Review + giveaway: iCooly PhoneStand for iPhone

"Pairing the latest in Apple iPhone hardware with a 1980s style telephone handset, iCooly certainly demands attention even if its form sometimes overwhelms its function."

The iCooly PhoneStand is an iPhone dock/cradle with a twist -- a retro-future look like something out of the 1980s... or a 60s world's fair. Instead of a rotary dialer or touchtone keypad, it has a tacky surface on which you can place your iPhone, and the handset plugs right into your 3.5mm audio jack. And that's only the beginning.

You don't need leg-warmers or big hair to rock the iCooly PhoneStand, though they certainly wouldn't hurt. This is one sleek plastic and shiny white and silver finished 80s flashback phone. But it works; once the spiral corded handset is plugged in you can answer calls with the tap of a button. (You can also activate Siri on an iPhone 4S or Voice Control on an iPhone 4 or iPhone 3GS with a longer press.)

The nice thing about the old school handset design is that it was an absolute breeze to tuck between the side of your head and your shoulder, so you could keep your hands free to keep working, cooking, gaming... whatever you want to keep doing. The cord isn't incredibly long, mind you, but it's long enough to go from your desk, counter, or comfy chair. iCooly even maintains the distance allows for a 96% reduction in cellphone radiation.

The build quality is great. The iCooly PhoneStand aluminum so it feels strong but not heavy. The sticky surface that holds your iPhone in place can be a bit annoying the first few times you use it, but since it doesn't obstruct the touch screen or buttons, your iPhone remains fully usable even while docked. Likewise, the 30-pin connector is completely exposed so you can charge your iPhone while it's in the cradle as well. The iCooly PhoneStand even includes a place to keep a pen (or capacitive stylus!)

Now, I'm not going to lie. The iCooly PhoneStand isn't for everyone. It's a conversation piece. It's something to have fun with, especially if you enjoy that retro vibe. It's probably not going to be the go-to cradle solution for everyone, and that's okay. Those who do want it, however, will want it a lot.

iCooly PhoneStand for iPhoneReviewed by iMore

iCooly PhoneStand for iPhone


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The Good

  • Striking retro design
  • Strongly built
  • Keeps iPhone, buttons, and ports accessible

The Bad

  • Button requires a strong push to answer calls
  • Cradle starts out excessively sticky

The Conclusion

Pairing the latest in Apple iPhone hardware with a 1980s style telephone handset, iCooly certainly demands attention even if its form sometimes overwhelms its function.

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The giveaway

Leave a comment below and you'll be entered to win an iCooly PhoneStand for iPhone of you very own! Giveaway starts now and ends Sunday, January 29 at midnight, PT. Enter now!


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There are 104 comments. Add yours.

Bibojim says:

Looks cool, does it work with an iPhone in a case? It looks like there's extra room.

Carlos Hernandez says:

Has a weird look to it, which I kinda like.

kieln13 says:

looks really cool. i may have to get one and maybe one for the gf

Ricky says:

Looks really promising. I would love to try it ;). Let's see whether I win this thing or not.

Ali says:

That's the another boosting edge for iphone over others. Always innovative things one can expect

Ashley says:

Love it!! Reminds me of high school

cbm says:

This looks really cool!

Ama says:

That's too cute. Would definitely add a nice to my room which I'm in the process of refurnishing wink wink ;)

Sherry says:

I would love one of these. Very cool...from a child of the 80's

Sandy Cohen says:

OK...this looks like the coolyiest ever. I think it's a must have!

Mike Rotch says:

Looks awesome. But why did you grope your vag at 0:50 seconds? Kinda weird.

Fabio Cortili says:

BUY NOW button has a wrong URL.
It points to hhttp:// instead of http://
Kindly correct it and I feel someone could buy it.
Nice rewiev, as always

Gizmocivic says:

I love it & want to win one.

tnahumck says:

This would be great on my desk at work!

Steve Ayers says:

What about a wall mount?
Dash mount ...

harshkey says:

I"m in for one...Thank you ;).

whnn says:

Count me in, love the retro look and design of the iCooly PhoneStand.

Alli says:

Definitely a conversation piece.

Starr Burgess says:

Sweet design iCool Phone Stand!

Carla says:

My bedside table is crying out for this piece! I've been searching for the perfect dock for months, and all I had to do was to reach back into the heyday for this design. Brilliant.

Tony the Tiger says:

My teacher has one that looks just like that but in red. She's in for some competition.

Randy says:

I could use this for my office, sweet!

Jimny says:

That would look awesome in my car.

dtrm7891 says:

My whole life is retro!! I need this phone.

bnpdp says:

Need this for hands free while on my motorcycle.

Mark L says:

Very icooly! Would live this on the desk

Kingsley C. says:

Looks very cool, and would make a grey addition to my office!

coolkendude says:

Nice - now I can use my 3GS as a home phone. =)

bgwebbjr says:

I most definitely want this!

SteveC says:

I want this - Pick me!!!

KLieu says:

Love it, for those days you don't wanna lift a finger or hold the cell phone while in bed. And when speaker phone and head sets don't cut it. Good old days of the phone reciver in bed lol.
Count me in :)

Tim says:

This looks awesome! I want one.

Bill says:

I saw this months ago, and thought it was a great idea. No, it is not for everyone, but it really is cool.

BeyondtheTech says:

Would have been nice if it was a dock instead of a plug, and if it hangs up the call if you place the phone back on the hook, but nevertheless, it's a great looking conversation piece.

jgabler5025 says:

This would also work for iPods which don't have microphones so that the user can make Skype calls without necessarily having to buy a fancy headset.

Carol says:

This looks great and boy would it be nice to have. I could give up on the land-line and just go cell phone.

Chris says:

Wouldn't mind having one of those.

Jerry5k says:

Being a "senior citizen" this device would bring back "the good old days". Thanks for the chance to win one.

Lauren says:

Haha, pretty funny! Would be a cute gift for the 80s Afficionado in your life!

Aindriu says:

These are pretty nice stands with the bonus of a headset. I've been thinking about getting one for my desk at because I hate keeping my iPhone in my pocket (while I sit for hours on end).

Aindriu says:

Don't you hate it when you use the wrong e-mail address?

Dan says:

That would go perfectly in my retro room! i want one!!

GavinCampbell says:

Count me in. This looks pretty cool.

Maritza says:

Lol I love it!!!! It's new technology meets Old technology..

Ginbill says:

Blast from the past. I like it.

ufsteez83 says:

Can tell people I have a LAN line!

thommie343 says:

I like the retro--future look is has.

Ralph Richards says:

One more item to remind me of the greatest decade ever! I love the 80's !

Bryan R says:

Great idea. Hard to find stuff like that where I live.

Navid25 says:

So neat I would love to have one

warjon says:

Really nice retro look,smart idea for an accessory1

Evermore707 says:

This would look great in my computer lab. I use speaker phone or bluetooth, or dock because i hate smearing up the screen. This would be a great solution that looks fantastic!

beastcmg says:

cool I was looking for something to give to the wife for her B'Day

quad100 says:

This would be neet for the bedroom night table next to the bed. It charges the phone while being readely accessable so that you don't need to search for the phone in the middle of the night when it rings and you are half asleep.

spalten says:

THis would be a cool item for my desk!

Jim Miller says:

Being 59 years old I love the design. Being an attorney I love the hands free use. Love to have it.

don lorincz says:

I got a spot picked out for mine.

jnl1589 says:

After an hour with the iPhone pressed against my ears (I switch), I really wish for an old fashioned phone handset!

prewanabe says:

This would fit perfectly on my desk.

williamsbh76 says:

Would be fun to use at work. I'm in!

Warren Goldman says:

I love the demo. Looking for something like this for a long time. Love to have it. Tried to click on the price to buy it but it wouldn't let me.

mgmiller68 says:

Looks very retro-chic. Would love to win it! :)

Edwin says:

Looks cool. Would look nice on my desk.

mvilla says:

Very cool. I'll take one. ;)

Truth says:

How do you promote and review a product that is a blatant knockoff of a hammacher schlemmer design without even mentioning hammacher schlemmer.
Not cool.
I expect more from you guys.

chobe2 says:

Was the winner announced?

3spur says:

Very Retro, want me one of those