Mirror FREE for iPhone 4 now in App Store

Mirror FREE for iPhone 4

The minute Steve Jobs showed off the iPhone 4 front-facing camera you knew it was coming, right? No, not FaceTime, a mirror app that would use said camera to let you check yourself out in full VGA glory.

I'm guessing there'll be a bunch of these soon enough, but when David Barnard of App Cubby and Layton Duncan of Polar Bear Farm come together to do one, and base it on their awesome KaleidoVid code base, you just know it's going to be one bad @$$ mirror app.

Full Retina Display support, sharing to Twitter and Facebook, and if your territory or region supports iAds, you might even get some Toy Story or Nissan interactivity and emotional engagement thrown in to boot.

Hockenberry's Safety Light app might just have some competition for best category redemption to date...

[Mirror FREE for iPhone 4 on iTunes, App Cubby, Polar Bear Farms]

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Reader comments

Mirror FREE for iPhone 4 now in App Store


Hahaha. Yeah, I just use the camera app as a mirror. This app does add the ability to upload to Facebook or Twitter, though. Other than that, it's the same as the camera app.

Stupid. It had other things it can do... Ok cool. Just use the camera app at look at my pretty face all the time using it.

I guess this will launch another round of fart apps and beer glass apps and "really cool" flash light apps and aw the hell with it.

Man the developers of this app must have no life. Why would you make such a retarded app? That goes for all the developers that create the fart apps. Get a life

You think they make these apps because they have no life? That's pretty naive. They make it either 1) as proof of concept potentially leading to something else more functional, or (most often) 2) to make money. The App Store has proved that even a crappy $0.99 app can still make the developer a nice chunk of change.

Gregz0r wrote:
"I guess these apps should flip the image, so it acts like a true mirror."
uh, someone didn't eat his wheaties today. no flipping is necessary for it to "act like a true mirror."

The camera app does flip the image in the preview, just close your right eye and look which eye is closed on your camera.