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OMsignal announces biometric shirts that track your fitness, connect to your phone

We've seen all kinds of connected accessories in the realms of smartwatches, connected eyewear and even smart appliances, but how about connected clothing? OMsignal today has introduced clothing that is able to track your performance, health and fitness thanks to embedded sensors within the shirts. The four styles of compression shirt all carry trackers and a Bluetooth relay to provide data tracking for your vital statistics.

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iPhone 6 and iWatch: Can Apple really revolutionize health ... and when?

While I take much of what's been written about a so-called "iWatch" with a grain of salt, one thing's clear: Apple's expended a fair amount of effort grabbing experts in medical and sensor fields this past year, meeting with federal regulators and more, so they're clearly up to something. Rather than speculating on what specific product they're working on, I'm more interested in whether Apple can revolutionize health the same way they've revolutionized other businesses.

In short, I think they have an uphill battle.

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#CESlive: Bluetooth Earbuds from Jaybird

Jaybird's big claim to fame is Bluetooth earbuds designed for sports enthusiasts. They distinguish themselves with exceptional battery life - up to eight hours per charge, about twice what other Bluetooth earbuds can manage. But that's not all they do.

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LG LifeTouch fitness tracking smartwatch works with iOS

LG will this spring offer a new wristband fitness device called the Lifeband Touch, and our colleagues at Android Central got a look at it. As it turns out, the Lifeband Touch won't just work on Android - it'll support iOS as well, according to Apple Insider.

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AiQ Smart Clothing adds biometrics to your workout at #CESlive

AiQ makes "smart clothing" that embeds wearable electrodes paired with sensors. Combined they provide biometric tracking that will help you get the most out of your next workout. Georgia tries out one of AiQ's zipper tops to see how it works.

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Withings at #CESlive: How the Aura will help you get a better night's rest

Withings makes health products connected to your smart devices and the Internet to help you track everything from weight to blood pressure to your baby to your general activity. Now they want to help you get a better night's sleep with the Aura smart sleep system.

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Apple's AuthenTec acquisition, and why they may have wanted to move so quickly

Less than a month ago, a story broke about Apple buying AuthenTec, purveyors of mobile, digital security solutions including fingerprint authentication. While some Apple purchases, like Siri and Intrisity seem to suggest obvious uses, AuthenTec's portfolio and Apple's lack of any branded security beyond FairPlay DRM made intuiting this one a little less obvious. So what could it be?

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Patent Watch: Apple Exploring Advanced Unlocking for Future iPhones?

No, not unlocking the iPhone from AT&T (JAR!), unlocking the iPhone so you can use it. Slide to unlock, passcode unlock, that kind of unlock. Okay, now if you're still reading, Apple Insider has found some patent filings that suggest Apple is exploring things like biometrics (i.e. it reads your fingerprint while you slide to unlock), facial recognition (i.e. uses the camera to analyze who you are/might be) and pattern matching (i.e. choose unique shape combinations as a passcode). But it doesn't stop there:

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