Official "I survived iPhone 4 pre-order day" comment thread


Phew. What a crazy iPhone 4 pre-order day! The Apple Online store went up and came down -- again and again. No white iPhone 4 were available. Apple's new Apple Store app for iPhone came out, and promptly had iPhone pre-ordering removed from its functionality. AT&T managed to disrupt service to the extent people couldn't even complete the ordering process (or even got their account compromised). Not that the TiPb nation stopped trying.

Now as day turns to night, AT&T is sold out, other carriers out-to-lunch (since they're too busy to announce plans, they must be...), we found out international iPhone 4 could now be had unlocked, and we're once again rendered near exhausted by Apple's pre-event events, we turn the comments over to you.

Celebrate, commiserate, laugh, cry, regale us with your war stories and battle scars, or just mellow out and chat the night away. You've earned it.

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Official "I survived iPhone 4 pre-order day" comment thread


failed all day long , until finally at 8pm i got on a session on apple that had a blazing fast connection. upgraded 2 iphones and im a happy camper. Order confirmation and all, happy to see im already charged too.

I foolishly started trying at 3am this morning and haven't stopped since...still unsuccessful and quite irritated. Is it assumed that Apple is out of stock for pre-orders also?

I am so fed up with this. I tried all darn day since 6:30am and was unable to get an order through, ATT, or the Apple app. NOTHING. Finally at 4:30pm I went to the ATT store and got a pre-order in for a 32gb. Now the receiot is date stamped "17:09" so I don't even get a launch day phone? This totally sucks. I guess I hope lots of orders get canceled and they ship mine anyway.
In any event, Apple and ATT did a terrible job on this launch. But it does tell me that the Droid is not going to take over any time soon.

So has anyone found out any info as to when they will release a white iPhone 4? Any help would be great. I hope the white will not take as long as it did to get tethering.

After 12 hours, i pre-ordered with Apple ad it WILL be here on the 24th!!! Although apple did authorize for the full amount, which kinda drained it before I get the pay check on friday!

Finally got a pre-order placed at 15:30 Pacific through The invoice says shipment for June 24, but I'm skeptical that I made it into the first round. We shall see.

Started when I woke up @ 8 am. Tried and tried even when I got to work. Over 20 tries on apple. I go to AT&T and try I fly through as a New customer coming from verizon. I didn't transfer a number or anything. Got to checkout and pushed purchase. Waited.... Then waited... The pushed purchase again. I received a popup that said "processing...please wait" so I waited another minute or so then got the Gateway Timeout. So I gave up.
Then BAM I got an email from AT&T with order confirmation, order number and all. I'm pretty happy :)

Got on AT&T site at 8, order placed at 8:30am. Email confirmation came through! Whew..sad that AT&T and apple dropped the ball and had to have this big mess.

After trying all day finally was able to get through at 7:45 pm and upgraded two iphones and it said an e-mail will follow shortly but still no e-mail.

Started trying at 7 am on - store was down. I went to and got all the way to payment but as soon as clicked "ok" it timeout out on me. Went on like this till 8:30, which made me late for work. At 6:30 pm I tried again and it kept saying there was a connection error to the server and would not allow me to set up a delivery, only a pickup, which I did not want. I tried the Apple Store app and the same message came up. I began contemplating a pickup.
At about 8:30 pm I tried again and it allowed me set up a delivery for the black iPhone 4 16gb I coveted. It said it was going to be delivered on June 24; we'll see. I'm still waiting for a confirmation e-mail.

I've been trying since 7 am and have gotten to the final step 4 or 5 times. I was ready to give up, but gave it one last try at 630 pm and it went through! I really wasn't looking forward to going to the Apple Store on launch day, so I am extremely happy right now.

Was up at 3:30am tryn to pre-order, tried all day 2, I finally went to an AT&T store and got my pre order in, now it's a waiting game

took me an hour and a half- 1am-2:30am, but i got it done on the Apple website and now all i have to do is camp out next wed night at the Apple store here!!! A yearly tradition with my Apple lovin' pals!!!

I won't be sure I survived until the 24th. I ordered mine through Best Buy and now they are saying that they told employees "NOT TO PROMISE" customers launch day phones. So...

Tried all day to order. The ONLY thing that worked was downloading the Apple Store app on my iphone and reserving one there. Just got the confirmation. If you are having problems, try that. AT& T has sold out of their allotment!

First, at 1 in the morning I go and try to pre-order, stuck on getting at&t information. Then after an hour of trying and trying again, I get all the at&t and processing working, except that I get an "oops" when adding to cart. Tried this several times. After two hours, I gave up and reserved it at the apple store. Then I got back on around noon to see if I could finally add it to cart and have it delivered and it worked! I canceled my reservation and now cant wait for my 32GB Black iPhone 4 to show up at my door next Thursday.

walked into the closest AT&T store @ 12:30 today and walked right up to the desk. Ordered a 32G and will be here on the 24th. I think it took less than 10 minutes.
Learned with the #GS that you don't want to waist your time trying to get one online. Best to go into the stores.

It sounds like I had it pretty easy compared to most. I tried the apple site for maybe 10 minutes then downloaded the Apple Store App and was able to reserve my iPhone at my local apple store. Maybe because I reserved instead of pre-ordered it went through easy. Regardless super excited!

It wasn't a very good day for me. All I wound up with was a receipt from Best Buy for one of their imaginary white iPhones.

walked into the closest AT&T store @ 12:30 today and walked right up to the desk. Ordered a 32G and will be here on the 24th. I think it took less than 10 minutes.
Learned with the 3GS that you don't want to waste your time trying to get one online. Best to go into the stores.

I couldn't get through on either AT&T or Apple websites, but easily reserved for pick up using the Apple Store app.
Since I'd guess reserves, as opposed to home delivery, might be very high, I just have to figure out what time I should stand in line.

Well I did the Best Buy preorder and if it works like it did for the 3Gs, I'll be fine. I just don't know what to think with this debacle.

I actually have two coming. I got on at 1:02am this morning and ordered mine. Both orders show processing.
Anyone care to buy one of mine? The second one was a complete mistake. I only want/need one.

Didn't get it...I can't believe people went out to stand in line so as to get a receipt. lol...Just playin'.
To those of us who didn't get our promise for an iPhone 4 on 6/24, what are we going to do? Show up on launch day, or keep on keepin on with our pre-order attempts for 6/25 and onwards? Or is every store's pre-order's stock exhausted?

Wanted to get it delivered to my home on the 24th so I went the Apple website route. Started at 8am ET and finally got a successful order in at around 3:30pm. Literally only just got the order confirmation email from Apple nearly 6 hours later. I also tried AT&T's web site at one point, but that came up with an error too.
I think they should throw in some freebies for all this hassle.

I started trying to purchase on at 8am (EST) - no luck.
At noon, on AT & T site - no luck.
Went to the AT & T store at 12:30 - good luck!!!!!!!
I upgraded both my wife's and my phone to the 32GB and are having it delivered to my office on the 24th.

Woke up at 7:30, tried apple, saw it was done. Really didn't want to do it through anywhere else but tried AT&T and it went through instantly.

I reserved mine at 4:30a MDT for pick up at my closest Apple store. In theory, I can just show up at 7am on the 24th and they'll have one waiting for me, but I'm kind of looking forward to getting there early and camping out with the other Apple fans, something I've never done. But at least I know they've got one set aside for me, and I don't have to spend all day staring forlornly out the window at every passing vehicle that does not turn out to be the FedEx guy.

After 10 hours of trying, I finally got mine from the Apple Store app I just downloaded this morning. This thing was a lifesaver, because when it finally started working, it allowed me to bypass all the AT&T eligibility slow checking BS. Sure, I'll have to get validated as $199 eligible when I go into Apple on the 24th, but it's worth it just to have the little email printout saying I'm confirmed as a reservation holder!!!

I got mine online as soon as it came up. Was fast and great! Two different accounts done in no time. Can't wait to pick them up at the Apple store and also hope they have a case or two! YAY!

Went to ATT store during lunch and had an hour and a half wait. Decided to come back after work. By then, ATT servers were down and they had to do it by hand. Just wrote up a sales slip, got my info and wrote down my credit card info. They said they would have to manually enter it into the system once it came back up. They couldn't even ship it to me, they said I would receive an email to tell me when I can come into the store to pick it up. Oh well, I don't need on launch day and can wait to get it whenever it comes in.

Stayed up all night looking forward to pre-order iPhone 4 so when apple goes live I couldn't get it because no white. So then I went to AT&T this morning and they said I needed a credit card. So I finally went to Bestbuy and pre-ordered my white iPhone 4 32GB.!!!!!

i went to best buy at 5 with no wait and got one no problem hahah screw going to att or apple

I preordered 2 phones from AT&T at 4 AM Central time.... Apple wasn't letting me, and now I regret ordering from AT&T.
I ordered them separately with two different credit cards. One went through and was processed by the time I woke up. The other still hasn't been processed and I am still eligible for an upgrade on the account. I have called AT&T twice and both times the first representative is very nice and helpful, but the person they transfer me to in the online order department is incompetent. They have both told me two very different information.
To make matters worse is that they charged both cards. So I can't even cancel my order (they can't find my order supposedly) and go to bestbuy or radio shack.. I am hoping for the best as I am on hold with AT&T's online order department for the third time. I have their number now for easy dialing.

I've been trying all day, finally got lucky and my order went rhough. Waiting on the email confirmation from apple, though my credit card was charged. I also have a reservation at the apple store too just in case.

I got two right at 1 am :) ....... FROM ATT and they took the money right out of my account in a hurry too LOL

Beyond furious at this situation. 11 hours of failed online attempts and I called the AT&T store, who assured me I could order there for 6/24 home delivery. By the time I get there, they had gotten an email that orders would be delivered between the 25th and July 5th. Does anyone else feel liked to and violated? Why isn't this illegal? Truth in advertising?

anybody else who bought from Best Buy concerned by how easy it went?...Im a little afraid to know that I may have spent a little part of my day and alot of brain cells to buy a $50 gift card...

I was taking classes all day... I had a break and was looking through the iPhone App Store and say the Apple Store app... So I downloaded and noticed I could preorder my iPhone from it, right on my break!
So ofcourse, I tapped through, gave up the last 4 digits of my old Canadian SSN, and recieved the confermation email promtly.
Everything looked to be in order. It wasn't until I got home that I heard about the chaos.
I still hope my order was officially recieved and it'll be waiting in all it's glory at the apple store come next week.
I read one persona post about how it didn't ask for your name... I don't have the SSN card that I signed up with so... I guess I'll let them poke through my mail app on my phone and the store app to see I did infact preorder it... (;
sorry for all those people who had a hard time with this! It was a breeze for me..

OK, after 12 hours of trying off and on, I tried to order a 3-Gs iPhone. It took so long for Apple to get thru the ATT server to check eligibility I thought it too was going to fail- then it went through! So I changed phones, selected plans and all, and...watched the spinner for a while, and... fully expecting a fail after a few minutes more of spinning, FAIL. Again.

It took me over 4 hours to get my iphone 4 ordered!!! Not good Apple or ATT.... but at least I got mine ordered and got the confirmation email a few minutes ago... now I will see what happens on the 24th...

Finally got through to the apple site at 4:15pm PDT after trying on and off since 6am. Had to reserve through apple since I'll be using a gift card; otherwise, I probably would've gone elsewhere. Hopefully, I'll be able to get one on 6/24 because I got an error on the same screen that it says "select a store for pickup". I did get a confirmation email, but with the wrong price as if I'm not eligible when I know I am. Keeping my fingers crossed...

No drama here. Called AT&T Small Business Key Contact Center promptly @ 8am, no wait. Upgraded 4 lines in 15 mins. Easy Peasy. Now only if I could put myself in a coma for the next 8 days.

Woke up at 9:50, went to my local coffee shop and made my way to bestbuy. Walked in, no lines and paid 50 bucks to reserve one and they gave me a 50 dollar gift card that will go towards the phone. I asked where I was on the list and he said I was the 6th person. He said I won't have a problem picking up on the 24!! I'm stoke!

FINALLY got mine reserved. Been trying since 4am Pacific time (and now it's 6:33pm). Went into my local Apple store after work and within 5min...BOOM!! 32GB reserved...!

My pre-order day started yesterday! When I thought the dumb radio shack employee was going to let me preorder a day early. When I finally went down he said he could take my information and put in the preorder early in the morning. I said fine.
This morning I tried calling a few times and nothing. So I went down there. He says yes they start preordering at noon. He will call me with my confirmation number and I was the first preorder he was going to put in. No call by 12:30 so I call. He says they pushed the time up to 1pm and tells me not to worry that he guarantees I'll get an iPhone 4 on launch day. Something told me not to trust him. So I wait allllll day. Finally 7pm no call no confirmation. I call. Some dumb ass kid picks up who has no clue about preordering the iphone. I try to explain to no avail. He doesn't have a clue which preorders made it through because Radio Shack's system was having issues because of the number of preorders. He tells me to call the manager (who I dealt with earlier that day).
Now I'm reading all these preorder's sold out posts everywhere and thinking that dirty little radio shack manager is not going to have my iPhone next week :(

After trying since 7am through Apple and ATT i downloaded the apple store app and reserved mine through there. I am eligible for a partial upgrade since i missed the discount by a mere two weeks. Here's the thing though, in the app store they asked for my number my zip code and last 4 digits of social security number to verify my account while electing to upgrade my phone..the receipt came out for $199 for 16gb..thus my reserve receipt which i must bring along with my id and ss# states $199. I think apple made a booboo and will have to honor this it don't matter I'll pay what i have to.

i reserved mine at my local best buy, i was the first one doing the reservation so the rep said they will call me first on the 24th

I got up this morning at 6:15 EST and went to Ten minutes later I had reserved a 32GB Black for pick up at my local Apple store on the 24th. Somehow I got lucky and found a window in the internet before all the trouble started. I really wish they had allowed me to pre-pay for the phone even though I was picking it up at the store. Had my cc all ready and everything. I guess I would just feel more secure about getting one on the 24th if they already had my money.

Held on phone with Apple from 8:30am until 11:00am and still on hold when I got to the AT&T store, where I promptly ended the call. Still took 30 minutes in the store due to employees that didn't know what they were doing. Two of them even thought I could use my current sim card. Glad to know AT&T trains there employees on new (and their biggest selling) phones. Very frustrated with AT&T!

Got up at 7am and tried for basically 7 hours till finally got my (and my wife's) iPhone 4 pre-ordered through AT& Such a pain, I was up early, I tried for the first half of the day then switched to and seemed to have better luck there. But I didn't want it delivered... I wanted to wait in line damn it! I don't want to wait for the FedEx guy to show up who knows when on the 24th. I was the first in line at my Apple store for the iPad and I was hoping to keep it up.

I just got a confirmed sale through for the 32GB via Apple's site. I've been trying on and off all day. I had gotten to the confirmation screen on one previous occasion, but the server timed out. I finally got through to the confirmation screen. Still waiting on email confirmation, but I'm pretty sure it's all good now. Keep trying . . .

I really must have been one of the lucky ones. I got on the computer around 8am edt, went to, it was really slow and I tried AT&T also with no luck. Kept trying apple and got my order placed around 9am edt. I didn't get my confirmation email around 7 tonite from apple with a confirmed delivery for the 24th.

I got two!
Tried all day to get in using the web; FAIL. Finally got through using the Apple Store wifi and the Apple Store app whilst in the store. Weird, trying the app on wifi at work didn't work.
Then tonight I reserved the other one for a family member using the web. Had to use a different "Apple ID" though, they're only allowing one reservation per Apple ID.
Bummed there's no white ones available, the female getting an iPhone wanted a white one...but no matter. At least we're in.

It's 8:30pm CDT, and I finally ordered one at the apple store for home delivery. Too bad it took 50 attempts throughout the day. At least I didn't stay up all night waiting for a mysterious midnight opening like some other loosers.

Eat your heart out.....I got mine pre ordered from apple in under 30 minutes just now....Good luck to the rest of ya'll

Once again AT&T has found a way to f*** things up. I sincerely Hate AT&T for what it stands for.
Was able to preorder with apple after 5 frustrating hours this morning.

Got mine from ATT at 3PM EST, never thought it would work, but I have a confirmation to prove it, wonder how many were sold today?

I got up at 4 am and just kept trying both sites with no luck. Finally, around 11 am I just hauled my butt into Best Buy and paid my 50 clams. I'm number 8 in line so hopefully, I will get the magical call on the 24th to come in and get my phone.

Since I'm a premier customer, I couldn't order through apple. I called AT&T and within 20 min I upgraded two iPhones. This was after 3-4 hours of failed attempts and swirling circles.

After 2 and half hours of trying I got my 32gb ordered and since it was early enough I should get it on launch day. Would I do it again? Probably not next year im waiting it out.

I was never going to preorder then went to ATT and they said all the system were down they could not get in! So they did it by paper and I got my confirmation number. Glad Im not waiting in line on the 24th!

I ordered mine around 7:30am EST and had NO issues, NONE what so ever. Thank goodness, i just hope ATT doest mess up my 32gb i4 between now and the 24th!!

AT&T store at 9 am..,, out the door by 10 am with a preorder for a 32gig iPhone 4... No complaints

Just purchased (6:50 PST) a 32 gb black at apple online store. It says delivery date of 6/24/10. I don't think they have really stopped selling pre orders yet

Ordered from AT&T online at 7am. I have a order number and funds already charged on my debit, but still no confirmation email

Started attempting today at around 8:30am EST and only once got to the part where I could pick to have it shipped or pick up, after clicking shift it failed again and after about a total of an hour of failed attempts, i realized there was something in my shopping cart.... i clicked on it and it was the iphone 4. I completed the process from there flawlessly and was done by 9:40am!! Cant wait till the 24th!

Just got through with Apple store after trying almost constantly since about 11am this morning. Over ten hours. Totally worth it to be able to get mine on the 24th

I finally got my iPhone 4 pre-ordered and it will be shipped to my home on June 24th! Yeah! Only cost me $100.00 after Gift Cards I've been saving for the last 6 months. Worth the wait! And I just got my Apple Store Order Acknowledgement so I can sleep easy :)

Yikes! I was trying the Apple site AND the At&t site all day...from maybe 9am EST straight until about noon...then I gave up for a few hours, checking back infrequently to see if either site loaded the order pages, and nothing.
I just tried the Apple site again just now, and I got my pre order in for the 32gb just hiccups.
I would have gone to the Att store, but it's like 45 mins from where I live and I'm a lazy boy!

Stopped at Bestbuy after I got off work at 4pm. Preordered 2 32GB in black for my wife and I. Cost me $100 to pre order. I am #35 & #36 on their list. Looking forward to the 24th...Now I just have to wait for Switcheasy to release some iPhone 4 cases.

I first checked the Apple store beginning around midnight (EST). I gave up and went to bed.
I was trying to place an order periodically throughout the day beginning at about 8 AM. Over and over again I was given error messages. It became quite frustrating. However, I was finally able to place an order at 7:26PM (EST)... It took a large amount of time throughout my day.
The one thing that was quite frustrating is the fact that the white iPhone 4 is not currently available. I was so excited to be ordering a white one, and we didn't find out until the very last minute. However, I simply do not have the patience to wait until "later this summer" for the white iPhone. Hopefully it is released in enough time for me to return my black iPhone 4 for one.
I'm waiting very impatiently for next Thursday. So very excited!

I had an opportunity to order online from Apple, didn't because they didn't have the White iPhone. Woke up went to AT&T to pre-order, server crashed...So I didn't get to. Went to Best Buy, 5 mins & 50 bucks later. I got it pre-ordered.

I was on the apple site at 1:30am and it was down. I tried for an hour and a half from 5:30 to 7:00 am. I tried on and off all day REALLY all day. I tried AT&T many times, I tried apple, I went on the apple store app. At about 11:30 I went to an AT&T store and was in line to preorder for about 3 mins, when the manager and a rep come over and ask to see what kind of card I'm going to use for my transaction. I was told NO CAN'T DO...cause it was a Master Card/ I quickly went back to work. I kept trying both sites the remainder of the day and FINALLY at 4:54 PM MY ORDER WAS PROCESSED SUCCESSFULLY thru AT&T. I got my confirmation email and so far so good...what a headache...glad its over now I hope AT&T doesn't screw something up....

FINALLY! I have been trying to place my pre-order since 6:40 am EST today. I have seen every possible error message out there. I tried throughout the day at work (not easy as we were having network internet problems today too). I made it as far as selecting text plan before timing out about 5-6 times.
I tried the iPhone app and did get a store pick up reservation there.
Then just now at 9:50 pm EST I got the text plan screen selection screen. I figured maybe if I change one thing (go from no text plan to $5/month plan the difference would help it take). I don't know if it helping but finally I have an order confirmation # and screen.
This beautiful 32GB iPhone 4 will ship to my house (for delivery on 6/24).
This is ideal, waiting all day will be hard on the 24th, but I know it will be a crazy day. I didn't want to have to battle lines at the Apple Store to pick up my "reserved iPhone" hoping that it would be there and they wouldn't run out. I know the apple/AT&T activation system will be down all day on Thurs. 6/24 anyway so I won't be able to activate the phone till the evening anyway.
I wish everyone good luck.
It is amazing how AT&T can manage to botch everything they touch. They are like the kid that has every advantage and still finds a way to screw it all up. I'd love to listen in on the conference call Steve Jobs had today with AT&T it must have been great!

FINALLY! I have been trying to place my pre-order since 6:40 am EST today. I have seen every possible error message out there. I tried throughout the day at work (not easy as we were having network internet problems today too). I made it as far as selecting text plan before timing out about 5-6 times.
I tried the iPhone app and did get a store pick up reservation there.
Then just now at 9:50 pm EST I got the text plan screen selection screen. I figured maybe if I change one thing (go from no text plan to $5/month plan the difference would help it take). I don't know if it helping but finally I have an order confirmation # and screen.
This beautiful 32GB iPhone 4 will ship to my house (for delivery on 6/24).
This is ideal, waiting all day will be hard on the 24th, but I know it will be a crazy day. I didn't want to have to battle lines at the Apple Store to pick up my "reserved iPhone" hoping that it would be there and they wouldn't run out. I know the apple/AT&T activation system will be down all day on Thurs. 6/24 anyway so I won't be able to activate the phone till the evening anyway.
I wish everyone good luck.
It is amazing how AT&T can manage to botch everything they touch. They are like the kid that has every advantage and still finds a way to screw it all up. I'd love to listen in on the conference call Steve Jobs had today with AT&T it must have been great! ()

Glad I figured out like others did that the Apple Store app was the easiest way to order (like under 60 seconds). Also glad my preorder is with Apple. Would be very worried if I was depending on Radio Shack or Best Buy (still think they have white ones?!). AT&T will probably lose everyones order by the 24th.
Hmmm.... what time will y'all be lining up at the Apple Stores for a 7am opening????????????????????????????

Genius bar said the white iphone was spoken for prior to the public getting a crack at it. They said they are being told 3-4 weeks for a restock on the white model. The black one is sexier anyhow!

This day should go down in history as at&t's epic fail. I am glad I am not a network admin for at&t because I suspect someone is doing a lot of explaining. Who would have thought so many people would want an iPhone? Just kidding. The rep I spent 26 minutes with over the phone as I ordered 2 iPhones was in no hurry because there was little that any of the staff at at&t could do about the crippled servers. She was laughing with me at the absurdity of how unprepared their IT infrastructure was to handle the demand for preorders. Hopefully they will learn from this and improve before the next big release

I managed to order my iPhone 4 through my iPhone 2G yes 2G on EDGE at around 8:20-8:30am eastern this morning prior to this i had been trying from home since 5:30am but had to go to work so that I could pay off the phone:) I'd get the "we'll be back soon" but noticed that if I refreshed the page it would load and was able to keep progressing, I tried this at first with my Mac and was unsuccessful but it worked on the iPhone. I just recieved email confirmation about an hour ago, over twelve hour after placing my order. 2G I’m still smiling.

I reserved on for pickup at my Apple store on June 24th. However they only took my Apple ID and sent me a confirmation email with no confirmation number so I'm skeptical...

I have my pre-order secured. My credit card was already charged as well. Correct me if I'm wrong but I thought you weren't charged until the phone shipped. Is that right?

Finally got through the online ordering system at around 4:30 today. Even received the email confirmation from Apple that the order was placed. Will be rocking iPhone 4 next Thursday! Can't wait.

It took about an hour for me this morning on (8-9am ET), but finally got through. Was kicked out of the shopping cart a few times, even after the iphone was added to it. Having it delivered. Why endure the mobs??

I'm a teacher, and we're now on summer break...and I was able to try to upgrade my iPhone at various times throughout the day. Several times, I got close...but no luck. Just now, at 9:15pm Central Time, I was able to complete an order...but even that process was a little scary checking out from Apple (I wanted to change payment to a payment that isn't my default for iTunes). The Apple Store crashed for a while as I was changing that information; I even switched browsers to Safari to see if that would help.
I personally didn't want to have to drive to the Apple Store on the 24th (40 minutes from my house) and preferred to have it delivered. Knowing my luck, it will come at 7pm. But I really have no interest in standing in a line if I don't need to.
The ironic part about all this is that I have a 3GS and AT&T kindly bumped my upgrade status. Unlike a lot of the country (it seems), AT&T is pretty darn reliable here (Twin Cities area, Minnesota), and much more reliable than Verizon was. (I also lived with a purposely crippled RAZR from Verizon, which I still hold a grudge about).
My wife still has her white 3G, and is really due for the upgrade. She wants a white one, she has to wait. I just wish Apple would have given us a date for the white iPhone 4. Until then, we'll sell the 3G, my wife will use my "old" 3GS, and we'll wait.

I was able to reserve an iPhone for pick up at my Apple store in about 3 minutes. I just went to around 8 AM ET this morning. Zero problems. Glad I got mine in early!

Tried during the workday with no luck. I went to the Apple Store and they said that they couldn't get any orders in but I should try the new Apple Store app. They stayed with me and I got it ordered. It even showed up on the store's pre order list. Then I got an e-mail confirmation. Can't wait!

I ordered one on at&t premier today around 4pm central time(was happy I finally got through). Received a confirmation number and order status number too. I then got skeptical when I heard at&t sold out after 3:30pm eastern and shipping will be a week late. So I went on and was just messing around to see if they say sold out and "what do you know" the order FINALLY went through after trying ALL MORNING AND DAY. Apple then emailed me a confirmation page and they CHARGED MY DEBIT CARD "ALREADY?".....So now I have a potential iPhone 4 coming from At&t although they have not charged me yet and they told me I cannot cancel the order and another iPhone 4 coming from the at&t will realize Apple already processed my order and charged my card and that I have an iPhone 4 being activated on my account soon...if not I'll have to return at&t's phone when it gets here so I can get my money back

Great Success. was able to link with my AT&T account, get me the silly pricing and ship it to my door, sometime June 24th. Took all damn day, but finally I'm in.

Went to AT&T and had no trouble, pre-ordered and had it done within 20 minutes... Their system was a little slow today.

I also just got a confirmation number from the Apple site (after many attempts.) I guess this means I am getting a black 32gig iPhone 4 soon. I think that would be good.

Well, I just THINK I got through on However, I got a 'Oops' at the end, then when I viewed the cart again it was empty. My CC was charged. No confirmation email yet.

Got to att store at 8am (they didn't open till 9). There was one other girl sitting there all alone so I decided to stop working and wait it out with her. Had a nice conversation, she was waiting for a white iPhone so after an hour of my nerd babble in her ear and showing her features and explaining to her how to do things, sadly she left with no pre order, fortunately I wanted black, so I ordered four of them :-) in at 9am , out by 9:20am ordered mine, one for wife, one for brother, one for freind... It was a good day.

@Adam L - I also got many 'Oops' messages before my successful attempt. My cart did not empty on the failures, though. However, at first I was 'afraid' that they would mess up and charge many orders, then I realized... the WORST that can happen is that I get 5 or 6 of these things next week, and that's REALLY not a bad thing!

I went the route of Radio Shack. They took my info and guranteed me that they would have a black 32g waiting for me on the 24th. I guess I will see if I am happy or not on that day.

Successfully ordered online after 17+ hours of intermittent trying.
Here's the basic timeline (all PST - West Coast USA time):
1:15am - Noticed the Apple Store was up, tried ordering (20 times, all failed)
4:00am - Tried ordering again about 20 times, all failed
7:00am - Tried about 12-15 more times, all failed
9:30am - Tried about 10 times, all failed
10:00am - Got the Apple Store app, got in-store pickup reservation confirmation
6:00pm - Noticed that the in-store reservation email had full (wrong) $599 price
6:30pm - Successfully ordered online with free shipping after about 10 more tries
One very weird thing happened somewhere among the final series of online purchase
attempts that culminated in success. At some point in the process, I simultaneously
tried logging in to my AT&T account. While doing that, the usual iPhone pre-order
process skipped several steps.
Instead of the usual 1. choose phone model, 2. choose new or existing, 3. enter your phone
number / zip code / last 4 of SSN, 4. choose your messaging option, I got launched straight
from 1. choose your phone model to 5. choose your voice plan, then 6. choose your data
plan. I had no desire to change either, especially since I want to stay on the unlimited $30 data
plan. And I had leapfrogged the "enter your existing number" phase of the process.
Moderately disturbing, since it looked like I had somehow hijacked someone else's order process.
Very crushing, since I had finally broken through to a new step in the ordering process that
I had never reached before. And after all that, I knew I had to start all over again, since I really
want to keep my plans the way they are now.
So I just started from the beginning, after failing to log into my AT&T account on a separate tab (in
the brand-new Safari 5). And finally it worked.
This is all pretty boring, and probably not anything that many hundreds or thousands of people haven't experienced. But just in case Apple and / or AT&T people are going through the forums to get data, here it is.

@whsingleton - Yes, I got many 'Oops' as well, each time the cart still full. Still... afraid I WON'T get one next week, and my pre-auth on my CC will just go away. Wishing I had a confirmation email to make me feel better.

Tried since 2am no luck! I downloaded the apple store app at 9am and was able to reserve my 32gb iPhone 4 in 20 seconds!

The Apple Store app did have the functionality to pre-order the phone. That's what saved many of AT&T stores and Apple stores from having to deal with rioting lol.

Glad I got mine in early! I went on at about 4:30 AM ET and finally ordered it around 6 AM. Kind of mad because I wanted the white but the black is nice and I really couldn't wait! So going to head over to the Apple Store at 6 AM ET next Thursday!

after giving up on doing it myself online I decided to go to my local ATT store and place an order. They took my order manually and said that they would enter when thier server was back up and I could expect my phones the 24th or 25. Turns out this was after ATT had already sold out and I probably wouldn't get them until after the 25th. I later went onto apples site and got both of them ordered with a delivery date of the 24th. Called ATT back and had them rip up my previous order!!!

i went to best buy ordered te 32gb white no lines out in 5 minutes thn they called me later and said they had a meeting and apple said not white till august and asked if black would be fine and i said sure i didnt really care, then they called back and asked me to come back to switch the order because they needed to do it for a black because if they scan the sku thats how they get shipped but in all it only took me about an hour with driving so it sounds like i got of eaiser then most of the people, and they said that i will get one on launch day no problem they only had about 20 preorders when i went back for the second time at 6:00, and i didnt even wake up till noon.

After trying the whole day my online order went thru @ 8PM EDT, received e-mail confirmation for the 6/24 delivery. Apple just charged my debit card @ 10 PM EDT.

I was able to pre-ordered at Apple Store earlier today. The guy used one of those iPhone and let me sign in to my account to order mine. When I got home I got the reservation email! I'll be waiting in line on the 24th @7am!

@Adam L - You might get your e-mail yet, even though I got a confirmation # I'm still waiting on the e-mail. It appears that this is taking some time... wait a little and check your mail later.

I went to best buy mid afternoon...ordered 32gb problems...(so far)...will i be getting the white one?

Wow all this complaining about ordering an iPhone. There will be ample supply on the 26 th. Good grief people.
Guarantee the % of people here who have been with a woman is less than 25%.

I preordered mine on at&t premier at approx. 9:30AM today (june 15th).. it was slow but never gave out on it. Thank God as the Apple Store was awful and couldn't get anything done at all on it after trying for 3 hours.

I thought I had everything ordered from AT&T at around 1pm est, but even though I had the order number, I never received a confirmation and my cc was never charged. I ordered again via the apple store tonight and got a confirmation number and it still says it will be delivered on the 24th but I'll believe it when I see it! The apple store charged $1 to my account so I assume that is the preauth? Who knows -- I guess I'll get it at some point.

I got thru on AT&T at 230 central I'm confused not sure if I made the 24th time deadline, also the site was so jacked up they could not port my Mumber...

Christinschu, I'm right there with you man, it JUST finally let me get my preorder in and says ships July 2nd. Screw that BS. I'll wait in line on release day if I have to, I'm not waiting till July 2nd. Gotta be joking. Just because THEY screwed up, no way in heck i'm gonna not have it on release day. Screw them. This whole day was the biggest crapstorm in online ordering history.

I "think" I got thru on the apple online store and put in my pre-order. I got a web page confirmation. It never asked for my email - just my current phone #,zip code and last 4 social and whatever. But I have no receipt. I hope my order made it thru ok?

Crazy day at Radio Shack. I went in around 10 when they opened. Guy said they would not take pre orders till 1pm. go to gym, come back at 1230. Waiting around. I am the only one there... At exactly 1 a rush of old people came in needing batteries for there machines. Then they finished it was 1:10. guy started the process... all of radio shack was whacko.. dude was trying for 2 hours while i was there... finally hes like i got all your info you can go and ill keep trying.. he calls me up saying i got the last phone from radio shack in the country.. systems went down right after that as sold out. We will see if im happy on the 24th... Wish me luck

Strange how this article fails to mention all of the APPLE STORE ONLY pre-order problems! Oops! ;-)

I walked into an AT&T store around 5pm today and they wrote my name on a priority list. And I was only number 7 on the list!!! What this means is that on Thursday the 24th when it is released, they will open the store at 7am and sell ONLY to the ones on this list. Then they will open at 8am to the public and sell any left overs that are left after all the ones on the list receive theres. The best part is that I didn't have to put ANYTHING down as a deposit ;-) SCORE!!!!

It really wasn't that bad. I tried on when I woke up and again around lunch, both with no luck. I tried again after work and it went through. Got the confirmation email about an hour later. No problem. What's the big deal? It's not like the iPhones themselves were available today.

well it only took me 15 1/2 hours to pre order mine with june 24th delivery date... first time for me pre ordering anything, i must say i never thought it would be this bad.

I tried off and on since 3a.m. central to get my order in with no luck until 7 tonight. At that point, Apple apparently still had enough remaining, because mine states to be delivered on the 24th. I finally got it to work by signing into my Apple account, THEN going through the process. Did that help anyone else or did I just get lucky?

Let me just say this, I don't know what would've been better if pre-ordering or just waking up early to go to my local AT&T store to pick an iPhone on the 24th. It took me about 13 hours between on and off trying to get iPhones for my brother and me. I finally got thru on AT&T's web site around 3PM ET for my brother's iPhone but for mine no luck till 7:30 on Apple online store. Wow these must've been the worst pre-ordering day in history but I did get confirmation emails from both AT&T and Apple for my iPhones and they both will deliver on the 24th. Hooreyyyy

I did not Pre-ordered nor I was planning in doing so, I will wait for WHITE iPhone 4, and I will be getting it sim-free from UK. I Live In the USA and I have relatves in Europe.
I will wait but it's gonna be worth spending $860 USD in a 32GB UNLOCKED white iPhone 4.

ordered mine at an AT&T store this afternoon no problems at all hopefully mine will be shipped by the 24th I dont know how the people who got screwed over to July 2nd are gonna handle thats gonna be so tough

Woke at 7am tuesday morning but was unable to pre-order from apples site due to the store being down. Went on over to AT&T's site and ordered with no problem. My friend called me about an hour 1/2 later stating that he was unble to order from AT&T's site because the pages just refused to load due to the heavy traffic. He finally ended up going to Best Buy where they apparently were taking orders for the White version as well.

I'm a little concerned with the ease and smoothness of my pre-order at Best Buy. I wrote some info down on a copied paper with some barcodes of the various models. I was charged $50 and got a gift card, but it didn't have any special markings, and I didn't get a receipt from the transaction. For all I know, I could have just purchased a gift card =/. I'd like to think that this was a typical transaction for the iPhone 4 pre-order at Best Buy and that I'm guaranteed my iPhone on the 24th.

@Ryan I ordered from best buy as well, and it was pretty much the same as yours but they gave me a reciept and the guy said that I was only the 6th pre order so I should definitely get it on launch day. But it wouldn't hurt to get there early.

I woke up at 6:30am EST & went right to I opted to reserve my 32GB black phone for pick up at my closest Apple Store. After putting in my mobile number, zip code & last 4 digits of my social security number, I got a message telling me that I couldn't proceed until I paid my bill. I clicked the link which took me to the AT&T site & paid my bill & then clicked "Retry" back on the pre-order page & it allowed me to continue. It gave me the choice of 4 data plans: 200MB, 2GB, Unlimited (since I already have the $30 Unlimited on my BlackBerry Bold 9000), & 2GB with Tethering. I then got a message saying something about having to go in to the store on the 24th in order to finish the process & I clicked to complete my reservation. It said I had successfully reserved & that I would get an email confirmation. It gave me the choice to sign up for the 6-month free MobileMe trial so that all my contacts would be synched by the time I leave the store on the 24th. I received the following confirmation email by 6:59am EST:
When you come in to pick up your iPhone, you'll be part of an exciting launch at the Apple Retail Store. We'll have Specialists ready to transfer your contacts, set up email, and help you get apps so your iPhone is just the way you like it. We can't wait to see you at the store.
The Apple Retail Store team
Pickup Date and Time
June 24 starting at 7:00 a.m.
Please note that your reservation will be held until close of business on June 24.
Pickup Location
Apple Store, Fifth Avenue
See store hours and get directions
Be sure to bring these items with you:
• A valid, government-issued photo ID
• Your Social Security number
• A debit or credit card
Reserved Items
iPhone 4 32GB : Black
Your Rate Plan
Nation 450 w/ Rollover $39.99
Plan includes: Nation 450 w/ Rollover
Unlimited $30.00
Unlimited $20.00

I too am a little bit concerned at how easy pre-ordering through Best Buy was. I got there at about 9:30 am (store opens at 10) and stood outside the store. By opening there were around 10-12 of us. I got my name first on the list, filled out a form, paid $50 and got a receipt and my gift card. The problem is the staff said they had no idea about how many they were going to get in. I really hope it's launch day.

Failed over and over online at Apple, Apple app and ATT. I finally got through on Apple's site a few minutes ago with a shipping arrival of July 2. Hell with that. I'll try a several stores in person tomorrow.

Tried for over 14 hours before finally succeeding on Apple with a June 24 delivery date. Heck of a day. Very little accomplished. But hey, Brazil won their World Cup match!

last night i was following and read that the store was down. i immediately starting searching for an estimated time when the store would be back up and came across a site stating that this is what happened last time or with the iPad and the store would be up at 1AM PST... which is 4am for me as i'm in NY. i waited till 4am and then started refreshing the store like crazy until finally it worked and i clicked on the iPhone pre-order as soon as i humanly could! It took about 2 minutes for my AT&T account to be found and verified and thats when i started having trouble with my cart not showing up and when it finally DID show up i had trouble checking out. So I panicked and i added a bumper into my cart, which seemed to work and about 1 minute later i had checked out with my payment information all entered. I received a confirmation email and an order acknowledgment email shortly after i checked out, i'd say about 10 minutes after... during those 10 minutes i was reading all the comments ppl were leaving about not being able to pass certain steps and the site crashing so i started freaking out!! but once i got those emails, thats when i sighed a deep breath of relief and went to sleep! i had won!!! now i have to wait until the 24th to get my damn phone... i CANT WAIT THAT LONG! is it bad that i already hate my iPhone 3GS? i was thinking about getting an iPad to hold me over until Launch Day but every store in NY is sold out and i would have to wait at least 7-10 days to get one anyways... I NEED SOME TECH RELEASE!!!!! but i still got that pre-order in within about 15 minutes of the store opening so i feel pretty good about that. sorry to all you guys who couldn't get one cuz the sites crapped out on you... i feel your pain!

Tried to order my phone on Apple's site at 7am pst. No luck, downloaded the iPhone apple store app, reserved a phone at my local store for pickup on the 24th. Going to head in about 4pm, after the rush is gone and pick up my phone. I can't believe some of the stories I've read today...

Even though I have a best buy pre order I will still be camping at my local one on launch day just to be safe :)

Shannon, I did the exact same thing. I first tried at about 4am (CST) this morning and had been going back and forth all day. But I finally used my Apple account and managed to squeeze in a pre-order at about 6:45pm.

I feel at least a little better now that I know that its not just me Apple hates. I've been trying to order my iPhone since midnight last night. I finally got an order in at 11pm. No i have not slept. For being such a patient and understanding customer I got to have the upgrade of receiving my iPhone July 8th!
(cries himself to sleep)

Stupid question to those who pre-ordered at Best Buy.
I'll try not to confuse anyone but when we paid our $50 deposit and got that gift card, the gift card was not like a special perk for ordering it through Best Buy right? That card just goes towards the phone. For example Im getting the 32gb so with my deposit I owe $250 now since that gift card goes towards the price. It's not like Best Buy puts the $50 deposit towards the phone AND gives us that $50 gift card. My brain hurts from all this iPhone stuff so sorry if this is a weird question.

I called my nearest AT&T store at 11:00 am, gave them my information, and pre-ordered three iPhones, Took me ten minutes.

I had just as much trouble as the other million people today. First, I woke up around 9 am PST and had no luck on the Apple website all morning. I then tried, but by then the site was down. At around 11 am I went to my local Apple store, but got no where fast. Next, a trip over to the ATT store. They told me I could pre-order, however they could only guarantee my phone on the 25th! So I said forget it and tried the Apple website the rest of the day. Around 3 pm I gave up and decided to take a nap and go to the gym. On my way home from the gym I called my local Apple store and asked if I could still pre-order and get a guaranteed IPhone on the 24th, they said yes (thankfully! Especially after hearing about the ATT store no longer accepting pre-orders). They guy I spoke with suggested the Apple Store App to speed up the process. He was right. I reserved the my IPhone 4 16 gb for pick up on June 24th. I am very happy even if it took me all day. I will be getting to the store very early on the 24th. I want to be one of the first with the phone!

I just checked my order with AT&T and I have one ordered as my card finally got charged!!
I will be one of the lucky ones to get an iphone at it's launch!

I ordered mine from my local At&t store around noon. Was in and out in less than 30 minutes. Was told I should be able to pick mine up on the 24th, but of course they can't guarantee that. We shall see. Online ordering just didn't work for
me(tried for 3 hours with no luck), so I'm glad the in store option worked!

$50 deposit at Best Buy...AT&T Store LOCKED THE DOOR...And I don't have to tell any of you about the online ordering system. At least I will be getting it on the 24th.

I spent most of the morning trying to get through to apple. A few times I would actually get to the part where you can select the plan etc. but then it crashed on me. In between this I was also trying to get Tosh Tour presale tickets. I had 2nd row tickets and was really excited until the website crashed on me. By the time I got that back up I had like the 10th row back. So by then I was pretty frustrated and ready to give up. But, a friend of mine told me just to go into best buy that they're taking pre-orders but only in person. When I got there they told me I am the 20th person in line and that they're not sure how many iPhone 4s they're going to get but I should be good. I searched and the estimate is 45, 30-32g and 15-16g. I put down that I wanted a 16g because I dont typically use more than that. The best buy guy told me he would call the night before to let me know if if they got enough. If they dont have enough 16gs do you think they will allow me to change my order to a 32g??? Hopefully I get one because apple is sold out and not expecting to deliver until July 2nd. I plan to go to a store on the twenty fourth if I get the call from best buy saying I didn't make the cut.

Got mine at about 10:45PM EST. Finally. Still says mine will be here 6/24 -- let's hope so!

I went to AT&T website at 6am ET. Clicked upgrade, got a 32GB iPhone 4 scheduled for June 24. Took about 3 minutes. Sorry not more exciting.
PS - then went to and reserved one for in store pick up on June 24 as a back up.
Pretty easy. Not sure what all the fuss is about.

Here's to other carriers being involved in the next iPhone launch. While I'm not unhappy with AT&Ts service in my area, as a company they are starting to blow. Someone needs to fire their IT staff.

GOT my order email and my sucessful cell number transfer request email, and they charged my card...send me my ipone!

I lucked out. Company I work for gets a discount from AT&T. I tried in vain to pre-order from the Apple Store. Tried to log in to AT&T's site to give it a shot. It logs me into the Premier Customer section when ordering things because of the deal with my company. It went real smooth then with no delays, and this was in the height of the sites going down. Got my confirmation email and can not wait until the 24th.

I tried for about 3 hours, with 5 tabs working simultaneously. I finally gave up and tried AT&T, and it went through within 5 minutes.

@sputnik, no wonder the servers were having such trouble with people like you trying 5 times at once... Sigh...

I got through on AT&T's website for delivery on the 24th... BUT, not trusting their reliability - I reserved one at the apple store for pick up through the iphone app, and i've received confirmation for both... but I'm thinking now, if I get BOTH phones, can i just activate the one at the store, and not activate the at&t one? and maybe sell it off to the highest bidder? ;)

I got to the AT&T 15mins before it opened. It was only bout 10 or 11 people in front of me. About 15 came very quickly after me. AT&T opened at 9am sharp..took down names and let us get out that hott azz sun. (Tampa, Fl) Once took bout 20 mins to get to a sales rep...and then 1hour and 15mins to complete my order. The systems went down 5 TIMES while trying to complete my transaction. What made even less sense was there were 9 sales terminals and only 3 sales associates working. Completely braindead management must have been. both my iPhones (16g & 32g)pre-ordered and I'll be back to brave the lines again on the 24th!

Sat at my computer from 11pm Monday night until giving up at maybe 5am due to the crashes. Woke up at 7am and finally got my order in around 7:15 via the AT&T site for the 24th.

I got my iPhone 4 at apple .com and I reserved two at my local radio shack I was the first to reserve at radio shack if all the get is two hay will be mine.

I was able to order mine from Apple for delivery, but I don’t know how to interpret the delivery estimate:
“Ships: Delivers on June 24th | Delivers Jul 6 – Jul 8 by Standard Shipping”
Any ideas?

Part of why both places sell out is because so many people order duplicate phones to be sure they get one. People; it's only a phone! If you don't get one on June 24, wait a day (or a week). It's not the end of the world!
(written by someone who played pretty much the same game yesterday)

The funny thing about it was that at first, I tried to preorder online. While I was waiting for the website to check my upgrade eligibility, I downloaded the Apple Store app. Once that installed, I opened it, selected my store, and reserved my iPhone within a minute. All the while, the website was still trying to check my eligibility. Imagine that :P

After trying all day yesterday I was finally able to get on to Apple and order my boyfriend his phone (at like 10pm ish...) However, when I tried to order myself one right after I get a message saying that "We were unable to complete set up online. To finish creating your account, you’ll need to visit an Apple Retail Store where we can help you in person." ... Yet it gives me no information as to why this isnt working etc. It is also letting me choose my phone, choose my service, and then it craps out and gives me this bs.
Any ideas?? I really can't figure it out. Also, does anyone know if there is any point in still trying to run to a Best Buy or Radioshack at this point? I know AT&T is pointless now... I honestly don't care if I get mine after July, I just want to know I will be getting one before December or something ridiculous.

After 2 hours of refreshing and retyping in information on the Apple website... I couldn't pre-order. But then (thank god for TiPb showing me the app) I downloaded "The Apple Store" app and I was able to pre-order my phone in less than a minute with no problems. If you have an iPhone, that is the best way to get an iPhone 4

Tried 50 plus times during the day yesterday and it didn't work. I kept trying when I got home from work and around 5:30 MST it finally went through. I have received my confirmation stating that phone will be delivered on June 24th.

Tried to order online all day with no luck. Heard that going to an AT&T store was the best option. When I went, there were only a few people in front of me, so the wait was short. But I was surprised to find that they needed to enter my information manually on carbon copy paper. I didn't know at the time that ALL of AT&T's servers were down, including in their stores. (Way to go AT&T.) I found it incredibly ironic and amusing that in order to purchase probably THE most technologically advanced consumer product in the world, the vendor needed to use pen and paper and run my card through one of those 80's manual credit card swipers. Not only that, I couldn't use my debit card, only a credit card. So I dug out an old credit card I had for emergencies (I hadn't used the thing in ages) and bought both mine and my wife's iPhone with it. They had to make two different imprints with the manual credit card thingy and fill out my info, so they could enter it later. When I left the store at about 3:30pm PT, the line was well out the door. Then at about 10pm that night, I got an email from the guy saying he forgot to ask for my security code on the back and my billing Zip code. So now I'm worried that my order has been shoved further down the queue. THEN the next morning (this morning) I get a call from the credit card company saying there may have been fraudulent activity on my card, because A) I haven't used it in so long and B) there were two charges for the same amount. Are you f'ing kidding me?! So I called the company to straighten that out, and they said one order went through, but the other didn't. I would have to call AT&T and have them run the second charge again. I called AT&T, and they said they don't know which order went through and which didn't, could I call the CC company back and get a transaction number. (Do you know how much I hate calling companies with automated services trying to talk to humans?!) The CC company didn't have the transaction numbers, but they know that the first attempt went through, but the second one didn't. Now I'm ready to cancel both orders and call it a day. But I called AT&T and they said they still have a record of which was done first, so they'll put the second through again, and it shouldn't be a problem. They AT&T rep I spoke to said that after talking to their regional managers, they expect the phones to come in between 6/25 and 6/28. Not sure if I should hold my breath for that, but he seemed pretty confident for a guy who couldn't handle retro transactions. We'll see if/when I get my hands on my new baby!!

I tried ordering online via att around 7pm yesterday, as I was accepting the new contract (the very last part) it timed out. i checked my credit card today and noticed i was charged by ATT ... apparently my order went through...

tried unsuccessfully to order from apples website at 8am (july 15), then att's site. still no dice. i called apple and an automated system immediately said they weren't taking calls at the moment (go figure).
finally, i went to a local att store just as it happened to open (blind luck). i was the first one in the store to complete the process but it took several tries for the guy taking my order to seal the deal. they couldn't however verify my address so i have to pick it up there. i hope that doesn't mean i'm not guaranteed one although i have a receipt and my account has been charged.
on a side note, I'm not sure if this was a nationwide thing or not, but the store i was in had bundles you could choose from. The one I chose came with a car charger, 30$ itunes gift card, screen protecters, a case, MobileMe, and apple care protection plan. It came out to about 515 bucks...

I feel the urge to make a t-shirt. Assuming I actually get one on the 24'th, I'm thinking something along the lines of "One of the blessed 600,000. iPhone 4 launch 6/24"

got mine from AT&T first try @ like 5 am central time. The thing that gets me is there are other phones that are "better" than the iphone but you never see other companies running out of product so fast or if a prototype is leaked by another phone other than iphone there isn't much talk about it. Im just glad i am getting mine the 24th

I pre ordered my on tuesday thru at&T. I got a confirmation email along with a confirmation code. I then so happen checked my bank account and they took out the 299. Later today, I looked at my account and its back in. I have'nt recieved any email indicating that im not recieving an iphone on launch day. I re-checked on to see what was going on with the order. I typed in the code and had a check mark on getting recieved and had a check mark on being processed and then the last box that was'nt checked off yet was being shipped. I wish at&t would let me know whats going.

I did the same throught AT&T site @ 2am on june 15, got the confirmation email w/code entered the code, the received box was checked. i check my account and the funds were deducted but in the pending trans action slot. just checked the order status and now the processing box is checked. so i called the AT&T order line and the recording say's your order is being processed! earlier on friday the recording said, your order is on backorder. I went down to my AT&T store to double check and they stated that it was being processed for shipping and I should get it on the 24th as long as my pre-order was confirmed before 1pm on june 15, that was the cut off time to get it on the 24th.any orders after that won't get it until July 15th. Oh, and most banks will reserve funds on online purchases that have future/pre-order dates thats why you'll see transactions taken out and then show up back in your account later/ nothing to worrie about there! anyway goodluck to us both! hopefully we'll get the shipped box checked and the fedex tracking# tomarrow!keep your fingers crossed!

just checked my order status from at&t site it say's shipped 6/20 w/ a tracking #. looks like ill have it on the 24th. still keeping my fingers crossed!

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