionally, witht this extra time i guess since apple dint show the new iphone 4g. they get to making the 4g iphone. at&t is great in florida.. i have never been to nyc or san fransisco but in florida he service is great so stop whining.. and yea the tablet is not what i tought it would be. im just going to wait for the announcement of the new macbook pro with those new I5 intel chips.

Was hoping for an iPhone through Verizon. I guess I'll just stick to my VZ Blackberry for now. I'd rather have good service on a mediocre device than awful service on an awesome device. Oh well. Maybe next year!

I honestly don't think this is such a bad start for the iPad. I am sure with software updates this will become more multitask and open for devolpers. Guys and girls think of apples history. Millions will buy the ipad and then the new verison will have more features ie a camera with flash. Start with a tease and once your hooked they will continue to buy the new verisons can't say i am surprised. I'll still buy one simply i could find this iPad very convienent and the 30 $$ unlimited plan for AT&T with no contract is pretty good. BTW Verizon today had a employee wide confrence call discusing the iphone product and status. Apple and Verizon still in talks about money and control. Still not a bad ipad os 4.0 will or should free up some of the don't do right now.

No iphone for verizon say a meeting an hour ago. verizon is going to stay with google. going to try to make google better that apple

Very disappointing day for sure. Unfortunately all the rumors were exactly that... RUMORS!!!! My contract is up with Verizon and my Crackberry. Was hoping that the iPhone was coming to Verizon, but now I need to decide what I'm going to get next b/c I'm done with this out of date Blackberry. To all the Verizon hopefuls out there, I feel your pain.

One more comment. I know that many feel the service is poor in some areas. But I use my iPhone for much much more than just making phone calls. 90% of the time I spend with the iphone is gathering and pulling information from it. It has changed the way I work on a daily basis. So even if I had service that was not so good in my area, the iPhone is much much more than just a cell phone. If you are worried about signal, buy an iPhone and return it within 30 days if not satisfied for a full refund. Prove it to yourself rather than listening to others about the rumors that they have heard. I do understand that there might be areas that have poor signals. But that is a small percentage of the area being covered by cell phones. Just give an iPhone a try and prove it to yourself rather than listening to others.

Stop whinning and switch to VZW, right now yes right at this moment.
We want the room cleared by half. So one morning when half of us wake up, we'll be lavishing with faster 3G and talk-data/apps, just us.
Go to Verizon, and we'll be happy you leave. Because we want you out so it will be just a few of us.
I have been a Verizon BB subscriber and have used two Storms in 60 days and I WILL NEVER GO BACK.

Frankly I think they hit most of what this marketplace they created is going to look for. Remember that it is NOT a replacement for a laptop or netbook but more akin to a "Kindle on steroids". It offers more than the iPod Touch but a good deal less than a macbook. It's not a phone - that is why we have the iPhone. The 2 areas that I am most disappointed with are multitasking (even if it is limited - I'd really like to listen to slacker while working or surfing...) and the lack of flash support.
The other items I can understand, frankly I don't want a camera for this, don't want them to waste money on putting in a CDMA chip in there when Verizon is already moving to upgrade to 4g PLUS the whole world is on GSM anyway...
Overall this is going to open up quite a new niche

I mean I will never go back with Verizon's slow 3G and interrupted data connection due to incoming calls.

First of let me make a quick comment on the iPad. I am actually, myself, very disappointed. i was expecting a lot more. to me it just looks like a humongous iPhone,it which people will pay up to $800 for. it sounds like the first generation iPhone. I saw no CD compartment and no "computer" functionality. many tablets these days serve as computers, since that's what they are. they have all the same features as a computer with tablet features as well. I was also mad that there was no pen to write with. i mean come on, this is apple. you'd think they would put that in.
But, anyways, talking about what this comment area is for. I am extremely mad the iPhone 4.0 announcement was not made. this is what i was looking forward to. Hopefully it comes in march, i'll be waiting...

Sorry, forgot to say what i look forward too.

  1. FLASH, please!!!!
  2. multitasking
  3. an ability to have a quote on quote home screen(have all my info on it-calender, missed calls, texts, etc.)
  4. this is minimal, but an ability to have a downloads are for my app downloads. What i mean is i hate it when i want to get multiple downloads and i have to download one at a time, rather than put them all in a queue area and download them all at once.

i have some other small issues, but these are my top ones.

I really don't knownwhy evevryone is disappointed I mean the iPhone wasn't coming to verizon in the first place...... And the ipad was never even going to be with verizon..... Face It
this was the only chance for the iPhone to be on verizon and it turned out FAIL an apple prodxt will never be on verizon.......
I'm sorry it just won't

I don't really know why all you guys are disappointed w/ no iPhone news. Apple as a company rarely if ever breaks their product cycles.
I understand being underwhelmed w/ the iPad though.
I think we'll get OS 3.2 when the iPad is released. 4.0 will be given to devs around then along w/ another event from Apple previewing it. New iPhone in June/July. Just like always.

I was pretty dissapointed but not surprised that there was no iPhone news or updates. I'm going to get an iPhone on either ATT or Verizon, I don't really care. I've had Verizon forever and pleased with the service but if I have to switch I will. I just don't want to commit now and then in two months find out there will be a new model coming in the spring or summer. I'll wait until we know something.

ipad is cool but as others have said, it seems obsolete out the gate without at least a camera or maybe gps. oh well, apple has a clear path for upgrades that come out 9mos after the early adopters have dropped their $$$. :) i was really hoping for a verizon iphone though and have delayed getting the verizon pre plus until the announcements. i shouldn't be too surprised though. an iphone on verizon would likely kill sales of the just-announced verizon pre/pixi. guesss i'll go order a pre plus now.

Such a shame about the iPhone. The iPad is going to be such a small market, it's practically a non-discussion. Meanwhile the ubiquitous iPhone really needs to catch-up. Anyway who's going to bother with (let alone spend a premium on) a tablet that can't multitask (aka OS 3.X)?

I so wanted a Verizon announcement. No AT&T service in rural America. Still Waiting on the plains of Kansas

really? apple does what they want not listen to the consumer just like every other big company. You never get the best of both worlds.

well, the topic of the event was "come and see our latest creations".
Their creation was the Ipad - nothing else. I guess they didn't even start with Iphone OS 4.0, their developers were busy in creating OS 3.2 for the Ipad.
Since the Ipad-OS is now done, they'll probably announce 3.3 (?) or 4.0 the next weeks so we can expect it in Summer.
That's it guys.

I hope they stuff that A4 into the next hardware refresh of the 3GS, that joker is fast!

No iPhone for Verizon?? AT&T is great in larger cities but sucks in rural US. Looks like Apple doesn't want to compete?? My next phone will be where I can get a signal

I just don't like ATT. My service is okay, but I dropped Verizon to go the ATT for the iPhone and I have been unimpressed with ATT - not just the significantly limited service in my area (PNW), but also customer service and billing practices. Not saying verizon will be tons better re phone service (it was before), but my experience with ATT makes me want to switch.

@everyone: I am simply amazed at people's comments regarding Verizon. Their service is piss poor. They are on CDMA which is limited to the US. You cant go overseas with it. I have AT&T with flawless service, I get reception when my verizon buddies dont (one even in front of the LA Verizon building/tower on top of a parking Still, Im sure iPhone is going to be on Verizon soon and so you Verizon people can enjoy your poor service. Dont come crying here when your carrier cant handle the massive bandwidth the iPhone requires.
I was hoping for 4th Gen iPhone info, I want to get the new one when it comes out to use with my awesome AT7T service.

Verizon? AT&T? People like me in the other parts of the world (not the US) couldn't care less about them. Just give us the iPhone goss... ;)

If the iPad sells at the right prices I might actually look into buying one of these. I'd pay $500 for a model that supports flash, silverlight and lets me watch Hulu!

Why is Verizon always squeezed in iPhone topics? The Verizon iSlate turned out to be an AT&T iPad. Throughout the process AT&T's name never surfaced only Verizon.
Why is that? My theory is someone or group of people from TiPB or casual trollers or indirectly by Verizon itself, or even possibly an agenda pushed by the author himself, to create a certain mindset for people and thus create lot of ongoing fuss here and there, in the end pushing Apple to create one without Verizon actually telling it to, out of artificial mindset and fuss.
Yes, many iphone users dislike AT&T. Hey, we'd be very happy that you'd leave. That way only a handful of us to lavish on AT&T's faster 3G. What 1/4, half, 75%, the more people to leave AT&T the better for use who will stay.

...and for those who are casually trolling, wishing to have an iPhone but turned off by AT&T. Please continue to be turned off. We don't want more people to share our already cramped, under-invested, spotty network. We want our paradise to be just few.

Like msm0511 said Verizon wouldn't have an iPhone until they get LTE squared away. This technology is at least a year and a half away. And there are no phones that have both dual LTE CDMA radios. So keep waiting. Plus are you forgetting that Verizon had the first crack at the 1st generation iPhone? They said no. Plus do you see all the ads they've been producing bad mouthing the iPhone? Please. Makes absolutely no sense.

My very own past looks so ancient. It¡¦s onerous to believe that my Grandma was born into a house while not indoor plumbing or electricity and her family was wealthy.

Sounds kind of pricey for a big Kindle. I mean, the Kindle Ap for my iPod Touch was free- I just had to pay for the books, many of which were also free. If it's true that the 7% of AT&T users (those that have iPhones) are taking up 40% of their bandwidth, I think I'm actually all about the iPhone staying off the Verizon network. Sure, I'd love it if my iPod touch could do what it does in my apartment and office when not attached to a wifi site- but given the choice, and the price, I think I'm much happier with a dinky phone and a cheap plan that never drops my calls, no matter how far in the middle of nowhere I am. But if you never stray far from civilization, I could see how missing calls isn't that big of a deal, and having a cool phone is a much higher priority.

@Scott R
Verizon isn't bashing the iPhone in it's new advertisements. It's bashing AT&T and it's incapable service.