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Fight against the human invasion in Anomaly Defenders

Anomaly Defenders is now available for iPhone and iPad. Defenders is the final installment of the Anomaly series, and puts you in control of the alien Hive, fighting off a human invasion of their homeworld.

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An early look at Mech for iOS at E3 2014

We got a super-early look at an upcoming shooter game from Chillingo at E3 2014 appropriately dubbed Mech. The free-to-play shooter pits players in highly customized mechs with intuitive dual-stick controls for controlling your movement and facing. Currently the game rests on a straightforward one-on-one deathmatch, but we don't expect the final product to be available until later this year; additional game modes seem more than likely.

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Icycle 2 takes nude bicycling and fish-kissing to a whole new level

The folks at Chillingo were showing off Icycle 2 at GDC 2013, and it broke my brain just a little. The game mechanics themselves are very simple; the controls are ultimately the most basic ones you could have for a platformer game. The real trip is in the art style and storyline.

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Cyto for iPhone and iPad review

Cyto is a fun, new little game by Chillingo, the makers of Cut the Rope, and is about a little blob named Cyto who's forgotten who he is. It is your job to fling Cyto through space-like levels to collect memory fragments and piece together his story.

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Q&A with Big Cave Games - what it's like jumping from console to mobile development

Big Cave Games kicks off their inaugural iOS title today, ORC: Vengeance. It's a polished dungeon-crawling hack-and-slash adventure, which you can read more about in our review over here. After hearing about the fledgling studio's history in PC and console games, we decided to toss a few questions their way.ย 

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ORC: Vengeance for iPad review: dungeon-crawling done right

If you're tired of waiting for Infinity Blade: Dungeons to come out and have already played the snot out of Dungeon Hunter 3, I've got a great fantasy hack-and-slash game for you. ORC: Vengeance will be released soon by Chillingo and Big Cave Games, a new developer with some extensive experience from the PC and console gaming world. ORC: Vengeance features gesture-based combat, highly polished graphics, a novel equipment upgrade system and a unique angle on the usual goody-two-shoes fantasy plotline.

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Catapult King Review for iPhone and iPad

Catapult King by Wicked Witch Software launched onto iOS today, offering Angry Birds-style destruction with 3D models and a medieval twist. Your goal is to knock down castles that stand between you and a princess that has been captured by a dragon. You change lateral angle, elevation, and force of the catapult, and can get a bit of extra guidance thanks to magic potions that you earn over the course of gameplay or through in-app purchases.

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Air Mail for iPhone and iPad review

A flight game called Air Mail landed on iPhone and iPad last week, carrying cargo of sharp visuals, smooth controls, and a whole lot of charm. You control an old-school pontoon plane through a series of story missions, delivery challenges, and exploratory expeditions around the fantasy island kingdom of Domeeka and its environs. Even as a grown-up, it's hard to play this and not get a little taste of child-like wonder.

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Superman the official game now available for iPhone and iPod touch [Updated: iPad too!]

The mighty Man of Steel, the Last Son of Krypton, the Tomorrow Man himself has finally landed in the App Store with the official release of Superman for iPhone and iPod touch by Chillingo Ltd. This isn't a movie tie-in or flashy 3D flyer/fighter, this is a fun, casual, decidedly 2D adventure with an almost old school, retro platform feel to it. Check out the video above and the details below.

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Rope Rescue HD by Chillingo

Rope Rescue HD is a new puzzle game by Chillingo. The goal is to drag your rope through gears and to the bird cage to release the birds from captivity. The ideal route may be blocked by enemies and fire, however.

I love puzzles, and Rope Rescue is no exception. The levels are short, making it a great time-killer game to squeeze in betweens meetings or classes, but it's also addicting for those times

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