Looking for a good deal on an iPhone 5c or 5s? Plan a visit to Walmart

Looking for a good deal on an iPhone 5c or 5s? Plan a visit to Walmart

If you want to shave a few dollars off your iPhone 5c or iPhone 5s purchase, you may want to plan a trip to Walmart. The company announced today that it's offering discounts on each phone - the iPhone 5c will be available for $79, while the iPhone 5s will cost $189.

There are a few catches: As the prices imply, this is for a new phone as part of an eligible upgrade to an existing contract or a new two-year contract. And it's only through Verizon, AT&T and Sprint. What's more, this is an in-store deal only - you can't get it through Walmart's Web site, though they certainly list the deals online.

Neither phone will be available in store until September 20th, when the phones go on sale in Apple retail stores and elsewhere. Online pre-orders for the iPhone 5c start tomorrow, Friday, September 13th.

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Reader comments

Looking for a good deal on an iPhone 5c or 5s? Plan a visit to Walmart


If you do a phone buy at WalMart - Look over the paperwork - very closely - Walmart is an outlet for Let's Talk Wireless - and buying a phone at Walmart can come with contractual agreements with Let's Talk that are in addition to, and over and above those with your wireless carrier.

Caveat emptor.

I think the last thing Apple wants for it's image is for everyone to be buying it from Wal-Mart. That place is like the opposite of an Apple store.

Walmart sells quite a few Apple products in the electronics section. Has been for a while. Including iPhones designed to work on Straight Talk Wireless, Walmart's prepaid phone service co-venture with Tracfone.

Having said that, reports say that Tim Cook wants Apple to make a strong effort to retain iPhone sales at its own retail stores. But a sale is a sale.

I guess that's true. I've even purchased an iPod from Walmart before, still, I doubt that Apple would like to be thought of synonymously with Walmart. I guess if it hasn't happened by now it won't happen though.

Apple retail stores have been iPhone price matching during the lull times between phone releases. Will this hold true for new product?

The Straight Talk (etc.) iPhones are sold at full price. The prices listed above are for the 4 major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, & T-Mobile). So, if you're looking to be locked into a contract, this is the price to beat.

Actually, they're for three of the major carriers. You can only get a subsidized T-Mobile phone directly through T-Mobile. Even Apple only sells unlocked iPhones (with a T-Mobile sim installed, if you want) through their own channels.

I'm from California and anyone from here knows that Walmart is the shittiest place EVER. I don't care if I can save a few extra bucks there, I refuse to give that horrible, ghetto place my money.

Same here I live in Valencia and I wouldn't be caught dead buying my iPhone at WalMart. I buy iPhones for the premium, going to a WalMart instead of an Apple store is completely backwards to me.

I usually buy non-contract, unsubsidized, unlocked phones. Anyone know of any outlet offering a price that is less than Apple's USD 649 for 16 GB IPhone 5S?

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