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What are the advantages of going with an alternative carrier?

Using an alternative to the big four wireless providers is a great idea for many of us, and here are some reasons why.

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Comcast reported to be considering their own mobile service provider business

Comcast may branch out from cable and landline internet, moving into the wireless service arena in the future. According to a report out of The Information, Comcast has been looking into the idea of creating a nationwide wireless phone network that relies primarily on Wifi with back-up service leased from already-established cellular carriers.

Instead of having to pursue purchasing large blocks of wireless spectrum and rights to traditional cellular towers, Comcast would leverage its currently-available network of Wifi hotspots to provide the majority of traffic for phones. Its Wifi network is growing with installations of public access points — over a million across various markets — in large cities and special residential routers that Comcast provides with a publicly-available signal in over eight million homes. But it naturally wouldn't be able to cover the entire country comprehensively — that's where other carriers come in.

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Judge awards victim of AT&T data throttling $850

In the latest chapter of the AT&T unlimited data throttling debacle, a small claims court judge in California has awarded an AT&T iPhone user $850 in damages due to AT&T significantly slowing the user's data speeds to "manage usage on it's network".

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UK network O2 allegedly giving out your phone number to every website you visit

UK network O2 appears to be submitting your telephone number to any website you visit whilst using the data connection on your phone. According to report from TNW, the information is transmitted when a user asks for a webpage view.

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Google Voice for iPhone updates with native call integration on the Sprint network

Google has updated their Google Voice app for the iPhone, including complete integration with Sprint to allow calls to be sent directly to the 3rd party app rather than the stock Phone app. Here's the complete update log:

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Prior to iPhone launch, Steve Jobs wanted to replace carriers

Nancy Gohring over at IDG/Macworld quotes John Stanton, Chairman of Trilogy Partnerships, as saying that, prior to launching the iPhone in 2007, he spent a couple of years with Steve Jobs trying to figure out how to do it without the likes of AT&T or Verizon.

He wanted to replace carriers. He and I spent a lot of time talking about whether synthetically you could create a carrier using Wi-Fi spectrum. That was part of his vision.

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European Carriers Not Happy about Apple's Proposed Built-In SIM

European carriers are reportedly warning Apple that if Apple goes ahead with plans for custom, built-in SIM cards for future generations of the iPhone. the carriers may refuse to subsidise the iPhone altogether.

The cost of the iPhone without a carrier subsidy is around $600 and estimations say that global sales may drop by around 12% if the phone isn't subsidised. Some of the carriers known to have concerns include:

  • Vodafone UK
  • France Telecom (Orange)
  • Spain Telefónica

Like Apple, all 3 of these carriers have refused to comment.

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Verizon to offer iPhone in January 2011?

So much for those reports claiming Verizon was not interested in the iPhone as Bloomberg is now reporting the iPhone is indeed heading towards the carrier in January of 2011. The timing seems a bit odd to release such a device as iPhone 4 right after the holiday shopping season. Then again this timing may have been necessary as it may be exactly when AT&T's exclusivity agreement with Apple runs dry.

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Verizon not interested in iPhone 4?

Maybe, just maybe, these pesky iPhone 4 on Verizon rumors will finally fade away as Droid Life reports they're fully committed to Android and their current high-end lineup of devices like the new Droid X.

"And the second part of the meeting (and most important to us) was to announce that they will not be interested in the iPhone 4 (as of now) and are putting full effort behind Android and the new lineup of Droid devices."

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Rogers/Fido push out OTA iPhone Carrier Settings Update -- iOS 4 handles on-device

Interesting - Rogers and their Fido subsidiary pushed out a Carrier Settings Update for the iPhone (to version 7.1 for those keeping track). More interesting - iOS 4 seems to pop-it up over-the-air and offer to install it on-device. (Best as we can remember, the last update popped up in, and was installed by, iTunes on the desktop).

One more step towards the tether-less future. Anyone else, anywhere else, get an update?

[Thanks for the tip, Alex!]

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