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Black Hat

Apple closing security vulnerability that let fake chargers attack iOS devices

In June we heard about Mactans, a malicious iPhone charger created by three security researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology. This week the researchers presented their findings at Black Hat, an annual hacker convention in Las Vegas, and Apple officially responded to them. Here's the deal...

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iPhone could be susceptible to SIM card attack, still waiting on clarification

At this year's Black Hat USA security conference cryptographer and security researcher Karsten Nohl will be presenting his findings on SIM card insecurities. While Nohl's research revealed that about one-quarter of the tested SIM cards were vulnerable to an attack that exploits an outdated encryption standard, it's unclear at this point exactly who should be worried.

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iOS malware injecting charger to be presented at Black Hat

Three researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology are scheduled to give a talk at the 2013 Black Hat security conference on iOS malware injection using malicious chargers. While the full details of the exploit won’t be revealed until the talk this July, the researchers have said that their method works on the latest version of iOS and does not require a jailbreak.

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Apple presents at Black Hat, expectations get hacked

Apple gave their first ever presentation at the Black Hack conference on Thursday, and while it sounds like it didn't live up to the expectations of those unfamiliar with Apple's typical level of community engagement, it did happen. Nicole Perlroth, writing for The New York Times, reports:

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Black Hat: SMS Attacks Not Just for iPhones

Technologizer is reporting on the developing story on SMS attacks coming out of today's Black Hat Conference sessions. Seems like while the iPhone is grabbing a lot of attention, almost all GSM phones are said to be vulnerable. Basically, they get around the anti-spoofing security and send data designed to get access and take control of the phone.

On the iPhone specific side, however:

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Pro Tips: How to Secure Your Jailbroken (or Regular) iPhone Against Hackers

The Jailbreak and Unlock wizards behind the iPhone DevTeam are off to DEFCON 17, the security/hacking convention that juxtaposes Black Hat 2009, and have provided a set of tips to help those at the conferences (or anywhere really) avoid getting their iPhone hacked into. The tips are really targeted at Jailbroken iPhones, but some cross over to regular iPhone users as well.

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iHacker Charlie Discloses iPhone SMS Security Vulnerability

In an ideal world, Mac and iPhone hacker Charlie Miller would discover vulnerabilities, inform Apple, and Apple would then patch them before they had any chance of being exploited "in the wild".

Miller, however, prefers to keep them to himself so he can win MacBooks and detail them at Black Hat conferences. The good of the hacker obviously outweighs the good of the users, every one. So be it.

Miller's latest iPhone-related find was disclosed at SyScan in Signapore:

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