How to jailbreak iOS 4.2.6 on your Verizon iPhone 4 with Greenpois0n

Greenpois0n not only works for the AT&T iPhone 4, it will also jailbreak your Verizon iPhone 4 on iOS 4.2.6. I had no issues the first time out. It's pretty straight forward and pretty much the exact same process you'd use to jailbreak an AT&T iPhone 4 with Greenpois0n running iOS 4.2.1. HIt the jump to find out what you'll need. We'll also give you a quick walkthrough as well.

What you'll need

This jailbreak is also untethered so you won't have to worry about having to connect your iPhone 4 to your PC every time you want to reboot like a lot of users did under redsn0w on iOS 4.2.1 (until greenpois0n came along).

How to jailbreak

  1. Download Greepois0n from one of the links above (Mac or PC).
  2. Save it somewhere easily accessible. I always put mine in the dock of my Mac. It's easy to find if I ever need it again.
  3. Make sure you have backed up all of your data via a sync in iTunes before proceeding any further.
  4. Plug your Verizon iPhone into your computer via USB and turn it OFF.
  5. Launch greenpois0n
  6. Once you are ready to begin click Jailbreak. greenpois0n will walk you through putting your iPhone into DFU mode. If you mess up the first time, that's okay, it will fail and you can simply try again.
  7. After you have correctly entered DFU mode, greenpois0n will begin jailbreaking your phone. (As a side note, a lot of users reported the jailbreak failed because they did not hold the home button down long enough. I suggest holding it down for a few seconds even after the jailbreak begins installing, just to be safe.)
  8. Let greenpois0n do its thing. Once it says "Complete!", click it to close out greenpois0n.
  9. When your phone boots back up, you should see a Loader Icon on your screen, tap it.
  10. Then choose to install Cydia. Once it's done, close out of Loader, let your phone respring and make sure Cydia is on your homescreen.
  11. Once Cydia is installed, go back into Loader, tap options and uninstall Loader.
  12. Close out of Loader and your phone will respring one more time in order to uninstall Loader.
  13. Congrats! Your Verizon iPhone 4 is now jailbroken! Launch Cydia and let it update. If it asks you to do a complete or essential upgrade, click complete.
  14. Once it is done, you should be able to re-enter Cydia and start enjoying all kinds of fancy jailbreak tweaks and apps!

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Allyson Kazmucha

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Reader comments

How to jailbreak iOS 4.2.6 on your Verizon iPhone 4 with Greenpois0n


Thank you! I couldnt get it working this afternoon and turning the phone off was the problem. :/
Finally can do what I wanted to do to my phone. :D
Thanks Again!

Ally, what case is that on the Verizon iPhone? I noticed a similar one in gray on your AT&T iPhone as well on Twitter.

Alright, so I follow the timers from greenpoison exactly, and the screen stays black, and itunes "detects an iphone in recovery mode", but greenpoison doesn't detect DFU. Any ideas?

That is because you are in recovery mode. Not DFU. Is your phone OFF before you start GP? It should be. If done correctly iTunes should do nothing.

had no luck with the download on the phone. i have the new verizon 4.2.6 did everything like it said even tried holding the home button for longer than 15 seconds and still no luck. any suggestions?

I have been trying all morning to jb my vz phone with gp, but no luck. I did succeed about 3 weeks ago, but that machine was a Win7. I'll try again on the Win 7 machine to see if I can jb this phone. both phones are 4.2.6, btw.

took me less than a day to give in and jailbreak...awesome how to super easy now i can have my themes and tweaks thanks allyson!!!!

I "jailbreak"'d my phone about a week ago. Today, I deleted mywi and my3G from with cidia "manage". after doing that. My phone goes into safe mode every time it tries to respring. Any idea's?

I have a iPhone 4g for verizon running on 4.2.6. I have tried numerous times to jailbreak it with greenpois0n and it justs fails over and over again. I tired both rc5 beta 4 and the new rc6 version and nothing. I even updated iTunes to the new 10.1.2 version. I also did this on 2 different pc computers and still nothing. Can someone please please please help me. Can you please tell me what's wring on this fourm or please respond to me directly at I'd appritiate any help.

i dont know if you were able to finally do, but have the same issue. I have not been able to do and i have tried 7 times. 4 times i have had to restore my phone and it is really irritating. doesnt work for me

i tried a few times to and it didnt work. then i tried the one step different. when it says to hold the home button i keep holding it even through the jailbreak process, as in when you click "jailbreak" after the DFU mode i kept holding home and it worked that time

Help! Ok.. I am a nut and just like things setup the way I like them. So I have about 300 apps now and my iPhone setup the way I like it. I want to jailbreak with greenpois0n. My question is, once jailbroken, can I simple install a backup using iTunes of my settings and everything was just how I had it before the jailbreak? Please help.

Help. Ran Greenpoison the app quit on me during the process and now the phone is just a blank screen. can not turn it back on

To fix the "failed" problem. Make sure you have connected your verizon iphone to intunes at least once. I kept getting the failed error over and over and i synced it to itunes, then with itunes running, i ran greenpois0n and it finally worked. I used rc6.1 on a mac. Didnt have the newest itunes either. Hope this helps.

I have the Verizon iPhone 4 (4.2.6) "failed" problem. On my mac, I've tried several times with GP rc61 and GP rc5_b4 with the same issue. Sometimes GP will crash, usually, the process simply "failed :("
I tried with various tweaks of the process: phone on and off, itunes running and not, Home button released immediately, within 5-7 seconds, and held the entire time. Nothing helped.
Any clues?

OK, since there's not much in the way of replies here, I had to figure it out myself. My thought was that I was not connected to the network. Once I did that, it worked.

What do you mean connected to the network could you explain 'cause I have try the same you did but nothing

Just got the new verizon iphone 4.2.6 I tried everything and GreenPois0n does not work. Jailbreak starts but by the time the phone finishes the final boot it seems to time out or not see sopmething its expecting. If I hold home btn longer jailbreak gets farther and actually completes but the phone goes into recovery mode. I’ve tried holding it as long as I can without going into recovery but jailbreak wont complete. I think the new phones need a new jailbreak ;(

Help..i touched the wrong thing and didnt uninstall loader.. can i get rid of it after the fact?

Worked perfectly! I'm glad I used this site, because the instructions that come with greenpois0n don't tell you to turn off your phone first. Thanks a bunch!

got everything loaded and the loader is on my iphone 4 but when i go to open the loader app on my phone it will not open!!..anyone know how to fix this

Have the Verizon 4.2.6 but Can't do it, I did all it says but nothing, I try with RC5and RC6 any other suggestions?

I've tried numourus times to jb my verizon iphone 4.2.6, I can't get it to work. I have a powerbook that its synced up to but I'm trying to jb on a pc and a imac and neither one works?? What can I do so it works?? Please help!!!!! I really want this JB!!!

do a clean install then put iphone into dfu mode dont let go of home button then run greenpoison or redsnow if you let go it fails
redsnow keep hold of home button until u see animation

Is it wise to JB a New Verizon iphone 4 4.2.6 just had a few days would it void the warrenty or get me in trouble with Verizon if I need help to restore it. And in the process of JB is it wise to use Windows 7 , I have XP Home

GREAT & EASY Jailbreak! It took me 3 times but I got it jailbroken. Would have had it the first time but I thought I screwed up. Definatly hold the home button while you click "Jailbreak" and continue until you see the first green bar come up then let go. If you hold it much longer after that it will fail.

I'm hoping that someone else comes out with a jailbreak's not that I don't appreciate the work they've done with the jailbreak, but I do find myself a little peeved that they changed the boot logo on my iPhone.
Realistically, I am only doing this to have live backgrounds, so changing other elements of the OS is distasteful to me. I don't care to show off that my phone is jailbroken.

i just installed the app and everytime i click on the loader it just like moves my screen. what should i do?

ok i did everything as it told me so im at da point where only cydia shows in my screen and when i click it it just kicks me right off it doesnt even start

Samething is happening to me as happened to @john up there. I just click Loader and it looks as though something is going to pop up, but then i'm back at my home screen. Not working out

Ok this was a very simple jailbreak. Great instructions so thank you! I just have one question. When i open i open itunes it says i need to retore it in order to use itunes. Is it safe to do so?!

I just downloaded it, and every time I click the loader button it does nothing then screen acts like its going in to it but then it stops

ok when i get to the uploader icon tap.. it dont let me tap it.. it goes to open up something and dosent.. so im stuck in the middel of a jailbreak.. what am i supostu do know.. i cant open the icon!

It didn't work for me I tried a bunch of times and I need help email me if you can help. It just said failed

I have a problem with getting the laoder to open i tried reinstalling a few times.. and it didn't work.. any suggestions?

okay so i got all the way to getting the loader app off. Well i go to the cydia app and it acts like it is going to open but it how do i fix this problem? any answers?

If you dont update the firmware, your phone will still be jailbroken. Once you update, you will lose the jailbreak and will have to wait until the latest jailbreak is released. My suggestion is to not update to the latest firmware until you know that there is the jailbreak you need.

The new versions just fix minor security issues such as jailbreaking... you really don't need a new version until iOS 5 comes out

it says on the README that our iOS has to be 4.2.1 when the site says 4.2.6... My iphone is 4.2.6, what do i do>?

not working for me. says JB complete, the new logo comes up, and then it says to plug my phone to itunes to restore it and that's it.