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Apple's Ring in the New Year Activity Challenge: What you need to know!

Update: The first achievements have just begun being awards, but you still have three more chances to get one!

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How to cheat your way to a rest day on Apple Watch Activity Rings and Workouts

How do you cheat your way to full Activity Rings and Workout Awards? With these shameful tips!

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How to quickly close your Apple Watch's Move ring

Missing a few crucial calories from your Move ring for the day? Here's a quick tip for closing that circle.

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Having trouble tracking exercise on your Apple Watch? Here's how to fix it!

If your Apple Watch doesn't seem to be properly tracking your steps or exercise, here's an easy way to calibrate it.

I'm loving my Apple Watch Sport so far, but I've had some minor problems getting it to properly track my daily movement and exercise goals. If you're having this problem too, you're in luck: Thanks to a helpful Twitter commenter, I found this great document from Apple Support on calibrating your Watch to more accurately track your Workouts and Activity.

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An "Activity" app appears on your iPhone when you pair an Apple Watch

When you pair an Apple Watch with an iPhone running iOS 8.2, it looks like a new "Activity" app miraculously appears.

We've seen a lot about the Apple Watch so far, there are still a few surprises in store. Take the Apple Watch app that appeared after updating to iOS 8.2 — it's not the only new app there. There's also an "Activity" app designed to work with an Apple Watch, but it doesn't appear until after you've paired a watch.

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Gowalla for iPhone - app review

Gowalla for iPhone is a social app from some fine folks in Austin, TX that allows you to check-in to locations, see where your friends are checking-in, collect items and complete trips. For those of you not familiar with the whole "check-in" craze, the idea is you travel around town, land at a "spot" such as the movie theater, gas station or restaurant, and then tap the Check-in button. When you do this a couple things happen:

You can...

  • Post to Twitter and Facebook
  • Add a photo
  • Add a quick post
  • Leave an item

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