Rogers Canada iPhone 4S pre-orders start tomorrow, 6am ET

Rogers let us know that their [iPhone 4S pre-orders will start tomorrow at 6am ET. If you want an iPhone 4S on Rogers, just head on over to their reservation system page and grab yours then.

More: Rogers Reservation System

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Rogers Canada iPhone 4S pre-orders start tomorrow, 6am ET


That's terrific news. I called yesterday and the CS rep said they weren't doing pre-orders, I had to go to a store. When I went to two local stores, one said "first come, first serve" and the other said "Apple doesn't allow Rogers to take phone reservations, it's in their agreement." I'm glad I don't have to wait outside a store for it to open. Just another nail in the coffin of my BlackBerry Torch!

Why is Rogers corporate not saying anything, Telus etc have it all over there website....I managed to reserve one online put they don't say when you will get it!!!!!...come on Rogers talk to your customers