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Arm Cortex A9

Is iPad 2 an ARM Cortex A9 or two Cortex A8s?

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TiPb Answers: Apple A5 chip -- what we know and what we guess

Just like the original iPad debuted with an Apple A4 chip, iPad 2 is coming with an Apple A5 chip. What does that mean? In typical fashion Apple has been short on details saying only that it's dual-core, 1GHz, 2x faster for computational tasks and 9x faster for graphics, all while preserving the 10 hour battery life that made the A4 famous. They don't think we need to worry about what CPU or GPU they're using and how much RAM is on board to let that power breathe. But here's the thing -- many of us want to know exactly that.

This is the chip that will also power the 2011 iPhone 5, iPod touch 5, and Apple TV. We want answers. We can handle answers! So... stick with us after the break for everything we know about the new Apple A5 chip... and what we can guess.

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Regarding Apple A4 Using iPhone 3GS Cortex A8 Processor

Potential iPhone Gen 4 ARM Cortex A9 Multicore Processor Demo

ARM is showing off their new Cortex A9 multi-core mobile processor, which will scale over 2Ghz at less than 0.25W of power per proc -- and since Apple is rumored to be a massive ARM licensee and Apple staff were hinting that developers should prepare themselves for multi-core, rumors once again resurface that this smoking hot chip might become part of the 4th generation iPhone and iPod touch. (As part of PA Semi system-on-a-chip, 'natch).

The current iPhone 3GS and iPod touch G3, as well as a bunch of competing smartphones (and superphones, don't get us started!) use the ARM Cortex A8. MacRumors is guessing it might just make its way into the iTablet/iSlate as well.

CES is ramping up folks, and remember TiPb will be there, so we'll bring you back anything more we can find out.

Video highlights after the break...

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Could 2GHz ARM Cortex A9 Chip be Future iPhone/iTablet Bound?

During ARM's Q3 financial results announced today, 9to5Mac noticed this little gem:

including a license for ARM’s 2GHz implementation of a dual core Cortex-A9 processor.

We've heard about the Cortex A9 before. Purportedly, is 5x faster than an intel Atom, yet uses the same amount of power in a 60% smaller packager.

Could this be for next year's iPhone? For a mythical (maybe even second generation) iTablet? We don't know, but 9to5mac speculates:

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iPhone 2010 to go Multi-Core ARM Next Gen?

CNET has an interesting post up detailing what we can expect in the next generation ARM processor. Just yesterday we took a look at the iPhone 3G's ARM 11 vs. the new iPhone 3G S' Cortex ARM8 and the difference was impressive -- most impressive. Well, next year is promising a dual-core ARM Cortex A9...!

Icebike sent this in, wondering out loud: "Is it too soon to start speculating on 2010?" And the simple answer is "no, no it's not!" It's longstanding practice here at TiPb to wait a polite 1.372 seconds after a new iPhone model is introduced, and then begin with "So, next year--"

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