T-Mobile hops on the iPhone 5c/5s bandwagon

T-Mobile hops on the iPhone 5c/5s bandwagon

T-Mobile confirmed that it will begin selling the iPhone 5s and 5C on September 20th, with pre-orders accepted on the 13th. This is the first time since T-Mobile started carrying the iPhone that it's been available at the same time as other carriers. If you're interested in getting your phone from T-Mobile, you can sign up now for a notification once they start taking orders.

T-Mobile began carrying the iPhone 5 earlier this year and all indications are it's been quite successful for them. T-Mobile added 688,000 subscribers for the second quarter, on the strength of both the iPhone 5 and the company's "Un-Carrier" plan, which it purports to be less expensive than the competition's: the contract-free plan starts at a base rate of $50 per month, for unlimited text and talk with 500MB of data.

T-Mobile noted in its announcement that it will unveil the latest changes to its program, which it calls "Un-Carrier 3.0," this fall.

Peter Cohen

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brot48 says:

At least get it right if you comment on T-Mobile.
The $50 plan is unlimited text, talk, and data, with the first 500MB of data at 4G speeds and the rest at 3G speeds.

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toramorigan says:

Actually, you get bumped down to EDGE-like speeds. This being spoken by someone that tripped over his 2.5GB threshold for the first time this month.

AdrianGabeChen says:

will this version work on wind and mobilicity in canada? i see the canadian site and us site sell the same models

mainevent3405 says:

The "Sign up now" link doesn't work.

dvdmovieking says:

Peter, the link still doesn't go to a sign up page. Your link is to, http://www.apple.com/iphone which has no info on getting notified.

Even T-Mobile's own press release doesn't have a correct link either.

hannibal1209b says:

Will these finally support wifi calling? That's the only thing holding me up from ditching AT&T forever!

Peter Cohen says:

T-Mobile said nothing about wifi calling in their press release, which makes me think that they won't.

Right now wifi calling is making me strongly consider jumping to a Windows phone. I like T-Mobile, but coverage in my house is horrible.

dvdmovieking says:

Does AT&T have Wi-Fi calling? I am ditching them because the voice signal in parts of my house is terrible.

Ros Haymond says:

Since tmobile doesn't have contract anymore,how much will the iPhones be?

toramorigan says:

The prices will probably be the same as the "on contract prices" but set up as a down payment on the phone, based on credit standing.