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What you need to know

  • Apple has started to send swag to winners of this year's internal fitness challenge.
  • The company runs a yearly activity challenge for employees.
  • This year, those who completed the challenge received a t-shirt and a card.

Apple has started to deliver the prizes to employees who completed this year's "Close Your Rings" Apple Watch Activity Challenge.

Reported by MacRumors, the company hosts a yearly fitness challenge for employees in its corporate offices as well as its retail stores worldwide. The challenge, which normally runs in February as part of Heath Month, challenges employees to close each of the Activity Rings on their Apple Watch every day of the month.

This year, the challenge was delayed due to the pandemic. Instead of happening in February, Apple ran the challenge between July and August. Those who completed the challenge have started to receive their award: a custom-designed t-shirt and congratulatory card.

Apple reinstated the activity challenge on Monday, July 20, and it ran through Sunday, August 16. Employees who participated and successfully closed their rings each day are now receiving their award, which is an Apple-designed t-shirt that says "2020" in a logo with Apple Watch Activity-style rings.

Apple Employee Activity ShirtSource: MacRumors

According to MacRumors, past challenges awarded winners with other prizes like pins or exclusive Apple Watch bands.

The t-shirt is accompanied by a congratulatory card, but Apple appears to have skipped the pins that have been provided with past challenges. Apple has held these challenges each year. In 2018 and 2019, employees received an exclusive Apple Watch band with Activity ring colors.

While this challenge is reserved for Apple employees, the company is also running another fitness challenge to the public soon. The next Apple Watch Activity Challenge will celebrate national parks on August 30. In order to complete the challenge, competitors must complete a one-mile walk, hike, roll, or run.