The Room for iOS now free to try, sequel now available on iPad

The Room for iOS now free, sequel now available on iPad

BAFTA award winner, The Room, is now free to try for both iPhone and iPad. If you like it, you can unlock all levels for an in-app purchase of $1.99. The Room 2 is now available for the iPad with iPhone and Android versions following early next year.

In The Room, players have to open a series of boxes by solving puzzles and looking for cues around each level. The Room Two, much like the original, challenges players to solve complex puzzles. This time you'll be helping a scientist known only as AS explore the 3D interactive world around you. Objects are more detailed and graphics are better than ever in the sequel. If you have already picked it up, let us know your thoughts in the comments. Is it easier or harder than the original?

For those that have never played The Room, now is a great time to snag the original and check out the first chapter before committing to a purchase.

Source: CVG

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The Room for iOS now free to try, sequel now available on iPad


This was the first game I purchased when I bought my iPadAir. Loved the game! Just bought the sequel two days ago. Haven't started it yet.

BTW, the iMore app is having issues for the iPad. Tried to leave a comment, but it said I had to log on first (I was already logged in). Hmmm...

Last time that happened to me I deleted & reinstalled the app. Everything has been fine since then. Give it a try.

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Great game! Challenging enough that I got a mental workout, not so difficult that I ever got completely stumped. Had two instances where I had to put it down and take a break so I could come back with fresh eyes. They offer in app hints that don't just give the answer anyway. Good combination of multitouch and spatial handling to solve the puzzles. Worth the cost to unlock full game.

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