Switching from Android to iPhone 4? Here's what you need to know

How to make the switch from Android to iPhone 4

iPhone 4 with its 960x640 retina display, easy-peasy FaceTime video calling, high quality 5 megapixel, back-illuminated camera that shoots 720p 30fps video, and the silky smoothness of iOS 4 convincing you to switch from Google's Android to Apple's newest handset? Worried about moving over your personal data like contacts, finding apps, getting used to the differences? Wondering where to get help?

Relax. You're in the the right place. Follow along after the break for everything you need to know (more properly, everything the TiPb iPhone Forums have taught us) about switching from Android to iPhone 4 and iOS 4.

(And yes, we've done webOS, Windows Phone</a, and BlackBerry switcher guides as well).

Android to iPhone - or there and back again

Maybe you used to have an iPhone but after several months the luster wore off and Google's relentless march of new devices -- Droid, Nexus One, Incredible, Evo 4G, Droid 2, Droid x... stop us any time! -- got you itching to try life on the Android side, and now you're back? Maybe the previous lack of multitasking made you wait until now to try iPhone for the first time? It doesn't matter. The past is the past and this is about the future -- your future with iPhone 4 and iOS 4. This is about getting you from Android to 100mph on the iPhone as fast as possible.

Moving over contacts, calendars, and email

Here's the good news: if you're using Android chances are you're using Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Contacts for your personal information, and those all work really well on the iPhone. You can set them up either as an Exchange account (which uses Google Sync's ActiveSync license) to push everything straight from the mothership to your iPhone.

Since iOS 4 can handle multiple ActiveSync accounts, that's the way we recommend you go. Just tap the Settings icon on the Home Screen, tap Mail, Contacts, and Calendars, choose Exchange, and enter your credentials. Google even has a help page [link] if you're not sure just what exactly to put where.

About the only things you'll miss -- and we miss them too -- is a more Gmail-like mail app. iPhone Mail is a great IMAP client but Gmail does things their own way, with threads and labels and stars. You'll get threads, but the other two just aren't there.

If it bothers you enough, you can load up gmail.com right in the Safari web browser. Google makes the best web apps in the business and they work great in Safari (which shares the same WebKit root as Google's own Chrome). Once you've logged in to Gmail, Safari will ask you to cache a few megs of mail on your iPhone -- HTML5 and SQLite power! -- and then you're good to go.

On the off chance you don't like ActiveSync you can hit the handy Gmail button instead in Mail Settings and go the IMAP route. If you don't even use Gmail, you can setup MobileMe (Apple's expensive push service), Exchange, or pretty much any POP3 or IMAP service you have via the Other button.

What to do about Google Voice and Google Navigation

YouTube, Google-powered Maps, and Google search are built right into the iPhone. Enjoy. Google Voice and Google Navigation... those are harder to replace.

If you're not in the US, you probably don't have to worry about Google Voice since it's not international yet, and Google Navigation is just starting to spread so you may not have to worry about that either. If you are in the US and are a big Google Voice and Google Navigation user, here's where things get sticky -- Apple hasn't allowed Google Voice into the App Store and Google hasn't made Google Navigation for the iPhone yet.

It's like when mom and dad fight and the kids suffer, right? There's a couple alternatives you can check out for each, though none are ideal -- and most aren't free.

For Google Voice you can use Google's own web app. It's pretty good, though obviously more limited than a native app would be. There are also 3rd party Google Voice web apps like Black Swan and rival services like Line2.

For Google Navigation, you have the previously mentioned, though much more limited Google Maps built in. It lacks turn by turn and voice directions but is free and useful in a pinch. There are a variety of cheap and/or crowd-sourced navigation apps as well. The cheap ones are a mixed bag. The crowd-sourced ones make us worry that Stephen Colbert's viewers will one day move the Empire State Building to the Cleve just for lulz (joking!), but they're worth checking out. Motion X GPS Drive is $0.99 right now, for example [iTunes]. If you prefer to navigate with the big boys, you can also find everything from TeleNav's online maps in AT&T and Rogers Navigator to NAVIGON's on-board maps in MobileNavigator, to TomTom which owns their own maps. They're all great -- but they come at a price.

And in iOS 4, navigation, VoIP, and -- yes -- streaming music Pandora or Slacker-style can all multitask away blissfully in the background.

Finding other apps (and games).

Sure Apple doesn't allow endless keyboards, task killers, and pinup girls into the App Store, but there are 200,000 apps anyway and almost certainly any big ticket ones you've come to rely on in the Android Market are there, ready and waiting for download. There are also tons of games, from the casual farmers to full-on 3D shooters. TiPb reviews several a week and we've got a whole iPhone Apps and Games Forum ready to help you out as well.

Root meet Jailbreak

Forget the words root and ROM. Remember the words Jailbreak and Cydia. Okay, iPhone 4 probably won't be Jailbroken (root jail broken open to allow side-loading of unsigned apps -- if you don't know what that means, skip this section) on launch day but it probably will eventually, maybe even soon. If you're a diehard tweaker and customizer, you'll want to keep your eyes peeled to our Jailbreak coverage, and more importantly -- our Jailbreak Help Forum, and Jailbreak Apps, Games, and Themes Forum.

Say farewell to fracture

Seriously, you don't have to worry much if at all about versions and hardware compatibility any more. With very few exception, iPhone apps past, present, and future will just work on your iPhone 4. Sure the screen is bigger but it's exactly 4 times bigger at the same physical size so existing (pre-iOS 4) apps will look the same and new (post iOS 4) apps will, frankly, blow your eyeballs out the back of your head.

Apple is all about user experience and they're doing a lot of abstraction behind the scenes to make sure things look great in front of them. Enjoy.

Say hello to iTunes

A mixed blessing if ever there was one, iTunes runs okay on Mac, kludgy on Windows, but is the local sync client required to activate your iPhone 4 and to transfer large media and document files from your computer to your phone.

You can do a lot of things OTA (over the air), including syncing all your personal data via ActiveSync (including Google Sync) or MobileMe, download apps, and buy or rent iTunes music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, etc. (20MB or under over 3G, any size over Wi-Fi). You can find apps that let you access your Google Docs, DropBox, Box.net, and other online storage. You can even convert and stream content on the fly with apps like AirSharing [iTunes]. But at some point, be it to install a software update like iOS 4.1 (probably due this fall) or backup your data, you're going to need to plug in to iTunes. So 2007, we know. If it's any consolation, Apple should release iTunes.com at some point...

Say WTH to interruptive notifications and lack of widgets

For all the huge usability advantages iOS 4 has over Android 2.2 -- and make no mistake they really are huge -- notifications and widgets are sorely lacking.

You get one notification popup at a time that you have to view or close before you can resume what you were doing (or about to do) and once you close it -- or another notification pops up on top of it -- it's gone forever.

Likewise, aside from the orientation lock and music controls in the fast app switcher UI, there's not widgets. None for the lock screen, none for the home screen.

Hopefully Apple will fix these omissions in a future update. (Because we know Google's planning on fixing the usability.)

More Android to iPhone help and information

If you haven't already, check out our complete iOS 4 feature walkthrough. There's an incredible amount of stuff in iOS 4 and you can save yourself some serious time cribbing off of us.

If you need help, or have a story to share, check out TiPb's iPhone forum -- we've got a special switching from Android to iPhone 4 thread going just for you!

And if we forgot anything or just plain got something wrong, let us know and we'll add it or fix it.

Have something to say about this story? Leave a comment! Need help with something else? Ask in our forums!

Rene Ritchie

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Switching from Android to iPhone 4? Here's what you need to know


What is it whith all u ppl with your evo's. It's the new android fad this month next month it will be droid 2 and then evo 2 and so on....your big brick sucks why are you even reading an iPhone website Jack ass go back to your cave!!!

@Evosucks - Yer Funny! Take a moment to take the retainer out of your mouth and clean the spit off your keyboard. I used to have a 3GS numb nuts! And frankly, getting a rile out of the likes of you, is what I live for, so keep it coming!

I went from BB to Android (Hero) and am going to move to the iphone 4. My brother just bought the new Evo and has not stopped waving it around like a addict, it rivals the sony mini computers in size and who wants that up next to their ear? Android was great at first, but due to Google allowing the mass flood of Android phones, you have the best technology for say 2-5 months before the new best android phone comes out. The widgets and such will be missed, but the superior technology Apple brings to the table is worth the sacrifice.

Pathetic...how hard is it to not comment on something you are no longer using or have interest in.
Many people come here for info and to learn, not to have their time wasted filtering thru mindless postings about android being better or worse than iOS4. Don't like Apple, don't use it or the site, kinda simple.

And it always comes to this. Don't you all think its a little childish to continue bashing phones. I mean don't you have jobs, families, hobbies, or friends that could better use the energy you all spend going back and forth about which phone is better? Have at it, I'm going back to tuning my guitar.

Any walkthrough for switching from iPhone to Android? That's much more useful. Can't stand iTunes. My 3GS will soon become an iPod touch...

I really really want to make the switch, but its ATT that is holding me back. I guess ill just keep praying that the iphone will make its way to tmo. :)

I just upgraded my os on my 3gs and im very upset I still can't change my email tone and customize my text message sound... Sooo lame. My 8 year old nokia could customize the text tone.
I work in an office where 7 people have iPhones.. And everytime we here that damn email sound, we all pull out our iPhones to see who has mail.. Same thing for the text message the 5 different sounds SUCK! And on any given day someone else in th office has the same frigin text message

Another thing. I have had custom wallpapers since the first color cell phone screen back in 1999. Just now apple gives us wallpapers? Its 2010 and long overdue!!! Come on apple! Give us the bare essentials!!! Like custom tones for text and email! How about using and saving any mp3 or wav attachment as a ringtone or text tone. All my friends with android can do it! WTF!!!

I hear you. Really I do. I have to give you some advice though you won't like it, I'm sure. Wallpaper is on OS 4.0 if you didn't know. If you really want text tones and other cool features that other phones have, please consider jailbreaking your iPhone. It's a whole new beautiful world that is open to your iPhone that you never thought was possible. I can't wait to jailbreak my iPhone 4! :)

Excellent write up sir. I left my iPhone and went to the evo, and yes how I do love the size ( that's what she said lol). The size isn't that big to me though I'm a tall call and small touch phones are not the greatest. Love my evo 4G

I've seen jailbroken phones. But I have also heard the stories of being banned from the app store or phone dying randomly. I use my phone for work and I don't think management would like the fact that I violated many laws by hacking apple products. I also need my phone to work everyday without worrying about getting error message with the sad face.
We shouldn't have to hack it.

Other things to remember when moving from Android to iPhone:
If you want choices for your voice and data plans, forget it. Apple says you will use AT&T.
Found a cool app but it isn't on the App Store? Jailbreak your phone and risk various problems or learn to accept what Apple says you can have.
You really need Swype to make text and email lightening fast. Apple says no. Get used to it.
Want to develope your own applications for the iPhone, but don't have or want a Mac? Apple says no. Get used to it.
As long as you can get comfortable abiding by Apple's rules for how you will interact with their phone, you should have no problems. Note I couldn't call it your phone.
Get used to it.

And from a person that has been using PDA's and smartphone's since 2000, the iPhone is a pleasure to use.
Get used to it.

I heard tha SJ was to blame for the Gulf Oill spill. Seriously though, just bougt my first Apple product, ipad. Just waiting for itunes to download now. WTF? Neither my wife's Andriod nor my children's Palms required this crap. IPhone 4? Not worth going to AT&T, especially with their latest headlines.

TiPB is the only site of the smartphone expert sites I visit that bashes the competition on the norm, yet Rene wonders why the Android users terrorize his site.

What's with the childish comments about "the phone you had 6 years ago did this and that"!!???? If that phone was so great keep using it. Your phone from 6 years ago don't do an 1/8 or what phones do now. Also the bashing of AT&T is amazing like every other carrier is a perfect god send. And has zero problems what so ever. Please I had them all and they all suck in there own way.

No Flash support???? Need I say more?? I don't ever see myself using an iPhone, iPad, etc.
Anyone remember Betamax and VHS, Beta may have been a better quality picture, but when you try to run the show and are difficult to get along with, the crowd will go the other direction!!
EVO 4G user!!

What I would like to know is can you download OTA files like albums, songs or docs and immediately view them like you would on an Android phone? I have DL'd 175 MB movie before on my phone....can the iPhone do this? (Serious question)

Apple must see there demise coming. This phone is wack!!!!! Android for life. Most people hop on board with the iphoney cause other people have one. do your research and pick the rite one for u. as for me i love android.

I think I'm one of the rare people who was not completely impressed by the EVO. A little background on me- I test phones. A lot. I've owned most every bleeding edge technology phone in recent years (Palm Pre, Blackberry 8130,8330 Bold 9000 and 9700, iPhone, iPhone 3g, EVO) and that's just the past 2-3 years. I know I'm leaving some out too :). IMO, Android has made great strides to produce a quality product in a very short amount of time. I remember seeing the G1 when it first came out thinking "there is no way I'm using that crap" but lo and behold, I found myself toying around with the OS. Has strengths (widgets, notification bar, google integration) and weaknesses (handling of corporate Exchange servers, battery life, ease of use) but these are all opinions that some people find to be more important than others. I'm going back to iPhone because it can handle the 50 emails I receive a day at work and not die in 5 hours (the reason I took the EVO back) and the fact that I don't have to carry around 2 devices. They both are awesome phones when paired with a user who will maximize what each was designed for.

Again why are android users on tipb? I'm gonna start going on android central and start trolling. O wait I have a life. Get one losers.

Well clearly 600.000 pre orders in first two days shows which one sells more and I guess at the same time which one is better. Indeed iPhone is missing some features but that's the reason we have jailbreak. Every since I owned an iPhone it has been jailbroken maybe once or twice it gave me trouble...

Im an iphne user, original, 3g, and 3gs. Trying to deside whats next, iphone4, evo , or possibly droid x. Its very tough trying to deside and hear coments, always one bashing the other. I hate fanboys of all kinds

To all the EVO people........ if you love your EVO's so much then why oh why are you on an iphone blog site trying to see what your EVO is lacking.... Like Battery Life. oh yeah and as for your 4G phone, buddy has one, can barely get 4G, usually on 3g 95% on the time, therefore he's returning it where the phone should be.... in a box!!!!! Just face it your just pissed you switched carriers a little to early and now wish you could break contract to come back to the all mighty apple!!!!!!!!! ahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahha

I find it completely hilarious how you iSheep get so angry when someone talks bad about your little Gizmo.. Relax.. take it easy.. it's not your fault that the day your new iPhone4 comes out, it will already be obsolete b/c of all the better Android phones out there..
...it's ok. shhhhh.. shhhhh.. just go to sleep iSheep.

while i wouldn't necessarily switch from android i'd definitely switch from this p.o.s eris to something else right now including an iphone on crap-t&t. the 2.1 update all but crippled this phone. ugh. from poor battery life to very sluggish performance, it makes me really want my blackberry on tmoible back.

lol Its ok Andy, while i'm enjoying my new phone constructed of glass and stainless steel, u can sit there on your already obsolete device made of plastic and ummmmmm oh yeah plastic!!!!!! We aren't angry, we actually find it funny you guys come on tipb and want to see all the new technology that your phone wont have for awhile..... go back to your android forum!!! LOL ( you must really like sheep!!! Weird..)

You have an Eris...you can't compare that phone to the EVO, Incredible, etc. That is like saying my Apple iPhone v1 isn’t very good compared to the iPhone v4. Stop being cheap and buy a new Android phone…like the Incredible…because I love my phone.

Isnt there screen sensitivity issues with the incredible n evo, and also arent the evo screens defective and peel off???

I was hoping that I'd replace my Nexus One with the iPhone 4 I'd pre-ordered, but it sounds like I've just bought an extremely expensive test device instead. Might even cancel the order.

Danny, I have the incredible and I can tell you have not had any screen sensitivity issues with my phone. I use the car-dock so there are plenty of times where I am not holding my phone and am able to navigate through various options without any issues. I have read of this issue but have not personally seen it. Android is #1.

IPhone sales say everything.......all the android phone sales don't even come close to the last two iPhones, do your research android kidos!!!! Sales say it all..... It's just math!!!!

J.G., I would like to thank you for pointing out the inadequacies of my technology.. so let's see if we can do a little summary here of what my phone "won't have for a while"..
1.EVO has a more powerful camera on the front and the back.
2.EVO has the ability to use network and WiFi for video calls, the iPhone can only use WiFi. (have fun on the couch)
3.EVO and Android have had multitasking for ages now. Welcome.
4.EVO has a memory slot whereby I'm able to upgrade my memory as I see fit, the iPhone is static. Good luck with that.
5.EVO gives you the ability to customize your phone to conform to your needs, the iPhone likes you to conform to it. (Steve says jump and the iSheep jump...)
...do i really need to keep going here buddy?? like i said, don't get mad at me b/c your product is inferior... it's ok.

Reto, my bad where are my manners…please send me your full name, address and mothers maiden name and I will cut you a check for $199.00. Thanks.

Still can't figure out why your on here, you probably have the apple site under ur favorites to see what u wish u could have, good luck with your peeling screen..... That should help with that awesome plastic phone of yours. Maybe one day htc cand design a newsworthy phone that doesn't have a freezing os hd2 or peeling screens evo 4g only in some areas. Come back and play with the sheep anytime you want, just don't attempt to sleep with any sheep. Thanks in advance

"To all the EVO people…….. if you love your EVO’s so much then why oh why are you on an iphone blog site trying to see what your EVO is lacking…. Like Battery Life. oh yeah and as for your 4G phone, buddy has one, can barely get 4G, usually on 3g 95% on the time"
JG, wouldn't it be nice if the iphone was on 3G 5% of the time? 95% sounds pretty god to me. Iphone is nice, as are all the new Android phones. I think both serve different user types, having their pros and cons. ATT criples the iphone and is the sole reason I will not own an iphone.

You are absolutely correct with all of your comments. It is like the iSheep are mad because their phone is now in second place. Jobs is now copying Android. However J.G. is correct. The iPhone will have glass. J.G. please let me know the first time you drop your phone on the concrete. Let me know how that works out for you. J.G. can you also tell me how I can view and transfer my data to my iPhone without iTunes? What if my friend doesn’t have iTunes but I want to give them an mp3? What do I do? With my Incredible I simply plug it to any computer and I have full access to my hard-drive/memory card. How J.G. do I get my files off of my iPhone without iTunes? How?
J.G. this link is for you (you’ll have to scroll to the bottom)…here you will see a comparison chart of the first iPhone vs. the Nokia E70. Shocking I know…but I am interested to know your thoughts and feelings about this comparison. Because surely you were an iSheep lover from day one.http://www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=iphone

AT&T does suck but AT&T handles more data transfer than all their competitors combined, any carrier that would have taken on the iPhone would have had problems.... The only real solution to this is for apple to make the iPhone open to more carriers. And as far as your 3G comment, my iPhone is on 3G all the time, where you live might be another story.

@Andy that's funny you say that when the iphone4 comes out it will be obsolete. When theres a new and better android phone out every 3 weeks. Now what's obsolete again? I wish you people would think before you yap.

Dear dorito chip,
Lol, just got done reading your outdated site...... Try getting some up to date site and send it to me dip chip!!!!!
And for dropping the phone???? I have plenty of times with my 3GS and no problems, as for your precious htc..... Screen is already falling apart sitting on the couch... Hope your not using it to post on here, would hate for you finger to go through that cheap screen of yours. And before jumping into a convo do some research dippy instead of posting 1st gen info ..... Baaaaa baba baaaaa

You are an exception to being on 3G then because everyone knows about ATTs horrible service and there is no debating it. I travel a lot, and have Verizon and rarely have any issues with signal or 3g service. My coworkers, who have the iphone, always have issues getting signal or 3g service and enjoy their shiny paperweight. Android and Iphone come down to personal preference, and whatever one works for you best you should go with. I'm glad you can use the iphone to it's full potential on 3G, but for most that it not the case.

J.G. so you are saying the first iPhone was a flop and sucked? Becuase it appears that Nokia was 100 time better. I just want to make sure I am hearing you correctly. The first iPhone sucked? Correct?
FYI- Windows Smartphones could multitask since 1999. Thanks.

Mac, the EVO/Incredible are better phones and they came out before the iPhone. Thanks, take care.
JG, how come you didn't have an answer to any of my 5 points? Good luck.

I agree like i said AT&T does suck, my 3G signal is there all the time, now have I had dropped calls? Sure have but like u said it's preference.

Zack, First of all 4G is new…so of course it isn’t everywhere yet. Technology can’t change that quickly. However the EVO can run on 4G and the iPhone can’t. Also you are absolutely 100% correct. The battery life in the EVO and Incredible is poor. I don’t think one person was disagree. However there are several options one can do with their Android phone. They could buy an extra battery or buy an extended battery (as I did). I would love to see you try to switch out the battery on your iPhone. Oh wait…you can’t. Because your commander and chief Steve says you’ll need to send your phone to Apple to change for an $80 fee. Wow, $80? Really I can buy two stock batteries for that price.

Don't need to, there will always be apple bashers, and that's ok, it's the bashers like yourself that spend most your night on iPhone blog sites, only deep inside you really wish you where one of the 600,00 thousand people to get their iPhone on thursday!!!! Goodnight sheep boy :)

Dear Apple/Steve Job lovers:
Please tell me what makes the new Apple iPhone better than the Evo?
1. Battery life
2. You have more apps because iPhone has been around longer… what else?

JG, I'm sorry, they were just simple points.. didn't mean to go over the top on you.. i hope you have a good night as well.. have fun with your 600,000 iSheep on Thursday.

Dorito- Are you too busy sheep hating to realize that I said I don't own an iphone and will not as long as it's on ATT. Also, I never spoke of battery life. The EVO may have 4G, but you have to pay $10 extra and only can get it in some cities. If you aren't near the 4G coverage, well thank you for your $10. Yes, 4G is new, but I would rather be on 3g 95% of the time then the 5% of 3G the iphone gets. You should get a life and stop wasting you time hating on something like the iphone. If you have a EVO and that works best for you, great. I have the Droid. Retard.

Oh nooooooo the android donkeys are fighting, if I wanted donkey show I would go to Mexico !

Dear Apple/Steve Job lovers: Please tell me what makes the new Apple iPhone better than the Evo? 1. Battery life 2. You have more apps because iPhone has been around longer… what else?

Dorito chip & dip
I will still have unlimited, like I said do your research nacho cheese!!

Josel, you better back your a$$ up to page one son! You have missed a lot but welcome! I would love for you to tell me WHY Apple is better than the EVO? Thanks.

Thank Apple for the revolutionary mobile run, but step aside for the Google domination. Google is being backed by every mobile, television, automobile and computer manufacture in the world. Apple can't do it alone. 1980's Microsoft vs Apple? Apple lost. 2011 Google vs Apple? Apple will lose. Sorry rotten Apple friends. Come join the Google world. Google TV and Google Music is coming this Fall.

Hello Andy
J.G. i would love for you to answer my questions
Zack - your my boy
Josel - keep going back! STAT!

That's what I'm talking about Barry...Google rocks! iPhone still can't use flash...is this the 1980s?

The widgets are the top reason why I am likely to switch from iPhone to Android when my contract expires.

Evo 4g sales 1st two days = 67,000
iPhone 4 PRE SALES = 600,000
I rest my case donkey boys!!!!

Robert, I can tell you that the Widgets are the best on the HTC! Once you swtich be sure to buy an HTC phone with sense! You will love it! Step aside Apple...Google is moving on up.

It's really sad that you donkeys are on here worrying about what us isheeeeeeep are saaaaaaaaying!!!!!

J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G.J.G. please answer below b/c i really need to know. Thanks.
Dear Apple/Steve Job lovers: Please tell me what makes the new Apple iPhone better than the Evo? 1. Battery life 2. You have more apps because iPhone has been around longer… what else?

JG, not worried at all over here... but maybe you could answer Dorito's burning question before he explodes..

Thank you for answering my question. By your lack of answer you have answered that the Evo is better than the iPhone and the iPhone has simply copied the Evo. Apple 4 = 2nd place. Thanks for all the assistance with letting me know why your Apple is better than the Evo.

Dorito, you rock! You have represented the EVO and Android well. To think that when I placed the first post, I was expecting to get ibashed! I'm sure I'm not the only one who made the switch from a 3GS to the EVO.
One point I'd like to make. I've seen some comments saying that I'll jump from the EVO to the next big Android phone. Nope, I really won't. Why move to something else when what you have already has EVERYTHING! I can understand upgrading iphones because their fanbase has been fed bits and pieces and they're settling for it. EVO hit a homerun from the start. OH, and if you're wondering, I haven't had any "screen sensitivity issues" before you try pegging me on that.
Keep the torch burning Dorito. D to the O to the R to the......oh you get my point.

  1. Ultra durable glass screen
  2. Battery life 7 hrs not 2- 4 on ur wonderful htc
  3. iMovie
  4. 200,000 apps
  5. A4 processor
  6. It's not plastic
  7. Os doesn't freeze
  8. Multitasking might have been around for awhile but drained your battery
    Apple has perfected it.

RobGom, welcome. this may be an iPhone website, but just like everything else, it's being overtaken by Android.

J.G., Sales numbers look good. We never said that Apple didn't have a great marketing team. There are always suckers that fall for the marketing tactics. We all can't make the right(Google) decisions. Someone always buys a golden turd. Good luck. Don't sign a long term contract with Apple because you are going to miss out on the Google wave. Good Night all!

@dorito : actually android has been out for awhile starting with tmobile G1... What else could apple have done better??? Ummm retina display, ummm faster os, ummm dual mic, ummmm facetime, ummm is that enough for u. Drink cold water and go to sleep with ur android... stop reading an iPhone blog and get a life or go to android central!!!

  1. Stop spreading false news and do some real time testing. j.G.
    A4 is underclocked so Snapdragon wins.
    Who needs worthless apps like 160,000 of them.
    Android does not freeze.

Lol iPhone paved the way .... Just remember that..... And sales speak louder than all ur yip yapping on here have a good night posting on tipb!!!!!!

  1. Highest resolution screen ever on a phone !!!!! Lol

RobGom what up! Thanks! I am just trying to keep it real. Apple is not better than the EVO and all the iSheep get so mad b/c for the first time ever! Their product is in 2nd place. 2nd! I am sorry JG! I know it hurts you inside. I know!

iPhone did pave the way, but not with new technology. I could care less about resolution. The Apple Cinema display has a ridiculous resolution, yet I'm satisfied with my Macbook Pro. Sales? I do agree, and I must say Apple has a great marketing program, but I am not a regular user. I like to hack, so the iPhone is pretty pointless for me after owning 2 with a 3rd one being defective. I loved my iPhone...until Google announced open source Android...

JG, thank you for your reply, but couple of questions here:
1.EVO/Incredible both have "ultra durable glass screens" as well.
2.Batter Life, Dorito already said iPhone is better.
3.iMovie?? What??? i can play any movie i want on my phone.
4.More apps, of course b/c Apple has been around longer.
5.Snapdragon Processor.
7.Your right, my OS doesn't freeze. Thanks.
8."Perfected it"?? really?? b/c you have the phone in your hand right? Don't believe everything you read buddy.
9.Good Luck.

Google's keeping it real with people who want more than "simple". That's why I'm moving on. By the way, did I mention that I had no service for 10 minutes straight while my cousin's Sprint service had 5-6 bars the entire time. I hate AT&T!

Study the human eye. You can have huge resolution numbers all day, but will the human eye see a difference? I am afraid not my young learning friend. Apple Marketing rocks! There status is also falling like a rock. Google is #1. We will let you be second or the first one to lose. Peace

Andy, I love all of your points...number 9 is my fav!
Caliskimmer, welcome...I love how the iSheep are so sad their new product isn't as good as Google! You are 100% correct about Apple's marketing.

I've thought many times of switching from my blackberry to an iPhone but the iPhone 4 really didn't impress me. Disappointedme really. The lack of personal customization and and the controlling way Apple is its not for me. And I really dislike at&t.

Ok, i say everyone goes back old school, the "zach morris" cell phone... Lol all this talk is funny and at the same time i feel like smashin my phone on the ground right now ... Lol go figure , im bout to bring back the beeper.. Lol

Leonardo you are correct. The people that like Apple are simple minded people. They just want to turn on their phone. Go to the app store. Download an app and use it. They conform to the Apple because that is what Steve Jobs wants you to do. The Android phones are fully customizable. Have various widgets. Open source coding, etc. Android is for people that want to customize their phones to them. It is your phone, why can’t you do whatever you’d like to YOUR phone?

The picture should have a different Android phone. Who would switch from the EVO 4G to the iPhone 4?

Aw come on guys, it not necessary to start calling people names.
Some like iPhone. Some like Andriod.
The market will decide in the long run, but in the mean time they are going to co-exist, and each will make the other better.

@Derek - Very good point. I think that's what made me post in the first place. Switching from Android to iOS is one thing, but to post a pic of the EVO? Why the hell would anyone want to switch from the EVO to an iphone4? They should have posted a pic of the G1 or Eris if they wanted to make their point. Sorry but the iphone4 has nothing on the EVO. Ooooo, maybe battery life, as it's been the main talking point for the apple biters.

I've never been more entertained reading the comments. Thanks for all the lol material. Competition is what the iPhone has been missing for years and I welcome it. Android please bring out new features and Apple please perfect them as that is what u do best.

I like how, ever since apple showcased the retina display everyone has suddenly become an eye specialist...lolzz Optometry schools must be making a killing.. But one a serious note..
Yes everyone is allowed to pick what OS they like (android or iOS4) except RIM which has gone downhill.

i can not think of any reason why anyone who used android should go back to an iphone...
the iphone4 can not match the new android devices in any realm. for instance the "retina display" is not as good as samsung's super amoled display. also there will be lots of fancy android devices with amazing speed coming out for the next year while apple is stuck with this hardware for at least 12 month ...
also android will most certainly receive several os updates in this time. the iphone4 won't!
just my 2 cents ...

I agree with everyone saying how google's open source android os will quickly become the new standard, but people who love apple, love apple.
No use trying to convince them other wise.
I try not to comment on these things but the bashing on this particular post is ridiculous.
I don't get why android users are on an apple blog either. Tsk tsk smh.. Go have some human interaction if you need some excitement in your life.
I prefer iOS, but Android is pretty cool too.
If you don't like iOS, just don't use it... Duh..

This is a sad article. I switched to android and would never go back. The feature list on the iphone 4 is not up to par with the evo. Its already outdated. The article should be about switching from the iphone to android not the other way around.

Lies ,,,, Lies ,,,,,, Lies ,,,,,, How much money do you get from steve jobs (dictator of century) for publishing these jokes ?!!

if you use android i am 100% sure you will forget apple. iphone cant do 1 single task of renaming a file which my old nokia 6600 used to do. in the comming months you will see lots of android devices, future is Android. Apple Sucks.......!!!!!!!!!!!!

Rene, Rene Rene...why? why would you write something like this? :) This is not about giving someone the opportunity to make a choice. This is not a logical comparison that makes no sense at all. would you go back from Merc to Kia if you have the money to live with the Merc? Think about it next time you start typing :)

Rene, just remember that Android is much better than your iSheep so I would start gearing your articles towards Android. As you can clearly see there are over 100 posts and most talk about the Android domination! Enjoy 2nd Place!

Seems like this article is pointing out all the things the iPhone lacks. And my favorite part is:
For all the huge usability advantages iOS 4 has over Android 2.2 — and make no mistake they really are huge — notifications and widgets are sorely lacking.
What are the advantages? Seems like you all avoided that one. Why would I want my notifications to pop up and interrupt what I am doing. How do I just look past that?!?!
Bottom line... In the end crApple will lose because of Steve Jobs wanting to control everything about his products. They are not only going up against Google but every other manufacturer besides themselves.

6/24 - iphone4 is the hottest phone available today.
6/25 - iphone4 is old and outdated.
Seriously, the EVO is already ahead of iphone4.

Meh. I haven't been enticed yet to switch over to an iPhone, this new model does nothing to change that. It's the horrendous amount of control Apple exerts over the devices that is probably my biggest problem with the iPhone. Adobe's Flash for example, they claim might be "buggy" and a CPU hog that'll drain your battery quickly... but shouldn't that be the CONSUMERS choice to decide if they want it enabled on their own phones THEY paid for?
The real reason is that Flash has evolved to the point of running applications independently, and developers could circumnavigate Apple's iTunes / Apps stores entirely just by placing their creations an a web page. Apple's solution to the fear of losing money/having competition? Block Flash entirely so any web pages that use it display like ass.
Yeah - "Think Different" indeed. Thanks for cutting our balls off just to guarantee making a few extra bucks.
I swear, if they ever tried pulling half this crap with their computer division, I'd gladly go back to a PC.
Don't even get me started on that "magical" iPad P.O.S.

So you say that your OS doesnt freeze, and battery life of 7 hours. I was wondering have you turned your ijizze 4 on yet? Oh ok, then how the heck do you know that the OS doesnt freeze, and that the battery will last 7 hrs. I have had the EVO 4g for 2 weeks now, and NO screen issues, battery seems to be okay if you charge it during the night, and not once have has my OS froze on me.
I guess if 600,000 Imonkeys buy a piece of junk, it is all of a sudden the best thing on earth. There are 600,000 imonkeys out there that paid for a one button monkey toy, that does nothing different then your last monkey toy.
Can you tell me how much your insurance cost on the Iphone, i am just wondering?
190 OUT.

That's what I am talking about JoeD- If one buys a phone it is MY phone. Not Jobs phone and I should be able to use my phone how I see fit. About the iPads...who in the hell would buy such a worthless device? It serves no purpose…NONE! What application is an iPad used for? Really?
190 – I enjoyed reading your post to J.G. obviously J.G. can read and write. It is too bad that he suffers from CRapple retardation. He has no mind…he just submits to whatever Jobs says.
FYI- Google Voice is awesome!

I have a mytouch 3g running android 1.6. My buddy has an iphone 3gs just by the way I have my phone set up with all the widgets and alternative home screens he thought I had the newest phone out lol. I blew his common sense just by teasing him with the weather forcast with live 3d animation while downloading a complete music album zip file, playing music in the background with my meridian player, and refreshing my gmail inbox simultaneously....wtf...apple?...android is a freggin fruit basket with all these features.

What I love is how iPhone users justify their battery life. "We don't do real multitasking so we have superior battery life"
that's like saying: "Gas is expensive. Let me save it by driving 5 miles an hour even tho the I paid for a Corvette"
What's the point of haviing a fast processor and load of ram that you're not using it? Because its the last leg up the iPhone has. And it gets that by holding you down.

If your precious htc phone is soooooo much better in every way, then why waste your time on an iPhone blog site idiots!!! Unless deep inside ur pea brain you actually really really want iPhone 4 !!!!!!!!!!!! I know I know settle down dorito boy, don't crumble all your chips at once!!!!! Get a life buddy and hopefully one day you will come to ur frozen sense lol and bow down to the man that started the whole touch screen revolution!!!!!! Steve jobs!!!! I figure I'll just ramble on about nothing just like ur previous blogs but bottom line is that u are on an iPhone site drooling over the best smartphone on the market and wishing you had the dough to buy it !!!! Lol go ahead ... All u android freaks pile on me let me have it I'm sure you'll sit here repeating all ur niftey info on how the evo 4g is the best phone out even though tree is a new htc phone out every other month trying to stay alive!!!!! AhahahhahahahahhHhhhhahaha later suckers keep blogging !!!!!

J.G. you still have failed yet again to tell me why your iSheep is SO much better than the HTC Androids. I can give you a number of reasons why the Androids is SO much better than your iSheep.
Open Source coding
The ability to view Flash
Better front and rear camera
Video conferencing (WiFi is not needed)
Fully customizable
Snapdragon processor
The ability to hook my phone to any PC and obtain data on my hard drive (iTunes sucks)
The ability to increase my hard-drive by adding a new micro mini memory card
The ability to change or upgrade my battery by simply removing the back of my phone…wouldn’t that be neat if you could do the same on your CRapple? Oh wait you can’t Jobs will not allow you too. You have to pay $80 and mail it into Apple.
Should I go on?
Now I would like to see your list J.G. just one time tell me why I should throw my HTC away and buy your iSheep CRapple iPhone with the one iMonkey button.

J.G. where you at? I am right here waiting...I'm waiting for you J.G.! Here. Now. Waiting. STAT!

Sprint, which made a bad bet on the Palm Pre, isn’t faring much better with its new hero phone, the Android-powered HTC Evo 4G. While the superphone generated a significant amount of buzz before its release, complaints about the device started mounting once users got their hands on it. Most recently, many users are seeing issues with the Evo’s screen, including glass separation, as well as trouble with responsiveness (which also affects its sister phone, the Droid Incredible).
When the phone isn’t held in the hand, the touchscreen seems to have serious issues registering inputs. While not everyone is experiencing the issue, enough users are that it seems like more than a mere anomaly with a few units. If true, it’s something that couldn’t be fixed with a software update. Coupled with many accounts of screen separation, HTC and Sprint may have to initiate a hardware recall to fix the issues.
All of this is in addition to reports of terrible battery life, something MobileCrunch calls a “deal-breaker” for the device. HTC is no stranger to building high quality mobile devices, so it seems somewhat strange that so much could be going wrong with the Evo. It’s also bad news for Sprint, whose CFO recently said that he hopes the Evo can be a worthy alternative to the iPhone 4 for its customers.
Crappy azz phone

J.G. to you 12:15 AM Post...I have never had that touch screen issue so I am not even sure what they are talking about. Also please don't cut and paste from an article. Any iSheep person can do that. PLUS since you didn't cite your sources it's called plagiarism and against the law. Enjoy jail buddy!

J.G. I am sorry, I forgot to include my proof. I will not cut and paste just provide you a link to enjoy at your leisure...there is a video for this one as well.http://www.engadget.com/2010/06/24/some-iphone-4-models-see-signals-drop...
How come you didn't tell us about this issue 2 days ago? Oh wait you couldn't becuase they didn't post this issue in any articles. Myself being left-handed is cause me great pain if I was an iSheep lover. Thankfully I am not. Enjoy your defective phone and your dropped calls. Dortio.

Andy, you copied what I was typing to J.G. W T F! Well what can I say great minds think alike. Engadget is a huge iPhone lover...so I am happy to see they are fair and balanced and do report issues as they come up. It makes me laugh that if your hand is touching both internal antennas the signal drops. I would love to know how CRapple plans to fix that one…that is a hardware issue…NOT a software issue. Ass iGizz is so great mommy!

Hello all good people of blogosphere:
I have been monitoring this blog for a few days now, and I have noticed a slight tension between a few of the posters on this thread. Well, being a non-partisan spectator, I'd say that Andy and Dorito have basically taken this debate and thrown out several real stats and specifications showing that the Android system is better than the new iPhone. All that "JG" has come up with is "Why are you on an iPhone site?" As a current iPhone 3GS owner (and a fairly happy one too), I am sad that the only evidence that JG has provided was copy and pasted in, and that took just about 2 days to produce. I am in the camp that people have the choice, so knock yourselves out.
So, I'll leave you with "IT'S LIKE A GIRAFFE!"

I am interested in upgrading from a Razr to a smartphone in near future and this forum has really given me some real world information from actual iPhone and EVO users. Thank you so much for offering perspectives from both sides! But I have to say that Mr. Dorito is providing facts and not opinion.
Why does this J.G. fellow have to plagiarize? Can he not make a comment on his own?

I'm writing this comment from the county jail !!!! Can Someone come bail me out !!!! Dorito????? It doesn't matter what I list or tell you, you and you weak android crew will doggy pile every comment..... I'm enjoying my new iPhone with no signal, cracked glass, non removable battery!!! I might as well just have purchased an evo 4 ..... Not in this lifetime!!! Baaaaa

Dear Dorito,
I read some of your previous posts from the other day (as well as some cat named Andy(probably a fake name) who seems to favor EVO) and it seems to me that you are really knowledgable about both phones and their respective OS. I appreciate you letting the WORLD know about these little differences, as I am a consumer in the market of upgrading my phone. Maybe I should wear a bag over my head or something b/c I have a dumb-phone(Razr). I may just a drunk Irishman with a dumb-phone but I still know how to copy and paste like J.G.!
J.G. or others, can you please address some of the problems shown in the link below:http://news.yahoo.com/s/livescience/20100624/sclivescience/iphone4sfirstusersreportreceptioncolorproblems;ylt=AnhnEIdcWRMSjft0zDcFuL4Sq594;_ylu=X3oDMTNxbW1qcjl2BGFzc2V0A2xpdmVzY2llbmNlLzIwMTAwNjI0L2lwaG9uZTRzZmlyc3R1c2Vyc3JlcG9ydHJlY2VwdGlvbmNvbG9ycHJvYmxlbXMEY3BvcwM3BHBvcwM3BHNlYwN5bl90b3Bfc3RvcmllcwRzbGsDaXBob25lNHNmaXJz
Hey J.G., I've got another question for you? Do you have an iPad too? If you do, can you please elaborate on what it can do!
Top of the morning to ya,
Irish Chuck

I read the link and the problem that where on there..... All I can tell u is that I have had no issue what so ever with the phone, signals great, no yellow blotches, and I have been using it non stop for about 4 hours now and I barley see a sliver of the battery missing!!!!!
So far so good..... I think I saw this dorito guy in line with me today, this guy had an evo 4 and just bought it 2 weeks ago, I laughed and asked how did he like his phone ..... He said the phone is really nice if u like having it plugged into a wall or carrying around extra batteries. I had to chuckle thinking of my buddy dorito chip, this guy was actually returning his evo to sprint for a full refund right after he bought and transferred his number to his iPhone. I asked If he had any freezing issues??? He said no and started showing me the sense ui and what do u know it froze for the first time........I am really glad I didn't FOLLOW dorito and Andy and purchase an EVO 4gimp !!!!! As for the ipad, yes i have one, have had zero issues, doesdnt run flash, that is one downfall, but other than that, one of the best purchases other than iphone 4 .....Later Irish Charlie

1. First of all are you a guy or a girl?
2. How does it feel to have 159 comments to your article?
3. How does it make you feel that Android has taking over this iSheep blog page?
4. Never forget that your iGizz is nothing more than great marketing.
5. Thanks
6. Have a great day
7. Dortio OUT!

J.G. it makes me laugh that I have seen Numerous youtube videos about your beautiful Antenna that doesn't really work if your left-handed. Here is one of many videos...you'll enjoy this one J.G...J.G. I know you are lying to me. I know your phone has the same problem! Send a video to me similar to the one below.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L0j6T6V12NE
J.G. can you please tell me how the EVO Freezes? What actually Freezes? The main screen? How do you get it to un-freeze? Please find me a video clip of this happening. Below you can see I tried to find one but I am sure you can do a better job than me. You talk about the EVO 4 locking up in several posts, I am sure it won't be to hard for you to find a few videos. Thanks.http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=EVO+4g+Freezes&aq=f
I look forward to seeing the EVO4g lock up.
Always Yours Dorito Chip

Where you at J.G. I have been here the whole time. I am waiting for that video! WHERE IS THE VIDEO!

J.G. I would like to know more about your iPad. Tell me what you like most about it and what are some main reasons you got one? Do you like hunching over the keyboard when typing and do your wrists cramp up when typing on it for long periods of time? I saw a reveiw on G4's Attack of the Show and those were two big negatives on the iPad.
Dorito, I watched your youtube link and that is weird that the new iPhone does that? Why does the signal go down to 1 bar like that? WHY? This is strong video evidence against the new iPhone 4, I must say! J.G. where are you at? Also, why don't iPhones or iPads run flash? WHY!? I don't get it.
Dorito chip, I think Rene is loving that her(I am assuming Rene is a female) article is getting this chatter on it!
One last Q for the Dorito chip, do you like salsa on yourself?

Wow, JG... Me, being an iPhone 3GS user, am glad that I got the 3GS instead of the iPhone 4. It sounds like they rushed the phone right past the debugging process just to get it out faster (for some unknown reason). I still love my 3GS. Now that I have multitasking, I still use that feature the same amount that I did when I still had the old OS. People like Andy and Dorito really don't have much of a social life if all they judge life happiness by is phone technology. But, conversely, anyone who camped out for the feces that is the iPhone 4 or the Mount Everest of feces (iPad) has even less of a life. My wife gave me my iPhone 3GS, which fits me and my style perfectly. I need nothing more than it has, and when I do need something more, I just use a computer. But I am no techie, so I have no need to run all of my thoughts and feelings through a piece of circuitry in my pocket.

I'll be surprised if steve jobs fans will ever consider switching to android, why will they bother? To them, itechs got everything. Maybe this article is for - Just in case.

To all you droidtards, the android will NEVER be better than an iPhone... IPhone has WAY more than any android ever will! Oh and Newsflash: every phone company releases phones and sometimes make mistakes that cause slight defects... Just remember nobody is perfect, my ipad and my iphone have been the 2 greatest devices ever.. Ever since I jail broke it i can now face time over 3G there's no boundaries! And another thing... Your POS OS can be ran on an iphone and its done very easily ive tried it... It's total crap.. People sit here and they think iPhone users are just getting good marketing and that we are zombified by apple. Newsflash retards... It's the other way around you guys have fun carrying your tv sized evo with a crappy battery and I'll enjoy a phone that's 10 years ahead of androids time :-)

I've had a g1 and Google Nexus. Also , at the same time a IPhone 1(1st) 3G,3GS,and iPhone 4. First, the iPhone does show less bars if covered on the infamous spot,but,still shows me ( speed tests) a little better speed at 2 bars than my 3GS did at 4. Second, as far as I know ( I'm sure I'll be corrected if I am wrong) with every update to android it must be updated for your particular phone. The reason being there is no set standard for configuration of set up, some have 6 buttons, some 4 some roller ball etc, etc , etc. Just like the New Dell Streak comes with android 1.6. For this reason along with others I am not aware of any full size tablet now on the market with a legit android op system. Now take this great android op system and get it to work with different screen sizes with different resolutions along with the buttons I have previously mentioned and you get every phone company updating their phones at different times. Will the company you picked and the phone you picked get these updates in a timley fashion or will they decide not to update? Keep guessing. I dislike some things about both, but, if you jailbreak an IPhone an android phone cannot come close.

I have an opportunity to get an iPhone 4 phone now as a Verizon customer. It's even cheaper than what I paid for my Dinc on contract. Just $200 bucks gets me a new iPhone 4. So, there goes your "status symbol" for owning an expensive phone. Gotta love Verizon for that. Nearly everything new is $200 on contract.
That aside, will I switch? Probably not. They're advertising hard core, but I can't find one good solid reason to switch to an iPhone. I like my widgets. I like my multiple home screens. I like my less talked about scenes. I like the fact that when I update my calendar on my phone, it also updates in G cal, Outlook, and windows live, plus the reverse is true.
I love the speed of my phone, and the amoled display (yeah I got one of the first Dincs). The only other thing I could possibly ask for is 4G and a forward facing camera. By the time I upgrade though, there will be a 4G Android phone with everything my Dinc had, plus my wish list features.
What can I say? I love my phone, as I'm sure you iPhone owners love yours. I just can't view an iPhone 4 as anything but a downgrade at this point. Sorry.

There is a software called MOBILedit!, which is capable working with phones through computer, including copying contents (such as SMS, contacts and so on) from one phone to another. MOBILedit makes the migration as easy as one-two-three.

i think it is ridiculous that the iPhone 4 does not have ring tones, notifications that DOESN'T pop up so everyone can see, and navigation. I currently have a Android (the 1st keyboard one) and it is 2years old, and i am still in love with it, but its starting to get slower so its time for an upgrade. Now i would LOVE to get it again, but its too bad they don't make mine anymore. So i wanted the iPhone, but like i said i am disappointed with the iPhone. if i am paying that much money to have that phone, i should have all the capabilities and more!! Apple needs to get with it.

I made the switch from Android to iPhone after a terrible experience with Droid2/DroidX/DroidX2. But I HATE HATE HATE my iPhone and since I am still within the 14-day exchange period, I'm going back. Not even a Back button? No notification bar? No voice-to-text within apps? So sad.

The keyboard touchscreen is awful. The inability to send or reply to an email with a picture attachment is completely beyond comprehension. The navigation is a joke. No voice control is ancient history. IS THIS REALLY APPLE???

The keyboard touchscreen is awful. The inability to send or reply to an email with a picture attachment is completely beyond comprehension. The navigation is a joke. No voice control is ancient history. IS THIS REALLY APPLE???

Article stating the obvious points. But what about sms? How do you move them from Android to iPhone?

i got android loce in my iphone4 n i have on my voice talk on my ipone4 n i use android lock too. how do we open the lock now . i could not figure how to open the lock . plz help.

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