Rebel 2Phone iPhone 4 case, two lines active at the same time [jailbreak]

Rebel has developed an iPhone 4 case called the 2Phone that has the ability to add an additional line -- and SIM card -- to an iPhone 4. Rebel has been around for a while and offer quite a few unlock solutions for iPhone. What makes 2Phone more interesting is the fact that the two lines can be active together.

The Rebel 2Phone case has a SIM Card slot which accepts normal size SIM Cards. The case has its own battery to power the additional SIM Card and quad band cell radio; it can also power the iPhone 4 should, you run out of juice.

You need to have a jailbroken iPhone 4 to use the case as it requires some software to activate the additional line and calling ability. The case is available now, direct from Rebel but comes at quite a high price of £149.99 ($244). Shipping is currently free worldwide.

Take a look at the video after the break. Would you consider picking one of these up? Let us know in the comments!

[Rebel Simcard]

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Reader comments

Rebel 2Phone iPhone 4 case, two lines active at the same time [jailbreak]


kind of cool but I have no real word usage for this. If I had to use 2 numbers, I would probably get a second phone which would probably be a blackberry so that I coudl have the best of both worlds.

I think it was filmed at 35,000 feet in an airplane bathroom. That being said, it looks very promising, up until the requirement of a jailbreak.

I don't know why this isn't standard. This is enough to make me jailbreak (when added to AirPlay enabler). Show me where the line to buy is!

I really can't imagine there is a huge demand for this. Just being able to swap SIMs is enough for most people.

Business users not wanting to carry two phones will eat this up. Swapping SIMs would cause important missed calls. This allows one to tell the difference between a business call and personal call, and allowing one to place a personal call on hold to answer a business call.
I'd get a lot of use with this, and would consider it if it weren't so costly... and the fact that I just hate cases, too. ;)

the guy in the vid is a douche bag trying way to hard to make this product/presentation seem cool

May be kind of cool for international business users but it seems pretty pointless for the average user. Also if the AT&T - t-mobile merger goes through it will be totally pointless in every way for all US citizens that don't plan on leaving the country at any time.

Why would one of the lines have to be T-Mobile?
Two AT&T accounts on one phone — answer one line "Hello" and answer the other line "Joe's Plumbing, Joe speaking..."
Doesn't seem pointless to me... or only for those traveling abroad... just a bit expensive, that's all.

Now if they made a CDMA case or made this case work with the CDMA iPhone that would be pretty amazing and I might consider getting one. The coverage of Verizon when I travel out west and the speed of AT&T when I am at home in Indianapolis.

Yeah, a quick runthrough of their site doesn't indicate that it would work with a Verizon phone (but why not since it's got a complete radio in it?), but if it did, I might be tempted to pick this up so that I can take my Verizon iPhone to Europe and use a prepaid SIM or something to that effect. No matter how much it costs to get service there, having a Verizon iPhone makes it a no-go. And even with an AT&T iPhone, not having to pay them $1 per MB or whatever stupid price they charge would be worth the initial $240 price-tag. Then if Jailbreaking gives you heartburn, just undo it when you get back to the US.

If apple actually made this standard... man oh man. business folks would eat it up. and heck might even come in handy as a home phone replacement. cause lets face it.. you dont really want everyone to have your personal cell number.. it would also make cheating on your wife much easier :-)

a novel idea but not and elegant solution to adding more lines to a phone. yes google voice is one option, paying your provider for another line is also an option... but there are also others that do not require jailbreak or hardware (sim or case). i have 3 lines on my iphone4

It is a good idea maybe need more improvements on 2Phone 3G and Bluetooth but the DUAL STANDBY function is working fine, just what I need it for. The case is nice but the extra battery pack needs to be more than 50% charged to be able to recharge your iPhone, on less than 50% 2Phone battery it will save the remaining power for 2Phone. Took me time to figure out how to set the ring tone for 2Phone but every order thing worked fine..
Works on Locked iPhone 4

Hi Friend, Can you please tell me in simple steps how did you figure out how to set the ring tone for 2Phone.
I really appreciate your help on this, all are fine with me too using iphone 4 with 2 SIMS.

for anyone interested in a review, I've been using one for a few days now and it works pretty well for providing 2 voice lines using 2 sims (though, not without it's annoyances). I agree that it's a bit expensive, but if you are carrying around two phones, I could see it being worth it:

wow, this looks awesome!! i have a factory unlocked iphone 4 jailbroke already, and id love to have this! I found them on for 112.00 US!

2phone confirmed to me by email that it doesn’t need jailbreak or software to install for my iPhone 4S. Before they ship the device, I asked them several times to cancel the order if it needs jailbbreak. They disregards my cancellation emails and send the item. When I received early in 2013, I discovered it needs jailbreak, but was not available for iPhone 4S at that time. Only on February 2013 jailbreak was released. I jailbroke the iPhone and install the software, but disappointed to find out the software always exiting and not responding most of the time. I contacted 2phone but they are not responding. I lost nearly USD 100.00
This device is waste of money.