Not getting stand reminders in watchOS 4? Here's the fix!

Earlier this week, The Iconfactory's Craig Hockenberry noticed something odd after upgrading to watchOS 4:

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His tweet got me thinking about all the stand reminders I've missed since upgrading my Apple Watch. Initially, I'd thought that my lack of regular reminders was somehow part of watchOS 4's intelligent coaching system — that it'd somehow gotten trained on a few weeks of insane non-stop writing where I didn't leave my desk and decided I no longer wanted standing goals in my life. (It would have been a fair assessment.)

But no: It turns out the culprit is something far more reasonable. From what Hockenberry discovered, it looks as though anyone who hasn't yet set wheelchair Activity settings when upgrading from watchOS 3 to watchOS 4 will automatically avoid getting stand reminders until they specifically designate their wheelchair status.

While this bug will hopefully be fixed in a future watchOS update, there's a quick-fix now: I was able to see stand notifications again by adjusting my wheelchair setting from "Not Set" to "No." Now I'm once again dancing around my living room and doing burpees every hour.

How to fix unresponsive stand reminders

  1. Open the Watch app on your iPhone.
  2. Go to the My Watch tab at the bottom of the screen.
  3. Tap the Health option.
  4. Select the Edit button in the upper right corner.

  1. Tap on the Wheelchair setting.
  2. Choose No.
  3. Press Done.Tip: While you don't have to restart your watch after updating settings on your iPhone, it often can't hurt.

Did this fix your stand issue?

Let us know below. (And big thanks to Hockenberry for bringing our attention to this issue — and helping me fix my own stand reminders!)

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  • Oh....have people not done this? Wasn’t this like a watchOS 2 setting? Amazing, but no, I had this set whenever it first became a setting.
  • There's a bug in the update to watchOS 4 that appears to dump the saved setting, which is what people are running into.
  • Well that’s even more interesting. So the question is why did this bug not affect everyone then?
  • Hi there, not Too worried about the stand reminders as I am pretty active but I am not getting any breathe reminders? I use the new Siri watch face and if I scroll to the end of the day there is a breath message but I have tried all the normal fixes/setting changes but get nothing? Anyone else having this issue?? Thanks
  • i didn't set it. i've had my watch since it came out and updated to each watchOS. it never prompted me to set the wheelchair setting.
  • So, how about inconsistent stand notifications? Such as, some hours I get them, but some hours I don't? (I decided to try to fix this by un-pairing and re-setting the watch up from scratch. We'll see if that helps...)
  • I’m not getting consistent activity notifications when friends achieve activity achievements. Very odd.
  • The lack of stand notifications has more to do with the fact that one "improvement" of watchOS 4 was that it would not notify you to stand if it thinks you are doing something that would not allow you to stand (like driving.) They talked about this in the keynote when they originally announced the update. I would wager that the new programming that decides whether or not you are driving isn't that great yet, resulting in a lot of false positives. Quoting a different iMore article here: "There are also quite a few bits of Siri smarts in Apple's health initiatives: Breathe and stand notifications now hook into the Watch's built-in sensors, allowing the Activity app to avoid pinging you with notifications if it thinks you're driving or otherwise unable to respond to activity prompts. Running a workout will also automatically suppress some of Apple's default notifications (think of it as a miniature Do Not Disturb), so you can keep from getting distracted by a text message mid-deadlift while still receiving third-party notifications (in case you're using external paired health accessories that might need to communicate with you)."
  • Sounds like this has something to do with why I stopped getting Stand and Breathe notifications last week. I originally thought turning on Do Not Disturb While Driving had somehow affected this. After doing a reboot of the watch that got the Stand notifications working but it took a unpairing/pairing from backup to get the Breathe notifications to come up. I only got 2 today even though I have it set to 10 times a day but that's better than none.
  • Now that it’s mentioned I realize that I missed some of the notifications, I thought I had been preoccupied by something that I didn’t notice. But then I usually don’t need them anyway due to almost always having moved around within every hour.
  • Thank you, Serenity! This fixed my missing Stand Reminder problem! I noticed this right after updating to iOS11 and wOS4. One Watch was left at 3.2.3, and it got the Reminders as it should. Did the basic stuff— restarted both the phone and Watches. Unpaired, repaired, no joy. Used the Repeat function of the Timer to get most of them, but broke my Stand streak by one day. Now I do the The Dance of Joy!
  • I assumed this was a bug in OS 4 and was disappointed when it remained in OS 4.1 (beta). I am now patiently waiting for the 50 minute mark to see if I get those stand notifications back! Something related is still wrong, though: Before OS 4, in the Activity app, under the Stand graph, you would see the blue vertical bar blink slowly if you hadn’t stood during that hour. As of OS 4, the bar doesn’t blink anymore, so you don’t have a good visual cue that you haven’t stood in the current hour. Force-quitting and restarting Activity on the Watch brings back the correct behavior, albeit for a limited time.
  • I noticed this thing with the blue bars too and it is really annoying. I hope they will fix it with next watchOS version. To me it seems everything with the new watchOS 4 is wrong. The music app, the stand graph, my water intake tracking app stopped syncing and everything is noticeably slower :(