Updated: Jailbreak tool for iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G on iOS 4/4.0.1 and iPad on iOS 3.2.1 released

For those of you who were patiently waiting to jailbreak your iPhone running either iOS 4 or 4.0.1, your wait is finally over as iPhone hacker Comex has released a tool to get the job done. It is a web based jailbreak so simply point your mobile safari browser to www.jailbreakme.com and your wait will be over. Heck, you can even use this tool to jailbreak your iPad running 3.2.1.

The servers seemed to be overwhelmed currently but keep checking the link above and let us know how it goes for you! If you have questions and want to learn more about jailbreaking be sure to visit our forum dedicated to the topic here.

Update: The server issues we mentioned now seem to have been corrected and you can now access the link freely.

Update 2: If you decide to run this jailbreak tool please note that Engadget has managed to brick their iPhone. So please, proceed with caution. Other users are reporting this breaking MMS along with FaceTime and that it is not working on the iPad.

[TiPb forums]

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Reader comments

Updated: Jailbreak tool for iPhone 4, 3GS, 3G on iOS 4/4.0.1 and iPad on iOS 3.2.1 released


Just jb my ip4 installed great. installed one of the apps on cydia and it needed to rebbot my phone. no big deal. now my phone is stuck on the apple boot logo??? WTF!!! Any ideas????? Tried hard resetting. Itunes wont even recognoze it??

I wouldn't touch this with a barge pole for a few days. I would wait until you get people to find bugs and let others brick their phones. I bet this can cause more hassle than it's worth at the minute!

HELP!!!! My ip4 is stuck on he boot screen after i installed clear lockscreen from cydia! ??? Now it just sits there on the boot screen?? Even plugged it in to see if itunes would recognize it??

Great job!! I'm gonna wait a while to jaibreak my iPhone 4 because I guarantee you 99 percent of the apps don't work with the new hardware. Plus there are so many people having problems.

I'm going to wait till it's been out for a couple of months, there's no OMG i need them Apps on jailbreak right now anyway.

My FaceTime is gone too. My buddy (sitting next to me) just jailbroke his ip4 but his FaceTime is there. WTF.

iPhone 4... FaceTime gone. MMS gone. Tethering option gone.
Add to that Cydia being hopelessly overwhelmed there's no way to install anything that I jailbroke for.
So far, not happy... Should've waited

just jailbroke my iPhone 4...worked perfectly but MMS was gone. Doing restore now...will use again once kinks are worked out...

Has anyone come across a problem that a complete restore hasn't fixed ? If your iTunes doesn't recognize your iPhone after it gets stuck, try a friends computer with your friends account. I fixed a 'stuck' iPhone that way... just open iTunes and plug in the 'stuck' phone, it should detect it as a new device, since it wasn't ever on 'your' account. Then do a full restore as a new phone and don't put any of your stuff on the device.

well don't be so happy, after jailbreak iphone 4 mms and facetime disappear. still has some bugs.

  1. Restored my iPad upgrading it to 3.2.1
  2. Restored its latest backup on iTunes (and not synced)
  3. Opened Safari and used jailbrakeme.com
  4. Closed Safari, SpringBoard restarted
  5. Cydia is on the second page

So far no headaches.

Ugh! JB broke my FaceTime, MMS and all data except for texting. Can't surf the net, not internet apps will work. Cydia gave me error messages that kept saying something about unable to fetch xyz... Restoring now... I'll try again once all the bugs are worked out.

I have iPhone 4 running iOS 4.0 on AT&T. I have SHSHs on file for the iOS 4.0 and 4.01. I have cydia on my phone (its very slow) I installed two jailbroken apps (Makeitmine and Five dock) they worked perfectly. I also tried to use MMS and Facetime and both are working fine. However I have not restarted my phone since some people mentioned I might loose MMS and Facetime after a restart.

Screw that! I'm not bricking my 4. I'll wait. The only thing I really want JB for is tethering.

What a ball ache, MMS and Facetime lost. Restored and it appeared. Loaded back up and it went again. Lost all my contact, photo's and ringtones. Nice one! Next time why dont you BETA test it on a number of handsets and then iron the bugs out.

Idiots - you KNOW that jailbreaking as it is, is a risky thing to do. Where do you get the balls to scoff at the developers who released the JB?? These guys pours countless hours into releasing this to satisfy all of you and the second something goes awry you bitch and moan. Grow up and learn to say thank you. 

i got a iphone 4 did the jailbreak and i have no problems so far, but i have no restarted the phone yet. got my tether back

Has anyone had MMS/FaceTime issues without installing winterboard? mine was fine before winterboard. Anyway some of the best tweaks and apps aren't updated yet.
Anyway if you enjoy the dev teams hard work, DONATE!!!

The jb was a success on my iPhone 4, I have sbsettings running which I missed desperately, so far I have no probs otter than the mms and FaceTime but I can live without them until the bugs are fixed because having all the other stuff is SO worth it!!!

YOU ARE THE BEST... the BEST Tool.... I would like to donate for this. Please tell me how and were I can do this. I am very happy about this... WORKED so perfect... i had the original Iphone - and old 3g - and did this with all the OLD hard long steps and now this is amazing. Must have been an emense amount of work to do this. I love it!!! GREAT JOB.

If you lose MMS/Facetime after JB'ing, all you need to do is plug the phone in, start iTunes, right click on the phone and select "Restore from backup". Once restored, Cydia will remain, but Facetime and MMS should work.
Hat tip to Dev-Team. Awesome work guys!

Thanks to those who released this and a bigger thanks to those of you who seem to be alpha testing this. I'll see you in a couple of weeks when the risk is lower and the jb app developers have something for my iP4.

You get what you pay for. Omg there are bugs on a free program...duuuh all you who can't wait get to test the bugs out for the rest of us who don't mind waiting. Thanks.

Thanks for beta testing people!
And nice job Comex, MuscleNerd, PlanetBeing etc., can't wait to be using my iP4 data on my iPad :)

It's impossible to brick an iPhone with a userland style JB. Go back to your hole and shut up till you know what your talking about. You obviously don't have to jailbreak if you don't want, so why hate on others because we enjoy it!!!

Jailbreak went just fine, I sent an MMS ok. Facetime icon was there... reboot, no facetime icon. I don't use it tho so that doesn't matter to me.

@HUTCH i restored my phone to 4.0.1. Then jailbroke it, cydia installed but no MMS/Facetime I restored it from back up but still no MMS/Facetime

Comex is really the man for this one...my grandmother could do the jailbreak its so easy. One or two small glitches are to be expected. Within a week or so it'll be all dialed in. Patience people.

Hey for all those that bricked i did also but u can fix it just turn it off by holding the power and home then while its off connect it to itunes when it turns on just hold the home button and u can restore it and rejailbreak i had to do this why it boot looped i think it cause i didnt update itunes once i did boom it worked but to all that have the boot loop u can fix it no worries

Installed it on my iPhone 4 and was fine for a while. One of the apps I installed required a reset, which I chose to do upon exiting Rock. As another app installed I put Rock into the background, then I had my problem. My screen went black and it wouldn't do anything.
So now I'm trying to re-install the OS. I put it in DFU mode and the software installed onto my computer. Unfortunately, it still seems to be stuck at the Apple boot logo.
I REALLY hope I didn't just brick my iPhone 4.

I had a lot of problem, lost FaceTime and mms, did a complete restore and they are still gone and missing from settings too.

Not to be a downer, but doesn't the fact you can jailbreak through a browser mean there is a huge absolutely huge security hole in Safari that would allow for abuse, rather than the benefit of jailbreaking?

Thanks guys, I'll be waiiting a little while before I JB then. I don't have any rush. Through Safari sounds the most convenient but Spirit was stupid easy when I used it on 3.1.3. Hope it gets fixed!

MMS seems fine here, too. Cydia is wicked slow though. All I want for now is sbsettings. And 3gUnrestrictor. And Safari downloader.

@Keisuke- Yup. Scary, huh? I'm betting that exploit was found fairly quickly and the rest of the time they spent just making the jb end user friendly.

To get your MMS & FaceTime back...plug your iPhone into iTunes, Right Click the iPhone in the left tab bar of iTunes, Choose, "Restore from Backup..." and then, bam. You have MMS & FaceTime.
iPhone 4, iOS 4/Jailbroken

I lost my cellular data connection. Tried resetting network settings but it didn't work. Now for a fresh install

Did it right when the site went live... JB worked first time... Cydia on desktop the whole deal... D/l'ed a few apps SBSettings, tether (didn't work), Rock app...
All fine until i decided to uninstall SBSettings (it had put some damn ad in my Settings panel) ... then my Settings screen went blank and my data stopped working completely... Oh and of course mms wasn't working but the above was a far bigger problem...
Restored phone... Back to normal but gonna wait before re-JB'ing... The one thing I wanted (free tether) didn't work and too buggy to deal with otherwise.... Too much risk for too little gain...

iPhone 4 with 4.0.1 jb with mms working but no FaceTime. Went to settings/phone and FaceTime was set to off. Turned it on and now I have FaceTime. No restore needed.

@StayThirstyMyFriends...I went to Settings>Phone and don't even see an option for FaceTime...help.

happy with my 3.1.2 , all enabled tethering , multitasking, push, ... dont even think of 4.0

jb worked fine. No facetime, did not have the option to turn it on either as Jordan said.
Seemed fine, but restoring anyway.

OMG FML I lost the 3G icon on my iPad,I'm now only getting edge, but I restored it and installed stock 3.2.1 and fixed everything :) . Man that was close, I think I'll jailbreak after it's confirmed it has no problems whats o ever

To everyone that has an iPhone 4 and is worried about FaceTime, go to settings, Phone, and turn facetime back on... Same goes for MMS...turn it back on. For some reason the jailbreak turns some settings off.



Considering this is web-based, I wonder how many people will jailbreak the iphones in the apple/att stores. ahhhhh, now that's gonna be fun!!!

Fernie's right. That worked for me as well. iPhone 4 iOS 4.0.1 and MMS and FaceTime working perfectly after the iphonedelivery install.

I can't get it go do anything after I slide the slider....just a purple screen. I am sure the servers are busy though.

I ran jailbreakme.com and then shortly after installed RockApp and restored my applist via their backup system. But something I installed has me stuck in Safe Mode. Does anyone have a list of specific apps/extensions that could be attributed to this?

Anyone else noticing the weird discoloration at the top of the of the iPhone 4 boot screen? It boots up normally with black screen and Apple logo. Then just before the phone loads the top of my screen had 2 weird rainbow effect lines. One on the right and on the left right at the top. It’s not a big deal and I can live with it because I am ecstatic that we all have a jailbreak on the 4 thanks to the DevTeam. But just wondering if anyone else is noticing this.

jailbreak went fine, mms & facetime are working. although tethering and a few themes in winterboard are not.

@toNYc311 happened for me too.
and turning off extensions in RockApp seems to have saved me from Safe Mode. I want my extensions tho. I guess it's probably like last time and I have to wait for Saurik to update the Mobile Substrate.

I got netflix and free hulu thru playons mobile site. Its awesome, tired of waiting for netflix. No jailbreak needed

iphone 4,4.0 no problems,face time still there everything its fine perfect 100% thankssssssssssss comexxxxxxxxxxx u rockkkkkkkkk""""

Alright, just downloaded JB again. It is working perfectly well for me now. I downloaded MiWi and SBS Settings and their both working perfectly. Headed to the website to donate NOW!

What security hole does this exploit? No offense but I'd rather have a JB that can be done only through a PC and not through a gaping security hole ANY malicious hacker could use and apple should patch without fail.

I am sure now with this out, it wont be long until someone can get 3Gunrestricter to fake out the FaceTime portion of the phone to make it work over 3G

@saice101 its actually not working it keeps asking me to restart my phone cause of an error..I removed the app and my phone is fine!

Look no matter what Apple does they will continue to dig their own grave. I mean it does have some great features but white or not the iPhone 4 has major design flaws. Design should never come before function and usability. Apple seems to have forgotten that.
I mean the iPhone 4 held the number one spot in the top ten ranking on pc world. Once Apple gave that press conference they took it down with out explanation. However, http://getyourgadgetsgoing.com/ took a look into it. The results are rather interesting

I hope everyone that had such a bad attitude towards Comex regarding the FaceTime issues, realizes that they have a correction for it that was done just hours later. I'm sure the same people that were also complaining about then issue were the same people that were complaining that it was taking too long for a jailbreak that had been delayed, because they were trying to iron out these issues. Like I've seen some people post....it is AT YOUR OWN RISK and these people were working so hard to bring you this for free.

So t-mobile users can't use this right even if you have the 3Gs on wifi for safari to JB the app?

Can someone for the love of god please clarify does this also unlock the Iphone?Or is there any other software simultaneously released for this purpose?
This makes all the difference to a billion asians!!

I just found a website with full pics, faqs and tutorials, maybe it'll help - http://www.iosjailbreak.net . Helped me a lot because it was simple... JBd my devices (two iPhone 3GS, both with 4.0.1) by following the instructions from there and it all went buttery smooth!

I have tried this literally about 150 times on an iphone 3gs 4.0 and every single time when I slide the slider across on jailbreakme.com it just loads the purple mac wallpaper then quits out to the homescreen!EVERY TIME!!! I have just restored back to 4.0 but still it wont start the download just quits out again! Is anyone else having the same problem?? Any solutions would be greatly appreciated! :) Thanks in advance :)

for those have the crash problem with the mac wallpaper displayed even after several tries, here is the solution :
go to setttings and remove all the cookies and cache.
Then reboot your device and try again with jailbreakme.com or jailbreakme.us.
Ensure to have wifi or good 3G cover in order to download the files needed for JB. It takes less than 2 minutes.

I have tried it a few times, even restarted iPhone and reseting the browser history and stuff, it just goes to the stars wallpaper and then goes to the springboard but no cydia icon. I have an iPhone 3GS running iOS4 GM, could it be the GM version thats not jailbreakable?

@Morte Di Dio. I have the exact same problem as you and I am also running the GM version of 4.0. I think it could be the problem. I am going to update to 4.0.1 and I will see what happens :)

Your note above says it does not work on the iPad. That is not true. I have an iPad 3.2.1 and performed it last night. I had a few hiccups, but the retried and do overs did the trick. I documented it in an iPad 3.2.1 Walkthrough Guide at http://bit.ly/cXLith
I also walked my brother through it over the phone and he Jailbroke his iPhone 4.0.1.
I will have him test MMS and Facetime
Carl W. Brooks

@Jason47. I would update to 4.0.1 too and try it but I live with my dad and we have been going over our monthly download limit so he has blocked most websites and web content, iTunes just happens to be in one of those blocked web content he has blocked, could you please tell me if this works for you. Additional info. I have MC model iPhone 3GS, but I have been jailbroken on 3.1.2 with blackra1n

So my jailbreak went smoothly... still have MMS & FaceTime. However - I can not find Rock via Cydia to DL mywi. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks :)

Clearing the cache, cookies and rebooting solved the problem with nothing happening after the slide.
It's downloading now...

I'm trying to install MyWi from modmyi, I keep getting connection errors with it.
I tried to install different items from modmyi, but same problems.
I get reload their source ok from time to time.
I'm guessing their tied up with all the jailbreakers downloading stuff.

It seams all the Cydia sources are flooded with traffic. apt.modmyi.com keeps timing out. It looks like it will take a few days for everyone to calm down before you can even install any Cydia apps successfully. I want MyWi but can't get RockApp to download. Aggg. :)

and its reversable? Meaning it can be undone and back to as it was? WOw that is cool. So I get warranty again. Anyone comment?

i downloaded the break, then eventually it went back to the home screen and i didn't know if it did anything. i then restarted the phone, and now it's stuck on the apple logo (iphone 4). no itunes info, just the apple logo. i can't do anything except hold the home and power buttons to shut it off. any ideas?

You can always go back to original. If you need warranty work just do a restore but don't rejailbreak. Just hold home+sleep for about 10 secs until the screen goes black. Now hold the home button while pluging in the USB cable. Continue holding home until you see the iTunes logo on your phone. Now run iTunes and it will tell you that the phone is in restore mode. Click ok and then click restore. Once the restore is done it will ask if you want to restore your backup. It is impossible to brick an iPhone. Just be sure to sync before doing a jailbreak in case you have problems.

Stephen, mine did the same thing. It went back to the home screen and Cydia wasn't installed. So I went back to jailbreakme.com again and it said the last attempt failed and to swipe to try again. So I did and this time it worked fine. Had I rebooted after the first failed attempt I may have been in a loop too.

Jenn, RockApp probably isn't showing up because Cydia is having trouble refreshing all the sources due to high traffic. Hopefully the traffic will die off some time today.

I tried to do the jb last night, but kept getting just the purple screen, so I waited until 6:30 this morning & it went smoothly. I have running jb on my iPhone 3g with iOS 4.0.1..the world makes sense again, well sorta..Yay!

@ermax I have Rock and that is where my license for mywi is saved. I got every other paid app on there but that one.. maybe its b/c im on 4.0.1 and not 4.0. I guess i'll just wait until they update it if that is the issue.

Facetime works on my3g. I've used it already :). Im sure those of you that have 3g unrestrictor dont want to pay for another app that does the same thing but it does work. jus an fyi

Mr. MiAmI, great news!! I was curious if it would run over 3G but haven't had a chance to test it.

i have a question, i press on cydia make my life easier cause i have shsh store, but in my display says, this device has a pending tss request, what that mean?

Well I finally got Rock installed but I am also having trouble installing MyWi. It just says retrieving licence. I am guessing it is overloaded servers.

Hahaha.. So glad to have tethering back. I guess you got yours working now but FYI, I am running 4.0.1 too.

I just installed SpringFlash. It's a flashlight that uses the LED flash and is activated by Activator. I configured mine to turn on when I double tap the status bar. Even from the lock screen.

@ermax Only thing that sucks is I have to pay an extra $10 bux after my trial is up but o well... beats paying at&t 20 bux a month.

This is great because my sleep/wake button does not work on my 3g does anyone know an easy way to add native multitask on 3g

I have a 3gs and every time I try to jailbreak I get an error message reading "invalid file." What can I do?

At first I tried and it errored out, and now I get an error 'Oops... A server with the specified hostname could not be found.' Any suggestions?

After I slide to jailbreak it loads for a few seconds & then it says the server wasn't found?! Help?

@Morte Di Dio. Hey, I just updtaed my iPhone 3GS to the official 4.0.1 firmware in itunes and it sucessfully jailbroke on the first attempt with no problems! So it must be the GM versions of the iOS's which isnt working with jailbreakme.com!!! :) Update to 4.0.1 when you can and then have fun with your jailbroken iphone :D :D :D

I've narrowed my list of currently non-working extentions to:
Cydget Loader (trying to run CyDialer crashes phone)
Action Menu (when running, tapping any text field returns phone to home screen)
Snappy (outright doesn't work)

Didn't work for me on 3gs 4.0.1. After the download then I see the "Sit tight" screen for 1 second before Safari crashes. I have tried many times but no luck.
The crash caused all pictures to be blurred and unclear. This was however fixed through hard reset

I was able to successfully hack my way around my dads internet blocking tools and updated to 4.0.1 and have jailbroken first try and loving it, although the only thing I really wanted was the bluetooth and install0us

I jailbroke my iphone 4 (was running on iOS 4) and was not carefull on the instructions and updated to the genuine iOS 4.01 firmware. I read that I shouldn't have done that. Any ideas that might help? (I tried restoring to iOS 4 and itunes does not even open the ipsw file but even if it would, according to the jailbreak websites it wouldnt jailbreak again.) Help!!!

harry, why u and the rest give excuses, do not say u updated the phone by mistake, plus u can jailbreak running 4.0.1, so whats the problem

Yay!! I've been waiting for this one!
I like the jailbreaking spirit.
I just saw other article about Jailbreaking for iPad from aneesoft. some people who want to know more can read it.

I have the same problem, I had jailbroken my 3GS running iOS4 and then upgraded to 4.0.1 and now can't jailbreak. I read that if you pot your iphone in DFU mode you can probably get the jailbreak to work, I do have not yet tried but hope it helps.

Harry, it did work. Just make sure you sync first to recover all your programas and data. It takes time but is a perfect recovery, oh I love my iPhone and regret all the time and money I wasted with my windows mobile device.

When I go to jailbreakme.com all it says is Not supported on iPhone 3G. What do I do.

I got the white 16GB wi-fi but I do wonder if I will want 32GB in the future. It's my first iPad, so we will see. I didn't get 4G for the reasons you mention, I have an iPhone with Hotspot and the contract expires this year.

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