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Broadcom adds HomeKit support to its embedded device platform

Broadcom has announced a new SDK for its WICED connected device platform, with full support for Apple's HomeKit.

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Apple beefs up rumored baseband engineering team with ex-Broadcom hires

Apple's been keen to move more and more of their design work in-house, and the latest hires indicate that they might even be ready to move baseband processor work into the labs of Cupertino as well. According to AppleInsider, two senior Broadcom engineers — Paul Change and Xiping Wang — have joined Apple after years at the wireless chip manufacturer.

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Apple partnering with Broadcom for high-speed Wi-Fi in new Macs

Apple is partnering with Broadcom to bring super-fast Wi-Fi to its 2013 Mac lineup. The newest addition to the 802.11 group of wireless networking standards, 802.11ac allows for high-speed wireless connections on the 5 GHz band. Products utilizing 802.11ac have only recently started appearing on the market, primarily wireless routers.

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iPhone 5 rumored to be getting low power, Wi-Fi Direct enabled chipset... and AirDrop?

Joining all the previous rumors, the upcoming iPhone 5 now looks like it might be getting the Broadcom BCM4334 radio chipset. The BCM4334 comes complete with much lower power draw for Wi-Fi, support for Wi-Fi Direct transfers, and Bluetooth 4.0, among other things.

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Blog vs. Blog: GigaOm/Gizmodo GPS Showdown!

Om Malik says GPS on the iPhone is locked and loaded:

[T]here is one thing that’s for sure: The new iPhone has Global Positioning System (GPS) built into it, thanks to legal requirements put in place by the FCC.

The GigaOmster further says that new-to-the-space-space Broadcom has nailed the contract, which is great for them but panic-inducing for the stand-alone GPS market. (We know Google sees positively HUGE maps usage from the GPS-less iPhone already, so that makes the kind of sense that does.)

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