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FlipSide gaming case arrives on Kickstarter with claimed support from Apple

We have seen many gaming solutions for the iPhone come and go however this latest Kickstarter project may have a bit more to offer. The interesting part of this particular project is that the designer is working with iDevices who already has a relationship with Apple. Because of this, Apple has apparently agreed to support the device.

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iMpulse keychain game controller and key finder gains Kickstarter funding

The iMpulse keychain game controller and key finder has gained Kickstarter funded status with pledges of more than double what it needed. The iMpulse is a rather neat looking game controller but where this one differs to all of the others that have come and gone is in the size department. The iMpulse is tiny and is designed to go everywhere your keys go as it comes with its own keychain.

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Duo Games teams up with Gameloft to launch iPad and iPhone Bluetooth controller

Duo Games has teamed up with well-known iOS games developer Gameloft to launch a game controller to enable a more console like gaming experience on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. The new controller, which is known as the Duo Gamer will connect to your device via Bluetooth and comes with two analogue sticks, a D-Pad and six buttons.

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Apple rumored to be working on a hardware gaming controller

Apple may be working on a dedicated hardware gaming controller to play nice with iOS smartphones and tablets.

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Add a physical joystick to your iPad with the Fling joystick

If you're into gaming on the iPad then you'll definitely want to take a look at the Fling joystick controller for the iPad, from Ten One Design. The suctioned joystick is applied to your iPad screen for instant hardware control and acts as a physical directional pad for games like first-person shooters, side-scrollers and space shooters. Take a look at the video after the break.

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Tuesday Fun Video: iPhone Controlled Flying Drone

Either one of the most awesome iPhone developed concepts yet, or MIT professor and Navy F/A-18 Hornet fighter pilot Missy Cummings has just given the iPhone's Skynet/Matrix/Cylon decedents the origins of the flying hunter/seekers they'll be using to wipe us out.

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Unofficial Peek at "Official" Belkin JoyPod Gaming Controller?

Casey's shown us the iControlPad already, but it looks like accessory heavyweight Belkin may be getting ready to throw a gaming controller of their own at the iPhone. According to TouchArcade, JoyPod would be a heck of a lot smaller than iControlPad (by covering the top and bottom, non-screen areas of the iPhone), and feature 6 front buttons (8 total), audio out, and a dock pass-through. Most importantly:

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App Review: Remote for iTunes + Apple TV

Epic YES! Since the moment the original iPhone came out with its WiFi goodness, I've been begging asking for a way to use the iPhone to control the similarly connected iTunes, Front Row, and Apple TV. And now Apple has answered! (Er... except for Front Row, see below). And not only for the iPhone. While I'll use that term exclusively below, everything here also applies to the iPod Touch.

Remote is FREE, and available either via iTunes (picture above) or right from your iPhone 3G via the App Store. It's not hard to find, currently dominating the Top Free Apps charts. If you're not sure how to use App Store yet, check out Brian's excellent overview to get you started.

I chose to download directly from the iPhone so I could test out the 3G experience. It was fast. (However, when I later synced back with iTunes -- my first time post App download -- I was asked to re-authenticate my MacBook with the iTunes Store before it would sync the App for backup).

How did it work? Read on!

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