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Augmented Reality

Snapchat dives head-first into AR with new World Lenses

Snapchat has announced new World Lenses — AR elements for your rear-facing snaps.

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Apple said to be working to bring augmented reality to future iPhones

Apple has reportedly assembled a team of experts from the technology, gaming, and entertainment industries to work on augmented reality-related projects.

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Apple's AR reality, augmented!

Apple is into AR. Tim Cook has said so himself. But will it be a product unto itself or a feature in many products of the future?

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Apple said to be investigating augmented reality glasses

Apple is reportedly considering diving into augmented reality head first with a pair of iPhone-connected glasses.

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Apple acquires augmented reality firm Metaio

According to recently surfaced legal documents, Apple has acquired augmented reality firm Mataio.

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iOS 8 reportedly doubling down on Maps, transit, experimenting with augmented reality

iOS 8, code-named Okemo is currently under active development at Apple. While it won't get anywhere nearly the visual refresh iOS 7 did it will continue to iterate and improve existing features, add new ones, and even add some old ones back.

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#CESlive: Sensor Jacket turns your smartphone into a tricorder

Sensor Jacket, a new product that was developed by Dr. Jacob Fraden, is essentially a case for your smartphone that not only provides protection but can use additional sensors and augmented reality in order to provide lots of new functionality and capabilities. Want to know if your breath is bad before going on a date? There's a Sensor Jacket for that!

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Use your iPhone or iPad to learn about every little piece of your new Audi A3

Augmented Reality is one of those cool technologies that is often used in gimmicky products, but Audi has put it to good use in a practical and informative way in their latest application. Owners of a shiny new Audi A3 or S3 can hover the camera on their iPhone or iPad over different parts of the car, and the application will bring up all the information you could want on what it is, and what it does.

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Graffiti Collective for iOS review: Make and share your own graffiti!

The people behind youth smoking prevention campaign Truth have just released their own message game for iOS: Graffiti Collective. The basic theme is that smoking is really bad for you and the American cigarette companies do lots of awful things to keep people smoking. BUT even people who smoke like a hundred packs a day might just dig this free game's actual gameplay. As you can guess, it involves lots of awesome graffiti.

I like to think that games qualify as art. And like art, some games seek to promote messages rather than simply entertain. Not everyone will agree with what a message game has to say, but that’s how art works too.

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Google's Ingress augmented reality game may be making its way to the iPhone -- would you play? [Updated]

UPDATE: Looks like it's a third party port made by an enthusiast, at least according to the post Google+. So keep moving, nothing to see here. Although, the question remains, would you play Ingress if an official version does come to iOS?

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