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Apple reportedly discussed switching iOS chip manufacturing to Intel foundry

Not to be confused with switching iPhones and iPads to Intel-powered chipsets, Apple is rumored to have been in discussions to have their existing iOS device chipsets manufactured by Intel's industry leading foundries. Noel Randewich and Nadia Damouni of Reuters report:

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New iPad to include quad-core A5X chip at its core

Apple announced during their iPad 3 event that the new iPad will indeed come packed with the rumored quad-core A5X SoC (system-on-a-chip) to power the device.

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Rumored prototype iPad 3 logic board shows Apple A5X chip

Adding to the ever-growing iPad 3 rumor mill, a new photo has surfaced on the WeiPhone forums showing a system-on-a-chip nestled onto a prototype logic board, carrying a previously unheard of "A5X". The A5X chip also includes a date code of "1146", which would peg production at or around November 14th-20th of 2011.

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iPad Tear Down and Benchmarks: battery, A4 chipset, RAM exposed!

iFixit has performed their traditional tear-down of new Apple gear, this time taking the iPad apart piece by gloriously crafted piece, and here's what they found:

The iPad's battery has 5.5x the capacity of the battery in the iPhone! The iPad actually has two batteries wired in parallel, for a total of 24.8 Watt-hours.

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Apple iPad A4 Chip Designed by PA Semi Team... or Not?

Venture Beat claims a "very trusted" source has informed them that Apple's PA Semi team might not have been behind the new iPad's Apple A4 chipset:

PA Semi didn’t do the A4. It was the existing VLSI team. Apple has made custom chips for years like the Northbridges for G4 and G5.

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Apple A4 iPad Chipset = ARM Multicore Cortex A9 + Mali 50 GPU

According to Bright Side of the News, it turns out that newly spun Apple A4 system-on-a-chip that debuted alongside the iPad does indeed pack more punch than the Sammy in the iPhone 3GS:

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Could 2GHz ARM Cortex A9 Chip be Future iPhone/iTablet Bound?

During ARM's Q3 financial results announced today, 9to5Mac noticed this little gem:

including a license for ARM’s 2GHz implementation of a dual core Cortex-A9 processor.

We've heard about the Cortex A9 before. Purportedly, is 5x faster than an intel Atom, yet uses the same amount of power in a 60% smaller packager.

Could this be for next year's iPhone? For a mythical (maybe even second generation) iTablet? We don't know, but 9to5mac speculates:

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1GHz ARM Mobile CPU on the Horizon -- but is it iPhone Bound?

Apple Insider reports that Samsung has a 45 nanometer, 1GHz ARM processor, code-named "Hummingbird" on the horizon.

It uses the same Cortex A8 architecture as the current iPhone 3GS (which runs at a clocked-down 600MHz) but due to the smaller size, is said to not consumer any more power or generate any more heat than the current 833MHz generation.

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Rumor: $800 iTablet to Use Custom Apple Chipset?

Following up on rumors of a $800 Apple netbook, MacBook, iTablet, etc. VentureBeat reports that Apple might also use the new platform to introduce their long-rumored custom system-on-a-chip.

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iPhone 3GS Graphics Even More Powerful than Imagined?

MacRumors is reporting that Apple's new iPhone 3GS, while indeed using Imagination Technologies' PowerVR graphics core, may just have a little more under the hood than previously thought:

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