Survey says Siri use consistent, but limited among iPhone 4S owners

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A recent survey of 482 iPhone 4S owners found that 87% used Siri monthly, while a third used it daily to make calls, send SMS messages, and make web searches. 26% dictate e-mails to their iPhone 4S daily, but another 30% have never used Siri to send an e-mail. The most popular uses overall was making phone calls and sending SMS messages, but a whole 32% said they had never used Siri to schedule meetings, and 35% had never used it to schedule a meeting; even those who did did so with the lowest daily frequency out of any group. Satisfaction rate with Siri sat at 55%, while 9% were dissatisfied, and everyone else was somewhere in between. While the study indicates that most users aren't bothering with Siri's other notable features, like geofenced reminders, audio e-mail playback, and setting alarms, 37% said they would like to see some voice-activated TV remote control action (though that was counter-acted by another 20% against it).

Siri is still technically in beta, so it's reasonable to expect the satisfaction rate to climb over time. Although that also means we might see additional features coming down the pipe, will anyone actually use them? Let's face it, Siri is definitely cool, but for a lot of people, talking to your phone as if it were a real person is still a fairly foreign idea, and it's hard not to feel like a bit of a crazy when using it in public. How often do you guys use Siri? Are there any feature additions in particular that you'd like to see?

Source: WSJ

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Survey says Siri use consistent, but limited among iPhone 4S owners


Because I drive around each day seeing clients, I use Siri several times a week, sometimes daily. I mostly make phone calls and send texts. Setting reminders occasionally. Unfortunately, it can still be pretty frustrating to use such as getting Siri to recognize the names in my address book. I sure hope Apple is working on improving it.

Why would I use the "geofenced" reminders, whether via Siri or manually, when it drains my battery at 4 times the normal rate?

Siri has negligible impact on battery life. If it drains your phone 4x as fast you have a defective phone - return your phone or stop trolling

@JohnC - It is not Siri draining my battery in this case, it is the "geofenced" reminders. Since location services is active the entire time that a reminder is set, until it is cleared, the batter drains 4x faster than when I use timed reminders.
Not a knock on Siri at all, just a comment that is semi-related to the content of the article. Why so defensive?

I use geofenced reminders all the time. I've never notice a battery drain from using Siri.
I often use 'her' for reminders, reading back texts and searching for answers to my questions such as , "where is the nearest gas station."
I find that it works well but not great. For some reason when sending a text via the bluetooth in my care the dictation button on the keyboard works better than Siri.

A lot of people have been talking about SIRI accuracy - i've never had a problem with the accuracy of SIRI - i use it all the time to dictate emails and control my phone. a friend of mine has had a horrible time with it. it never translates what he says correctly. so we did a test. i put both phones next to each other and dictated the same message at the same time to both. mine translated correctly - his - not at all. that meant to me that there must have been something wrong with his microphone (although he has no problems making calls) so i told him to bring it back to apple. he did - they gave him a new one - and ta-da - SIRI now works! So if your having an issue you may want to check this out. I can't wait till apple adds more functionality to SIRI - I love SIRI!!!!

So let me get this right...32% never used it to schedule a meeting and 35% never used it to schedule a meeting? The stats seem to grow with each new sentence :-)

I haven't used Siri in months. We've just found it useless. I can find something on my phone faster than waiting for Siri to do it.

I keep finding new ways to use Siri. Its great when driving by minimizing my distractions. I use it to add stuff to reminder lists, including an iCloud shared shopping list, texting, and finding places. Its much much quicker than typing.

People feel silly not when they talk to their phone like a person, but when they have to interrupt their normal flow to talk to their phone -- to stop and speak extra clearly, or stop and repeat themselves, or give up and try traditional means. Those feelings, and the entire concept of it being foreign -- vanish for people when they get good, reliable results more quickly than traditional means. At that point, it will be perfectly natural, even preferred.
Siri is improving, but is not quite there yet.

I don't know! I use Siri daily and I have no problem with Siri recognizing what was said or any issue with battery life at all. I set timers, reminders, calendar events, text, do web searches, math computations, and quite a few other tasks on a daily basis and if this is just beta, well, I can't wait to see the full release. I'm a satisfied user. But that's just my experience,I can't relate to others.

I use Siri in the car to reply to text message or to let the wife now I'm on my way home. Its just about as close to hands free texting as you can get lol i have a window mounted phone holder and siri can hear me pretty clear i never had a problem with siri miss understanding me I think it's cool and can't wait to see what will happen when it's off beta.

Oh also use Siri to set the alarm when I'm just to tired to set the clock myself. And reminders if I'm at work and need to remind myself to do something it's very convenient.

Heyah Blobber-Boy,IMHO, iPhone4S is great as is it, why? There are only a couple of ecannhement made which is not too far behind for iPhone4. And the "S" is so fitting for "SIRI" :DYou can check in my blog post for . :)

Siri is a gimmick, a fad, a bit of a laugh down the pub (if the pub has a fast wifi connection), it's of no use in the real world and certainly of no use outside of the USA because it doesnt work at all!
C'mon seriously, how many millions of 4S's were sold and there has been a survey of.... 482 people.... wow, how conclusive! What a completely pointless survey no matter what the percentages are, they mean nothing.
Survey every single 4S owner in the UK and 100% of them never use Siri for anything more than 'Sign a song', 'Tell me a joke' or 'Are you gay'

True Android my have had this but Android does not have the QUALITY..period. So I figure I'll jail break it and have the best of anidord with better quality. Once you go MAC you don't go back. I dropped my iPhone (my 3 year old) 3G ) in a pool of water and it still works like nothing happened. Also I'm missing my power button and speaker is cracked..still works well. QUALITY!

non e8 proprio vero perche9 ad esmipeo per gli SMS mentre guidi (con cavetto delle cuffie connesso di modo da cliccare il pulsanti sul filo per attivare SIRI) fai sicuramente prima. E in generale interloquisce quindi per molte cose risulta pif9 immediata. Sei per caso il naqern che scrive su geekissimo?

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