Orange says no white iPhone 4 in the UK before end of year

Orange says no white iPhone 4 in the UK before end of year

While Apple has said the white iPhone 4 was being delayed until later this year, Orange is now emailing UK customers to tell them that pretty much means end of the year.

We wanted to let you know that there won’t be any white iPhone 4’s in the UK until the end of the year.

If you’re happy to wait another few months we’ll let you know as soon as they’re back in stock. want an iPhone 4 now?

Alternatively, if you want it now, click here or visit your local Orange shop to get the iPhone 4 Black 16GB or 32GB today. Best wishes


Whatever production problem Apple is having, it's not showing signs of ending any time soon. Are you still waiting for a white iPhone 4, or have you given up hope and gone with black?

[Thanks Hassan]

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Reader comments

Orange says no white iPhone 4 in the UK before end of year


This is ridiculous...i wish they could at least let us kno what the problem still waiting tho lol

I've been done waiting since they said that they would be delayed to "later on this year". I'm happy to say that I've been rocking the black 32Gb iPhone 4, jailbroken iOS 4, black bumper, & invisibleShield. Loving it to the fullest. Maybe I'll get it in white next year, or 2 years from now. I'm just glad that I don't have a 3G anymore.

I been waiting and still waiting.. But if I don't know nothing at the end of September I'm gonna order the black one. I have to lines so I would just get it with the other line and than just switch phones lol cause I'm getting tired of waiting.....!!!!!

I tried to wait. That only lasted a week until AT&T opened up sales to all customers. I couldn't stand it any longer.

I am sick of waiting.. I been waiting and I am going to continue to wait.. Hopefully early-late September.

I stopped waiting on July 31st, next day jailbreak comes out. Perfect timing! Once the white phone comes out I will sell my black phone and get a white. More then likely making a profit in the process.

I'm getting tired of waiting. I really do want a white one, but I can't live with my SE C702 anymore. If this is really true I'm going to order a black. I'll have to wait one month for a black one get to my hands as no operators has it in stock.

August 10, 2010 - 11:46 am
So the invisisheild works with the bumper? That's awesome.
Oh. The white iPhone.... I want to hold one before I decide if I'm gonna switch. For the meantime I'm very satisfied with the black iPhone 4.

This is nuts. I am still going to hold out for the white one, but I wish they'd give us another tentative date and a reason... I'm justifying it in my mind that they're fixing all the problems the black one may or may not be having.

im waiting for a White IPhone4
HURRY UP APPLE I saw someone yesterday with a black iphone and a white sticker covering the back...people are getting desperate!

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all you guys listen white iphones are avaialable in .so go and buy one from there.they have new and used iphone 4's!!!